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Reason #8675309 Why I’ll Never Join JDate

Get your Kleenex ready, nerds!

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There are no words for this.

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why you’ll NEVER join Jdate? Seems to me this is a sweet couple who wouldn’t have found each other IF NOT FOR Jdate. In fact, I met my wife there.

AriShavit says:

If Tablet’s new plan is to make fun of nerdy jews, it’s going to get awfully lonely around here.

    Time for another DDoS!

    Seriously, this actually is kind of vaguely relevant to Tablet–a lot of the nerd stereotypes were actually refurbished antisemitic stereotypes that got relabeled when antisemitism became uncool. (Remember how nerds were always portrayed with dark hair prior to Asian immigration in the 80s?) And there’s the whole bit about how Jews are supposed to suck at sports. Not to mention the effects of Jews on nerd culture–comic books in particular. (The whole Magneto-as-a-Holocaust-survivor subplot actually added a sense of grandeur and humanity to a supervillain.)

you won’t join, but prominantly displaying the logo/link…. that’s a whole other matter

Afrayedknot says:

His proposal isn’t my cup of tea, but so what? He ‘s clearly in love with her, put a lot of effort into a unique proposal, and she said yes. Good for them!

But you’re right, they should never have used jdate to find each other and should have remained single, lonely, and bitter … just like you.

What the hell is going on at Tablet these days? Couldn’t you simply have called this story something sweet and pleasant? I’m still pissed about that Breslaw POS. And why must Tablet take a stand on fur? Is that a particularly Jewish topic? And these stories are just in the last few days.

    I think for some reason the readership is considerably more conservative than the writers. Not sure why.

    There’s a market for a right-wing Jewish paper/blog that isn’t Commentary, I think. Have you seen ‘Citizens’, the right-wing Russian-Jewish site? Lousy editing. I’m sure there’s some clever young NYC Jew who could help them out…

surfer_dad says:

Reason #8675310 Why I’ll Never Read Another Article by Adam Chandler
Get Your Bung Ready, You’re About to Get Reamed

F U you piece of crp!
F U and your “I hate being associated with these folks.”
F U and your psychotic need to turn something SO sweet into something wrong (even if I would NEVER EVER do this).
F U for thinking that “us poor nerds” need you to validate us.
F U and your kind – we are all 1 tribe and you just told ALL of us you hate us.
F U!!


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Reason #8675309 Why I’ll Never Join JDate

Get your Kleenex ready, nerds!

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