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Is Heidi Klum a Nazi ‘Project Runway’ Host?

A ‘Forward’ blogger seems to think so

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Tablet Magazine doesn’t often focus on Heidi Klum—she hasn’t renamed herself Miriam to join the celeb Kabbalah crew or made her position known on the prompt shuttering of Brighton Beach Memoirs. But a blogger at the Forward has overcome that problem, observing today that in Klum’s role as Project Runway host, she relishes announcing the fate of contestants who are “‘eliminated’ (eliminated!).” See, the Nazis eliminated people too, and they were German, just like Klum, so therefore there’s some sort of Nazi aura encircling Klum, and the blogger, Rebecca Honig Friedman, taking Jewish paranoia to ridiculously childish heights, has a hard time with that projected aura. In fact, confesses Friedman (whom we’ve met, and who seems a reasonable, nice gal), whenever Klum “announces to the panel of quaking designers, in her German accent, ‘One of you will be in, and one of you will be out,’ either my husband or I will mock, in our own fake German accents, ‘One of you will go to the right, and one of you will go to the left.’” (That joke has got to be stale by now—Project Runway is currently in its sixth season). Furthermore, Friedman notes, Klum doesn’t say “please” to the competitors—unlike the sultrier Padma Lakshmi on Top Chef, giving proof of her lack of compassion, obvs a Nazi trait. Sure, Friedman acknowledges she’s making a leap—but, hey, a leap never stopped a person from comparing supermodels to fascists, or from indulging in stereotypes, or from revealing how a sense of victimhood can color something as addictive and inane as a reality show.

We’ll leave the charges that Friedman’s post is racist to her commenters.

‘In or Out': Why Heidi Klum Makes Me Nervous [Forward]

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Fukjew says:

The only Nazi traits that are actually happening today are by jews and Israel so don’t be talking $#it about something from decades ago that has gotten blown out of proportion from the truth long ago. Jews financed Hilter and the jewish media has the nerve to go on and on and on and on and on . . .

Stunned & Disgusted says:

RE: Project Lameways new winner: Sorry sheeple, this was an atrocity. Seth Aaron, you are despicable for using the most horrific people as your inspiration. People, 1940’s german military are NAZIs…how dumbed down are you? This is part of a desensitization process and you are sad if you cant see this is more than about some lame fashion show. Why were there no comments from the judges about his “inspiration”? and yeah this is a contraversy all right. Maybe Seth Aaron you’ll change your mind about that when your kids are carted off to a FEMA camp here in the US. Maybe you should look at some real footage and personal accounts and then get the real inspiration from NAZIs…death, death, death. Idiot.

Sara says:

I completely agree with “Stunned & Disgusted.” As for The first comment- You stun and disgust me.

sonja says:

hey guys i live in germany stuttgart and there are so many nazis here nazis dnt mean the millitary nazis are the people who hate outlendish people and judes

Not too long ago, Klum walked the lingerie retailer’s runway merely five weeks soon after giving birth. About Fri, she stated she stop.

jackson carter says:

Here we go again chosen phonies playing the victim, who backed Hitler so you could have you own nation and coming superstate, thus USA 2.0 aka greater Israel is a go. Sieg heil!

jackson carter says:

It’s funny, hey mossad on here too and M.I.6, if she is a Nazi then why you got her on your TV shows for? As all mass media is Zionist media, you are TRULY Hitler’s greatest creation, just right ask the 4 million missing children in Iraq on it all, O’ wait you can’t they are missing, this real holocaust goes on and on… Plus Heidi is no Nazi, she did not murder her black children unlike you fake white Jews who killed all those black babies in Israel to kept your stolen nation “white” but hey you’ll find out the meaning of the word holocaust the best day ever, end timers in motion, drown in your own blood you all will, surfs up! Surfs you all right! Get it, the planetary patriot is here! The only superhero to fight Zionism head on, thus greater Israel is not a go ;) And all western block crusaders IDF will be sent rightly home in body bags no mercy no quarter to them all! Allahu akbar!


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Is Heidi Klum a Nazi ‘Project Runway’ Host?

A ‘Forward’ blogger seems to think so

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