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The Very Real Jewish Exodus From France

French Jews are quietly moving to New York, London, and Israel

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A student being escorting from the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse following the 2012 shooting.(Reuters)

The imperiled condition of French Jewry, at this point, is pretty well-trod territory. That said, one’s shock at a statistic like the 58 percent rise in anti-Semitic attacks in France last year, may not diminish.

A few weeks ago, an article chronicled the growth of a French Jewish community in the United Kingdom. To accommodate the influx, St. John’s Wood Synagogue in London started hosting French-language Shabbat services. Here’s one about the French Jews arriving in Israel at a rate of 2,000 per year.

Earlier this week, La Stampa revealed a similar expansion of French Jews in the Upper West Side of New York.

To understand what’s happening, we have to go to the Jewish Centre on 86th Street where, in March 2012, the Jewish New Yorkers urged their French counterparts to commemorate the victims of the shooting in the “Ozar Hatorah” school in Toulouse, where the jihadist Mohammed Merah killed a rabbi and three children.

Leading the ceremony was Zachary, 29, a transport manager from Strasbourg. “If New York is full of French Jews- he explains- it’s because in 2002, in connection with the second Palestinian Intifada, a season of physical aggression began towards us from the Arabs that still hasn’t stopped. It just brought the conflict from the Middle East onto our streets.”

From the sounds of it, the ferment of French Jewry’s plight has been a full decade in coming and not just a few years as it’s been assumed. It’s stunning to remember the way that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon–at the height of the Second Intifada no less–infamously instructed French Jews to move to Israel for their own safety. His remarks were blasted by French leaders–both Jewish and not–including the French foreign ministry, who called on Sharon for an explanation of his “unacceptable comments.”

It’s manifested itself not just in terrorist attacks, arson, assaults, or acts like the planting of a fake bomb near the Hillel Center in Lyon earlier this week, but in language as well. For each incident of anti-Semitic graffiti, consider several thousand or more digital analogues. Writing in Tablet today, Jillian Scheinfeld outlined an actual, popular trend of anti-Semitic hate speech on Twitter.

Last October, when the hashtag #UnBonJuif reached the top three on Twitter’s trending topics list in France, a French Jewish student group, the Union of French Jewish Students, complained directly to the San Francisco-based social networking giant asking for the names of Twitter users promoting the anti-Semitic hashtag. When Twitter failed to respond, the students took their case to a French court—and won.

A court order may ultimately impel Twitter to police its users more thoroughly, but even if that accomplishment is managed, there’s still a whole world offline and in the dark.

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i can attest to the influx of french jews on the upper west side. so few when i moved into my building in 2008, now there are probably close to 100.

This has been an ever real and growing phenomenon with increases of Jewish migration from France to Miami and especially within the Sephardic community of Montreal since 2002 or so!

Do you live in France ? Do you know anything about it ? So stop
repeating the same bullshit the media is telling you about. It’s not
because a few people move to London or the Upper West side that France
has turned in chaos. There might also be economic reasons to this. There
are other places in Europe where the situation is much worse but nobody
talks about it because american are stuck with the only thing they know
about 2nd world war : Vichy and evil French collabos. Maybe it’s time
to get a little more educated on the topic. Why doesn’t anyone talk
about what’s going on in Hungary for instance where violent and extreme
leaders are making antisemitic comments and calls in parliament ? Nobody
cares about this. I’m fed up hearing from people and journalists, like Adam Chandler, who do
not do their work properly, that my fellow french citizens are all evil
and antisemitic. Yes, there are problems in France, but America, the
UK, Europe and even ISRAEL are not free of antisemitism and attacks
against jews…

    Maybe stuff is going on in Hungary, but this article was about the rise of antisemitism in France and it’s very real thing. To blow it off because there’s antisemitism elsewhere is wholly beside the point.

      So what are you saying about Jews Jane. You think they still believe they are GOD’s chosen people? They are all rich like Baron de Rotschilde whose family financed the wars against Napoleon back in the 18/early 19th century. Israel, and I admit I don’t live there. Israel is a nation of the 21st century with previous leadership and present the rest of us in Europe could learn from. Do you think all Jews are men in black hats and coats dealing diamonds in Amsterdam? You are silly.

    Toni Kamins says:

    It always amazes me how people outside of France think they know all about France and the French, but actually know very little.

    Noémie, France is the only country in Europe were jews are killed. Have heard of Ilan Halimi who was tortured and killed by the self-styled Gang of Barbarians?

    Rich Ross says:

    There ‘might’ be economic reasons?? You’re the one who is full of sh*t or else deaf, dumb and blind. France has become the most dangerous country in the Western world for Jews due to its large arab/moslem population. Violent attacks and harassment are a daily occurrence. Yes, these things happen in other countries also but France stands alone for the most violent activity.

      Toni Kamins says:

      Not even close to the truth.

        Rich Ross says:

        You wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring you in the face. There was an increase of 45% in the number of anti-Jewish acts during the first eight months of 2012 compared to the same period last year. According to the French Interior Ministry, 386 anti-Semitic acts were perpetrated during that time, including 101 acts of violence and vandalism and 285 threats.

          Toni Kamins says:

          Personal attack. Nice.

          Rich Ross says:

          Based on the actual statistics as provided by the French Ministry of the Interior your comment of ‘not even close to the truth’ is a comment by someone who wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring them in the face. A ‘personal attack’ would have been my calling you a ‘liar.’ I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

          Rich Ross says:

          That’s more than a little funny….you’ve been given the actual stats compiled by the French authorities. If you had any integrity you would have admitted your mistake several comments ago instead of trying to spin the focus onto whether you’re just delusional or purposefully deceiving.

          these are the reported cases how many went un reported? more i am sure. like in the states most go un reported or the touckas lickers we call politicans try to down play the examples for example here in chicago there was a case were a shul got all it’s stained glass windows broken but because one small window in a office next door was also broken they refused to call it anti semitism but called it just vandalism.

          then there was one ‘leftist so called human rights org. that when jews were shot just for being jewish here in chicago could not say they were shot because they were jews they had to say 6 “others’ were shot my son was shot at because he was a jew not because he was a ‘other; france is a problem but the problem is world wide

      Please mind your language Rich Ross. Have you ever lived in France ? I did and I’m Jewish. I was born there and lived there for 28 years (moved to the US 2 years ago). I don’t think you really got my point that got, as usual when dealing with this problem, oversimplified. I’m not negating that antisemitism doesn’t exist in France. I’m not blind, deaf or dumb, thank you very much for asking. i’m just trying to have a more balanced point of view, especially when I hear Americans repeat endlessly that it’s the worst country to live in and that all french are secretly (or not) antisemites, when Americans actually have almost no experience in France. It’s always easier to insult and have a black and white image of the situation rather than introduce subtlety to the analysis of a problem… As a country, we are doing our best to fight it. last night actually the president of the republic was at the dinner of the CRIF (national institution that represents the french jewish people) and he repeated the french administration was fighting against it and doing it’s best (the president of that Jewish institution thanked him and aknowledged the efforts of the government in that regard). In France we have laws (that americans actually don’t have because of the unlimited freedom of speech that exists here) against people denying the Holocaust. And if you compare the number of attacks in France with the figure in the UK, there are pretty close (in 2012 : 114 in France, 104 in the UK. Knowing that the number of jews in france – 600 000 – is twice the number of jews in the U.K, you might want to reconsider your opinion about France being the champion of antisemitism… and also put into question the Tablet article that explains to us that french jews are all leaving france for the UK… A bit strange, isn’t it ?
      I also notice it is not at all problematic to throw racist generalizations about Muslims and Arabs like you did above … Double standard ?

        I think Americans, especially on the right, tend to hate the French because of our cultural links to England…it’s an old family prejudice we’re carrying on long after the Brits have dropped it.

          Alex Renwaz says:

          As an American, no, no-one cares. The majority of Republicans probably don’t even know what a Frenchman sounds like let alone dislike them.

          silverbackV says:

          Yea, Sidney Poitier, how’s that?

        Bruce Bochy says:

        Americans = ignorant

        thus American-Jews…..

      “France has become the most dangerous country in the Western world for Jews due to its large arab/moslem population.”

      You think that France is dangerous? Wait till all the gentiles find out just how many Jews were responsible for ruining the economy of the US!!!

        Alex Renwaz says:

        Wtf, are you talking about? I’m assuming your not an American because as an American your talking nonsense and you sound like an idiot.

    Noemie, I lived in northern europe for 9 years, so please do not dismiss my comments as bull***. There are a few undeniable facts about Western Europe:
    There is a large faction of guest workers and their extended families who have a very high birth rate; have resisted assimilation into the dominant culture [be it french, dutch, walloon, flemish, etc]; and have project their hatred of that [your] culture on top of their jew-hatred [more socially acceptable than venting against you]; and have been assisted by our good friends the saudis, who build mosques and establish wahabi imams.

    The birthrate of autochtones in Europe is insufficient to maintain the population.
    Politicians and citizens are intimidated, fearful, and accepting of a buffer[jews] , but it is a matter of time, perhaps one generation before the battle of tours will come to be regarded as a temporary setback in the islamisation of europe.
    As a francophile, i extend my deepest regrets

    Casey Loring says:

    Noemie Taylor, alot of people I know have been talking about what’s going on in Hungary; very scary! Although many of the French Jews feel the real need to leave to be safe, please know that there are many people who don’t think that you and the French citizens are all evil and antisemitic.

      Null says:

      I don’t even think most Frenchmen are antisemitic. They have their own problems with the beur, and are they going to put their necks on the line and antagonize a large and restive minority for our sake?

      thank you Casey

      @Noemie and Casey I was born in France in 60 left for Israel in 79.Even though as a child,I had to deal with anti-Jewish sentiment from some of my inconsiderate neighbors, I still love France and its citizens.There I learned to become an ardent supporter of freedom of speech, separation of religion and state, western culture etc. The current atmosphere is noxious to say the least. Only because of the influx and radicalization of the Muslim minority, do Jews perceive France, their motherland, no longer a safe haven. You might claim that I am generalizing about Muslims but the truth of the matter does not accommodate for political correctness. My sister and her family who live in the south of the country know very well that if the situation remains as hostile as it appears today, they will eventually sell their successful business, pack up and emigrate . I yearn for France, I hurt for what it has become and I know that unless drastic measures are taken so to restore the safety and well being of its citizens, the day where it will become a Muslim country is not too far in the future.

    Habbgun says:

    i knew American Jews who visited France for the High Holy Days. They came a little late to the synagogue and could not be let in because of the very real fear of an attack. The fear was that even if they were Jews they might be asking in under duress so that once the doors were opened the synagogue could be attacked by those forcing them to betray other Jews. The synagogue was locked down during services until the Jews inside could leave together for mutual protection. What goes on in Hungary does not matter if this is Jewish life in France. No one should have to live this way. What does France intend to do about this? Who will be next? Maybe there isn’t an exodus out of France. If that is the case maybe there should be.

    Lynne T says:

    Noemie: Have the French courts yet to have put the record straight about Charles Enderlin and the fraud he and a Palestinian camera man perpetrated against Israel in 2000, when they told the world that the IDF cruelly shot a Palestinian boy named Mohammed Al Dura to death, because apparently the IDF managed to develop bullets that would travel in 90 degree angles around walls?

    Don’t kid yourself about the source of hostility towards Jews after Israel’s founding. The French media circled around Enderlin and his buddy. It was the Germans who started debunking the story. And to this day, have the French courts done anything to make things right for Philip Karsenty, who fought Enderlin and his media employers to get a retraction?

    Alex Renwaz says:

    I was born in America and have lived here my whole life. I can’t even imagine an anti Jewish attack. It’s a joke, it’s like night and day; it just doesn’t happen here. Jews are just another white person. Maybe in the mid west but you never here of anything on the east or west coast. When I see all this anti Jewish crap, on the news, especially coming from people who aren’t muslim’s it amazes me. It’s surreal; it’s like “What do they possibly have so much angst against?” I don’t know ,maybe their more religious over there but over here we simply don’t give a fuck. It just doesn’t matter. I mean I can see it with the Ultra orthodox since there “different” but it’s still amazing because they don’t bother anyone or cause trouble.

    Noemie, I was so shocked the other day when I read the Local from Paris, and there on the page were whole streets lined with Muslim bottoms in the air facing Mecca! A dear little Old French lady with a heavy bag of shopping had to step over these minyans of bottoms! I do so prefer Brittany, it is more how shall I say Brittany, the food is wonderful and so is the Atlantic Emeraude Coastline. Hungary has just brought a law suite against two anti-semitic individuals. My brother in law is from Hungary and of course if you look at Hungary’s position on a map, it will explain where muslims are infiltrating.

    Disparishun says:

    Nobody thinks that France has “turned in chaos”. They think that the environment in France is much more hostile than it used to be, so a lot of Jews are leaving. And they’re right. Lots of people are talking about Hungary and lots of other places, don’t worry — but France has more Jews than most countries, so there are a lot more to leave.

oaklandj says:

Are these figures different from other time periods? We’ve always been an itinerant people. Considering there are about 700,000 Jews in France, I’m not sure what to make of 2,000 moving to Israel.
I don’t doubt that the anti-Semitic attacks are very real. I’m just wondering if they are the primary motivation.
Any thought of actually interviewing/surveying French Jewish emigres to gauge their motivation(s)?

    David says:

    There are actually about 500,000. And while 2,000 may have moved to Israel last year, about 5,000 also attended an aliyah fair, and a substantial percentage are considering emigration.

      oaklandj says:

      I have no reason to doubt those figures. I just don’t know if that’s typical or not. Maybe 2,000 Jews have been leaving France for Israel for the past few decades.

      i live in france and i don’t need your guide to know there are no more than 500.000 jews here.

        Well having lived in France for many years myself I’m well aware of the numbers.

          The number of Jews in France is below 500,000 (500’000 is from the last study in 2002, the number is lower today).

          2000 a year are making alya. Others are moving to Israel without making alya. And others are leaving for UK, USA, Canada or other places. Mostly the young. So yes that’s a lot. The number of French Jews in Israel is estimated at 150,000 today (including children and grand children born in Israel like Gilad Shalit).

          David says:

          What do you mean “moving to Israel without making aliyah?” How is that possible?

          nina says:

          It’s called the ‘Boeing aliyah’,especially professionals like lawyers, doctors and dentists, as well as people who have a business, will often move their family to Israel, where religious schools are free and kosher food cheaper( as well as no worries about being attacked because you are visibly Jewish ), while they commute by plane from France every week or so. Or students will go to a French lycee in Israel to get both the baccalaureat and the Israeli bagrut, to be flexible for later.

The french resistance was the biggest myth of WW2. How they got a seat on the security council is a mystery to me

    Toni Kamins says:

    No. The myth is that everyone participated in the resistance, not the existence of the resistance itself.

      more french from the vichy were in the S.S. than in the resistance.

        Not true. However more than enough French police in both occupied and unoccupied France (Vichy) collaborated with the Germans and were responsible for the deportation and murder of French Jews and Jews from other countries who had taken refuge in France.

David says:

Does anyone know what percentage is going to Israel? All the recent reports make it sound like they’re all emigrating to New York and London, when the majority are probably going to Israel.

    The majority is going to Israel. Most people leaving to NY or London (I never heard of anybody going to Canada even if there are all the time stories about it) are young people working in finance, not families. Many move to Israel later.
    But it’s true that the really rich don’t yet move to Israel, or not a lot.

    David says:

    Do you think that most French Jews will eventually go to Israel?

Vive la France (not!)

herbcaen says:

If I were a French Jew, I would avoid England. England is a year or two behind France, but anti-Semitism is deeply ingrained in Englands intellectual class, including its “universities” and the media, especially the BBC and Guardian. The English news media looks to Der Sturmer and Volkischer Beobachter, infamous Nazi publications, for cartoon inspiration, as they lack their own creativity. Israel is the best choice

    The universities have an anti-zionist leaning, but couldn’t care less if you are a Jew. Who you need to watch out for in Britain are the Pakistanis.

      “Who you need to watch out for in Britain are the Pakistanis.”
      I’m pretty sure the Arabs say the same thing about YOUR sort ….

        ysusan says:

        If that is how you feel Mr.Kay what the f–k are yo doing on this website?

        Yep, them too, mostly crazy Muslim terrorists, they’re bored, they’re into trafficking women, some finishing up Israel. Article the other day. What the Arabs say is of no consequence already their reputation precedes them.

      Two things:
      1. I’m not a zionist.
      2. I’m simply stating a fact. Antisemitism is not a serious problem among the native Europeans, but has been imported to the continent along with the millions of Muslim immigrants who have been raised on it. The largest of this group in Britain are the Pakistanis. If we were talking about France I would have said the Algerians and Moroccans. If it were Germany or the Netherlands I would have said the Turks. If it were Scandinavia I would have said the Iraqis.

        Blog Marcoroz says:

        I am a zionist, and I fuck jane.

          Natan79 says:

          Why do you? She’s a fat dollop of lard with rotten teeth.

          hypnosifl says:

          “jane” is a troll who deserves no personal respect, but using a sexual insult just because of the (probably fake) female username is vaguely misogynist–if “jane” had used the name “dick” instead, I bet you wouldn’t say “I am a zionist, and I fuck dick”.

        They can try whatever they like but Gods people will never be eliminated, but their enemies shall.

        Thank you so much Mr. Stein, this is absolutely true, and you are entirely right about Scandinavia, we also have Afghani’s and multitude of Somali’s coming into Stockholm. This is precisely why antisemitism is on the increase. We are all quite mad in Europe and Scandinavia harboring these people. Even silly little Ireland has more mosques than Synagogues, and just condoned a law for muslims to bury their dead straight into the ground with a sheet round them. The last time I was in Italy the muslims insisted all catholic religious iconography be removed from schools since muslim children were being taught in them. Do we an expansionist Jihad on our hands, another Sulimin Bin Dowd (a Turk) I believe, who ransacked the entire middle east and almost made it into Europe, further using Islam as a political means to rouse the Bedouin into battle with him!

        giltedged says:


      Guest says:

      Hey Jane, please explain to me why Jewish nationalism has anything to do with racism? Please explain to me why Jews should not be proud of there heritage and how that’s associated in any way with Racism which is that hate against a specific skin color”. Not to mention there are white Jews, Sephardic Jews who look like there Arabs, there are black Jews, and believe it or not but believe it because it is true there are Indian Jews. Please since I’m sure your O’ so educated ;) explain to me how that makes any logical sense at all.

      Alex Renwaz says:

      Hey Jane, please explain to me why Jewish nationalism
      has anything to do with racism? Please explain to me why Jews should not be
      proud of their heritage and how that’s associated in any way with Racism which
      is that hate against a specific skin
      color”. Not to mention there are white Jews, Sephardic Jews who look like
      there Arabs, there are black Jews, and believe it or not but believe it
      because it is true there are Indian Jews. Please since I’m sure your O’ so educated ;)
      explain to me how that makes any logical sense at all.

      Natan79 says:

      Nazi Brit.

      FYI: The “Pakistanis” are British. No one will care that you’re Jewish AS LONG as you are anti-Zionist. If you fail to tow the line your Jewishness will become an issue.

    silverbackV says:

    Amen and Amen. It is all spelled out in the Tenach. As far as Europe goes, it is the “muslimization” of Europe and the dumbing down of the populace that is spurring this antisemitic cancer. America will be falling prey to it in the coming years. Ariel Sharon was right about the safest place for the Jew being Israel, but he was dead wrong on the land for peace issue and he was stricken because of it (in my mind). After Masada the Jews said, “never again”, after WW II the Jews said, “never again”. I think it is time they meant it. If you have not read, “All European life died Auschwitz” by Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez, please do. The link is below.

      Actually it’s you Jews who are responsible for all the ‘dumbing down’… just look at Hollywood movies, network TV and all the other rubbish you lot are involved in!

        Alex Renwaz says:

        Your a joke. There are plenty of Jews just like there are plenty of Christians in all of our industries. Not to mention the only Jews I can think of in Hollywood have won the highest awards the industry has to offer and have made movies I and most people would consider “classics”. From your viewpoints I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that your from the Mid West. Please stay there where you belong. We don’t want you over here in the educated parts of America.

        Natan79 says:

        Go fuck yourself jay kay.

        Bruce Bochy says:

        He has a point. Jews attributed massively to the ”multiculturalism” mindset in the USA and overall dumbing down. There is no denying that.

        My overall experience has been that Jews will do anything to make a profit but not allow their own people to engage/fall victim to that same behavior. Well eventually you run out of neighborhoods to hide in.

        For example interracial couples. It’s splattered all over American mass media and yet Jews don’t engage in it. Everyone knows Jews control media. Look how there is a Jewish character in most American TV shows and yet you make up such a small percentage of the population.

          hypnosifl says:

          Anti-semites like you always treat Jews as some sort of borg-like hivemind, trying to show “hypocrisy” by conflating the attitudes of more religious and less religious Jews. Hint: the Jews who have been big boosters of multiculturalism are the more secular and liberal ones, and they support multiculturalism to about the same extent as secular liberal non-Jews. The Jews who avoid interracial coupling are the more conservative, religious ones–secular Jews marry non-Jews at very high rates, this is something the religious like to complain about.

          Disparishun says:

          Well, no. That’s not your experience — that’s your spin. You sound a mite confused, Bruce!

        Movies are made to sell to 8th graders, that’s why they’re dumbed down. Money is the bottom line, if you want Art movies go to Cannes.

      Alex Renwaz says:

      Fuck that! This is my fucking home. My families been in America since the mid eighteen hundreds, has fought in all the wars, and has contributed an incredible amount to our economy. Let them bring it! They’ll be kicked out of here with their scumbag views as soon as they immigrate.

      hypnosifl says:

      Muslims in the US hold much more moderate views, statistically, then in Europe (perhaps partly because they are much less likely to be low-income in the US)–see this poll, for example. And given the rates of terrorism in Israel vs. the US, and the very low rate of anti-semitic violence in the US, I’d say that objectively the US is safer in terms of the risk of violence targeted at Jews simply because of their identity.

        silverbackV says:

        It is a function of density. As their % of the population increases, so will the threat. The religion of peace and love – – – – not!

          hypnosifl says:

          You don’t give any evidence to support the idea that extremism among Muslims tends to increase with the density of the Muslim population, I imagine that’s probably something you made up off the top of your head because it fits with your preexisting beliefs (since you made another comment here labeling all secular Jews as mere “pagans” and thus not really “Jews” at all, I would guess you are some sort of religious fundamentalist, so it’d be no surprise if you thought of argument in terms of “coming up with rationalizations to support things I already know in my gut are true” rather than looking at empirical evidence in an open-minded way). In fact Muslim extremism varies a great deal by country and culture, look at the high percentage of Muslims in Pakistan and Turkey who agree with the statement that suicide attacks on civilians can never be justied in this poll. And look at the increasing popularity of moderate preachers in Indonesia, and the fact that only 15% of people there would vote for Islamist candidates, as discussed in this article.

    giltedged says:

    The anti-Semitism in France isn’t caused by Frenchmen but by North Africans, what the BBC and even Jewish-owned media call “French Muslims”

gornisht says:

The miracle of the computer has made the world a much smaller place. And as a result, communication and it’s speed renders everyone as a potential victim. Once the message has been sent, the damage is done, and there is no retraction. Anti-semitism is more wide spread today than ever before.I think we can all thank the technology which makes this possible.

I would say, because of this communication explosion, migration of Jews to other countries is and will be, a given.

At least some people admit it isn’t the Gauls doing it.

Uninformed people tell me – on a regular basis – that Anti-Semitism is over. This story validates my belief that it is just quieter, not over.

    Not sure why anyone ever thought it was over or why they persist in calling it new anti-semitism. I think many people think it should have died in the Shoah, but it just went slightly underground for a bit.

    elie says:

    to be informed by uninformed people is like getting treated for a desease by a gardner!

richard-the-tiger-heart says:

Of course one can expect the French not to be kind to Jews. Just a few months ago they voted in the UN to recognize the Palestinian state as a UN sovereign NATION. Israel with NOT a single barrel of oil to buy influence in this money-crazy world we can expect more and more people, even traditional allies of Israel, to backstab Israel. Even CHRISTIAN (let alone closet Muslim) leaders of world-powers! But there is consolation yet for Tel Aviv. Apart from huge natural-gas deposits just off-shore the Israeli coast, the world (addicted to oil, as what Bush said) will soon wean itself away from Middle-east oil. Even before 2020!

France has done nothing to stop the anti-Jewish attitudes since Dreyfuss. I don’t know why any Jews are left in France, or Europe, for that matter. England, too, is full of ingrained hatred.

    ” I don’t know why any Jews are left in France, or Europe, for that matter”

    Maybe because you are wrong…

    ‘France has done nothing to stop the anti-Jewish attitudes…’

    You Jews have done nothing to stop boorish attitudes and prejudice from you lot that creates such anti-semitic feeling in the first place!

      Natan79 says:

      Maybe we should kill you jay kay. That’s what you filthy bastards did to us.

Annette Gendler says:

On my last visit to Tel Aviv in the summer of 2010, I noticed that all the “For Sale” signs downtown, especially in the Bauhaus district, were in Hebrew, English and French. Goes to show who’s buying.

    snessnyc says:

    My recollection is that it has been that way for a long time. While English is the current “universal” language around the world, French used to be the “universal” language and is still very, very widely spoken around the world. Nine times out of 10, when I travel in Israel if I encounter someone who doesn’t speak English (I speak very little Hebrew, sadly) we will be able to converse in French. And this is true pretty much throughout the world. It is no accident that “lingua franca” is the term that refers to the working language of wherever you are. So, I’m not so sure this is any proof of French emigres in Israel.

    At one time French was one of Israel’s official languages and it is still widely used around the world. And my experience is similar to snessnyc….I find more people who speak French when I travel than people who speak English.

    Ah, so if the signs are in English… it means all the Americans in Jerusalem are escaping the horrible antisemitism in America…France has the biggest jewish community in Europe. makes sense that there are more jews making alyah (in numbers) from France than from Ireland…

muslim antisemitism is ingrained in the islam, it is not coming only from failure to absorb arabs. anyway,muslim usually don’t want to assimilate.

Jews need to be hunted down and killed everywhere they infest on the planet. Jews led the Muslim invasion in Europe, and now the muzzies are hunting them down. Jews are parasitic vermin that deserve what happens to them!

    Natan79 says:

    Go screw your mother once more. Then come back, let the dog at his rightful place.

ralphie44 says:

lucky french

Pish Posh. The so-called ‘exodus’ is merely because of the 75% tax levied by the government in an effort to avert it’s bankrupcy. Aaah Jews, as ever playing the victims!

    Natan79 says:

    Yeah right, because it’s so good to be a Jew and attacked on the street. It’s easy to understand why you dismiss attackers. You’re one of the attackers.

Tziganka says:

Having lived in Paris and conducted research about the French Jewish community in 1975 (a time marked by the UN Resolution on Zionism that was finally repealed in ’91) I witnessed more than one riot break out at close range about this issue at the time. Violence towards Jews and supporters of Israel in France is not new. Cold blooded murder of Jewish citizens as demonstrated in Toulouse is. Bear in mind that a large percentage of France’s Jewish population today is composed of Sephardic Jews who largely came to France due to religious persecution in their home countries. Seven years ago on a trip back to Paris I was invited to meet a Sephardic family. The head of the family questioned me at great length about the climate for Jews in the U.S. as he was already committed to sending his children out of France. He mentioned that his father sent him to France from North Africa when the Jewish Exodus started there in response to the Oujda and Djeruda pogroms in the late 40’s. At the time I was stunned by his comments but now realize how prescient he was. France was the first European country to emancipate its Jews and this is significant given the current climate. This new wave of anti-Semitism in France (and throughout Europe) has been fueled by changing demographics with large Muslim communities springing up throughout Europe (and North America) with a much higher birth rate as documented in this Pew Research study:

Robert P. Kirby says:

New york has the great era of church and temple in which BETH AM temple is one who is celebrating its 50 years of completion come and join us here at new york to join us just Read more

Tell us Jane, are you this hostile at the Pakistanis trying to institute sharia law in their neighborhoods? Are you angry at Anjem Choudary and Islam4UK when they boo and insult British soldiers coming home from Afghanistan? Or do you just not like Jews.

Aviv says:

To all the European Jews here who are being persecuted or feel they need to apologize to the world for being Jewish, just to be respected: First, if you think that the Antisemitism in Europe now has anything to do with Israel and Zionism, you are most certainly wrong. The term “antisemitism” existed long before the creation of Israel, and excuses for hating Jews have taken various forms throughout history. If you think for a moment, that your European colleagues would respect you if you alienate yourselves from Israel, you are also wrong. If you think that you gain any respect by constantly apologizing for being Jewish, or by trying to “avoid troubles” or be quiet, you are very very wrong. The world persecutes the helpless, it always has. Israel is far from helpless, so your best bet would be to stick to it. Which brings me to the second thing – you are all very welcome here in Israel. We would welcome you warmly and it could soon be your home as much as it is ours. I got to know many Europeans who made “Aliah,” which was the best thing that ever happened to most of them. Only when you do finally arrive here, please leave that “Jewish apologetics” behind, the “helpless Jew” is something that is long gone from the Israeli culture.

A friend told me of Jews having to leave France because of violence. I did a simple google search and am horrified! Why isn’t this in the media more here in the US?! We should be putting pressure/shame on France to stop this or offer more protection. We need to move these people to the front of the line as far as immigration. I feel for these people probably not wanting to leave their home, but this sounds like a slow holocaust only not as organized. Never again!

We all know which religious ideology is responsible for brainwashing relatively newly arrived people in Europe to actively try to push our Jewish friends out of Europe – they don’t just want to stop with the Jews though…. they want us all dead.

This follows the exodus of the last Jews from Sweden, driven out by antisemitism that was covertly funded and encouraged by the growing Arab population there. France is likewise being quietly invaded and taken over by Arabs, which its government ignores to its peril.

I believe that World War Three will be fought between the Jihadists and the rest of the world.

Mariner33 says:

As Dennis Prager has said to many Jewish groups in the Western Hemisphere and beyond is this: historically, you have backed the wrong horse and then ridden the wrong horse to the detriment of societies you live in. He is referring to the reflexive response of Western secular Jews to undermine traditional Christianity, national uniqueness. capitalism, and promote extreme Socialism/Marxism, i.e., all of the intellectual detritus of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Post modernism, Post structuralism, and collectivism. The disastrous immigration policies of the West, the politicization of the West’s universities, the equivocation of Islamists and mainstream politics have all been affected with heavy Jewish influence. And don’t forget the power of labor union LEADERS to inveigh against what works economically.


Mariner33 says:

I’ll take the observations and comments of Melanie Phillips over any and all comments below of the state of English and French Jewry. Muslims have a PLAN to take over Europe, and it’s working. Most pathetic, socialist economies of Europe are needy for Middle Beast Oil Money in the form of contracts for civil construction, bank deposits and trade. Play nice, kiss our knuckles, and you too can have some of our business. The election of a rat socialist dhimmi in France came about by the Muslim immigration vote. Marxists and Progressives/Communists know that their future electoral success is dependent upon mass immigration of low intelligence, low skill, and alienated, non assimilative populations. It is all about power and Jews are an impediment to these corrupt and immoral sub humans.

You know Herbcaen, you’re probably right. The UK is over run with Jihadists, one is being paid for, with British taxes while his case is being defended by another ‘Flaming sword killing Muslim’. The Guardian you are absolutely right, a bunch of ‘left wing intellectuals with a guilt complex’. England bred Mosley, remember him and the charming silly Mitford Girls, one a mistress to Mosley I do believe. The Black Shirts in the East End terrified polish and Ashkenazi Jewry during WWII. So much so, some adopted Anglican! Then you have the National Front and so it goes on. Many of the reasons I no longer live there. Rabbi Sachs hangs in there, so far there have been no attacks on the Great Synagogue in Marble Arch to my knowledge. In St. John’s Wood there is a huge mosque another in South Kensington virtually opposite the ‘Brompton Oratory’ a well established Catholic Church. As for the French, what can one say, Saxon England’s oldest enemy, William 1066 set the standard, put their own female General ‘Joan d’Arc to burn as a witch, just handing her over to the English!

Oh israel, you have come a long way to make yourself known to the world against all odds. Most people in the world are so blind in mind to comprehend all these. Keep fighting the good fight because I’m so sure that he that created you and brought out from egypt and preserve you through the rough time in germany will never fail. I love you all.

benyayer joelle esther says:

hello shalom we can denie with some new population the agressions become bigger like inholland some people in connexion with terrorism group or drugs dealers agress robbe and kills

benyayer joelle esther says:

with an europa to many agressions antisemit in austria holland some the worst part is south of france where we got drugs dealers islamists nazi group and evangelistes all together sometimes with drugs trafic or robery i know this people they become a real problem for security of jewish communauty just like it start in nederland

TNS says:

A lot are coming to Montreal.

TeachESL says:

Going to London??? That’s like going from the frying pan into the pressure cooker! Not only are there the ‘immigrant’ (you know who I mean) community to be concerned about; but British society is becoming more and more anti-Semitic. It always has been but it was considered not respectable to admit it. Now, they don’t care. The only place they should be going to is Israel.

Isabella Adamowicz says:

Yes, you love your jihadists , English soldier beheadead in broad day light in the center of London! Why don’t you come after the your charming jihadists?

Be Ge says:

There needs to be a better term than ‘Antisemitic’. Jew-hating or something of the sort. It is pretty odd to read about ‘anti-semitic’ arabs in France, themselves being semitic, just like the Yehudim they are up against.

Natan79 says:

du-te la dracu, antisemit jegos

Michael Louis Weissman says:

It’s nothing short of a tragedy for France. Not that the Jews are so essential to a nation’s welfare, but because hatred of Jews rarely if ever stops with the Jews. Maybe thousands will celebrate when the last Jew leaves for Israel, America, or elsewhere. But then the French will face a problem with a significant segment of its population which hates the French, France, and all things French and that could be the end of a 15 century old culture that has given the world so much.

Muhammad Nawaz Naz says:

Without Jihad, Islam is not completed, Jihad is not timely but its a contineouse effort for spreading Islam in the world. after muses death jewdaism was fall down automatically, changed by the jews astrologers,denied the preachings of Muses and then Muhammad,poh. so, jews are world liars, cursed by Allah alongwith satan too.Both are proud but actually are nothing.

    Vivienne says:

    First of all I find your English a little difficult to follow. Islam’s Jihad will fail my friend. The reason it will fail is a) it is inherently Evil b) abusive to Christians, women and children as well as Jews c) Muhammad gathered many Desert Arabs into raiding parties from the Arab Peninsular and set about in the first Jihad to take over the then current world The Mediterranean Basin stretching from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Coast and later this became the Ottoman Empire d) today’s Islam is Wahhabi a new version or revised version of the Koran full of aggression and war.
    You condone slitting the throats of children, men and women who refuse to convert, you treat women as objects and Islam is very definitely a Satanic religion. I understand many Arab Muslims still believe Allah is favoured by the Moon or even a moon god? Well next year your Moon God is presenting five blood moons and on the 27th April the full moon will be escorted by the red planet Mars at its closer encounter to the earth appearing like a second full moon. The next appearance of this phenomena will be 2087.

I Think they be safe in Manhattan out of Europé!

Samir S. Halabi says:

There are so many internet-sites that are so full of Jew-hating, from denial of the ‘Shoah’ to calling Synagogues ‘The Synagogues of Satan’. Whether they are Islamic internet sites, or western internet sites, it makes no difference, they are full to the brim of so much hatred that it will now take decades or more to stop. Every site that is so disgustingly full of such vehement evil hatred against the Jewish people and ‘The state of Israel’ must be reported and closed down immediately.


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