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Daybreak: Explosion at Jewish Center in Sweden

New poll shows economy top issue for Jewish voters, strong Obama support

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Jewish Center in Malmo(AFP)

• In Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, an explosion rocked a Jewish Community Center early Friday morning. No injuries were reported and two suspects were arrested. Malmo has endured a number of anti-Semitic attacks in recent years. [Times of Israel]

• Germany’s Justice Ministry has drafted a bill to ensure that circumcision remains a legal and protected. The bill’s passage, however, is far from certain. [Forward]

• A new poll released by the AJC shows that the number one issue for American Jewish voters is the economy, registering over 61%. 65% of Jewish voters responded that they plan to voter for President Obama. [AJC]

• Publishing house W.W. Norton has purchased the rights to the biography of Philip Roth, to be written by Blake Bailey. Bailey will have unprecedented access to Roth’s archives. [AP]

• News that Wayne Firestone, Hillel’s CEO and President, will be stepping down from his post has raised questions about the future of the campus organization. [Jewish Week]

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PhillipNagle says:

If your number one concern is the economy you would have to be a fool to vote for Obama, whose economic policies have been a disaster. If your numer one concern is Israel you would have to be a fool to vote for Obama, the most anti Israel president in history. If you are the ultra liberal AJC and your numer one concern is maintaining your political influence you would sell out the Jewish people and support Obama.

    Have you ever actually bothered to look at what has happened with the economy? Do you know about the free fall that existed when Obama took office? Do you know that Romney has actually put out a bunch of blather with no actual concept of what to do with the economy?

      PhillipNagle says:

      Yes I know what happened to the economy. I also know that Obama squandered almost a billion dollars on a stimulus program that had more to do with helping state and local bureaucrats than the economy. I also know he squandered hundreds of billions on a “green” industry program directed ar his campaign supporters. I also know he initiated unneeded regulations that stifled the economy but gave jobs to his supporters. Economically the man has been a disaster to the economy but a boon to his supporters.

Any pro-Israel Jew as Israel as a high priority must vote for Romney. Based on Obama’s record for the past 3 1/2 years, it’s an easy decision to vote for Romney.

    Why? Romney has given the same lip service that every other candidate has given. Also, no Jew with 1/2 a brain wouldn’t vote for the empty suit that is Mitt Romney.

a great facebook page detailing all of Obamas negative actions against Israel, share and like the page, send it to your friends:

Franseen2day says:

What is it that Jews are not understanding? I left the USA. One of my major reasons to leave is that I believe that in the not so distant future the USA will not be a good place for Jews. My reason, am not looking or needing any agreement. It continues to frighten me to see Obama ignoring the “checks and balances” that are built into the government. He continues to ignore the Constitution. Y’all better keep a watch out so you dont loose basic freedoms(freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom of religion-for everyone not just Muslims!) I am in Israel. Perfect? No, but I have great health care and am considered to be an asset to Israel. believe it or not, I feel safer than than I did anywhere in the USA, and I have been in all the lower 48 states.
Sukkot starts tomorrow night, y’all get those sukkas up.

I am amazed at the bizarre responses in this thread. Have you all forgotten that Republican policies brought down the economy?

It was Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy that ran up the deficit, not the Obama stimulus. It was financial deregulation that led to near economic collapse. And contrary to Fox News, the stimulus wasn’t a failure. It was too small, but it did have an impact. Just ask people in Ohio and Michigan.

The real failure has been austerity. Just ask the Europeans. Now Romney and Ryan want us to believe that everything that has failed is the solution to our problems!!

But most of all, aren’t you aware that a significant number of Republicans like Rick Santorum think that the US should be or is a Christian theocracy? Granted they are not a majority, but there are enough of them to scare me. And they should scare all Jews.


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Daybreak: Explosion at Jewish Center in Sweden

New poll shows economy top issue for Jewish voters, strong Obama support

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