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The Jewish Question Is Still Burning Up The Internet

What is the fuzz all about?

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“I am a single and low educated mother, but at least I don't do drugs and prostitution." (@Sweden Twitter)

Sooner or later, it will come back to the Jews.

Sweden’s mostly-awesome experiment of having a different ordinary citizen tweet weekly from their official @Sweden account went a bit off the rails today. Perhaps Sonja, 27-year-old mother of two, saw how well it worked for Henry Blodget. Perhaps she genuinely did wonder, “Whats the fuzz with jews. You can’t even see if a person is a jew, unless you see their penises, and even if you do, you can’t be sure!?” After all, she did ask a co-worker “what a jew is. He was “part jew”, whatever that means. [Note: More on what that might mean] He’s like ‘uuuuh… jews are.. uh.. well educated..?'”

The advertising exec in charge of the experiment told The Times that the guidelines for tweeting as @Sweden are loose: “I tell them, ‘Please, do this with some dignity — remember that this is an official channel and there are a lot of people reading this, so don’t make a fool of yourself.’ It’s only a soft suggestion.” Soft indeed, and so far masturbation has been fair game. So why not the eternal question of anti-Semitism?

A Swedish tourism official is unfazed, per the Journal.  “How else are you going to show the multi-faceted people that Sweden is composed of?” Indeed. Particularly when some of those multi-faceted people do, in fact, have their own answers to Sonja’s question. Credit to Swedish brass for not whitewashing.

Sweden Stands By Twitter Strategy Despite Controversy [WSJ]
Swedes’ Twitter Voice: Anyone, Saying (Blush) Almost Anything [NYT]
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Royq says:

Can’t we get Sonja on Birthright?

I am not offended by anything she wrote though. I actually think they are clear real questions that should be out there and answered. She is curious.

Jacob Arnon says:

She seems obsessed with Jews. This is sometimes called antisemitism. 

    I don’t think she is obsessed, she is just reacting to the responses she
    got from some overly sensitive people. Antisemitism means you dislike Jews and she does not appear to be saying that she does. Mainly she seems confused that she encounters people who are genuinely antisemitic.

She is single and not well educated, but at least she doesn’t do drugs or prostitution?  Seems like a very low bar to me.  

If this is who they provide with an opportunity to communicate as, essentially, a mouthpiece for the government, they really have problems.  

Maybe Sweden needs to take a new look at their society and correct some mistakes.

    Mr. Shapiro, an allegation that Sonja isn’t well educated is fairly serious. Now, I’m not in any position to challenge your assessment, as I know zero about her outside the random atoms of info in the story. I am curious to your source.

yevka says:

Royq, dear god, Birthright is a bloody embarrassment and disgrace.

melanie77 says:

acting as a collective (aipac and the hundred other jewish organizations funded and coordinated with 5 million american jews) to further jewish interests at the expense of their host country is the one and only reason for anti jewish sentiment

melanie77 says:

why not just google ”  german anti jewish sentiment weimar republic”   or is the real reason germans fought back against the jews TABOO

    Please take your reality pills see the truth

    “fought back”?
    The Germans attacked German citizens who happened to be Jewish, Gypsies, gays or Catholics. They wanted to blame anybody but themselves for the problems they were having after having lost world war one.

      melanie77 says:

      Sorry that myth died a long time ago,Jews were treasonous filth, who destroyed Germany from within, acting as a collective to further Jewish interests at the expense of Germany, just google ” Jews destroy Germany from within post ww1″. Just as Jews in America coordinate with the Jewish lobby to channel 5 million Jewish campaign donors wealth to candidates deemed ” best for Israel” can’t wait til Jews finally achieve their goal of forcing America to attack Iran for Israel and our economy is destroyed and 10,000 bodybags come home from Iran, then Jews can explain how they are innocents being persecuted for no reason as they are rounded up like dogs, Jews always push a country to far

Are all jews this serious?

Not being able to see past a tweet from a 27 y/o single mother from Sweden, who by the way, is a NOBODY?

This “everybody is an anti-semite for asking suggestive questions” is starting to annoy everyone, really.

I know some jewish people hate it when they feel dissociated from white people, but cmon enough already.

Are all jews this serious?

Not being able to see past a tweet from a 27 y/o single mother from Sweden, who by the way, is a NOBODY?

This “everybody is an anti-semite for asking suggestive questions” is starting to annoy everyone, really.

I know some jewish people hate it when they feel dissociated from white people, but cmon enough already.

philipmann says:


  Sounds like a line I remember from Golden Girls,I think . One of them talks about parenting,and says ` if he `s not in jail,and hasn`t burned down any villages, than I did my job as a parent.`

 Melanie ,I really should bother with this ,but anyway.  Jews fought died,and were decorated in Kaiser Bill`s army,in WWI. you do  believe that happened,no ?

   Hitler, that emblem of evil,chased out all the Jewish scientists. So, they went to the USA and staffed the Manhattan project. One member of the American military said ` Our Germans beat their Germans .`

The ignorance indicated by her comments is just sad.   Her tone though is naif and innocent. You have over 20 million Moslems in Europe and maybe 1 million Jews.   People never meet a Jew and only hear anti-Israel propaganda so the product is this kind of ignorance.  This ignorance is a vacuum that serves the purpose of people who are hostile to Israel.  In it are sown the seeds of hatred and antisemitism that is currently leading many Jews to leave Europe.  The Swedish city of Malmo, where Jews are not safe is one example of this trend.

I don’t see what the big deal is. She expressed a desire to understand more about Jews and she was unable to get an answer that made sense. She does not sound antisemitic to me.

Here are the simple answers, but they take more than the few characters twitter allows.

Judaism is a religion. A Jew is a believer of Judaism. Judaism is considered the oldest of the monotheistic (one God) religions. Because traditionally the Jews lived apart from other groups (sometimes by choice, sometimes not) there are certain groups of Jews that share genetic commonalities. Traditionally, your mother had to be Jewish in order fro you to be recognized as Jewish, otherwise you need to go through a process of conversion which takes a great deal of time and effort. Unlike many religions, Jews do not try to recruit others into their religion.

Race is an artificial construct used to excuse/justify bad behavior towards another group of people. We are all human.

People hate people of different groups for many reasons. Often they are blamed for the problems a person is experiencing rather than that person accepting responsibility for their own issues. Leaders blame the Jews for the problems so that they would not be held account for their own failures.

Religions demonize Jews, in part, because as a group they tend to be more successful and its hard for to say how great you are because of your beliefs when another group is doing just fine without believing them.

Because the Jewish faith values education, believers of Judaism tend to get educated at a higher percentage than other groups. Education is good way to get more successful.

The reason why Jewish doctors/lawyers/accountant have such good reputations is that because only the absolute best were able to get past the barriers that various societies used to put in place to prevent them from succeeding, while still pretending to be egalitarian.

The reason why there used to be so many Jews in finance and acting is that at one time those professions were considered with great disdain and politics, the clergy, and the military were paths generally barred to Jews. Money was considered “dirty” by the ruling classes, but “somebody” had to handle it.

As times changed and economics came to the fore, those in the merchant classes were able to gain some power and influence since the ruling classes had to borrow money to keep their governments running. Still, occasionally they would purge their societies of Jews and steal their possessions. Of course without the skills provided by these people, the societies often failed.

I hope this helps.

    melanie77 says:

    Jewish tribal nepotism is how Jews gain a foothold in industries, Jews hire Jews, the collective Jewish I.q. In Israel is 104 behind Italy,brazil,Argentina,chile and a host of other countries, Jewish Nobel prize winners result from the same scheming Jews nominating other Jews while other nominate based on merit, read”the Jewish Nobel committee bias” it totally exposes yet another Jewish myth, if Jews were forced to act on their merits as individuals they would be sweeping the streets like other third world minorities, all Jewish history is nothing more than self serving myths reinforced by Jewish Hollywood and media,

melanie77 says:

Simple inquiry into the harm caused to Germans by Jews post ww1 explains why Germans fought back, can’t hide the truth through media controll anymore,the Internet has exposed the conniving jew

Dear Sonja I am living in Pakistan and am a Liberal Muslam I don’t hate anybody on the bases of religion.I love all human being living on this planet.

Kinda funny that the worlds largest jewish fraternity removes a gentile from their alumni mailing list just because my chapter accepted so many of us filthy goyim, and yet here I am reading that Jews at large have no idea where to point the finger for the “rest of the word’s ignorance” concerning Judaism. How about concerning Islam? Would you really feel more welcome or integrated if you were regularly attending services at a US mosque, compared to a US synagogue? How about ignorance towards Christianity, even from its own practitioners here in the Bible Belt? I have friends that can point to any person in a room and confidently rattle off “jew, jew, not-a-jew, not them either, those three are” etc, but I’m not much better than a randomized picker if I were to even bother. Myself, I don’t bother.

So if alot of Jews really perceive a lack of cultural awareness, maybe they are right. Maybe start making good information accessible to the ignorant masses (read: force it against them like an agenda, or pride parades, or some other embarrassing movement).
Or, do it the correct way, by generating interest towards ridiculous and outdated stereotypes – then smashing those stereotypes right before our eyes.
Or just stay happy to be generally just left the hell alone by most people who don’t share your heritage, (compared to what Jews faced in the past, and what other peoples are now suffering today). It’s totally up to you. I say, integrate.


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The Jewish Question Is Still Burning Up The Internet

What is the fuzz all about?

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