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Obama’s Non-Campaign Against Bibi

Sometimes criticism is just criticism

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Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday.(Lior Mizrahi/AFP/Getty Images)

The Bulletin, a Philadelphia-area newspaper, on Sunday gave the broadest airing I’ve yet seen of the theory (which I first saw floated by Jeffrey Goldberg) that the Obama Administration is actively, consciously seeking to undermine Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to have him lose his grip on power and be replaced with, presumably, a government more amenable to U.S. demands. Centers of this new strategy include former Clinton Administration Ambassador Martin Indyk and one-time negotiator Aaron David Miller (whom Lee Smith profiled last week).

Problem is, the tensions of March have since given way to the lovefest of April and May: steadfast praise and declared support for Israel from all quarters of the Administration; a rolling out of the red carpet for Defense Minister Ehud Barak last week; and a general aura of better times. A cynic would note that the Administration’s earlier condemnations only buttressed Netanyahu domestically, as Israelis rallied ‘round the flag. Still, the current era of good feeling is probably dispositive of the theory of a concerted Administration effort to topple Bibi. Only when Obama starts saying nice things about opposition leader Tzipi Livni will it have legs. That is what you should be on the lookout for—though I suspect you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Is Obama Moving To Topple Israel’s Prime Minister? [The Bulletin] (via Vos Iz Neias?)
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Chaiml says:

This article is a classic case of failure to see the forest for the trees. To understand Obama’s intentions one must go back to March 2009, when IDF Chief Gabi Ashkenazi came to America to firm up a joint military strategy on Iran. He was shocked to discover that no one in Obama’s administration would meet with him. He’d intended to stay for a week, but returned to Israel after two days.
Obama’s strategy, simply stated, is to tie Israel’s hands until Iran delivers its own pre-emptive strike — a nuclear one — against Israel. Abbas understands this, ergo his plea for Chinese support of sanctions against Iran, so that Arab lives will not be lost if Iran destroys Israel’s major cities.
Jeremiah Wright, speaking of Obama, said “I,too, am a former Muslim.” Obama thought that his openly pro-Muslim policies, coupled with his winks and nods to foreign Muslim leaders would suffice to get them to follow his lead. However, he failed to factor in the ancient hatreds and rivalries among the Muslim nations, not the least of which is the Sunni hatred of what they consider Shiite heresy. They also, Sunni and Shiite alike, see him as weak-willed, not as a leader.
Omama has more than Netanyahu in his gunsight; He hopes to destroy Israel as well.


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Obama’s Non-Campaign Against Bibi

Sometimes criticism is just criticism

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