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Worst. Jewish Organization. Ever.

A hateful notion of liberation

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One of us got an email from the group JONAH International directing us to their special Passover message. “With the holiday of Passover upon us and its important message of freedom,” it reads,

we need help to free others from their own personal “mitzrayim” (slavery). Those coming to us for assistance desire to be free of sexual confusion. The only people in a position to help us are those who know and understand the important work we do. And that’s you!! …
JONAH’s mission of helping men, women and their families break free from the chains of sexual confusion, including unwanted homosexuality, links directly into our past liberation from Egypt. The upcoming Passover celebration reminds us of the aspirations and struggles of those who yearn for physical, psychological and spiritual freedom.

The group also touts the success of its recent Noble Man Weekend.

This a blog: snark is like air to us. I don’t think I can be cute about this, though. I was raised to think of the Exodus as the defining story of liberation, and specifically Jewish liberation. Maybe my favorite part of the Seder is when we wish for the liberation of those Jews around the world still in need of freedom; my earliest Seder memories consist of my parents explaining to me about the condition of Soviet Jewry.

JONAH International is co-opting the joyful message of Passover for its own hateful purposes. It ought to be ashamed of itself.

Take Part In This Season Freedom! [Jonah International]

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Eugene says:

OK, I understand that you strongly disagree (for political, cultural or other reasons) with this organization’s views on human sexuality and its impact on spirituality. You have every right to. But where did you find the slightest hint of their message being hateful? As far as I can tell from the text you quoted (as I had never heard of JONAH International before), they do what they do in a very respectful and sensitive manner; they are certainly not the ones who would organize noisy protests outside gay bars or beat up homosexuals in some dark alley. What they seem to be doing is genuine kiruv – reaching out to people who would like to be reached out to. Besides, if you are honest about it, at least you have to admit that their position is a lot closer to the traditional Jewish understanding of these issues than yours. All of which can’t possibly make them the worst. Jewish. organization. ever.

Frank Joseph says:

Oh no, that’s not the worst Jewish organization ever — far from it. This is:

Jay Fisher says:

I belong to JPFO. “Worst Jewish organization ever”? Very good – have a nice time countering violent anti-Semites with the weapons of “reason and understanding.” I’ll take my chances with a measured self-defense response!

DOC ZEE says:

Frank, you couldn’t be more wrong … Unless you open your eyes and see the Truth, you will deserve exactly what is going to happen to you …….

Why do you think this organziation is “the worst”??? They are helping those who are living a lifestyle that is totally antithetical to Torah. They only work with those who wish to explore changing their orientation. I believe that they have a good rate of success.

Stop being dictated to by the PC Police and pursue the ideals that you liberals hold so dear: tolerance and inclusion. Yes, this applies to even those who are gay and don’t want to be and those who want to help them.


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Worst. Jewish Organization. Ever.

A hateful notion of liberation

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