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‘Why Do Some People Hate Jews?’

A handy flowchart to explain why you are anti-Semitic, if indeed you are

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Henry Blodget asks the question. But the answer isn’t so simple: there are many delightfully different reasons to hate the Jews.

Consider this in-house pickled organic flowchart a guide for the perplexed.

Why Do Some People Hate Jews? [Business Insider]

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Jacob Arnon says:

“But the answer isn’t so simple: there are many delightfully different reasons to hate the Jews.”
There is no  reason to hate “the Jews” because there is no such thing as “the Jews.”

There are many individual Jews and there are also many kinds of Jews who belong to different types of Jewish organziations. 

    Tell that to Adolf…

    ThorsProvoni says:

    How many Jews hate the Muslims, the Arabs, the Palestinians or the goyim?

      mahatmacoatmabag says:

      Thorskin – you mispelt a word – FOOLISTINE not Palestine

      Simon Salosny says:

      Can anyone explain the lies and cruelty exhibited by the mostly Jewish owned and/or controlled mass media in the case of the now destroyed Libya and same style attack on Syria? Or Soros´ backing of Obama´s criminal behaviour, who is playing the whole Mid East into the Islamic Brotherhood´s and AlQuada hands?  What should happen if these terrorits organizations achieve control of all of the Mid East?  Destruction of Israel, that´s no secret.   Another problñem that these guys and Bloomberg have caused, is to successfully brainwash the US Jews, so they are once again going to vote for the Muslim friend of the Brotherhood, Obama.  Who is fanning the hatred towards Israel?

        james moss says:

        the U.S. congress is occupied territory and the US can’t even veto settlement construction in the OPT and this guy want’s to tell us that the Jews are not responsible for the own growing isolation and hatred in the world, this is why they always end up being suprised when the goyim rise up and take back what is theirs, when the Palestinian Arabs get their shit together and fully explain to the world what has really been happening to them over the last hundred years or so, world wide Jewry is in deep doo-doo, and if you think for a second that the dismantling of all of these neighboring Muslim countries is an accident or that Israel isn’t somehow involved please read Oded Yinon’s 
        A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

        here is a link for the lazy 

      Oudtshoorn says:

      I don’t know, ThorsProvoni, but am sure you will tell me.   I am interested to know where you acquired your remarkably ridiculous education, and also why you’ve chosen to expend your valuable time on “contributing” to a Jewish magazine.   Your contribution is pure hatred, and the world would prefer to live without it.

      james moss says:

      that is the answer to the question………………….check out my blog for some jewish insight into the matter 

      please follow me i will give more information in the future

dansblog says:

Nobody needs a reason to hate anybody–hatred for “the other” is universal, ubiquitous and probably largely genetically programmed.  Hatred of Jews is unusually widespread because Jews are more scattered (c.f., Roma), unusually virulent because Jews are conspicuously successful (c.f., overseas Chinese) and religiously distinct (c.f., religious minorities just about everywhere), and unusually violent because Jews, being stateless until recently, have historically been particularly physically vulnerable (c.f., Roma).  But these are mere intensifiers–given the universality and ubiquity of hatred, anti-Semitism ought to be a mystery to no one.   

Apart from the religious bit, which has declined in recent years (thanks JP2–I’ll bring you some kugel when I get up there), I’ve seen a few reasons:

1. On the right, Jewish exclusive association with the Left has got to be hurting things. While this might have made sense in Weimar Germany when every group right of the DDP was actively anti-Semitic (and look what happened anyway!), the current state of affairs with Jews pouring money into the Democratic Party has got to increase anti-Semitism on the Right. Additionally, Jewish participation in Communism didn’t help matters either–there was relatively little anti-Semitism in Hungary until Bela Kun and his clique came in.

2. A lot of the anti-Semitic blogs I read seem to blame Jews for colluding with Big Business to flood the country with Mexicans and exterminate the white race. And, of course, being right-wingers, they can’t blame Big Business for wanting cheap labor. I think diminishing our support for unlimited immigration might be wise. I know a lot of people have memories of the doors being shut in the 1930s, but I’m not sure that’s relevant now.

3. On the left, you seem to see more distaste for Israel than racial antisemitism. To be honest, Israel’s increasingly right-wing policies are part of the problem. They’re stuck in a no-win situation, of course, with people who want to kill them surrounding them and constantly increasing in numbers, but the sort of tactics you have to employ to keep a subject population in line increasingly enrage the Left in most Western countries.

4. Muslims are, of course, annoyed at the Palestinian issue. I think we’re not going to get anywhere there unless we give up Israel, which would be suicidal. But dismantling the settlements and going for a two-state solution with a very, very high wall would be my preference.

    Jacob Arnon says:

    “On the left, you seem to see more distaste for Israel than racial antisemitism. To be honest, Israel’s increasingly right-wing policies are part of the problem.”

    Null, this is nonsense. 

    Nothing Jews do as a community or as individuals condones Jew hatred. 

    The left has always hated Jews as “wealthy businessman.” (In Communist countries Jews were persecuted)   After the Holocaust they toned such hatred down. Now it is full swing again.

    To blame the policies of a small country for hatred of people who live thousands of miles away is absurd. It’s also dangerous.

    If Muslims are going to hold Jews collectively responsible for the acts of a few Jews then they will have no cause to complain when they themselves are blamed for the policy of some Islamist who murder non Muslims. 

    What goes around comes around. 

    Butseriously says:

    Those who call a 3-state as a 2-state, and Muslims as Palestinians – are promoting non-confusing genocide. Serial two states in the same tiny land = 100% genocide; re-transferring the name held by Jews for 2000 years on to those hell bent on another holocaust is also genocide. Try it on yourselves some time.

    “IT WILL BE A HISTORIC COMPROMISE TO GRANT TWO STATES IN PALESTINE – ONE FOR THE JEWS AND ONE FOR THE ARABS” – Churchill, when Jordan was created on 80% of the land allocated for ONE ONLY JEWISH STATE – and all Christians played dumb blonde of it.

    That act by Britain was itself the greatest Post-W.W.II crime. Consider what it says of those now demanding more of the same with mind boggling impunity and immunity. It makes the Nazis more honest.

Agriensis Huliganthropus says:

Benjamin Freedman 1961 speech The Truth ~ The whole Truth ~ and Nothing but the 

I had a good chuckle at the “Theological Oedipal Complex”

    ThorsProvoni says:

    Ignorant Jews often claim that somehow Rabbinic (and I guess Karaite) Judaism are “older” or “ancestral” to Christianity and Islam, but anyone that actually studies the issue without eyes blinkered by Jewish bigotry or prejudice quickly realizes that there is much more continuity between elite 2nd Temple Judaism and Greek Orthodox or Syrian Christianity than between elite 2nd Temple Judaism and Medieval Rabbinic or Karaite Judaism.

    Likewise popular 2nd Temple Judaism has much more continuity with Islam than with Rabbinic or Karaite Judaism.

    Rabbinic and Karaite Judaism are basically late mutations that only crystallized in the 10th century thanks to the efforts of Saadyah Gaon, his colleagues, and their opponents as well as to the funding of Slavo-Turkic convert slavers, who needed a legal system to serve as a Universal Commercial Code for the slave trade and related areas of economic endeavor.

    The following article discusses the issue of using Jewish or Judean to refer to populations in antiquity.

    I have a slightly different approach. In the classic period Judean should be used for Greek and Aramaic/Hebrew-speaking populations that practice some form of Judaism within Palestine while communities that live outside of Palestine and that practice some form of Judaism should be termed Judaic populations.

    Modern Rabbinic and Karaite Jewish populations are descendants of these latter populations and have no more ancestral connection to Palestine than modern Christians do.

    Thus Jewish Zionist settler-colonists in Stolen or Occupied Palestine constitute a vile criminal conglomeration of racist, murderous, genocidal invaders, interlopers, and thieves. 

    All decent people naturally hate Jewish Zionist settler-colonists as well as the International Jewish Zionists that identify with the settler-colonist scum.

      “Thus “.   

      I get stuck on “Thus.”  It’s an interesting moment in the argument, where reasonable propositions about which reasonable people may disagree, are seen by the author to justify a vile racist diatribe.   A and B and C… “Thus”…. Z.     

      Really?  Does Z follow from A, B and C?

      This is telling too:  “decent people” is followed, immediately and without pause, by the words “naturally hate.”    

      “All decent people naturally hate ….”

      See, where I come from hate is never natural.  Where I come from no decent people naturally hate.   Hate is more like something you learn from people who use the word “Thus” to leap from debatable interpretations of historical ethnography and politics to the purest forms of hatred.  Psychopathology is  interesting.    

      I’m reminded of another famous “Thus”, one that appears in translation to be sure, but that occupies a certain place in English literature and 20th century culture.   “Thus Spoke Zarathustra….”   Zarathustra was, for Nietzsche, he who turns conventional morality, biblical and otherwise, on its head, conceives of the ubermensch as an ideal, and who marvelously prefigures mid-twentieth century German self conceptions of themselves as a new and marvelous moral force.   Yes indeed.   “Thus” spake ThorsProvoni.

      “Thus “.   

      I get stuck on “Thus.”  It’s an interesting moment in the argument, where reasonable propositions about which reasonable people may disagree, are seen by the author to justify a vile racist diatribe.   A and B and C… “Thus”…. Z.     

      Really?  Does Z follow from A, B and C?

      This is telling too:  “decent people” is followed, immediately and without pause, by the words “naturally hate.”    

      “All decent people naturally hate ….”

      See, where I come from hate is never natural.  Where I come from no decent people naturally hate.   Hate is more like something you learn from people who use the word “Thus” to leap from debatable interpretations of historical ethnography and politics to the purest forms of hatred.  Psychopathology is  interesting.    

      I’m reminded of another famous “Thus”, one that appears in translation to be sure, but that occupies a certain place in English literature and 20th century culture.   “Thus Spoke Zarathustra….”   Zarathustra was, for Nietzsche, he who turns conventional morality, biblical and otherwise, on its head, conceives of the ubermensch as an ideal, and who marvelously prefigures mid-twentieth century German self conceptions of themselves as a new and marvelous moral force.   Yes indeed.   “Thus” spake ThorsProvoni.

        Oudtshoorn says:

        Am I allowed to click twice on “Liked”??   Thank you, YoDoe.   Wish I could’ve said it myself.   Perfect.

      Oudtshoorn says:

      Wow.    Don’t turn all that hatred inwards, Thors, or you just might end up committing suicide.   What a loss that would be.   No more entertainment from you.

      Gimpel Pashkvilkemacher says:

       Thors? Is that short for Thorazine? Or did you just forget how to spell it because you’ve forgotten to take it for the past 10 years?

ThorsProvoni says:

The chart is ridiculous.

In the 19th century, it was proverbial among Jewish intellectuals and sympathetic non-Jews that atrocious Jewish behavior instigated hatred of Jews.

Since the Holocaust the keepers of the Holocaust cult have worked hard to make sure that no one discusses the real reasons for Jew-hatred, but any even cursory overview of the post-French Revolution context of ethnic Ashkenazi violence, sabotage, assassination, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, white slaving, economic exploitation, financial crime, governmental manipulation, and revolutionary subversion (without limitation) to which non-Jews (and also sometimes Karaite Jews) throughout Europe and the Czarist Empire/Soviet Union/Russian Federation makes it crystal clear why so many people hate Jews and why that number has probably begun  to increase geometrically at this point — especially now that Jewish Zionists are at least as out of control today as Jews ever were during the pre-Holocaust period.

    rathertired says:

    Thanks for crawling out of your sewer to share that, Joachim!

    Well, then . . .  I’ll let you get back to you life as a ranting, raging racist and all around assclown.

    Charlie61 says:

    Good God, you really are an idiot! Either that or you have a very serious case of Asbergers Syndrome. People who hate Jews in this ridiculous way do it because they want to – and they’ll make up any number of absurd excuses – as shown above – to do it. Anyway, I’m verrrrry WASP and I don’t hate Jews, and neither do my friends. Then again, they are educated people.

      since when was Asbergers Syndrome synonymous with being an Idiot? for the intelligent person that you claim to be, you just spouted the biggest load of bull about a medical condition…. This is where religious and racial hatred comes from…sheer ignorance!

      Oudtshoorn says:

      It is Asperger’s syndrome.   p, not b.   And Laura Moodley is right.   Asperger’s is not synonymous with stupidity or delayed development such as ThorsProvoni exhibits.   It is one disorder on the Autism Spectrum, and can occasionally be synonymous with genius.   Be careful next time, and look it up first.    Google will tell you a lot. 

      Gimpel Pashkvilkemacher says:

       Whatever he has is spelled with an a followed by two s’s, not just one. That rules out Aspergers, and I don’t want to be ruled out from the forum so I’ll only mention that my diagnosis of his illness contains the letters H, O, L and E.

    mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Thorskin, I am the blogs resident Zionist Troublemaker. It would seem that your current medication, prescribed by a Jewish Doctor no doubt, is not working, may I suggest you try a Lobotomy – a 2nd one in your case !

    Oudtshoorn says:

    This site is not meant to be insulting, and I apologize in advance, but you, ThorsProvoni, are repulsive.

the answer is :
why some Jews hate most none Jews?
why Judaism  teach that Jews are the chosen people and other are not?
Why some laws in Judaism allow to cheat and do bad deeds toward none Jews?
why some Jews are anti-Semitic toward Israelis and Arabs?
why some Jews capitalize the “anti-Semitic” topics?

SMKosofsky says:

A friend, who survived the Vilna Ghetto with his sense of humor intact, likes to say, “Anti-Semitism may be be defined as ‘hating Jews more than is necessary.”

    dizhar says:

    that’s a good one I liked that one

    Edith Kmetyko says:

    this saying is from the Hungarian writer, Kalman Mikszath….much loved…. and very widely read……one of his best, “st. Peter’s umbrella”….. Edith Sandor-Kmetyko, Montreal, ca……

    maxxluthor says:

     That is precious.

I hate Jews that don’t use flowcharting software. Was it too close to deadline to transfer it?

    Oudtshoorn says:

    But that’s a nice flow-chart, and perfectly representative of anti-Semitism:   it makes no sense!

fabnatan says:

When a non jew , anyone , anyrace , anycreed……goes one way, a jew is already on his way back and this simple fact , gives way to a strong antisemitism and this simple issue cannot be reversed , it is a birth mark in every jew and we have to live with this…..

In both Brooklyn and Israel, as a gentile, I encountered massive mistrust and covert hostility. At the time i had a position as an officer in a Jewish NGO.  Never overt, but the attitude was that i was a traitor and should be expelled. 

    mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Dick, I think your name adequetely describes you, ROFL

      ImbackAwhole says:

      His name is his least coveted physical aspect.

        mahatmacoatmabag says:

        ImbackAwhole , maybe I should have addressed him as ” little Dickie ” to reflect more accurately his physical atributes.

          ImbackAwhole says:

          Little Dickie would, of course, be a poor substitute for Little Brainie!  Let his mother rot!  

          mahatmacoatmabag says:

          Amen to that !

    Oudtshoorn says:

    Excuse me, if the “hostility” was covert, how did you manage to encounter it?   Can one encounter something that is hidden?   I don’t think so.   But you can IMAGINE something that is covert.   If, as you say, it was “never overt”, perhaps you did imagine it?   
    If you didn’t imagine the “massive mistrust”, well, think about the centuries of hatred, vilification, blood libels, pogroms, expulsions and murders that Jews have endured from gentiles who pretended to be friendly – and then perhaps you will begin, just begin, to comprehend why “massive mistrust” exists.   It is protection for a traumatized people.

rathertired says:

As a follower of the lazy and thrown-together I stand in awe of this chart!  Wow!

Brings back memories of bashing out homework on the school bus on the way to school in the morning while simultaneously discussing television and rock music with friends. The slapdash handwriting, the could’ve-perhaps-been-insightful-if-I’d-spent-more-than-twenty-seconds-on-ideas, the whole shoddy half-assed execution . . . well, I’ll be quiet before I get too misty eyed. I’ve already put more sustained thought into this comment than went into the chart.

Butseriously says:

Many, in fact some 3.5 Billion, cannot help hating Jews while following the Gospels and Quran. There is also no arms length here. These believe Jews killed their God and/or prophet; it is akin to someone killing one’s mother. How can they not hate – it will negate their beliefs? This hatred becomes psychotic by the fact Christians and Muslims hate for totally contradictory premises, while none can prove their charges – exposing the runaway psychosis when they realize something is wrong: at least one of them is believing in a fib, but rather than face each other, their hate is multiplied.

    james moss says:

    maybe the jews do things to outsiders like forclose or bulldoze their homes, and then hide behind the group for protection, forces the outsiders to blame the group for protecting them, like that whole brooklyn ultra orthodox pedophilia thing where even jews got shunned by other jews for telling the authorities………….it goes deeper than that, and no the hatred is not irrational

      Butseriously says:

      Which is the Jewish homeland?

      Maybe the Jews have never occupied another peoples’ land in all their 4,000 year history. The charges today only prove the point – please produce a Jewish bulldozer outside of their land’s defense – its the same as accusing Jews of crimes via belief and zero proof:

      THOSE WHO LIE MAKE SURE THEIR PROOF IS FAR AWAY.The law says a charge must be proven – if not than the penalty is reversed on the accuser. This is the first issue which Christians & Muslims will face one day and they will not be allowed to deflect by blaming the Jews.

    David Bailey says:

    A Christian is supposed to be Christ like! Christ did not hate people, he hated the sins that were committed by people!  So a true Christian, by definition, could not hate someone. A good example would be, my kid does a lot of things I hate for him to do, I don’t hate my kid. I believe if you cannot help hating someone because of their life decisions or race, you have a personal problem. If a person in your life causes you to hate them, a logical person would abstain from being around that person. I personally try to let God handle any problems I might have with someone. He may decide to change me, He may decide to change them, and He may decide to change where I am, so as I don’t have to deal with that problem! My belief is not reliant upon hate, and has nothing to do with what someone else believes. I am sorry that some people profess to believe in Christ, and they clearly have never known Him. To make a blanket statement about Christians hating Jews is like me saying that Muslims are terrorists, you should know, being Muslin does not make you a terrorist! God, whoever he may be for you, does not hate anyone. I am a Christian and I want you to know I would not hate you, or anyone, due to their belief, their skin color, their sexuality, or their gender. I would only hope that anyone could find the love, and peace that I have found from my God, in their own lives. Oh by the way, my kids are Jewish, at least half, and I am an Irish, southern American, Christian.

      Butseriously says:

      Christ-like has no meaning per se; its one’s deeds & actions which matter: I know that over a million Jews sacrificed themselves and challenged Rome in a manner far more courageous than anyone else in the Gospels or seen in history, marking the greatest defense of belief in all recorded history – yet this most sacred act is not recorded in the Gospels. It is very difficult for Christians & Muslims not to hate Jews and yet believe in their scriptures, is my point. While many Christians managed to overcome this hurdle and are heroes, this does not apply to critical mass and this is proven by history.

      Which Christian defended Jews against the corruption of the Balfour -perpetrated at the helm of the holocaust when the Jews were totally helpless – for 30 barrels of oil? Can a Christian speak of a Judas by belief yet not see one in their midst and be silent of it? Britain is a non-virtual Judas and all who keep silent of it cannot be true believers. These have tied the hands of their Lord. 

 We are not of the East or the West; No boundaries exist in our breast: We are free. Nor Crescent nor Cross we adore; Nor Budha nor Christ we implore; Nor Muslem nor Jew we abhor; We are free.

    mahatmacoatmabag says:

    Captain Peacock to Mr. Humphries :-
    ” Are you Free , Mr. Humphries ? ”
    ” I’m Free ! ”

    Ahmed you would have to be British & middle aged to elderly to have seen the BBC comedy ” Are you being served ” & appreciate the joke

      or watched way too much PBS back in the 70’s and 80’s in Chicago…

      Are you being served, Keeping up appearances, Dr Who (of course), No honestly, The Two Ronnies, The Prisoner, The Pythons, Fawlty Towers, Waiting for G-d, etc, etc, etc…..the cool thing about it all was if there was ever a bad BBC production, it never made it across the atlantic, so we got just the good stuff :)

      oh yeah, Robin of Sherwood, and what was the one about the eco/vegie couple living next door to the middle class ‘normals’? dang, can’t remember… 

        mahatmacoatmabag says:

        John, the name of the comedy was ” the good life ” with Richard Briars, Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith & Paul Edington. BTW the original TV series of the Adventures of Robin Hood ( in Black & White ) with Richard Greene is available for free download on the web as the producers apparently failed to copyright the series. I don’t know what other British comedies have been shown in the US , but I recommend 2 , ” Allo Allo ” a take off of a drama series set in a French Cafe about the Allied Aircrew escape network in France & Belgium during WW2 & ” the Last of the Summer Wine ” about a group of mostly retired people in a quiet English village in the county of Yorkshire. Happy Viewing to you, sincerely Mahatmacoatmabag – the blogs resident Zionist Troublemaker.

    Butseriously says:

    Freedom without  laws = Anarchy. Freedom with laws = Liberty.

    Liberty was introduced to humanity 3,500 years ago in Egypt via the hand of Moses. Its not a crime to have a place to park – its a truth shared by all life forms on this planet. We see that Muslims were given 22 vast states which never existed 100 years ago – their call it sacred Islamic soil. Israel is the Jews’ sacred soil 3,200 years ago with Jerusalem her capital. Every Muslim knows this truth more than they know their Quran.


maxxluthor says:

 This hatred is on spiritual level.  Being a Christian may I
present a miniscule Biblical perspective (New Testament)?


Contemporary English Version (CEV)

12 We are not fighting against
humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities
and against rulers of darkness and powers in the
spiritual world.

There is
an entity; Satan; that is opposed to the love of God.  He cannot
go directly against God so he takes it out on people, especially
the Jewish people, who are the apple of God’s eye. 


8 For thus saith
the Lord of hosts: “After the
glory hath He sent me unto the nations which despoiled
you, for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of
His eye.

Satan is a
liar, thief and murderer.  Evil for evil sake; hatred.  He usurped
authority over the earth in the Garden of Eden.  He has been
AGAINST GOD’S PEOPLE.  There has to be accountability for Adolph
and his ilk.  Pharaoh has reared his ugly head throughout history
against the Children of Abraham.

I have been to Dachau and that place still cries out for justice.
‘Nuf said…

    Butseriously says:

    There is no Satan – there is only satanic deeds by those holding bloody swords and pointing elsewhere from themselves. Very convenient. This makes the rapee, not the raper, as the bad guy. The greatest mass murders were by those boasting love and peace. Check it out.

      maxxluthor says:

       The slickest trick(s) satan has is:

      1.  Convince people that he does not exist.

      2.  Get people to murdering in the name of God.  The perversion of Christianity is the most lethal weapon perpetrated against the human race.  I hate the suffering that people go through.  The best I can do is love people by my actions; not my words.

      And it is a fallacy for anyone to excuse their actions by blaming it on satan.  THERE IS ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE DECISIONS MADE; BE IT FOR GOOD OR EVIL.  There is no excusing culpability.  We are given free choice. 

      I just state my beliefs, let the chips hit where they fall, without trying to cram it down anyone’s throat. 

        Butseriously says:

        Totally agree. Spiritual blackmail has been embedded into billions of Christians and its become biological. The judiciary has been banned from making judgments over beliefs, in contradiction of a most majestic law from Sinai:


        One can see how sacred laws were fulfilled away retrospectively to accommodate a crooked doctrine. 

I dont like Israel because it’s an illegal state, the Jews only proof that they lived on the land 4000 years ago is from the Torah

    shai360 says:

    lol and the roman, greek, byzantine, arab and crusader historical accounts….but to jew hater, thoes facts are not important.

    Joshua Schewitz says:

    Do you know what an illegal state is? Have you ever taken the time to read….anything. by your ignorance it seems you would not know what a book looks like.

In my opinion the answer is very simple: Human brains might have a kind of a “black spot”, possibilly related to its instinct of survival, that helps us, some more, other less, to find enemies as part of our living strategies. In my Brazilian Rain Forest town each district has its kids that compete in their strenght to other’s. My town a long time ago mantain prejudices against our neighbor town; they call us “crab eaters” and we call them “jaca eaters”(we both hate these nicknames). My state depreciates our neghbor northern, southern and west states and our country turns its nose to express disgust to our southern and western neighbor country. Many of us distrust Americans and so they do to us. In the beginning of XXth Century, in Lisbon, “brazilian” was also a very bad adjective. In Yad Mordechai, “brazilai” meant “lazy”, in 1977. In today´s São Paulo, “bahiano (from Brazilian’s Bahia State)” means something very clumsy, not well done. Chinese and specially Koreans are not completelly loved in Japan, as well as  Central Americans in Mexico. I will stop now these examples not to be too delongated. Why should Jews be out of this everywhewe tendecy to hate or dislike our different neighbors? Why should everybody easilly understand that our “sins” are absolutelly similar to everyone’s? Why should everybody understand that everyone  who loves their kids would like to choose their friends and dates, as we do??? Antisemitism is so famous just because famous is Jewish People. Racist and Prejudice crimes are enormouslly more frequent outside our realm than inside it. One day all this will disappear, hopefully soon, in Moshiach’s Kingdom.  

voidist says:

i dont know about why, but i can tell you that , any virulently anti-semite state, has always  self destructed……………..

from Hitler to modern day muslim states…..

the question is why some people love Jews

The ARABS  has no claim to Jerusalem,(1)  is Jerusalem mention in the Quran, (2) is Jerusalem an Arabic name also is Betlehem an Arabic name please tell this arab people to stop fooling the world about the palestinian issue.

mladenm says:

What about people who have issues about Israel’s behaviour, but do not care at all what is their peer’s religious preference (as long as this not include torture, rape and human sacrifices)? So Judaism is acceptable, and what separates Jews from Gentiles if both are secularized? Children of migrants within Europe get assimilated without problems.

Imagine, for start, that many European state behave like Israel… Oh yes, but they did, until 1946. Then came Helsinki principle. Later EU decided that few dissidents are OK to take, but nobody wants million migrant labourers… And that caused Kosovo intervention more then anything else.

So, two states or one state, that is the question?

it started by the church which had a run for centuries untill the polish pope stoped the hate coming from the church…the ortodox church in russia is still today preaching hate…then there is a sort of jealousy since the jews gave to this world the biggest progress advancment in many fields..the truth of the matter is that only ignorant and stupid people practice antisemitism..

it has to do with thier parents and media

My_Behind says:

It’s all about religion. It has nothing to do with the way they look or their genes.


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‘Why Do Some People Hate Jews?’

A handy flowchart to explain why you are anti-Semitic, if indeed you are

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