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Welcome to Tablet’s New Look

Clearer headlines, more recommendations, and the chance to support our work

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We’re always working to make Tablet Magazine more useful for you, our readers.

Sometimes that means publishing a brilliant writer; sometimes that means assigning an untold story; sometimes that means inaugurating a new feature. And sometimes that means overhauling

Today we’re introducing a new look, most pronounced on our homepage. Created by our original designers at Project Projects, today’s redesign reflects recent trends in online publishing, data we’ve gathered on our readers’ habits, and things you told us in last winter’s Reader Survey that you like and don’t like.

We’ve added much more space to our headlines, so we can more clearly tell you what a story is about before you click on it. We’ve made The Scroll more prominent on our homepage, and also on all the inside pages, to make sure you’re always seeing our source for the most up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis. We’ve moved the “Most Popular on Tablet” unit higher on all our pages, because we’ve seen that you love to see what others are reading, and we’ve also made the “Have You Read?” box much more prominent on the homepage, so you can more easily view our editors’ recommendations for not-to-be-missed stories.

The most remarkable finding in the Reader Survey—and a very gratifying one—was that a great number of you value Tablet so much that you wanted to be able to contribute toward the cost of producing our great journalism. Starting today, you can. There’s now a link in the upper-right corner of each page that will direct you a new fundraising campaign and give you an opportunity to make a donation.

We think these changes are another step in producing an ever-better Tablet, and we hope you’ll like them. If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or our editor-in-chief, Alana Newhouse, at

Thanks for reading,

Jesse Oxfeld

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Refael Hileman says:

While I appreciate the effort, I prefer the old version which did a better job of presenting me an overall perspective of what’s available without having to scroll down. Obviously the quality of the articles will not suffer from this, but it makes it more difficult to get to them.

    joxfeld says:

    Hi Refael. Thanks for the feedback. I know redesigns are always slightly
    disconcerting at first, but I’m curious to know what you feel like
    you’re missing. There is definitely more information available above the
    fold — i..e, without scrolling — in this design than there was
    previously. But it’s possible we’ve overlooked something, and I’d love
    to know what you’re looking for.

      Refael Hileman says:

      I see two issues off hand. One, is that when I go a website I like to feel I like I know what’s going when the page first opens. It feels like there is less information available now.

      Also, going back I see that in the medium and small columns to the right, the background to the article links is mostly transparent. While that might have some artistic value, it makes it more difficult to parse the text, especially when scanning quickly.

        joxfeld says:

        Hi Refael. It may feel otherwise, but I promise you there is now more information above the fold than there used to be. If something specific is missing that used to be there, please let me know and we’ll take a look at it. Regarding the text-over-image treatment, thanks for pointing that out, and it’s definitely something we’re going to be looking at and working to optimize.

          Refael Hileman says:

          I’m sure you have good cause for saying that, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. In part that may due to the visibility issue I mentioned, but it feels like there is less information on the sides.

          I also tried scrolling out but that didn’t help.

          Refael Hileman says:

          Much clearer now in terms of the pictures in the larger column.

Sorry. I like the old version better.

CygnusA81 says:

Okay, I guess I’ll get use to it, but why did you guys use anti-Semite Alice Walker as your screenshot for your new look?

    joxfeld says:

    The article, as I’m sure you read, is a strong condemnation of Walker’s position. But you’re right it’s probably not the most felicitous way to kick things off! As soon as everything else is control and I’ve got some time to work on that, we’ll put up a replacement image.

      CygnusA81 says:

      I did read the article and I’m glad that Liel wrote his piece. Obviously it was just happenstance since you guys relaunched and this story happened to be one of the top stories, but since Tablet is a Jewish Magazine, I figured it would be best not showcase anti-Semite as the screenshot for the updated website.

        joxfeld says:

        Changed! (Let’s just ignore the fact the new image for a Jewish website is a wad of cash. Sigh.)

          CygnusA81 says:


          Wait, money? Oy vey….

          Joking. ;)

          CygnusA81 says:

          Hey, GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh (FYI, he’s a rabid anti-Israel jacka$$ who posts mainly on The Atlantic Monthly website) will you please stop stalking my comments.


David Walthal says:

Now you need to fix the site so Pocket (formerly Read It Later) works. And please put a link for general comments like this on the site that someone reads!

Great content!

    joxfeld says:

    Hi David. I’ll pass on the note about Pocket to our development team, see what we can do. As for general comments, the best way is via email. Someone regularly checks, and there’s info on our About Us page (here: ) on how to reach the different section editors. Hope that helps!

      David Walthal says:

      great! Thanks. Love your stuff but just want to be able to read it later when I have time and Pocket is a great resource for that.

        joxfeld says:

        Hi David. I’m curious as to the specifics of the problem you’re having. If you don’t mind, would you drop me a line? I’m at Thanks.

          David Walthal says:

          Sorry to use the forum, but your email bounced back.

          In responding to your request to know more about Pocket.

          With most sites when you tag an article with the pocket browser tool it links to the story and downloads the story to your applications running pocket for offline browsing (e.g. the iphone or tablet). This works with most sites including the NYTimes and WSJ.

          For some reason with Tablet when you pocket it (not sure what the verb is) when you go back to read the Tablet story when you are off line it does not show the copy of the story. It’s just blank.

          joxfeld says:

          Oy, sorry, I typoed on my own name: email is joxFeld@. In any case, I’ll pass this on to our developers, that Tablet articles simple aren’t appearing on Pocket. Thanks for letting us know.


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Welcome to Tablet’s New Look

Clearer headlines, more recommendations, and the chance to support our work

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