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The Kabbalist and The ‘Birther’

A tale of two crazy Bergs

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Philip S. Berg is the head of the Kabbalah Centre, the organization responsible for turning the ancient strain of Jewish mysticism into a fad among celebrities and the people who emulate them. Philip J. Berg is perhaps the most prominent “birther,” who has been trying to convince the world (and the federal courts) that President Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya, and is therefore Constitutionally ineligible for the presidency. Confused? Our guide to the two Philip Bergs follows.

Kabbalah Berg: Feivel Gruberger
Birther Berg: Philip J. Berg (assuming his birth certificate is not a forgery)

Kabbalah Berg: Yes, although not all of his co-religionists would say so at this point.
Birther Berg: Yes, according to one interview (he’s also a “life-long member of the NAACP”).

Kabbalah Berg: Insurance salesman.
Birther Berg: Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

Kabbalah Berg: He claims to have a Ph.D, but it is not clear in what or from where.
Birther Berg: Was successfully sued for legal malpractice by former clients.

Kabbalah Berg: Has published several books, including Kabbalistic Astrology: And The Meaning of Our Lives; Astrology, the Star Connection: The Science of Judaic Astrology; and the presumably more mainstream Kabbalistic Astrology Made Easy.
Birther Berg: Authored a 237-page lawsuit accusing President Bush (actually, both Presidents Bush), Vice President Cheney, and 153 other defendants for playing a role in the 9/11 attacks, in violation of RICO. The case has been dismissed.

Kabbalah Berg: A red-string bracelet.
Birther Berg: A copy of Barry Soetoro’s fake birth certificate.

Kabbalah Berg: Believes in reincarnation.
Birther Berg:
Believes that thousands of hungry journalists, millions of opposing Republicans, and 300 million Americans have been fooled by an unusually savvy Kenyan man.

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Berg is in my liberal opinion a wackadoodle racist nut job

Kathy says:

Berg is, in my opinion a liberal wackadoodle racist nut job.

But, he did lay out a pretty good argument & exhibit list trying to injunct the nomination of Obama in favor of Hillary.


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The Kabbalist and The ‘Birther’

A tale of two crazy Bergs

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