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Sundown: J Street Takes on Solow

Plus a newly uncovered rejection letter, and more in the news

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• J Street’s head accuses super-powerful American Jewish leader Alan Solow of distorting Yitzhak Rabin’s views on Jerusalem, and inquires whether the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations favors a two-state solution. [HuffPo]

• Toward a definition of JCall, which is (somewhat misleadingly) fashioned as the European J Street. [Foreign Policy]

• A former Israeli diplomat and consul general makes the case for a U.S.-imposed peace plan instead of proximity talks. [Politico]

• In Britain, Leeds University’s student paper was pulled from racks after publishing an interview in which a Palestinian journalist said of news outlets, “They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media.” [Leeds Student]

• Model Naomi Campbell is having secret meetings (except apparently not-so-secret) with Madonna’s Kaballah mentor. [Page Six]

• “Unfortunately, we receive so many Holocaust teenage diaries composed in European attics that it is impossible to accept each one.” [McSweeney’s]

Mazel tov to Tablet Magazine columnist Josh Lambert, newly the father of Asher:

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Marty Mensch says:

Someone please help me try to understand this.

South Africa was a nation that separated its white from black population in a two state solution to the worlds objection. Why is it right for Israel to separated Jew from Arab forming a two state solution? Does this mean Jews can not live in an Arab state and Arabs cannot live in a Jewish state? Hilter did this in Warsaw.

Why did the world demand the Soviet Union take down the “Berlin Wall” beween East and West Berlin. but is demanding Israel build a wall between East and West Jerusalem. The world still does not recogize west Jerusalem as being part of Israel, that is why it’s embassy’s remain in Tel Aviv. The world has still to define the status of West Jerusalem to Israel.

Why is it not right for the president of Afghanistan to negotiate a peace treaty with the Taliban because it is
a terrorist group, but insists Israel negotiate with Fatah and the PLO? Is there a real difference the way they murder
children with their mothers eating ice cream?

Tell me where in the world is it right for any nation to keep any ethnic group from living in any place they choice?
So why is it not right for Jew or Arab to live in Israel any
place they choice.

It appears to me that this Ben-Ami and his followers are in a real dangerous state of mind. Haven’t we learned anything from the past?

Garry says:

Alon Pinkas and U.S. imposed peace plan
I looked this man up on wipkipedia. Is he still Israeli? Former Consul General in NY-hardly a high position or a policy making position, now middle east analyst for Fox news. He thinks a U.S. imposed solution is the answer. The UN has become a permanent Munich Coinference and Israel is the new Czechoslovakia. Does any mature person really believe this? Any other imposed solutions he cares for? Like in Iraq, Afghanistan-how about in Kashmir? He wouldn’t dare suggest that. I don’t see nationals of any other country attacking their nation as so called Israelis do. This is a new height of absurdity. It is not the U.S. obligation to wet nurse any country. Israel-start acting like a country, not a welfare case and defend your interests!

shimke says:

to Marty,
Are you serious or is this some kind of Swiftean humor? The subject is too grave for the latter. So I can only assume you really think that Jews and Arabs can live anywhere they like in Israel. If so, you need to travel to Israel and look around. The “integration” you imagine exists very very rarely. Then go to one of the “settlements” and ask how many Muslims live there. — On another matter, I am not sure the “world” (whatever that means) favors a two-state solution. I would wager that of those who have an opinion, the majority would favor a single state – Palestine (with the more open-minded adding that those Jews who wanted could continue living there as long as they accepted Palestinian [Arab] sovereignty.)


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Sundown: J Street Takes on Solow

Plus a newly uncovered rejection letter, and more in the news

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