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Roses Put Bibi in Thorny Situation

PM rejects U.S. Christian group’s solidarity flowers

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Following the U.S.-Israel brouhaha over East Jerusalem construction, Christian conservative Janet Porter and her Faith2action—“the nation’s largest network of pro-family groups”—asked listeners to buy a dozen yellow roses each (at a price of $19.48 per bouquet, natch) for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as a show of support. And people ended up buying more than 800 flowers for the prime minister!

Did I say more than 800 flowers? I meant more than 800 dozen flowers! That’s … more than 9,600 flowers! At a cost of more than $15,584!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, yellow roses convey “Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Jealousy, ‘I care.’ ”)

Bibi’s mother no doubt taught him that such money shouldn’t go to waste. Yet a Netanyahu adviser reportedly said the prime minister could not accept the flowers, for fear of offending the Obama Administration at such a sensitive time.

So, basically, a massive geopolitical tension and millennia-old conflict has been reduced to an epic, crappy emo power ballad that might as well be called “My Roses Turned Away.” Which means that the weekend must be right around the corner.

The War of the Roses [JPost]

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Suzanne Utts says:

I am a Christian who supports Israel’s right to the land. However I would have rather seen that money be funneled to a humanitarian group that helps Israeli citizens no matter what their religious or political affiliation…such as Joseph’s Storehouse. To waste that amount of money on yellow roses lacks wisdom AND discernment. ONE vase of yellow roses and a card could have been sent to Mr. Netanyahu from whatever organization was chosen, stating the monetary amount donated to help Israelis in need with a message of solidarity and affection. LESS IS MORE. A pile of roses that size is an empty-over-the-top gesture. Put your money where your mouth is, Christians, and help the poor.

That is pretty inexpensive for a dozen roses. I would like to know their florist, that was suppose to be funny but it just proves how stupid people really are and that money might have helped a child somewhere that need food. We are foolish, we as in humans.


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Roses Put Bibi in Thorny Situation

PM rejects U.S. Christian group’s solidarity flowers

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