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J Street Pushes ‘Linkage’

And struggles to find co-signers

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Gen. David Petraeus last month.(Astrid Riecken/Getty Images)

J Street is circulating a letter on Capitol Hill that tells President Barack Obama that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is crucial to furthering U.S. national security interests—in Iraq and Afghanistan, against Iran, and elsewhere in the region. This is the doctrine of “linkage,” most visibly advanced by Gen. David Petraeus, seconded by prominent administration adviser Dennis Ross, and seemingly echoed by Obama himself. It’s also been lambasted by many critics (including Tablet Magazine Mideast columnist Lee Smith).

The letter spends much time citing Petraeus, in fact, before going on to argue:

A just and sustainable end to this conflict will not only secure Israel’s future as a democratic, Jewish homeland—it will also enhance our ability to confront the threats posed by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other actors in the Middle East, and advance critical U.S. security interests in the region more broadly.

Four (not particularly prominent) Democratic congressmen have signed the letter. Last Thursday, Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of the “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization, frankly acknowledged that garnering more signatures would be a challenge … though he also said the challenge would be overcome. “One by one, 10 by 10, dozen by dozen, members of Congress are going to sign that letter.”

When you predict something like that, of course, it’s generally best if you’re proven right.

Update: The letter also cites Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who makes the case that resolving the conflict is crucial to Israel’s own security. Also, more than just the four sponsors have signed the letter; a full list of signatories has not yet been made available.

Delahunt-Kind-Price Snyder Letter to the President [J Street]
‘J Street’ Faces Battle in Congress [JPost]

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Asher says:

Do these self-hating, naive Jews really think that if we abandoned
all land outside of 1948 Israel, the Muslims would love us & we would all sing kumbaya? Right.

Honest Broker says:

Asher not one word of your insults are relevant. Calling someone a self-hating Jew is just codeword for I disagree.

Mythical Beast says:

The object is not to make the Arabs love the Jews, but to restore the moral high ground to the Jews and allow them to live in some sort of Peace – their only hope of avoiding oblivion – the Arabs can lose many wars – the Israelis can only lose one – their last. Nobody in Egypt loves Israel, but the Peace they signed has been maintained. Unless Israel makes concessions, the patience of America will eventually be exhausted – and without american support (which cannot be taken for granted) Israel must sink.

Dana says:

And what concessions are the Palestinians being asked to give? I haven’t heard of any. They are just sitting, waiting for Obama and J Street to deliver all they want. What part of “you lost” don’t the Arabs understand? The people who lose wars are the ones who give concessions. They won’t even acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state, or stop teaching their children lies and hatred in their schools. Israel must have defensible borders because the Muslims can’t be trusted to maintain peace.

J Street is deluded and dangerously in denial of the real violent threats of those they purport to help plus they would only be relevant if the Palestinians/Arabs would ever be sincere or even deliver peace. The Palestinians do not have a J Street because they would be called collaborators and quickly dispatched to the next world. Jews should be united not led by a bunch of fringe appeasers who are clearly against Israel, their is nothing pro-peace or pro-Israel about them.

Garry says:

J Street thrives on Jewish confusion. Is Judaism a religion? a nationality? a social movement? Regrettably most Jews, not only in America but in the world consider it more of a social movement than anything else. Yes, it is a religion, but that ancient stuff isn’t for these modern people. So, eat some matzoh and pray for the Palestinian liberation. When Jews realize what Judaism really is, they may be able to throw off their leftist Marxist idealism and figure out that when their own survival is at stake, tikkuning the olom will have to wait.


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J Street Pushes ‘Linkage’

And struggles to find co-signers

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