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Iron Man

The remarkable Tony Judt

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Judt in 2006.(Charlie Rose)

Tablet Magazine contributing editor Wesley Yang has published an outstanding profile of Tony Judt, the brilliant public intellectual who has been stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease, in New York. A part of me wants to single out what he says about Israel and his (in)famous 2003 essay calling for a single bi-national state; and, to be sure, what he has to say remains provocative and controversial. But I don’t want to seem to narrow this utterly remarkable man. Instead, I’d like to point to what he says about his forthcoming short book on the need for social democracy:

“I am a little caught between satisfaction at my newly increased reach and mild irritation at the reason for it,” he says. “I understand the sense in which it seems as though I am in a hurry. But as you’ll see when you read the book, I am quite convinced that the urgency lies in the external world and all I am doing is drawing attention to it.”

Read the whole thing.

The Liveliest Mind in New York [New York]
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dave says:

Tragic about Mr. Judt’s condition.

I read Postwar and liked that he didn’t mince words about the true nature of European collaboration with the elimination of European Jewry. But I was very dismayed to read his terse dismissals of Zionism, particularly the assertion that the Western world should now move towards forcing the region west of the Jordan into a one state solution. Judt accuses his detractors of being stubborn and simple minded. But from my POV that’s exactly what he’s doing. In Postwar he devotes a chapter to explaining the tragedy of Yugoslavia and how a breakdown along ethnic lines was inevitable.
And yet, because Israel no longer pleases him and doesn’t fit into his model of European harmony, he crassly calls for a forced co-mingling of Israel and Palestine into a modern day Yugoslavia, despite the fact that these two populations are eminently hostile to each other.
To me that episode helped expose the hubris of academia and remind me that behind big words and big ideas are as often as not the egos of little boys. In other words, it’s nice to have him chronicle the history of postwar Europe so extensively, but chronicling history does not make you a prophet or a visionary.

David Star says:

Tony Judt and his fellow academicians, better described as melon heads, will do anything to prove their anti-semitism.
They preach multisyllabic drivel advocating a “Kumbiyah” brotherhood of man. They perceive the Muslim and European worlds as just full love and brotherhood with only the dastardly Jew-Zionists standing in the way of peace.
They see dead Jews as either sacrafices for peace or catharsis for Muslim suffering.
I think somewhat differntly. I have told each of my 8 Sabra grandsons who are now serving in combat units, or have completed service in the IDF the the words of General George S. Patton to his troops. “It is not the job of you poor bastards to die fighting for your country. It is your job to make sure that the other poor bastards die for their country.” In every war since the first Lebanese War to this day they have kept this in mind. Their country is a Jewish Zionist democracy and the Judts, Avneiris, Beilins can drown in their melon headed ignorance.
PS: Grandson number 9 joins the paratroopers this month.

Alexander Diamond says:

I am old enough to remember the so-called “Fifth Column” from WW2 years. This insidious form of social and political cowardice is still with us. High-flown rhetoric aside, what is revealed is a disease of the intellect and a frightening sense of self-hatred, Jewish or otherwise.


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Iron Man

The remarkable Tony Judt

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