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Jews for Jesus Founder Dies

And speaks from beyond the grave!

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Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen.(Jews for Jesus)

Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus, died Tuesday (via Failed Messiah). He was 78.

And whoa! He has left one of those “If you’re reading this, then I am dead” messages on the Jews for Jesus Website!

“I hope I can count on you to show love and respect for the Jewish people,” he writes, “but Jewishness never saved anybody. Judaism never saved anybody no matter how sincere. Romans 10:9 & 10 make it clear that we must believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths the Lord Jesus in order to be saved. There are no shortcuts. There is no easy way. Within Judaism today, there is no salvation because Christ has no place within Judaism.”

He also writes a bunch of inside-baseball stuff regarding the movement. And also: “I don’t suppose that I will be writing you any new material, but there are a few articles in the works that might still come through.” Can’t wait!

Born into an Orthodox family in Kansas City, Rosen and his Jewish-born wife converted to Christianity, and he was ordained a Baptist minister. In 1973, he founded Jews for Jesus, which today is the most prominent sect of the Hebrew Christian movement. As its name suggests, adherents believe Jesus was the Messiah but also consider themselves Jewish.

“Mr. Rosen said he modeled his evangelical efforts on Vietnam War protests he saw while living in the San Francisco area,” the Washington Post reports.

De mortuis nil nisi bonum goes the famous phrase: Speak no ill of the dead. Today, what say we leave it at that, hrmm?

Moishe Rosen, 78; Founded Evangelistic Group Jews for Jesus [WP]

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To quote “Actually, what Rosen was is a deceitful man who lied, cheated and misrepresented to ensnare vulnerable Jews. May his name and his memory be blotted out.”

I am a Jew for Jesus, and I pass out tracts on the streets of San Francisco on a regular basis. The real question is whether or not Jesus is actually the Jewish Messiah because if he is then all Jews should follow him!

I challenge each of you to read the New Testament for yourself and see what Jesus actually said and did. The book of Mark or Matthew is a good place to start.

Stuart says:

It couldn’t of happened to a nicer person!
I hope he is where he thinks he should be considering his beliefs.

Robin says:

Actually, there is no such thing as a “Jew for Jesus”. Judaism and Christianity are two different belief systems. They differ from each other on foundational issues such as the identity of God and atonement from sin. You are either a Jew or you are a Christian. Simple as that.

Actually, a Jew is a Jew regardless of what religion they may follow. I don’t like that, but that is the ruling of rabbis of all stripes.

he Christian understanding is that the messiah, Jesus, died for the sins of the people. The messiah is supposed to be a human sacrifice that is the blood sacrifice necessary for the forgiveness of sin.

But we are taught in our Bible that no one can die for the sins of another. In Deuteronomy 24:16 it specifically says this: The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the father. Every man shall be put to death for his own

The entire chapter of Ezekiel 18 is about the same thing: Nobody can die except for the sinner, therefore, the blood that Jesus may have shed is useless for any one but himself.

The founder of J4J thinks that Judaism offers no salvation; nothing could be further than the truth. Christianity was started by Paul, not Jesus because he went to the Gentiles who were not about to be circumcised. So he simplified the Jewish law and made what was a Jewish sect a Gentile religion. Don’t get upset, check out the history.

Jesus did not fulfill what Messiah was to do. Check out the births of virgins and you will find history rife with examples. It is (Christianity) just a phony take off of those pagan religions. Again, go to Google and check it out. Try “Virgin births before Jesus.”

It is my hope that you return to Judaism; you will be welcome with open arms. May Hashem help you to see the truth that He wrote.

director says:

I have spent a great deal of time, effort, self-assessment and the likes over the past four years on what it means to me to be a Jew. And, in spite of all my complaints about modern American Jewery, I still choose to acknowledge that I am 100% Jewish — and — I also very much honor and respect the teachings — as they are told — of this man called Jesus.

I have spent much time with those that share my heritage — Orthodox Jewish with a good bit of assimilation. I have also spent much time with Christians. I love both sides though I don’t always agree with either.

I have an enormous amount to say — now — on Jews and Christians. Let me offer one piece for starters.

Jews were the ones who offered the world the idea that there would be a messiah in the first place. Perhaps they had an idea in mind what “messiah” meant.

No matter what the idea means, no doubt, however, it was not a concept that was intended to start wars. So let’s let “sleeping dogs” lie. And, not give this man who to me was one more war-monger more space in our lives, in life or death.

Phillip Cohen says:

The dog will sleep forever and I will not disturb him.
Jews cannot convert Jews. J4J focused on our conversion from Judaism to Christianity. All of their literature was produce by Southern Baptist. No problem with their religion and beliefs. It just is not mine.
Being Jewish and atheist is not a problem. Try being an atheist and J4J.

Larry says:

Anyone know the status of a meshumid verus a mamzer? tia

Kevin Quinn says:

They found the Ark of the Covenant where Moses placed the 10 Commandments, in a cave under Golgotha.


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Jews for Jesus Founder Dies

And speaks from beyond the grave!

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