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The Canadian magazine Adbusters sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement. It also has a weakness for Israel-bashing conspiracy theories.

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The January-February 2012 Adbusters. (Photo: Tablet Magazine)

Kalle Lasn, the founder and editor of Adbusters, doesn’t have the matinee idol looks of Che Guevera, nor the clenched-fist ardor of Tom Hayden. Indeed, until very recently, the 69-year-old was an obscure figure who spent his days on a farm outside Vancouver producing an art magazine-cum-radical political journal—$8.95 an issue; no ads, natch—with a modest following on the anti-globalization left. But in September, the former ad man midwifed the Occupy Wall Street movement, sending an email blast to Adbusters readers advising them to set up camp in lower Manhattan and begin the “seizure of the financial district.”

While Adbusters’ editors don’t pull the strings of Occupy—Lasn only dispenses advice to the leaders of the leaderless group—the magazine is currently enjoying a torrent of mainstream media attention for its catalyzing role in the movement. In the past month, Lasn and Adbusters Senior Editor Micah White—Trotsky to Lasn’s Lenin—have been treated to generous profiles in The New Yorker, the New York Times, NPR, and the New Republic.

While Adbusters is “not the only radical magazine calling for the end of life as we know it,” wrote Mattathias Schwartz in a November profile of Lasn in The New Yorker, “it is by far the best-looking.” The same week, the New York Times rhapsodized that Lasn “had spent much of his career skewering corporate America, creating ‘subvertising’ campaigns like ‘Joe Chemo,’ which deftly mocked the Joe Camel cigarette ads of the 1990s.” It’s a tub-thumbing, deeply ideological magazine but “with its vivid artwork and photography, snippets of poetry and glossy fake ads … Adbusters feels less like a manifesto than an evocative brochure,” the Times commented.

Yes, Adbusters offers endless finger-wagging about the evils of McDonald’s and moralizing photo spreads of skinny models—the sort of pop activism that the mildly foolish regard as deeply clever. But there is more to Adbusters than the clichéd mocking of mega-corporations and capitalism. Sometime after the Sept. 11 attacks, Lasn, once single-mindedly focused on the supposed psychological terrorism of corporate advertising, expanded his coverage to include the problem of actual terrorism. In the era of Iraq and Afghanistan, Adbusters developed a foreign policy—one that centers on outlandish and viciously anti-Israel conspiracy theories.

Thus when the streets leading to Zuccotti Park, the site of the Occupy Wall Street encampment, were sealed by New York City police on Nov. 15, preventing journalists from covering the eviction of protesters that night, it “made Lasn think of the bloody uprising in Syria,” according to The New Yorker’s Schwartz. Tahrir Square, the seat of the Egyptian revolution, is invoked frequently by the Occupiers; The New Yorker quotes one organizer who visited Egypt during its revolution saying that “It was the same [in Cairo] as here.” The current death toll in Egypt is close to 1,000. In Syria, it’s over 4,000.

For regular readers of Adbusters, this type of breathless overstatement will be familiar. But its profilers have mostly overlooked the magazine’s frequent flights of extreme hyperbole and its writers’ penchant for conspiracy theory. “In only the last few months,” an Adbusters writer fretted in 2003, “America has advanced tremendously from emerging to realized fascism.” In 2006, the magazine continued tracking the National Socialist takeover of the United States with an article titled “Is Right-Wing America Becoming Fascist?” While in the post-Bush era, discussions of Hitlerism have disappeared from the pages of Adbusters—fascist powers, after all, tend not to change leaders via democratic elections—Lasn has shifted his focus to the supposed Nazism of another sinister government: Israel.

In 2010 Adbusters ran a photo essay comparing the situation in Gaza with the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising: Pictures of dead Palestinians and burning buildings were juxtaposed with images of Nazi brutality. The accompanying text explained that in the Warsaw Ghetto, “Acts of rebellion … were brutally suppressed and German retaliation was often strikingly disproportionate.” In response to criticism from Canadian Jewish groups, Lasn declared that there are “striking similarities between the Warsaw ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II and the open air prison of Gaza,” illustrating the point with photos from the United States Holocaust Museum. (The museum later sent the magazine a cease-and-desist order.) As was the case with his sloppy Syria comparison, Lasn didn’t mention that the Warsaw Ghetto uprising precipitated the murder of 70,000 innocents, most of whom were carted off to extermination camps.

From the March-April 2004 Adbusters.

Much of the recent media coverage of Adbusters makes glancing reference to Lasn’s now infamous 2004 “list” of Jewish neoconservatives. Among a list of 50 Bush Administration officials and prominent conservatives, the magazine denoted those he believed were Jewish with an asterisk next to their names. Lasn apparently sees ethnicity as a key data point, essential for understanding U.S. foreign policy. “Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?” Lasn wrote. “Some shape policy from within the White House, while others are more peripheral, exacting influence indirectly as journalists, academics and think tank policy wonks. What they all share is the view that the US is a benevolent hyper power that must protect itself by reshaping the rest of the world into its morally superior image. And half of them are Jewish.” These Learned Elders were, of course, concerned not just with the reshaping of the world in the image of the United States, Lasn implied, but with the survival of Israel.

To Lasn, there is an obvious moral equivalence between the mullahs in Iran and the government in Jerusalem, between the cave-dwelling terrorists of al-Qaida and the elected government of the United States. A 2004 double-page spread in Adbusters showed two photos—one of President George W. Bush, one of Osama Bin Laden—accompanied by the question, “Who is morally superior?” In the same issue, two photos of Hamas leaders killed by Israel, Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi, were contrasted with Bush and Ariel Sharon: “If Yassin and Rantisi, why not Sharon and Bush?”

Most Americans don’t see the moral parallels between Hamas’ spiritual leader and the former president, according to Adbusters, because newspapers like the New York Times are “perniciously biased” in favor of Israel, offering the opinion of Richard Falk, a Sept. 11 conspiracy theorist and former booster of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution, as supporting evidence. The Times correspondent in Jerusalem, Ethan Bronner, is hopelessly pro-Israel, since he has “a son who served in the Israeli army.” Nor will it “be a surprise to learn” that the Times’ other Jerusalem reporter, Isabel Kershner, is “an Israeli citizen who is married to an Israeli citizen.” Both journalists, Adbusters fretted in a November blog post, have “deep ties to the Israel of today” and, therefore, cannot be trusted to report news objectively. Can Catholic journalists cover the Holy See? Or those with relatives on active military service in the United States cover the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan? Or is there perhaps something particularly tribal about Jews?

A more trustworthy Israeli writer, according to Adbusters, is the Israeli-born jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, a self-identified “proud self-hating Jew” who has, in essays posted on his own website, praised the “prophetic qualities” of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and wondered “if the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them” on a death march at the close of the war. Lasn has published multiple pieces on Israel by Atzmon, despite a history of extremism that has made the Israeli anathema even to many on the anti-Zionist left (the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom recently disassociated itself from him).

Leafing through back issues of Adbusters, a reader is introduced not just to the notorious Atzmon, but also to a largely unknown team of cranks and risible “experts” expounding on the dual threats of American and Israeli power. An author named Jim Kirwan opined in the May/June 2005 issue of Adbusters on America’s “dreams of empire” in a piece first published on the Holocaust-denial website Contributor Ken O’Keefe, an anti-Zionist activist who, like Atzmon, was recently disowned by many of his former comrades, recently told Iranian state television that Israel was behind Sept. 11 and argued, on Twitter, for the expansion of the OWS brand to include “Occupy Rothschilds.” An article in the July/August 2010 issue on the “imperial decline” of the United States cites as an expert the Jew-obsessed conspiracy theorist Wayne Madsen, who recently claimed that the Mossad was behind Anders Breivik’s gruesome terrorist attack in Norway. Michael Hey, a former associate editor of Adbusters, offered a short piece in the March/April 2007 issue with the punchy title, “Not in the news: 9/11 was an inside job.” And so on.

Lasn frequently published the work of husband-and-wife team Bill and Kathleen Christison, Sept. 11 “truthers” obsessed with Zionism’s “global political and financial power,” who impute almost Rasputin-like powers to Jewish neoconservatives. (Bill died in 2010.) A 2007 article by Kathleen Christison subtly titled “Elliot Abrams: Dual Loyalist and Neocon Extraordinaire,” claimed that the former deputy national security adviser was “a key figure behind the fighting going on … at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon” and “engineered the Hamas-Fatah split that erupted into fighting in Gaza.”

Such is the apocalyptic vision of Adbusters, in which the ravages of capitalism and corporate power compete only with Zionism to cause the most harm to planet Earth.

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Mark S. Devenow Esq. says:

Surprise, Surprise – mirabile dictu and whatever. The liberal media finds virtue in arrantly strange places and characters: In the past month, Lasn and Adbusters Senior Editor Micah White—Trotsky to Lasn’s Lenin—have been treated to generous profiles in The New Yorker, the New York Times, NPR, and the New Republic.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that the “inspiration” or “catalyst” of this “leaderless” movement “owned” (at least in a manner of speaking) by a group of thugs, rapists, wastrels, drug dealing and drug addicted idiots and hygienically challenged lower forms comes from the two bums described in the piece or over the fact that these “catalysts” are being lionized in mainstream (read liberal)media outlets. Someone please wake me and say that I’m dreaming!

This article and this issue are so bogus that if it were anymore more so bogus it would amount to the overall worth of a plug nickel and that’s after adjustments factored in for inflation.

If this is what is meant by “busted” point taken:

Gilad “So what’s so wrong with a Holocaust denial anyway” Atzmon is worth an article on his own. Perfect example of the anti-Zionist as raving anti-Semite.

Hey, “Jules” – what say you to KKKlansman David Duke’s embrace of Gilad Atzmon as “brilliant”? Duke posts Atzmon’s essays on his own site, garlanded in compliments. What sayest thou?


Thought so. You’re just here to rant your little anti-Israel rants.

Perhaps, the notion “the ravages of capitalism and corporate power compete only with Zionism to cause the most harm to planet Earth” exists way beyond Adbusters readership?

Hey thanks for showing your true colours Michael. Ya, you’re real street. You’ve got your finger on the pulse. Who’d a thunk there’s such a thing as a libertarian zionist.

cole hartman says:

Shame. Adbusters used to be focused on advertising’s effect on society. As a future ad-exec, I loved the magazine. Then it went all political and left. And started sucking. I like that it was potent enough to spawn something big, but OWS was rudderless, and what direction it did have just attracted the worst leeches and looters society has to offer. And it smelled bad. Not like the very focused Tea Party taht protested against taxes and spending, then cleaned up their mess, went home and back to work…

The other day I settled down with a copy of the Toronto Star, the Great White North’s biggest-selling newspaper, and here’s what I read:

“As the United States descends into fascism, the importance of Canada, North America’s only civil society, is greater than ever.”

Thus the opening sentence of an article by Christopher Hume.

Mr. Hume doesn’t write about politics or global affairs. He’s the architecture correspondent.

bpete1969 says:

You people ain’t seen nuthin yet…you want to see the “ground zero” of the Atzmon cheerleaders go here: Atzmon’s rantings are some of the nicer comments you’ll find there. Not only was 9/11 a mossad operation but you’ll find the argument that they’re responsible for for everything since dirt was created.

Jeremiah says:

Sorry, the only thing busted is the Tablet’s journalistic credibility.

As the joke goes, fascism is constantly descending upon the US (and Israel) but it always actually lands in Europe.

richard40 says:

If Lasn is so worried about Fascists, he might take a good look at the Obama administration. The crony capitalism, and predatory and discriminatory regulation, regularly practiced there, was a hallmark of Fascism.

Thank you for the informative article.

Adbusters really jumped on the bandwagon in early 2000 that was started by the Israel bashing Naomi Klein, whose book, “No Logo” help start a anti-globalization movement which later ignited protests against various G8/IMF/World Bank/Free Trade meetings. And while folks were protesting Nike and Gap somehow, Anti-Israel posters (and swastikas)would somehow spring up as well.

Why Israel and no other country? Alot of it has to do with those who influence the movement. Whether its Naomi Klein or Kalle Lasn its all foundered on the anachronistic and historically failed monolithic rock of Marxism. Fiercely ideological and irrational (especially when it comes to protesting Israel and the movements’ blatant tolerance for anti-semitism) Lasn himself has displayed himself to be very shallow in terms of solutions to anything that he “protests” demonstrating just how very little real substance he or his mag really has.

Spot on. But no news really.

ben Dish says:

The word’s Fascism, Fuck, Awesome, Totally and Nice and Like are over value’d and over used.
In Europe where people experienced fascism by the ten’s of million’s the word does not appear in the media, I dare say ever. It must be because nowhere is near fascism, except Iran maybe, and North Korea certainly. To abuse that term so flippantly is to not understand and not know what people lived and died through during those times.
Like Glen Beck who constantly used fascism in his rants, so does the far left veer off the cliff of intellectually and cultural norm.
This estrangement is common in North America, where people live so afar from any “real” suffered history that in this “can’t we just get along?”-ism is close to Adam Curtis’s ohdearism.
The juxtaposition of images from the Warsaw Ghetto with anything else would in my mind be unthinkable in Western Europe to this day. It show’s how desensitised & uncouth much of the North American political discourse has become left and right. FOX, mondoweiss, adbusters, “Christians” it is all the same.
What worries me is that when people forget their history nasty things can happen.

good article; did not know the stuff about Atzmon. ‘Adbusters’ is pretty much the textbook example of Moishe Postone’s thesis that there is an intrinsic connection between pseudo-anti-capitalist anti-globalization, and crypto-antisemitic anti-zionism. See his “History and Helplessness”

Beatrix says:

These are people who find the world too much for them. They can’t understand the world, have never succeeded at anything, and want to blame a small, manageable group like the Jews for this. Especially, the Jews because we’ve been bested before, many times and therefore we’re seen as safely vulnerable.

And so these tiny, infected, feeble creatures feel if they blame all the problems of the world on the Jews, and they bring the Jews down, then they will be successful people. But they have to imbue the Jews with supernatural powers to explain the fact that they are never succeed at anything.

And so, they crawl their way through life with their limited vision focused on anything but their own failures.

Adbusters. It’s their meager dreams that have been busted.

Was there anything more useless and unnecessary than OWS? No wonder they were born out of this cauldron.

You probably weren’t aware that Lasn’s parents were on the last boat taken from Nazi occupied Eastern Europe to their homeland in 1945.

Lasn loves his parents who were, in point of fact, ardent Nazi’s. He can’t bring himself to grips with the crimes they supported so he sides with Atzmon and his ilk.

What a shame so many mindlessly follow him after spending years on expensive ‘educations’. But by no means surprising.

Michael Moynihan. yet another pathetic Gatekeeper in action. Do you really think we don’t see it Michael?

David Baden -Australia says:

I often wonder what goes wrong in a persons’ formulative years to produce such a sick,perverted minded moron like Lasn and his ilk.It really amazes me to witness the depth of depravity that these people can sink to,or is there some sort of competition between these lunatics,of which we are not aware,where they try to outdo each other to promote their ridiculous philosophy’s

Anon, do you have a source for the political affiliations of Lasn’s parents?

It certainly would not surprise me considering any Estonian too closely associated with the Nazis would not have wanted to be caught up in the Soviet advance. I noted a similar sort of antisemitism (including the comparison of the Palestinian territories to the Warsaw Ghetto) in Peter Schumann of Bread and Puppet Theatre (in his case, a child of Silesian Germans who fled into Germany in the face of the advance of Soviet troops and Polish partisans.)

Like Cole, I enjoyed AdBusters in its early years when it was just about exposing and satirizing consumer culture– but its shift towards extremist politics has been revolting.

Just a few days ago there was an interview with Lasn on NPR and he was asked about his singling out of Jews. Lasn apparently didn’t even think it was controversial enough to respond and just breezed on about how AdBusters has expanded to covering foreign policy and his hopes that the Occupy movement would follow.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to me, from what I have seen when I have been at the local encampment– most are not heeding that call.

You’re right that there is a faction within the Occupy movement that has been bashing Jews (“Zionists”) pulling up the old Zionist conspiracy garbage, but I have been fighting against this faction from within the Occupy movement.

I’m not Jewish, but I support freedom or religion and racial equality.

That said, the most recent article you sight is more than 6 years old. Can you please provide more recent proof directly related to the Occupy movement? I’ve done some searching through Adbusters’ web pages and found nothing bashing Jews or Zionists. I’ve found criticism of Israel’s handling of Palestinians, but you can find that anywhere.

I need to know what I’m fighting. The research you’ve shown here is impressive, but I need something more directly related to the Occupy movement.

The Occupy movement is a legitimate movement with legitimate grievances that must be addressed. For that reason, I can’t condone a blanket opposition to the Occupy movement just because one of its founders happens to have anti-Jewish sentiments. Heck, not even if all its founders had anti-Jewish sentiments. Most people know what the real issues are and know that Jews are not at the heart of those issues as a group.

We want political and social reform, and regardless of the views of any of its founders, it’s a legitimate movement that will achieve success. The question is whether you’re going to bash the movement on the grounds of a small faction within the movement or if you’re going to support it in spite of them, identify that small group and weed them out.

In politics, you can’t have everything the way you want it. You have to accept the bad with the good, choosing between the lesser of two evils. Politics isn’t so cut and dried that you can say any movement is perfect. And you should not oppose a political faction just because some number of its constituents are your enemies.

Pardon me. I forgot to read through before pressing “submit.”

“Thankfully, /it seems to me/, from what I have seen when I have been at the local encampment– most are not heeding that call.”

I made a few spelling errors that not picked up by the spell check. Sorry about that.

ben Dish. Most fascist governments start out innocuous, and the people fall for it, until it finally strikes. Under Bush, the country indeed qualified as fascist under its most extreme definition as expressed by Wikipedia ( At the least, you could call America today a post-fascist corporate-controlled militant technocrat regime as expressed by the actions of the police and the campaigns of the super rich.

Mark S.: Grow up, grow a brain, and stop riding the band wagon. Your statements were just as ignorant and overstated as any anti-Jewish rhetoric sited here.

The suffering of Israel and of the Palestinians is cynically exploited by extremists of all flavors. But, I agree with and applaud the other Corey for
pointing out that OWS has remained remarkably sane and has, for the most part, contained any fringe anti-Zionism/-Semitism that’s appeared.

Jeremy says:

I just picked up a copy of adbusters today, I didnt have time to read it. I, like the vast and overwhelming majority, only like adbusters for the provocative and sometimes humorous imagry. I think this article looks too far into it.

that being said I would not have purchased it had I known it was anti-semetic. And if what Anon says is true about his nazi parents, there is a picture in the november 15th edition where it portrays Rick Perry as a nazi… which I found to be incredibly, deeply, wholly awesome, but if his parents are nazi’s it would seem that he doesnt associate closely with teh idiology (or perhaps has this weird sort of self-hate or something)

And to be a bit of a devils advocate, isreal is probably the most hostile/colonizing country of any real ability… And I suspect that the majority of idiots thinks isreal==judaism, and bankers==jews, so if you’re an idiot about policies and such, you’d see isreal at war with a barbarian 3rd world country of no real power at all (a goliath to david kinda thing), and bankers possesing too much power over the rest of the population… So if you’re ignorant you’d misappropriate blame on jewish people… so I think that adbusters’ agenda should taken with a grain of salt because if anybody is actually reading and looking into the magizine they’ll undoubtedly stumble upon the real information. I think this was one of the first posts to pop up on google when I searched “” (which is from the faux rick perry ad)

ben Dish says:

Corey Williams,
“Most fascist governments start out innocuous, and the people fall for it, until it finally strikes. Under Bush, the country indeed qualified as fascist under its most extreme definition as expressed by Wikipedia ( At the least, you could call America today a post-fascist corporate-controlled militant technocrat regime as expressed by the actions of the police and the campaigns of the super rich.”

Again after reading my post, you fall into that North American trap of branding fascist all and everything. You disqualify yourself from any discourse with nonsense like the above. Like the Disney Bosses you hate, you become a caricature like Mickey Mouse. Any European who has actually experienced fascism will call you immature and maybe smile at you in empathy for the pathetic. Maybe that is why the US is stuck? Because people can’t tell up from down anymore. The educational paralysis has reached the “progressives”, even they just talk shit. Like adbusters.

Beatrix says:

If you lived in a tent, then Americans probably would seem rich and fascist just as Israel probably seems colonizing because a few settlers are building on Palestinian territory. Some of the Israelis actually purchased the land from the Arabs first.

But this has to be resolved, not by cutting children’s throats, but by negotiating peace.

It may come as a surprise to some, but any movement that chooses to expose the undemocratic nature of governments or organizations, cannot help be ant-Zionist by nature. In time, this will become apparent, it really is as simple as that.

The article, by the way, is filled with distortions for self serving reasons. Too long to refute in 400 words of less

lazerbeam says:

The fascist Koch Brothers et al., and not the Zionists, are the real threat to freedom in the U.S. Jew-baiting is a classic fascist tool for distraction and manipulation of the masses.

Binyamin in O says:

Seven Prominent [Jewish] Authors Verify AdBusters So-Called Anti-Semitic Article Was Only One of Many to Point Out Preponderance of Pro-Israel U.S. Jews as Prominent Neo-Conservative Leaders:
Alan Dershowitz: (The Vanishing American Jew):
Jews have been active in gay rights, but the recent neo-conservative movement in America has also been dominated by Jews, many of whom had been leaders in the socialist movement of the past.
JJ Goldberg (Jewish Power):
Not all the neoconservatives were Jewish… Nonetheless, they became known as a Jewish group for several reasons. For one thing, most of them were Jews…. Most important, the neoconservatives proclaimed their existence throught two magazines edited and published by Jews…
Jacob Heilbrunn (They Knew They Were Right)
Neoconservatism was forged into an actual movement by [Irving] Kristol and Norman Podhoretz. Even today, the neoconservative movement is best described as an extended family based largely on the informal social networks patiently forged by these two patriarchs…. there were many other figures who contributed to its emergence, both as a movement and as a school of thought. Not all of them were Jews–a fact that has been frequently pointed out by the neoconservatives themselves to refute the canard that neoconservatism is a Jewish movement. Fair enough. Yet the movement’s non-Jewish members were largely bound to the group by a shared commitment to the largest, most important Jewish cause: the survival of Israel.
Murray Friedman (deceased, former vice chair of US Civil Rights Commission):
[book title] The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy….
A new generation of Jewish neocons have lined up behind the Bush Doctrine… If one argues, as I do, that Jewish conservatism has played a little-noticed role in American social and political life for much of the last hundred years, one may wonder why it has gone largely unrecognized.

Binyamin in O says:

Jewish Neo-cons, continued:

Benjamin Ginsberg (professor of political science at Johns Hopkins), The Fatal Embrace:
The predominantly Jewish neocons are the chief intellectual spokesmen for all aspects of Reaganite Republicanism that the paleoconservatives find objectionable… One major factor that drew them inexorably to the right was their attachment to Israel and their growing frustration during the 1960s with a Democratic party….
Joe Klein:
You want evidence of divided loyalties? How about the “benign domino theory” that so many Jewish neoconservatives talked to me about–off the record, of course–in the runup to the Iraq war, the idea that Israel’s security could be won by taking out Saddam, which would set off a cascade of disaster for Israel’s enemies in the region?
Ari Shavit [2003]:
In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town [Washington]: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history.

I read your article because I found your perspective interesting. I have no feelings either way on the Zionist / Holocaust Issue. I do have some questions. I also have listened to Alan Dershowitz on many of these issues and both of you are exhibiting some of the same traits which I find unbecoming to the issues. First: Why do you need to call the people you quote names? Drogatory names at that? This approach to the issues at hand seems somewhat “Elementary” so to speak. Next; Is any of the books, articles or essays written by the people you quote true? Are there any facts at all in there assertions or is all of it, totally lies without foundation? I need guidence on this because I am far away from the land of Palestine/Israel and I search for facts. I want nopropoganda with regard to facts. Like, When Israel was formed around 1947-48, was there any agreements that spelled out who got what and how Israel was to treat the Palestinians? Did any Israeli’s take part in the bombing of the King David Hotel? Did Israel attack the USS LIberty in 1967? I don’t believe any of these stories I am asking for claraty, have these events even occurred. I don’t think they have but reading your article, I think you can tell me. Hope to hear from you.

arcaneone says:

Israel attacked the LIBERTY in 1967. A close investigation by the National Security
Agency ruled that the incident was a case of friendly fire. as has occurred manytimes since then. TheNSA took note of the fact that the LIBERTY had received a radio order towithdraw at the time of the attack.

carol schmid says:

I read your piece with interest. I can supply you with more far-reaching insights (on this subject) about the editor of this magazine, but will do so only via regular mail due to the sensitivity of the subject.
If you are interested, email me a postal address.
I am a retired college professor of philosophy of science who became interested in this subject some time back and it is more far-reaching than you suspect. Since most people dont want to hear anything negative about it, despite ample evidence to the contrary, I am now being very selective in the people with whom I share this information.
Although I am not jewish, and have never had a particular interest in these things, I believe(know)a new threat from the same quarters that jewish people suffered, is emerging subversively.
If you have any hesitation you can check out my twitter page @fissifrons It has nothing on this subject but will orient you to my political views.


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The Canadian magazine Adbusters sparked the Occupy Wall Street movement. It also has a weakness for Israel-bashing conspiracy theories.

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