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Daybreak: U.K. Reject U.S. Use of Bases for Iran

Plus ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Are Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

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Tizipi Livni(IndyNews)

• The Guardian is reporting, somewhat oddly, that British ministers have rebuffed a request by the United States to use its bases in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean as the stand-off with Iran builds. [Guardian]

• The spokesman from Golden Dawn, everyone’s favorite Green neo-Nazi party, read an incendiary passage aloud from ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in Greek Parliament earlier this week. [JTA]

• Not to be outdone: Naz Kahn, an officer in the British Respect Party led by George Galloway, has apologized after asking ‘what good have the Jews done?’ and remarking the schoolchildren were being brainwashed into thinking that Hitler ‘was a bad guy.’ [JC]

• Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich and former Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni are in discussions to run together at the head of one ticket in the upcoming Israeli elections [Ynet].

• Lena Dunham stars in a newly released video that urges youngins’ to cast their first votes for Barack Obama. Jewcy has the report. [Jewcy]

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PhillipNagle says:

Are our so called European allies good for anything? Is the only thing that NATO protects the European budgets of countries that refuse to provide for their own defense?

Beatrix17 says:

Europeans have been at war, mainly with each other, for 500 years. This ended in the 1940s, and they don’t want to fight more wars. They aren’t trying to be
powers any longer and they’re willing to get along with whatever
country wins the power struggle.

Beatrix17 says:

Most Europeans disliked the Nazis for killing 6 million Jews and to compensate us and their consciences, they took a small portion of the land that was once
Israel and gave it to the Jews to form a nation. The Jews were
actually no more important to them than the Hottentots, another group
almost extinguished by genocide.

Oddly, because of Arab intransigence (and Arab refusal to acknowledge history) Israel became
important and in doing so, made Jews (a group that’s actually
dwindling in size) more important.

Of course Europe regrets establishing Israel, but is too polite and civilized to say so.
Americans chose a left wing school teacher greatly influenced by the
1960s to lead us, and Israel’s lack of firm support from either Jews
or a great power makes her vulnerable. (Obama reassuringly armed the
Israelis to prevent her from attacking Iran before he’s reelected).

If Turkey and Iran make the Mideastern people powerful again, Israel will not survive. If we don’t get better leadership, America will survive as a has-been power.

    Moby837 says:

    Totally in agreement with you. It is amazing to me that Jews in general can’t see through this. Obama is indeed a danger to Israel, and to Jews all over the world as a consequence.

My congratulations to the UK for standing up to madness.

Obama is truly disliked in Europe, Obama has treated Poland, Czech, and British terribly.
The British have historically been our strongest ally in Europe. He has pushed them away with his administrations comments about the falcon islands. Then on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland, he announces that he is dropping a treaty with Poland and Czech Republic on missile defense.
The man’s foreign-policy is truly disaster.

    I totally think you’re an irrational demagogue in your remarks and further believe that you even realize you are remaking as such to full irrational effect.

      Moby837 says:

      yevka, I disagree. Hannah is not irrational at all. Obama is a dangerous “leader”. Another 4 years will indeed be tragic. To help you gain a balanced view, take the time to see 2016. It is revealing and excellent food for thought. But I suspect you and others will discard its conclusions as irrational demagoguery as well. That is also tragic, in my opinion.

Beatrix17 says:

Nobody expected an unimportant country like Israel to become so important. The Arabs
and other Mideastern peoples were angry, because having finally
gotten rid of the pesky colonists, the colonists, through the UN they
controlled,, installed a country that they created—Israel.

Getting rid of Israel became a symbol of getting rid of the final
colonial footprint in the Mideast. That’s why Mideasterners say that
the Jews who have been in the Mideast for 4,000 years have no right
to be there, and why they accuse Israel of all the sins of the
West—Nazism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, colonialism.

Because using these words pushes the left’s buttons, the left supports the
Arabs and their allies.

    Moby837 says:

    This is also Obama’s view of the world – eliminate the last vestiges of colonialism. The unfortunate thing is that this desire, which has become unspoken policy, further isolates Israel as Obama cow-tows to the 700 million. If BHO is reelected, Israel will indeed be on its own. That is a tragic outcome. Another most unfortunate thing is that most US Jews either don’t care or have been bamboozled and will vote for BHO anyway. This is a whole lot more serious than anyone thinks.


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Daybreak: U.K. Reject U.S. Use of Bases for Iran

Plus ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Are Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

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