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The Messiah Comes From the East

Sephardic rabbi predicts Sephardic savior

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Rabbi Ovadia.(

Moses Maimonides famously believed that the Messiah will come, “though he may tarry.” But Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the spiritual leader of Israel’s ultra-religious Shas political party, has gone the Rambam one better: the Messiah, it turns out, not only will come, but will be Sephardic. “We cannot determine that we were correct until the Messiah comes and will make us one people,” Yosef told his weekly Saturday night class. “Only the Messiah can do this.… When Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will rise up in the revival of the dead, what will they say? They will start to say they were from Halabim, from Aleppo.” (Yosef, who once was Israel’s Chief Sephardi Rabbi, himself hails from Basra, Iraq.) Once the Messiah comes, Yosef went on to predict, Ashkenazim will adopt Sephardic customs—which is good news for those who have always wanted to eat rice during Passover.

Rabbi Ovadia: Messiah Will Rule Sephardic-Style [Ynet]

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Erfan Ahamid says:

Be 1sm A1law!
Torah=Chai=life=18 is on all r18ht hands, 1/\ !
Akhirat Ha Yamim begins!
UNit and tenth of Golden RAtio =18!
Mark of Creation=Chai=18!
Great seal=18=$ and $ is not = Dollar but Gold!(Great Seal of A1God)!
The temple MOunt built by Ibrahim is in Mounts of Makkah, the 8(square)!
Golden RAtio set by none but A1GOD of Ibrahim points to Hamikdash location! The first Temple stands tall and mankind rushes to it!
The right hand spin = countercloskwise spin, Hamikdash temple has ritual of 7 circles around the cube(8) , a ritual set by Ibrahim, and it is counterclockwsie(18), right handed spin!
All planets stars glalxies and our earth and moon follow r18ht hand spin, law of right hand!
Magnet and Electric current obey r18ht hand spin!
All hearts pump blood only r18ht haded spin!
All snail shells we find are designed r18ht handedly, not one left handed!
All plants come to life splitting of seed occurs only with right half (hand) of seed rising to sky rotating sight handed spin, and left part of seed always a root!
There is no left hand in creation, the right hand of Lord of all creation is mighty and the right hand of Lord created and measured heavnes and earth with the palm of H1S r18ht hand(golden ratio’s 18) as well has spinned all tings to life using right hand only!
There is no law but A1law so there is no GOd but A1GOD!
Trinity is a lie! Cross is broken at its left arm by science making it a 1!
Amidah is 18
bendiction is 18
Covenant is made with the right hand, all right hands display 18(1/\) only
left hands display 81, only law of right hand prevails in creation, man failed to put together a single nut or bolt, a bottle or a jar that opens left handedly(clockwise), despite having left hand, law of right hand prevails over the left and the left hand fails to disobey it ! What is wrong with the man?


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The Messiah Comes From the East

Sephardic rabbi predicts Sephardic savior

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