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Study: Different Jews Are Genetically Alike

Actually, it’s a pretty interesting study

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While it’s easy to be flip about studies on the similarities of Jews in far-flung places, a study recently released by a consortium of colleges in the United States, Israel, France, and Spain, did yield some interesting results:

It turns out that Syrian Jews have more genetic commonality with Ashkenazi (European) Jews than with other oriental Jews (Jews from Asian and African lands).

Also, Yemenite Jews, who have long been thought to have lived in isolation, apparently have genetic connections with people from neighboring states.

Jews of North African origins have greater genetic affinity with Ashkenazi Jews that with non-Jewish residents from North African countries.

What’s most interesting is the data about the North African Jews, which reveals a fissure between two communities, one that escaped Spain and Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition to settle in North Africa and another that dates back over 2,000 years.

The genetic findings corroborate historical accounts of the history of Jews from North African areas. Jewish migrants were apparently among the first people who established the western settlements of North Africa more than 2,000 years ago. Together with Phoenician merchants, they established the historic city of Carthage, today’s Tunis. The most venerable genetic traces uncovered in the study of North African Jews reinforce historical accounts of Jewish settlement under the Ptolemy dynasty in Egypt, in the year 300 BCE.

But ultimately, it seems we all came from the Middle East. And as Moby brays, we are all made of stars.

International genetic study traces Jewish roots to ancient Middle East [Haaretz]

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Royq says:

Moby who? Joni Mitchell.

Leslie78 says:

Joni Mitchell who? Carl Sagan.

PhillipNagle says:

It contradicts a lot of the anti-Semitic and anti Israel propaganda that tried to seperate today’s Jews from those of biblical times.

Only those who have a political axe to grind deny that Jews did not originate in ancient Judea.

Their denial is kindred to Holocaust denial.

Everything about jewish history is contested by antisemites whose aim is the obliteration of Jews, their history, their very memory.

It will happen to Ame rican Jews also; they too will be denied.

patrickirish says:

Please try to keep to the facts. Jews left Spain because they were given a choice of conversion or leaving, as were the Moors, by the Christians who had reconquered what had been taken from them previously.
By the standard of the times this was generous behavior. The Inquisition was, in part, to root out those who claimed to be Christian, but continued to practice as Jews – regarded by those who took their religion seriously as an abomination. If you throw your lot in with one set of conquerors you will not be treated in as friendly a manner as you may wish for when circumstances change. This is one lesson of history.

What about the Early American Jews from the Book of Mormons?

Altratruth says:

If Jews are one people, then the Chinese and the Spanish are the same people, the have similar skin color (i.e. genetic similarities.) Bingo


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Study: Different Jews Are Genetically Alike

Actually, it’s a pretty interesting study

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