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It’s Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s!

And we suggest Jewish-themed flavors

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Oh yes, it’s today. Find the nearest Ben & Jerry’s here and get your ‘scream.

Meanwhile, why don’t founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield encourage the company to honor their roots by offering a Jewish-themed flavor? Or five? Tablet Magazine staffers came up with the following suggestions (some of which have better chances than others):

Promised Land: Malted-milk flavored ice cream with honey swirls.

Jewcy Fruit: Berry ice cream with bits of (swallow-able) fruit-flavored gum.

Shaved Shabbat: Horchata-flavored ice cream with shaved ice.

A Great Miracle Happened Here: Potato ice cream with apple swirls.

The Big Tzimmes: Carrot ice cream with prune and apricot ‘core’.

Bubbelicious: Chicken broth-flavored ice cream with matzoh ball nuggets.

A Sweet New Year: Honey ice cream with cinnamon-apple swirl.

Macaroon Lagoon: Coconut with chocolate chips and fudge swirls.

Meshuggah Cookie: Sugar cookie-flavored ice cream with pieces of sugar cookie and rainbow sprinkles.

Find the Afikomen: Chocolate-dipped matzoh in a ginger ice cream.

The Exodus: Strawberry (red sea) on two sides, vanilla up the middle.

Gefilte Phish Food: Chocolate ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, and tiny chocolate carp, pike, and whitefish.

Got any others? Leave ‘em in the comments!

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Debby Tracy says:

Kichel It Up a Notch: Chocolate ice cream with a dash of cayenne and pieces of egg kichel.

Some of those actually sound delicious. I’d definitely eat the afikomen flavor!

My mom sent me a chain letter once with fake Israeli flavors. I was able to dig them up on The Jew and The Carrot

•Wailing Walnut – Mens & womens buckets sold separately.
•Moishmellow – Let’s embrace those decidedly unmasculine, male Jewish stereotypes over a chick flik with ice cream, boys!
•Mazel Toffee – Congratulations!! I always knew you’d marry someone sweet who would make you feel great.
•Chazalnut – Some days you feel like a nutty Jew. Some days you don’t.
•Oy Ge-malt – Enough malt to make your mother disown you.
•Mi Ka-mocha – Really, who is like the mocha, king on high? There really is no comparison.
•Soda & Gamorra – Thus saith the Lord to Abraham, “I will spare Sodom and Gamorra if you can eat 10 righteous ice cream cones!” And Abraham said, “What about 50? Will you spare them if I eat 50?”
•Bernard Malamint – Eat this one over a good book. (Don’t get it? I didn’t either until I read the bio here.)
•Berry Pr’i Hagafen – Thank the Old Man Upstairs for rasp, blue and black berries.
•Choc-Eilat Chip – Eilat is the tip of this Israel-cone — perfect if you’ve just finished, say, a 300-mile bike ride?
•Simchas T’oreo – Seven times around with the ice cream container! What, we ran out? Announcing Simhat Torah in the frozen isle this year! Y’allah!

Hannah Siegelberg says:

Achashveroot and Mordepie: Licorice flavored ice cream with bits of pie crust

menachem bacon: cinnamon ice cream with candied bacon.

Bon Gurion: Vanilla ice cream with bon bons
Golden Grahams Meir: Chocolate chunk ice cream with Golden Graham chunks

Mixed Multitude: Fudge-Caramel-Vanilla swirl ice cream with Chocolate-Butterscotch-White Chocolate chips and different types of nuts.

let my people go bananas
Gooey Golden Calf
Today you are a marshmellow

Josh R. says:

Lion of Judah: Much like philanthropy pin, a rich golden swirl of caramel and vanilla ice cream with 2 red dots.

Also…Kreplach on a waffle cone.

Gelt and More Gelt: Triple chocolate fudge, chocolate chunk, creme de menthe, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Hershey chocolate kisses.

Don Russell says:

Lox, stock and barrel — Three Scoops ofSmoked Walnuts in Vanilla.

Cinna-Mondel bread.

Talmud pie.

rehovot near yavneh says:

ben and jerry’s in yavneh, israel has matzah crunch – for real.
had a taste – it’s not chocolate covered matzah – it’s just matzah in vanilla.

Alan H Zwiebel says:

Madoff Madness: no ice cream, just an empty cone


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It’s Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s!

And we suggest Jewish-themed flavors

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