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Today in Anti-Semitism: A $25 Minimum

A Brooklyn restaurant accused of anti-Semitism

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River Café(DN Journal)

The River Café in the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn–that’s Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass if you haven’t come to know the comical jargon of south Brooklyn real estate–has come under fire for allegedly setting a $25 per-person minimum specifically for its Jewish patrons.

Unnamed current and former employees of Brooklyn’s River Café claim the restaurant actively discriminates against “Jews wearing yarmulkes or any sort of religious hat” by telling them there is a per-person minimum that does not in fact apply to other diners.

It gets worse. The employees assert that there were hand-written notes written in the restaurant’s reservation book instructing employees to do so. (There are photos of the supposed scribbling too.) What’s particularly shocking about this story is that this reportedly took place in a massively visible, chic Brooklyn spot.

Acting on the tip, the Post tested them out:

On Thursday evening, The Post sent a Jewish couple to the bar. The husband, wearing a yarmulke, and the wife, dressed in a simple long skirt, were told the bar was full.

They were told they could sit on the empty terrace and pay a $25-per- person minimum.

Five minutes later, two Post reporters, wearing no religious garb, were seated on the terrace and were not required to pay a minimum. The bill for a coffee and a gin-and-tonic totaled $18.51.

River Café Accused of Anti-Semitism, Also Wary of Sweatpants
DUMBO Restaurant The River Café Discriminates Against Jews: Workers [NYP]

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Cool_Romeo says:

It’s discrimination against observant Jews, so nobody will care.

herbcaen says:

Jews shouldnt go to this restaurant. Its treif on a number of levels

Section 2000a of Title 42, Chapter 21 of the U.S. Code (42 USC 21) prohibits discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation. Under this provision, all persons are entitled to full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation without any discrimination or segregation based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Looks to me like a four-alarm call for a lawyer.

Tablet should throw it’s next party there.

Hyman Rosen says:

It’s discrimination against mitzvah daters who come in and just order water and take up valuable table space. At restaurants like this it’s almost impossible not to go over $25 per person unless you’re just not ordering anything. People who do that are committing gneivat da’at.

Why would observant Jews go to a treif restaurant in New York when there are many kosher options???

That seems odd,
considering the owners are a married Jewish couple, one of whom is a
concentration camp survivor.

    Really? Is that true? then someone( on Tablet needs to do some investigating)…there is something treif about this whole story!

Omg somebody sue this rediculous restaurant. I hope they go bankrupt. It’s okay to kick people out if they’re just hanging out and not ordering anything. It’s not okay to act like Nazis.


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Today in Anti-Semitism: A $25 Minimum

A Brooklyn restaurant accused of anti-Semitism

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