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Daybreak: Russian Warships Head to Syria

Following Putin’s rejection of Bibi’s plea to not bolster Syrian air defense

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Tartus, Syria.(Rian)

• Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rejection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plea to not delivery a sophisticated air-defense system to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, it’s being reported that 12 Russian warships are now patrolling the waters outside of Tartus, Syria. Yikes. [ToI]

• Meanwhile, Israel may have located what is believed to be a new natural gas field off the coast of Haifa. The discovery of a third natural gas field comes as Israel decides how much gas it will export on the market or import to maintain energy independence. [JTA]

• Speaking of natural gas, if you haven’t read about the smuggling of Kentucky Fried Chicken from Egypt into Gaza, it’s a heck of a story. [NYT]

• The curious case of David Birnbaum, Hollywood jeweler and self-proclaimed unifier of religion and science. The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a look at his philosophy, his book, and the oddity of a week-long conference at Bard that Birnbaum partially funded. [CHE]

• Feeling bullish? So is Jewcy. Check out the newest installment of Jewcy Horoscopes for the Taurus in all of us. [Jewcy]

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lapazjim says:

This is liable to become another Cuban Crisis type of incident.The difference this time is both sides are more advanced in weaponry and neither side will back down.The U.S. does not want the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles delivered to Syria along with most likely other large numbers of military supplies.Russia wants these missiles and arms in Syria to help Assad supposedly maintain his government.Russia is going to do just the opposite of what the U.S. does no matter what.With Russia sending these warships to the area coupled with the current U.S. naval fleet already there your chances of a confrontation grow.With this growth then comes other countries becoming involved and the chances of a world war grow also.
There needs to be a no fly zone in these areas and no offloading of arms or supplies at ports.If the S-300 do appear in Syria the take them out with cruse missiles and or whatever other means.
Russia knows that this area is extremely unstable and that just about anything can happen at any time.Is Russia willing to take the blame for continued conflict in Syria,the use of Chemical warfare,the death of thousands of civilians due to their wanting to be at Assad’s side.Very doubtful!!The forces that be in the U.N and the European alliances need to make it clear to Russia that continued support that is resulting in deaths due to chemical warfare will not be accepted and thus Russia should be shunned due to allowing this to continue. Putin likes to believe that Russia is still that bi world power when they actually aren’t anymore.Their power only rests in the fact that they still have nukes left over from old mother Russia.
This area is now the brewing pot for a possible WWIII and thus the possible end.
During this time of conflict where is China?? They want to be the worlds #1 world power and take over from the U.S.,but where will they be? The same place they were during the cold war–sitting in the background waiting for Russia and the U.S. to annihilate each other to their weakest points and then swoop in for the kill and take over both countries.Not a bad idea on their part if they can maintain staying out of the party!!!


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Daybreak: Russian Warships Head to Syria

Following Putin’s rejection of Bibi’s plea to not bolster Syrian air defense

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