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One Percent

Anti-Semites are a tiny fringe at the Occupy Wall Street protests. But an inability to quiet them shows the limitations of a leaderless movement.

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Zuccotti Park near Wall Street, October 11. (Mario Burger)
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Last week, the Emergency Committee for Israel, a conservative pressure group co-founded by Bill Kristol, put out a video designed to scare Jews about Occupy Wall Street. It begins with clips of President Barack Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, expressing support for the protesters’ message. Then an ominous voice asks, “What is happening at the Occupy Wall Street protests?” Cut to a man with a “Hitler’s Bankers” sign shouting “Jews control Wall Street.” Then we see a clip from a video first posted at the National Review Online, in which a thuggish kid sneers at a man in a yarmulke: “You’re a bum, Jew.” Then there’s another man, telling an interviewer that “the small ethnic Jewish population in this country, they have a firm grip on America’s media.” The voiceover asks: “Why are our leaders turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Attacks? Tell President Obama and Leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob.”

This has been a theme of right-wing critiques of the rapidly spreading protest movement. Noting that the protesters identify themselves as part of the “99 percent,” Rush Limbaugh said: “Now, 99 percent, that leaves one percent, roughly the percentage of Jews in the population, too. And Wall Street and bankers have been anti-Semitic code for Jews in this country going back quite a while.” (Jews are actually more like 2 percent of the population, but never mind.) Conservatives have delighted in pointing out that Adbusters, the Canadian magazine that first put out the call to occupy Wall Street, ran an inflammatory 2004 article about neoconservatives headlined, “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?”

The charge that Occupy Wall Street is shot through with anti-Semitism is dishonest and deceptive. But it’s built around a kernel of truth. There are a few Jew-baiters at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, though they are marginal, particularly compared to the large numbers of Jewish activists taking part. Yet the leaderless, diffuse nature of the movement, in some ways its greatest strength, also makes it hard to police bigots, bullies, and cranks. This isn’t just about Jews—Occupy Wall Street’s ability to find some measure of unity and discipline amid a commitment to anarchy will determine whether it is able to grow beyond demonstrating widespread disaffection with the status quo.

Occupy Wall Street, as you’ve surely learned by now, is organized, for lack of a better word, around non-hierarchical principles derived from anarchist thought. Decisions are made by consensus during interminable general assembly meetings, in which anyone can participate. So far, this model has fostered, for the most part, a spirit of volunteerism and cooperation. The occupied site itself, full of grimy tarps and sleeping bags and people who’ve been braving the elements for weeks, looks bedraggled, but it’s actually pretty efficient. Free food is prepared and served, donated blankets and clothes are given away to all who need them, and a first-aid station deals with minor medical issues. When the private company that owns the park threatened to evict the occupation to conduct a cleanup, the ad-hoc community mobilized to clean it themselves, depriving authorities of a pretext to get rid of them.

This do-it-yourself ethos has been a boon to Jewish activists, among others. One of the most iconic moments of the occupation came when as many as a thousand Jews gathered at the park on October 7 for an open-air Kol Nidre service, organized by Daniel Sieradski, the founder of the progressive blog and a self-described “rabble rouser in the Jewish community.” “The whole thing is an anarchistic affair, so any affinity group that has an action is welcome to come and do their action,” he said. Sieradski went on to erect a pop-up sukkah at Zuccotti Park and found that the police who usually enforce a ban on erecting structures there were reluctant to interfere once they heard it was part of a Jewish religious observance. “I established a precedent for people here,” he said, obviously delighted. “We’ve given people a way of creating shelters for themselves here in the park for the week of Sukkot. One guy tried it, and the cops came and tried to take it down. Two hundred people came and shouted at the cops and made them go away.”

The anarchist nature of the protests has meant that some of the usual suspects on the radical left, people whose vociferous anti-Zionism can shade into anti-Semitism, haven’t gotten much of a foothold.

One of the curses of left-wing politics is the perennial presence of International ANSWER, a front group for the Stalinist Workers World Party, a tiny political sect with a perverse attraction to the world’s worst people. The party formed in the 1950s, after splitting off from the Socialist Workers Party over a disagreement about the Soviet invasion of Hungary, which the Workers World supported. Since then, the Workers World Party has thrown itself behind Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jong-il; it backed the Chinese crackdown on the “counter-revolutionary rebellion” in Tiananmen Square. The Workers World Party is not just pro-Palestinian; it is pro-Hamas and pro-Hezbollah, devoted to the destruction of Israel. It’s fringe views would hardly be worth noticing if not for its members’ organizing skills. For example, by securing protest permits on significant dates far in advance, it was able to take a leading role in the early marches against the Iraq war, even though many progressives were mortified by its involvement. It has often made things uncomfortable for Jews, even those deeply opposed to the Israeli occupation.

“Clearly there’s been tension for the last couple of decades between Jews who identify as supporters of Israel and the radical left that views Zionism as an extension of American imperialism,” said Sieradski. But groups like ANSWER aren’t running things at Occupy Wall Street—no one is. For progressive Jews, that’s opened up new room for involvement. Thus Sieradski, who has been alienated from much of Jewish communal life, suddenly feels “on fire again” about the possibility of specifically Jewish activism. “After the service, I had a line of 100 people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you, that was the most meaningful Jewish experience of my entire life,’ ” he said.

The conservative Jewish magazine Commentary has noticed the ecstatic Jewish involvement in Occupy Wall Street. “The turnout the event generated, as well as the discussion it has so far provoked, are deeply troubling trends that all who care about the Jewish future would do well to take seriously,” Matthew Ackerman wrote on the magazine’s blog. Rarely, he wrote, “has a movement so radical in its aims been tied so explicitly to a religious tradition as was the case with this past Friday’s service.”

In some ways, it’s contradictory for Commentary to bemoan enthusiastic Jewish participation in the protests one moment and accuse them of anti-Semitism the next. But it’s also true that the extreme openness that allowed Sieradski to organize his Kol Nidre service is not always benign. Occupy Wall Street lacks tools for enforcing any sort of discipline, or ostracizing troublemakers. When someone at a Tea Party rally holds a particularly offensive sign, as many have, the movement can denounce them. But there is no one at Occupy Wall Street to do the denouncing.

The occasional appearance of anti-Semites is probably the biggest sign of this problem so far, though it’s not the only one. There are small but telling tensions and conflicts around the edges of the encampment. The constant pounding of a drum circle, for example, located near the sleeping area, is driving both protesters and people in the neighborhood crazy, but efforts to quiet them even occasionally have had mixed results. The drummers have agreed to stop playing during the nightly general assembly meeting, but Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s attempts to get them to limit their drumming to two hours a day have gone nowhere. Last Friday morning, the de facto leader of the drummers, a man with greasy gray hair starting to dread and a wild look in his eyes, reacted with fury to suggestions that some people would appreciate a respite from all the banging. “This is a revolution!” he shouted. “It’s not about working with the same community we are protesting against.” When other protesters tried to argue, the drummers played harder to drown them out.

This inability to enforce some kind of order, or to even recognize a mechanism for doing so, could cause problems for Occupy Wall Street. Such issues have bedeviled left-wing movements before. In the early 1970s, Jo Freeman wrote an important essay about the self-sabotaging distrust of organization in the women’s movement, titled “The Tyranny of Structurelessness.” “Unstructured groups may be very effective in getting women to talk about their lives; they aren’t very good for getting things done,” she wrote. “It is when people get tired of ‘just talking’ and want to do something more that the groups flounder, unless they change the nature of their operation.” Such movements, she argued, awaken people’s energy without channeling it. “Some women just ‘do their own thing.’ This can lead to a great deal of individual creativity, much of which is useful for the movement, but it is not a viable alternative for most women and certainly does not foster a spirit of cooperative group effort.”

There are lessons here for Occupy Wall Street. The movement has been enormously successful at capturing people’s imaginations and giving them a place to gather, air deep and legitimate grievances, and be invigorated by the power of group solidarity. But coming together and creating a counterculture is ultimately not enough to effect real and lasting change. For that, leadership and structure are ultimately needed. Occupy Wall Street is not anti-Semitic, and the presence of a few odd Jew-haters is not the movement’s fault. Its inability to quickly shut them up, though, may augur problems for its future.

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Bill Pearlman says:

There are Jews and then there are Jews. If a guy like Phil ( Hitler should have finished the job ) Weiss is for this or Siedarski. Then the fact that they were born Jewish through some cosmic joke doesn’t give this protest some sort of hecsher.

Oh, Billy. Ya always think you’re being all ueber Jewish and stuff, but then you bust out statements that are themselves anti-Semitic. Tablet should learn from this article and police their comments, I think.

Michelle, I’ve got news for you; the Palestinians make no secret of their desire to destroy Israel. So pro-Palestinian=anti Israel

I can see that this comment thread has great potential!!! (for idiocy).

cheryl says:

Shalom, Which is Hello peace or good bye.. all i can say is that people condeing the jews need to be careful….Jesus as the christians call him was a jew, I choose to call him Yeshua He is a jew so if they want to continue condeming they need to be careful,,also It says in scritures that the Jews are a paculliar people a chosen Generation a royal priest hood a holy nation set a part from others….

Paul Leber says:

“The charge that Occupy Wall Street is shot through with anti-Semitism is dishonest and deceptive.” Huh? What, if any, evidence supports Michelle’s assertion? How, pray tell, can Michelle possibly know what the actual prevalence of Jew bashers and Israeli haters is among the ne’er do wells who make up this rag tag mob of loafers and loons who are OWS? I don’t have a reliable head count either, but, I submit, based on what we know about universities in America today, if OWS were comprised entirely of Ivy League students, there would be substantial numbers of antiSemites, kids with ‘Jewish parents” among them. Accordingly, it is not unreasonable to assume that an assembly of college students, labor union agitators and mentally disturbed contains more than a few inveterate antiSemites.

Jac Lavone says:

Pepper spray them all and force them to bathe. That will clean the park out! This band of characters is there for the weed and for the sexual liaisons. Otherwise they have no reason to be there! Use mace or pepper spray and clean em out. Easier to do when the known Jew hater Jesse Jackson is on premises.

joel mazel says:

It’s very interesting how the mainstream media would focus on a few racist signs at the Tea Party rallies, but yet ignores the blatant antisemitism at the Wall Street protesters.

RufferinAK says:

In a movement dedicated to free speech it seems somewhat absurd to be recommending limitations on that speech. We’ll likely see intimations that bankers are Aliens from another galaxy or the latest incarnation of the knights templar or other secret societies. The presence of fantasy-thinkers and hate-spouters will be used against the whole. Such images will be used in the media to try and bring down the movement or trivialize it. The very fact that we’re seeing these images probably is a sign that those invested in the status quo are getting nervous. It is common to flood the “fair and balanced” media with propaganda such as the lead image in this article. I have no doubt it happened, but how representative is this of those who are participating in Occupy Wall Street? The movement will not be a fertile recruiting ground for Anti-Semites or other hate groups. They will quickly figure this out and go back to operating in their dark basements again.

The 99%ers need to stay on course and not let the information managers promote the development of schisms. The few stay in power by keeping the many divided. The few already have sent agents to foment violence. They likely will send people to create splits, perhaps the lead image is of such an individual. This will continue but it does not have to work. Keep talking, my friends, and keep demanding accountability and the right to assemble in non-violent protest. A movement with no leadership is scary to those who would oppose it; there is no head to cut off.

Mike Shapiro says:

Can we please remember that each and every extremist movement (left, right, UltraChristian, Moslem, UltraOrthodox, etc.) is, almost by its very nature, anti-Semitic.

They all need someone to blame and we have been the default fallback option for two thousand years.

By detailing the involvement of the Stanlinist Workers Party, Ms. Goldberg inadvertently reveals that OWS has an even larger element of anti-Semitism than identified by Fox News, Commentary, et al.

These apologetics for left-wing Jew-hatred would be more palatable if they didn’t some from someone who on the basis of much flimsier evidence has attacked Tea Partiers as racists. The left — including Goldberg’s own journalistic platforms — is so broadly committed to Hamas and its genocidal agendas against the Jews that her credibility on this issue is pretty much zero.

Terisa says:

The Occupy movement may have at its core a majority of unemployed and college students. I’m not in New York, but in my smaller city, the campers are mostly college-age. But they are joined for every march by about ten to twenty times their number of employed, bathed and groomed taxpaying citizens of all ages. The media likes to choose the more “colorful” protesters to interview for its own reasons. The comments on this article make me wonder WHY some people are so frightened by the idea of separating big money from the political process.

Diane M says:

Excellent analysis. Thanks.

Jay Kanter says:

I saw many jew haters in the crowds and nothing is mentioned in any of newspapers in New York and many more in other cities that are seen on the internet.This is not isolatated.I have not heard anything from Obama and the Democratic party leadership about this and that can only mean that Obama,the unions and the Democratic party does not care if this hate is directed against the Jewish people.If they were Republicans or Tea party groups you would hear an outrage in the media all day long.This is a disgrace.

You should not minimize the role of Adbusters in launching this movement. In addition to the 2004 incident you mention, in 2009 Adbusters ran a report called “Never Again” that juxtaposed images of the Warsaw Ghetto with images of Gaza in an attempt to suggest moral equivalence. There is a troublesome pattern here. I don’t think it’s entirely a coincidence that the protest movement uses the word “occupy.” That’s a loaded term.

Slick Video Tries To Portray Occupy Wall Street Protesters As Jew Haters /via @wordpressdotcom

There are small ugly fringes to any social movement that are unsavory in their sentiments but to suggest Occupy Wall Street is leaderless and is wishful figment of fantasy. These young people are justifiably angry that their futures have been sold out to finance ruinous foreign wars, Wall Street greed, and the monolithic marriage of government and giant corporations, a madly selfish marriage which deserves a divorce for the sakes of all the “little people.”

M. Brukhes says:

This is an excellent, beautifully written, and appropriately impassioned article–about concerns relevant beyond the passing fancy of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. That it has been greeted with near-unanimous idiocy is a disappointing but predictable occupational hazard in contemporary Jewish journalism. Thank you, Ms Goldberg, for publishing your work, despite the venue.

Florencia Davidzon says:

Very nice said.
The Jewish community of LA has a presence in the Occupy LA with a Sukka built last Sunday.
It is not just a Sukka, is a JUST sukka they preach.


Passing fancy are certainly ill chosen words, this protest in spirit has gone global to other cities world wide.

MonkFish says:

I second M.Brukhes excellent remark.

Downtown Ronny says:

Ok -I am a Jew in America for 55 years and consider myself a 99% and affilated with this movement-Never became a Lawyer or Doctor just unemployed in America! If you stop showing this less than 1% it would be ok by me for like myself without being a Leader of OccupyTogether There are not that fringe in Las Vegas-Stop calling attention to just the small fraction of the World that are Stupid and we all know it!

kurt abisch says:

It is very interesting Leil that you don’t give significance to the Jew hatters in your article. Even the main stream media does not show the pictures of those people and this it how it starts. No mater if the Jews are 1% or 2%, it is your silence that bothers me the most and dismissing those cooks as only fringe elements. Just imagine what you would have said if one sign like this would appear on a tea party gathering.

M. Brukhes says:

Kurt Abisch: first of all, the author of this article’s name is Michelle, not Leil–and your carelessness on this point is indicative of the general sloppiness of your reading. Michelle Goldberg isn’t just a commentator on the OWS movement, but an apparent participant; her observations are first-hand (whether she identifies with the movement or not) and therefore ought to count for far more than your armchair philosophizing. But most significantly, the reason why the appearance of such a sign would be more troubling at a Tea Party rally than at an OWS gathering is because essentially no Jews participate in or identify with the Tea Party. Ms Goldberg demonstrates that Jews in the OWS movement outnumber anti-Semites by an immense magnitude and therefore efforts by right-wing Jews (such as yourself?) to portray the movement as anti-Semitic aren’t just misleading, they’re dishonest, and obfuscating of the genuine grievances that the movement itself is airing.

steve siegel says:

the NY Times today commented on the thievery going on at the park. too bad that the ‘bad guys’ have to intrude on this political statement to steal things.

“Can we please remember that each and every extremist movement (left, right, UltraChristian, Moslem, UltraOrthodox, etc.) is, almost by its very nature, anti-Semitic.”

“They all need someone to blame and we have been the default fallback option for two thousand years.”

I second Mike Shapiro’s note. It is incumbent of all people of good will to fight antisemitism across the ideological perspective and not use this fight for partisan purposes.

The OWS is basically a democratic movement and as such it would have an anti Zionist element in its character and this anti Zionism will be defined by many Jews, particularly Israelis, as anti Semitic. To be clear, I have defined Zionism as the policy to occupy Palestinian land beyond the pre 1967 borders, in other words, Israeli national desire to settle or control all of Palestine under one pretext of another.

Ha. Why is it that everything “critical” of Jews is also “anti-Semitic?”

Last time I checked being Jewish was a religion — not a race. And every major civilization since the dawn of history has had some sort of gripe with the Jews. Hmmmm, they’re all crazy, I presume. Get over it. No one hates you becasue of your faith — they hate you becasue you’re a jerk.

Jennifer M says:

Today’s appauling news that the American Nazi party has officially endorsed the “Occupy” movement speaks volumes about the anti-semitic leanings of the group. Wake up America!

M. Brukhes says:

Allen: if being a Jew = being a jerk then you’re about the biggest Jew I’ve ever encountered…!

it is the jewish lobby in this country that needs to be weaned from the fromthe american gravey train, it needs to wake up and join us in this century. they do not need my tax dollars to keep their version of appartide in place f*** religion and its control of our govt

Mickey Malk says:

I wonder whether you might be open to someone who brings an entirely different perspective to Occupy Wall Street – and suggests that we all live on different planets. Read this. Scary:

Jean Maslo says:

C’est comme cela que ca commence…
It’s the begining…

Jean Maslo
Paris France

Jeffrey says:

I think your point is true about almost virtually every political or religious movement. The question is, do we really believe it’s better to impose a top down “order” that merely masks the existence of such wackos? In Israel, at this moment, there exists the exact equivalent of the skinhead/Aryan brotherhood movement — you’ll find it among the settlers and their supporters. They hate all Arabs with the same vigor and violence that the brown shirts hated Jews. Unedited videos exist that show these neo-Nazis assaulting Arabs, liberal Israeli Jews and journalists with knive, rocks and fists. What are their shaved heads,wife-beater shirts and musclebound bodies reminiscent of? Yet, when was the last time the “established” Jewish community engaged the issue of the devils among us?

student says:

we are all entitled to free speech (motha fuckas)

student says:

i see the same anti semitic hostilities this article condemns present in much of the comments, only directed at the protestors. YOU THINK THEY’RE JUST PROTESTING FOR WEED! I dont need permission from god or obama or my parents to smoke weed, in fact their are bigger f-ing issues with our politics than that one aspect.

Bill Pearlman says:

What are you protesting for. I’m actually curious

student says:

I’m not protesting but, if I was I would protest the huge tax breaks that rich receive, how our leaders can all be bought and controlled with $, not to live as a society based on debt (and fractional reserve banking), the prohibition of drugs, the mega corporations that essentially control the media and the world, the presence of god on my money and in the pledge of allegiance, the 2 party system as well as that we should have a real democracy.

Dani ben Leb says:

Right on the money Michelle. Thank you.

As others have pointed out Michelle Goldberg fails to discuss Adbusters and their sad history.

‘A number of buildings in Wall Street start to show signs of Pyratentitis. A Doctor!’
Graphic Commentary on Wall Street

Why am I so nostalgic for the day when anti-Semites were proud to proclaim their antisemitism? Today, while they repeat the creed, they refuse the name of that creed.

If you hate Jews, hold Jews collectively responsible for whatever grievances you have towards the world, or generally believe in various conspiratorial myths about Jews, then yes, you are an anti-Semite. If you can’t admit to it, then stay in your closet, and stop coyly teasing us that you might come out.

Connie Snyder says:

Rush Limbaugh…head bigot and racist…is hawking this theory. All I need to know to discredit the charge. Clearly hatched in some back room headed up by the Koch Brothers, Andrew Breibart and Roger Ailes. Get serious people. These attempts to discredit what is a global movement are pathetically transparent.

What gives me great solace a a Jew, is not having Israel as a refuge. The power of the state is constantly under attack. My confidence stems from the fact that for the first time in history, we Jews have the power to cripple and even destroy the entire world. I don’t know how many Blessed nuclear weapons we possess, although I am fairly certain it is far more than the “4oo” that has been bantered about for who knows how long. A very small percentage of these aimed at the heart of Persian Gulf oil facilities (on both sides of the gulf) would turn the rest of the word Amish overnight!

We live in a sick depraved world that needs to be hammered into shape by The LORD’S hammer. Israel is truly The
Anvil of GOD.

Yishai says:

Did anyone happen to mention to Rush, or Cain or others who often loudly blame liberals for all the ills of America and indeed the world, that “liberals” can well be considered an historic code word for the Jews!?

I don’t understand why some Jews, and The Tablet in particular, are investing so much energy to argue the OWS isn’t antisemitic. I can’t say definitively what’s happening in New York, but in my town the Occupy people are also our usual bunch of Jew haters.

And just so you know, by Jew haters I mean members of a group that brings in speakers who claim the Mossad committed 9/11 and hand out books claiming that Jews control the media, the banks, Wall Street and say that Israel was created as part of the Jewish plan for world domination.

These same people are progressives, their own claim, and this is the face of today’s progressive movement. Nobody will ever confuse me with a conservative, so I just can’t understand why Jews like those at The Tablet won’t admit the truth about the progressive movement.

I have no reason to doubt that these same progressives constitute the most active members of OWS in NY.

Lou Adams says:

This article is informative but contains the usual liberal misdirection and lack of accountability.
Do you know who the woman who organized the protests is? Do you know her views on Israel?
Do you think that Jewish useful idiots haven’t been a part of other anti Semitic groups before without realizing who was calling the shots behind the scenes? Do you think that some Jews don’t want to look at how organizers express with their peers outside the context of their public for consumption speeches?
Have you looked at the group of organizers and asked who trained them and where did the money come from to train them.

This is truly amazing and the height of hypocrisy. If these so called anti-semitic “fringe groups” were camped out at Tea Party rallies, the liberal media along with Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart et al would be screaming that they represent the voice of Tea Party

As it is, the nut case Pelosi branded the Tea Party as “nazis” and CNN smirked that the Tea Party protests reflected racists because they didn’t see too many black people in the marches. But hey, let’s excuse these bigots at the OWS event, right?

If anything, the OWS protestors are whiners and blame capitalism for their own lack of motivation and responsibilities.
They truly believe a government check will solve all their problems. Trouble is, where and when does it stop and how much do they want off the backs of the middle class?

Margaret Thatcher once said,
The trouble with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Anyone see the videos out of Greece lately?

Good article. Some of the comments here are way off the rails though. The Tea Partiers are shot through with anti-semites, especially once you’re 100 miles from either of the coasts (see one of our local examples here:

I suspect the problem with some of our more dogmatic conservative commentors is that they have a problem dealing with the “other” as described by Buber, Levinas, and Heschel. This is not surprising given the nature of orthodox thinking.

Regarding the “protests” themselves: Over 1700 OWS’ers have been arrested in the course of exercising their right to free expression, while not one of Goldman Sach’s employees has been arrested for their role some of the largest financial frauds/thefts in history, (energy deregulation; real estate derivatives).

Most of the OWS are upset that the current form of “capitalism” practiced in the United States bears little resemblance to free enterprise, and are decrying the lack of accountability for institutional fraud and criminality compared with individual accountability for fraud and criminality.

I think they have a point.

Bob, one of the principal things the protestors are protesting and I know many millions and millions are behind is how sickened they feel when representational democracy is watered down to weak representation when government and multi-mega-corporations and fatcat lobbyists all lie down in bed together. The American people and their wants and desires are all dwarfed by this way of doing business.

During the 1920’s, college students in Germany were among the earliest backers of Hitler. At a time when their economic future looked rather depressing (the currency had collapsed), they needed someone to blame and Jews have historically filled that role. So it is not surprising that some of the young people demonstrating these days are demonizing Jews. For the last few years, the words “Goldman Sachs” have practically become code words for “Jewish bankers”; never mind that Angelo Mozilo sounds Italian to me, and that he probably was born a Roman Catholic.

These protests are over a month old and have gone global and without a doubt will proceed on until law makers and politicians can condescend to consider their own constituents.

Beatrix says:

OWS is an attempt to channel the 1960s.

When you and I were young, Maggie, we had reason to protest. As soon as we had a hero, someone assassinated him: Martin, Bobby, and John. And so we protested on behalf of civil rights, against an unpopular war, and to mourn the loss of our heroes.

Today, the left has a liberal President, and they can’t blame Obama for the problems in the country he’s leading. But they can blame Israel.

I doubt the OWS is any more antisemitic than the left normally is, which isn’t saying much. The left has always been both immature and intellectual, but once we get a Republican President in 2012, the left will have a new target to focus on, and may let up on Israel and the Jews.

neal sturman says:

jules, give me some concrete proposls that lawmakers could put into a cogent bill. don’t give me philosophic ideas like corporations should consider their workers. Change the way banks do business , giving us higher interest. some real ideas.

Shalom Freedman says:

The inability to quiet the Anti- Semites means the Anti- Semites voice is heard loud and clear at the center of the movement. It means too that the great majority , including the Jewish members of the group who oppose the anti- Semitism do not have the power or the courage to quell such a voice.
I am afraid it is a signal that the whole movement organized ‘according to anarchic principles’ is not worth being a part of.

willie says:

What a joke. In the hebraic roots and messianic movement there is many who claim to be Jew but are not. What does it matter if you are jew. Ortho jews are still waiting on messiah and christians are still waiting on torah. Both have serious issues but they will be rectified soon.

I write to share my experience of the Tent Cities and the following protests and 1000 Round Tables which grew from the first round of activity.

Just having returned from a trip to the US, it was apparent that this news did NOT get reported in the traditional media. Imagine peace breaking out in Israel. Imagine secular and religious Jews, Kibbutznikim, Arabs, grandmothers, and teenagers, sitting side by side on picnic chairs LISTENING to one another without interruption. It’s a miracle.

This is my experience. I would invite all those involved in the American activities to gain inspiration from what is going on in Israel.

You can check out The Hub Tel Aviv for links to all of the different acitivites and their related websites.

emwatcher says:

Anti-Zionist is not the same as anti-Jewish.

Honest people know this.

Marsha Roseman says:

Here in Los Angeles we have a good example of a Jew Hater in Patricia McCallister who was fired from her job as a teacher for her recorded spewing of antisemetism .
None of the other OWS protesters shouted her down. Our mayor gave rain jackets to these street people and our city council members support them.
Jew hatred is rampant on our college campuses and these students are now taking to the streets encouraged by the likes of Ms. McCallister.
Our Muslim loving President disparages Israel and encourages an Arab “spring” that leads to Islamic governments in the middle east instead of secular governments.
OWS is rife with Jew haters and useful idiots who buy into their conspiracy theories.

Lou Adams says:

So now we know that acorn is also a backer of the “leaderless” protests and that many of the “protesters” are actually being paid. Why have the democratic leaders of congress, who cried out racism when one obscure signed turned up at a tea party event, been silent when numerous anti-Semitic signs and statements have been documented at acorn’s anti wall street protests?
Why do democratic Jews make excuses and choose to overlook the issue of antisemitism coming out of their political community?

Marsha Roseman says:

The Jews who think their religion is ” tikkun olam” and ” social justice” forget the words of Hillel, ” if I am not for myself , who is for me”.
They are quick to support solar ovens in Darfur but refuse to see that billions hate them just for being Jews and self defense is our first responsibility. It was never good for us throughout the centuries when people started blaming the bankers and the rich for their ills.

Arik Elman says:

This is ridiculous. You either give anti-Semites freedom to sell their wares, or you don’t. If you do, you’re complicit. Somehow Tea Parties had managed not to attract “the antisemitic fringe”. I wonder why.

Graphic Commentary on Occupation

Anti-Semitic speech has been flashed all over back page websites from the 99 percent and even if it is ten of every hundred or thousand it should be condemned period by our leaders!

The real story facing American Jewish communities is the vanishing hope of Jewish grandchildren replenishing our numbers, and the politics of the next generation will therefore no concern for a Jewish State and so too those of political affiliation is the holocaust of assimilation. The “In depth analysis”

Marsha Roseman says:

yes, Reb. Moshe, that is my fear too but my prayers are with those that come on their birthright trip and get their courage to fight for our tribe, and those Christians who are coming to Israel who totally “get” that
Jesus was a Jew and will also support a strong State of Israel.

The prove that israel control USA is here : Israel control media, control governament , killed millions of palestines and americans are call ‘anti-semite” for go against zionism. HA

Zionism is racism.

USA is broken because zionist, all world knows that.

Poor america.

Tine racists zionists control all america, and america is broke with a debt of 14 trillions.

Shameless what USA became : a land of zionists, HA, all is controled for zionists.Total dictadure in america.

With this america show that is Unable of leading world, how a country of 300 millions of people can be control of couple of racists supremacists zionists ? how american people are Slandered being call of “anti-semite” for acusse the terrible zionist moviment ?

And what “jesus” got with this ? Christianity religion are created for enemies of israel, a group call “nazarenes” and later for other enemies : roman empire that in IV century created for a Roman christianity.Christianism never got to israel, instead christianism told that israel is over , and now got a new aliance.

America is Over…

Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! However, how can we communicate?

ANSWER Coalition had a break with the Workers World Party in 2004. The coalition includes communists — yes — but not exclusively. Please do homework.

Civil rights and women’s rights movement had “perennial presence” of communists who looked up to Stalin. But they were far from “curses.”

Also, I’m Jewish and have been involved with ANSWER for years (along with lots of other Jews). The group is profoundly anti-Zionist, but not anti-Semitic.

Mossod did 9/11 says:

It’s no secret that the Zionists & Mossod did 9/11.Even higher ups at the Army War College no it.Thank God people are waking up to the true evils of Zionism. Including many good Jewish people who understand their religion has been hijacked by a radical political movement called Zionism.


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Anti-Semites are a tiny fringe at the Occupy Wall Street protests. But an inability to quiet them shows the limitations of a leaderless movement.

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