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A Biden Shows Up in ‘Huppah Dreams’

The special vice-presidential edition of our wedding of the week

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Ashley Biden and Howard Krein.(Joy Moody/NYT)

Each Monday, we choose the most interestingly Jewish announcement from that Sunday’s New York Times Weddings/Celebrations section. There are a few compelling possibilities this week, but whom are we kidding? It’s obviously that of Ashley Biden and Howard Krein, married Saturday in a Catholic and Jewish ceremony. The bride is a social worker, the groom is an otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon from New Jersey. (“You see my son there, the one marrying the vice president’s daughter? He’s a doctor.”) The father of the bride joins Al Gore as a vice president whose daughter married a Jew (although Karenna Gore Schiff and Andrew Newman Schiff, a descendant of Jacob, have since divorced). We have yet to have a Jewish First or Second Lady—the closest was Kitty Dukakis. Which means it’s Ashley Biden’s turn to make this right. (Or Chelsea Clinton’s.) Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Ashley Biden and Howard Krein [NYT]

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Afrayedknot says:

How could Ashley Biden rectify the lack of Jewish first or second lady?  Given that they had a Catholic-Jewish ceremony, she clearly still identifies as Catholic, so she couldn’t be a Jewish first or second lady.  Unless you meant for her to be Pres. or VP, in which case her husband would be first…man? husband? 

Natan79 says:

Dear Tablet, 

Please fire Marc Tracy. This man has written in Tablet only garbage gossip worthy of glossy magazines – supermodels, gossip, etc. As Afrayedknot has pointed, the complete lack of logic of plain stupidity in Tracy’s short post is apparent in more than two places. 

Is hiring Marc Tracy part of some kind of affirmative action for hiring more idiots?

I understand pluralism, liberalism, etc. But this total normalisation of intermarriage still makes me uneasy. If you think it’s newsworthy then go ahead and report it but I’m not sure that it should be embraced with such enthusiasm as the last line suggests.

jmm64 says:

   With more and more assimilation among the non-Orthodox, the trend is not difficult to predict of American Jews: more and more Orthodox Jews since they retain most of their children, have a high birth rate, and have a low assimilation/intermarriage rate; fewer and fewer Reform and Conservative Jews since there is a low birth rate among their members and a high assimilation/intermarriage rate which leads in most cases to less affiliation with Judaism among most of the children born from the intermarriage who choose not to identify with Judaism at all, and there will be a de facto merger between Reform and Conservative Judaism since there are few theological differences between the two movements; and more and more unaffiliated Jews who have no connection to, or interest in, Judaism or Israel and they will be known as ” Americans with Jewish heritage ” .  The non-Orthodox American Jews are shrinking drastically and they will continue to shrink. The ” assimilation genie ” has been out of the bottle for decades and it cannot be put back into the bottle despite the latest Jewish Community’s programs which, in good-faith, try to do so.

emunadate says:

Who is responsible for Howard Krein intermarrying?

CygnusA81 says:

What can I say, Marc’s ‘celebration’ of this event only proves that Israel was right for posting this ad toward ex-pat Israelis.

Mazel Tov for what?  Volunteering to be the last Jew in a family of Jews that goes back for a thousand years?  For being  responsible for betraying the dreams and prayers of those that came before him? Pfeh!


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A Biden Shows Up in ‘Huppah Dreams’

The special vice-presidential edition of our wedding of the week

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