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Hollow Men

Why Israel’s enemies will always be the darlings of Western intellectuals

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Shiite Muslims carry pictures of Lebanese cleric Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah as they attend his funeral in Beirut’s southern suburb on July 6, 2010. (Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images)
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It’s nothing new for Western intellectuals to lavish attention and admiration on the resistance forces aligned against Israel, whether it’s Hamas or Hezbollah or even organizations like al-Qaida that are less interested in Israel than in killing and maiming Western civilians. Last week, when CNN’s former Middle East editor, Octavia Nasr, tweeted that she respected the late militant cleric Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, the cards were out on the table for all to see. But usually the pro-resistance vibe is more subtle, as when Nasr’s defenders demanded a more nuanced understanding from knee-jerk Americans who were shocked by Nasr’s support for a suicide-bomb-sanctioning man of faith. After all, Fadlallah was a relatively pro-feminist radical Islamist cleric—and if his talk about Israel was genocidal, well, that’s just part of the package when dealing with a complex place like the Middle East.

Media consumers in the United States are by now well aware that Hezbollah and Hamas provide “social services” for their communities. For the writers and television personalities who push such supposed palliatives on their audiences—“Yes, they do chant ‘kill the Jews!’ and they do act on their rhetoric, but they also educate poor kids in clean, well-lit schools (please ignore the slogans painted on the walls)”—respect for the resistance is a polite way of indicating one’s tolerance for murderous anti-Semitism. The issue is whether this attitude is in danger of seeping into the mainstream of the U.S. public. Poll numbers show that U.S. support for Israel is consistently high—in February Gallup found that a near-record 63 percent of Americans were more sympathetic to the Jewish state than to the Palestinians. But ideas can change, and it’s intellectuals who often lead the way. Remember that Israel was a popular cause among the intellectual classes until the 1967 war. It is true that the American people and the bulk of their intellectual class are far apart on the subject of Israel, but all the massive and popular evil of the last century started among a small ideological elite.

A common explanation for the turning away of the intellectuals from Israel is that the Jewish state forfeited the world’s sympathy once it was no longer perceived as the underdog in its conflict with the Arabs. Israel’s sin, in this reading, is that it didn’t lose. However, this would suggest that intellectuals misunderstand a uniquely American concept: The underdog does not win the pity of the chorus because he is crushed by his tormentors; rather, he is the champion who perseveres because the stubborn stars that rule his nature will not permit him to choose otherwise. Perhaps his friends will abandon him, and maybe his family, too; neither his wife nor children signed on for such an arduous journey. If he intends to follow this hard path, he may well travel alone. Such is the stuff of big-ticket American heroism. It is odd that the American intelligentsia cannot recognize in Israel the likeness of our literary models, Melville’s Ahab, Fitzgerald’s Gatsby, Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne. Rather, the intelligentsia is more like Hester’s hypocritical neighbors. If Israel is portrayed as the Dirty Harry of nations, then its accusers are the tepid bureaucrats mistaking cowardice for compassion, who chide Clint Eastwood’s Callahan.

In reality, of course, Israel isn’t all that heroic. No one and nothing is. Israel’s men and women of honor do not accomplish Homeric deeds in south Lebanon or Gaza to the beat of martial songs, like the resistance; instead they ride the bus home on the weekend to see their parents, go out drinking with friends, and pick up the wrong guy or girl in a smoky bar with awful pop music. “Our warriors,” says one former tank driver, “are Jewish boys who are bossed around by their wives.” And yet during the war with Hezbollah four years ago, the country’s incompetent political and military leadership sent too many of those Jewish boys to their deaths, without sufficient training or a strategy for victory. It seems like almost every day there is news that another of Israel’s chief political leaders is under investigation for corruption charges, which is to say the system is rotten and the system works. To say that Israel is normal is to say that it is, like all democracies, mediocre.

Intellectuals are not interested in the quotidian mediocrity of a functioning democracy. They are interested in ideas. Once an idea is realized in the form of a political organization that must function on a day-to-day basis, it is difficult for men and women of ideas to stomach the result. For instance, it is very exciting that the United States is founded on an idea—one that upends classical political theory. Whereas the ancients believed the role of the state was to promote virtue, the moderns took a more realistic view of human nature. The United States is founded on the idea that men are mediocre when they are not murderous and that it is the role of the state to protect them from each other’s predations. For such an optimistic country like the United States, this is a very unpleasant picture of human nature, and quite a boring idea. Universal equality is not the kind of idea, in practice even more so than theory, that is apt to excite intellectuals.

Of course, intellectuals on the right and the left have been wrong about politics these last hundred years more than they have been right (or righteous). George Orwell, after all, is not a major figure who was right about communism; rather, he is a major figure because he was one of the few who was right about communism. Among the great names of U.S. and European literary modernism, it is difficult to number more than a handful who did not flirt with fascism or who were not openly anti-Semitic.

The same search for novelty and individual originality, the same disenchantment with democracy, the same desire to stand outside the mediocrity of mass culture that fueled the modernist revolution in the arts also gave rise to a dispiriting number of mass-murdering political cults, from communism to fascism and Nazism to a number of Western-inspired ideas that were realized elsewhere, from the genocidal regime of Pol Pot to Arab nationalism. Anything to change the status quo, for the West was “a botched civilization,” wrote Ezra Pound, the American poet, “an old bitch gone in the teeth.” This proudly fascist and anti-Semitic modernist master, who made radio broadcasts on Mussolini’s behalf, won the Bollingen prize for poetry in 1949—never mind Pound’s crazy politics, said his defenders, the man was a poet of genius.

You could argue that Israel is a nation of obvious appeal to the intellectual classes, even on their own terms. For instance, the rebirth of Hebrew as a living national language was the work of intellectuals. Zionism itself is an idea. If you were a person of faith, you’d simply take the restoration of the Jews as proof that God is real and acts in history. But as a man of reason, you’d see the rebirth of Israel as evidence of human progress: After 2,000 years of wandering and suffering, the Jews have a modern nation-state—things do get better. If you were a man of reason, you’d take Israel as proof that enlightenment is real.

But intellectuals are no more rational than the rest of us, and none of us are wholly rational in our politics. The attractiveness of the resistance takes place on an emotional level, for like all of the most intellectually captivating modernist grand concepts it is a rejection of the Enlightenment, the boredom and the mediocrity of regular politics. The Enlightenment did away with the blood, the magic and mysticism of the great leader, he who decides life and death with a word. And this is what is to be recovered in the resistance: the charisma and authenticity of the human being unrestrained by what Nietzsche called slave morality. From Pound and T.S. Eliot to Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault and their disciples, for a century the West’s greatest minds have taught that the privilege, and duty, of the Western intellectual is to unmake the West, even—or especially—through violence, even if someone else, like the resistance, must serve as the agent of apocalypse and rebirth. The notion that Israel is condemned because it is more powerful than its adversaries is patently false: The intellectuals are nothing if not spellbound by the economy of force, and equally so in the purgative bloodshed that ensues. The aspect of eros that Pound found in Il Duce and Foucault found in Khomeini is what the Western acolytes of the resistance see in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Some journalists shed tears when Arafat died, others are smitten by the beauty of Islamist militants: The “green eyes” of Hezbollah’s deputy Naim Qassem “are framed by thick, dark lashes and he has long elegant hands.” Saddam Hussein, we are told, did much to advance the rights of women. In Cairo I knew a former CNN producer whose first affair with an Arab intelligence officer was in Saddam’s Baghdad—a great city, she explained, if you didn’t mind the constant surveillance and widespread torture.

But this attraction of the intellectuals to the flame of the resistance is not simply based on eros alone. There is also the aspect of thanatos, the death instinct. The sad reality is that all organisms—men and the nations they populate—carry within them the seeds of their own end. While the normal run of men unwittingly nurture their demise through the wrong that has become habit and custom, the suicide overruns all limits. In reality, it is not Israel that our intellectuals despise, for that hatred is simply the latest pattern in a long century that the West’s self-loathing has taken. It is ourselves that we cannot abide.

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Stacy says:

As usual, the indication here is that society gives too much weight to “men and women of ideas”. Idealists are a crucial part of the collective brain, but they should always be firmly shown the door when practical situations arise to be dealt with.

Eric J says:

There’s a simpler explanation- Israel was popular among the intelligentsia while Kibbutzim thrived (or struggled) and the government was a Socialist basket case. Once economic reality caught up the the Kibbutzim and they could no longer be pointed to as small-scale Marxist success stories, Leftists lost interest and the Post-Colonial narrative took over.

Mr. Smith, I believe you give too much credit to the existential angst of so-called intellectuals. Their foolish pride in ‘always having an answer’ leads them to advocate and apologize for any easy solution which comes along.

And the ‘easy’ solution is ALWAYS genocide, be it in the ME, Stalinist Russia, or Year-Zero Cambodia.

CBDenver says:

Eric J — I agree with you wholeheartedly. When the Israelis were searching for socialist nirvana via the kubbutzim, they were the darlings of the left. When they abandoned socialism, they became apostates of the socialist religion. Such apostasy is never forgiven by the left.

Squires says:

It should further be noted that the Islamists did not really begin couching “the resistance” in Marxist rhetoric until after the 1967 war, a deliberate appeal to the West’s “useful idiots”, and a technique adopted from the Soviets.

Gerry says:

Right on the nose, Eric J. The kibbutzniks dancing the hora and sitting around campfires singing “Tzena, Tzena, Tzena” or “Hava Nagilah” represented the idealism acceptable to the left.

When those kibbutzniks got into their IDF uniforms and routed the Arab armies in 1967, it was more than the “intellectuals” could accept.

theBuckWheat says:

This is proof that the spiritual warfare mentioned by the Prophet Daniel in Daniel 10:13 is still going on today. The very existence of Israel as a independent nation today is a prophetic event that is in the sequence of predicates for the return of the Messiah. So, of course Satan moves against that predicate and hopes to destroy it.

Eric R. says:

You are way too charitable to these “journalists”. The European Goebbelist propagandists who control the BBC, AFP, and other European newspapers and television networks, are just pure unadulterated, fanatic, irrational, genocidal Nazi Jew-haters. Don’t let their invectives against Naziism fool you. They love and adore Hitler, and hope the Islamofascists finish his work.

Hitler and his Nazis were Jew-hating, pro-Palestinian (think the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) Socialists. In other words, perfect fits for today’s international antii-Semitic media.

And for the American leftist journalists? They are enamored with Europe because of its Socialism and its ability to crush dissent by “soft” methods (i.e. – “hate” speech laws and ability to completely marginalize and vilify those who disagree with them — ask the ghost of Pim Fortuyn if you doubt me). And the Jews among them? They have done what Jews have done for the last 2000 years — convert to the dominant religion of the elites in order to advance. Today, that religion happens to be Marxism/Leftism/Progressivism.

Shuki says:

A hollow string of strawman arguments buttresed by the fundamentalist radical right comments following the article. Given any amount of critical thought on the matter, one cannot help but stand against the anti-democratic, racist government in Israel. It’s not just boogeyman intellectuals, it’s any mensch with respect for tzedek and the Jewish tradition of inquiry and reflection that can recognize how painfully wrong Israel is.

Richard Koffler says:


You’ll like this, and most of the comments on it. More grist for our mill.


Abelard Lindsey says:

I have always thought the intellectuals were a parasite class. Lee Smith’s article here reinforces this conviction of mine.

biobob says:

“Israel’s enemies” covers a lot of ground, don’t you think?
“Western intellectuals” covers even more ground.

Just because you wish to make a big splash, does not mean that such blanket statements could ever possibly be correct in all instances. Better for you if you would include more weasel words, like some, most, a few, could, should, might, possibly, etc in the name of accuracy and fact, neh ?

In other words, YOU, darling, are ALWAYS full of crap even if there is a pea under all those mattresses.

Mountainjew says:

I’ve read this three times now and have failed to identify what the author is trying to say. Is it that (his charicature of) Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah is “bad”? Is it that “intellectuals” are “bad”? Or just “Western” intellectuals, (whoever they are, they aren’t well defined in this article: the concept could refer to anyone from Norman Podhoretz to Pee Wee Herman).

His generalization that “Western intellectuals” will “always” side with “Israel’s enemies” is easily and demonstrably false. So why all these words if they are simply to restate in rambling, hypothetical and somewhat magical fashion the odd hope that lies behind the headline? Why does Mr. Smith need to manufacture enemies? Aren’t the real ones enough?

This article is poorly thought through, and poorly expressed. Perhaps The Tablet will post something more engaging in the future?

It is, in some ways, the fantasy of power, allowing the consummately powerless, the denizens of the Ivory Tower, to identify with men of action, willing to spill blood and risk their own lives in the service of a cause. So they play cheerleader, or bard, eulogizing murder, like Baudrillard likening 9/11 to a work of art. And there is the added frisson of the antisemitism.

Rich Rostrom says:

The particular attraction of the anti-Israel cause is that Israel is, functionally, a white settler colony. It is therefore the current scapegoat for all the real or alleged crimes of white colonialism. The same people who embrace Hezbollah and Hamas also championed the likes of Ward Churchill (who made a lucrative career of pseudo-Indian pseudo-militancy) and Nelson Mandela (a real fighter against a genuinely oppressive settler regime).

Apartheid South Africa is long gone, and they can’t dig up Custer and burn his bones. All the African and Asian colonies are independent. The only target for white-guilt-driven anti-colonialism is Israel.

While Shuki talks of “anti-democratic, racist government in Israel” he seems to forget that the Arab States are “more” racist, allowing less minority rights and often persecuting or forbidding Jews and Christians, and do not begin to have the democratic voting or judiciary that Israel has, nor the civil rights which include Arab Knesset members. But then again, for a left-winger anti-Isreal means demonization and double-standards for Israel, the classic traits of anti-Semitism.

Then Shuki brings up “tzedek ” – but seems to forget
that there is more tzedek in Israel towards Arabs than in all the surrounding Arab states towards any minority, Copts, Kurds, Christian etc..

Unfortunately, Shuki’s Jewish tradition of inquiry is only for those who agree with the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views.

Daniel says:

I found this very insightful – in fact, I believe Mr. (?) Smith hits it out of the park.

Speaking of the minority rights, what about the fact that Hamas severely restricts the rights of Palestinian women? What about the fact that girls cannot leave their houses without asking their fathers, brothers, and husbands permission? That sex ed isn’t permitted, even though Palestinian girls are getting married (arranged marriages) as early as 15. Why are the liberals focusing on all the human rights abuses of Israel, rather than working to reform Palestinian society from within? A lot of the sorrow that exists in Palestinian society begins in the home (where domestic and verbal abuse is legitimized).

Shaylo says:

Please know that CNN does NOT represent even HALF of all Americans!! Look at their ratings, America has turned away from their biased reporting.

MarcH says:

So … exactly why does Shuki feel qualified to speak as an authority on “tzedek and the Jewish tradition of inquiry”?

David says:

Mr. Smith, your analysis like usual is insightful and very interesting. I don’t know if you heard of him, but you should consider teaming up with Michael Totten. He is one of the best ME journalist/bloggers in the country.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that today’s ‘intellectual’ are now in the Leviathan camp. You can see it from Obama to Friedman to MSDNC. They know best b/c they belong to the elite and us rubes don’t understand the world.

Does the writer know that either Hizbullah or Hamas has its lobby groups – as Israel has over three dozens of them in the US?

Has ever an American presidential candidate visited Lebanon to pay homage to Muslim or Christian sacred places as is normal in case of the Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem?

Has Ben Obama ever mentioned to fight for the security of a foreign country other than Israel?

Michel Collon, a Belgian journalist and author, in his book “Israel, let’s talk about it,” has slammed European media over decades of “lying” to people in order to support Israel.

Michael says:

I was little disturbed by how you used Nietzsche in the article. Nietzsche was intensely pro-Semitic. I converted to Judaism out of my Nietzschean convictions. It’s simply wrong to in any way imply that Nietzsche didn’t resist anti-Semitism. One of the last things he wrote as he went insane was “I have had all the anti-Semites shot.”

whatever says:

those darn PhDs

we much prefer arab crybaby killers i guess

jealousy is the opiate of the stupid

David says:

“Has Ben Obama ever mentioned to fight for the security of a foreign country other than Israel?”

Hmm…I have to think about this for a second, oh that’s right, Afghanistan and Iraq for starters.

But keep you with your anti-Semitic tropes. It keeps on reminding me who we are fighting.

Steve says:

Wrong. The intellectual’s mind is less complicated than that. Israel is strong and allied with the even stronger, richer West. Strength and wealth beget power. Power is the tool with which the strong oppress the weak. Everything the weak do is the fault of the strong for oppressing them. Everything the powerless do to throw off their oppression is acceptable because they did not create their condition, the oppressors did. Thus, uniformed soldiers of a democracy adhering to the laws of war are oppressors and aggressors, while suicide bombers blowing up civilians in a disco or on a bus are ‘freedom fighters’ (despite not fighting for freedom). The lefty/intellectual is a simple creature – do not make the mistake of attributing to it complexity that does not exist. Power is the key to it’s thinking. Cop uses to much force – hang him. Minority kills cop, celebrate him. Rich Western democracy goes to war with brutal Middle-East dictatorship, it’s an illegal war on a sovereign nation. Big rich oil company spills oil all over the gulf – it’s an intellectual’s wet, um…ah… kiss.

Khan Krum says:

Excellent article. I’d suggest reading Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” for more insight into this matter. Essentially he argues that German National Socialism was a left-wing race-based statist ideology (as opposed to the class-based international socialism of the Soviet Union). No wonder Oilbama’s post-national race and class based socialism is about to throw Israel under the bus (never mind the capo camouflage he uses, Hussein is an anti-Semite at heart).

Lol…. the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq planned by the neocons (majority of them Jewish) way ahead of 9/11. It was planned for maintaining the domination of Isreal in the Middle East. It has added attractions too – heroin and oil – both benefiting Israel.

When it comes to so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ – no one can beat the Zionist Jew leaders and writer. Perhaps they realize that the Arabs have more Semite Muslims and Christians among them than the small minority of Jews among the 12.7 million world Jewish population.

Hershl says:

Good article.

The reason that the Arabs will never make peace with Israel is that they would have no one left to blame their problems on.

Consider this latest, long standing cover up.

Western volunteers coming to support the poor, oppressed Palestinian people are not only being raped by them but then being told that if they squeal they are traitors to Palestine.

What crap. Where are the protesters who denounce Israel? Amy Goodman, the notorious self-hating Jew, the Arab propagandist is mum on this one.

David says:

Wow Rehmet! Does Rehmet mean utterly stupid in Arabic?

Joooos! Jooos! Jooos! They are everywhere! They control EVERYTHING! My brain is going to melt…..Seriously, you need get back on meds.

Or many you are just a Paki that’s needs some donkey love…

“Google ranks Pakistan No. 1 in the world in searches for pornographic terms, outranking every other country in the world in searches per person for certain sex-related content.

Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004, “donkey sex” since 2007, “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009, “rape sex” since 2004, “child sex” between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, “animal sex” since 2004 and “dog sex” since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.”

So Remy, can we just Fatwa the whole country instead? Islam, the religion of Animal Sex.

Bronstein says:

An abominably thin thin argument and simply horrific responses. “Islam, the religion of animal sex?”

I am ashamed of Tablet and worry about Israel if these are its American followers.

David says:


I’m ashamed of people like YOU that turn a blind eye to people like Rehmet. It’s day after day with this guy ranting about Jews and how evil Israel is on this website.

Do you think I care what someone like you thinks of me? Hell no.

Rehmet is a supremacist. If you can’t tell by his daily rants about Jewish people then I feel sorry for your feeble mind. It’s lefties like you that disgust me the most. Rehmet is quite clear of what he thinks of Jewish people and you have the gall to go after me. Well, it actually makes sense. Lefties like yourself believe the only evil people out there are Republicans.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Fred Weizmann says:

There is much truth in Smith’s article. I wish he would have distinguished more clearly between criticisms of Israel from its friends, who are concerned with the anti-democratic tenor of Israeli politics and the strength of the theocratic right, and the criticisms of those who are anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic.

Kavanna says:

There’s an even simpler, possible even vulgar, explanation. The tide of chattering class opinion started to turn against Israel after the 1973 war and the oil embargo.

But no doubt, the fantasy of “noble savagery” promoted by the New Left in those years and now enshrined in the media and universities still exerts a lot of power over “intellectuals.”

BTW, I always consider the chattering classes to be “intellectuals” or pseudo-intellectuals. Real intellectuals check their facts and logic. Obviously, these bozos don’t.

“Among the great names of U.S. and European literary modernism, it is difficult to number more than a handful who did not flirt with fascism or who were not openly anti-Semitic.”

Were the focus of this paper social, or political, or even historical then this quote would have provided the focus (for me). For this quote goes to the very heart of the Jewish Question indelibly imprinted in the socio-cultural core of our chosen Diaspora home in Christian society. That 300 years of antisemitism, since the west went secular in the Enlightenment, was the cultural inheritance of 1700 years of Christian theological anti-Judaism, absorbed invisibly and almost entirely uncritically. It is precisely this invisible inheritance that explains why anti-Zionism is just a polite veil for antisemitism.

The real danger for we Jews is that we, also, deny the Holocaust. Whether we prefer those Jewish historians who describe Shoah as the result of post-WWI socio-economic conditions (came close to something akin past couple of years!), therefore unique; those who insist the Holocaust just another manifestation of post-modernism, not exceptional at all (Cambodia, Sudan, etc,); or unimportant compared to radical Islam; in the end all we are doing is justifying our choice of life in a dangerous environment, denying reality as described by our long history of persecution by our hosts and neighbors. Are we today any more justified than our German brethren who denied the reality of events they witnessed as their “exceptional” fatherland underwent its annihilative transformation?

In his concluding lines the author touches the very heart of Jewish denial, of the significance of the Holocaust not as an event in history but as the latest effort by Christendom at attempting to solve its Jewish Problem: “There is also the aspect of thanatos, the death instinct. The sad reality is that all organisms—men and the nations they populate—carry within them the seeds of their own end.

And so we stay!

Lynne T says:

Don’t underestimate the impact it had on western leftists when the Soviet Union turned against Israel to become backers of Arafat’s PLO and patron to a number of Arab states. That would go a long way toward explaining as well, the high level of tolerance for the tolitarian regimes of Ho Chi Mihn and Fidel Castro. If Vietnam and Cuba were such workers’ paradises, there would not have been the great need for mass executions of opponents and state control over every aspect of life.

rykart says:

The reasons for broad condemnation of Israel are not nearly so hard to come by as this tortured piece suggests. Israel has earned international disgust among Intellectuals and non-intellectuals, Jews and non-Jews alike for her despicable arrogance, her vicious crimes against children and elderly people, her repulsive greed for land, her loathsome indifference to the law, her catastrophic racism and her pathological lies.

I would add that one of the primary problems that Israel has with “Western Intellectuals” is that Israel does not appeal to nor does it need their pity.

“Western Intellectuals” are suckers for the pitiful. It goes hand in hand with their reflexive support for “the underdog” and with their unhealthy attraction with “the resistance.”

Israel does not need the pity of the “Western Intellectuals.” And they hate it for that.

rykart says:

Syrah of the non-existent memory.

Europe’s Jews were once among the underdogs and the pitiful. Are you suggesting intellectuals would do better to support their oppressors? That certainly squares with Israel’s dominant viewpoint.

rykart says:

David says:
Jul 14, 2010 at 11:35 PM
“Has Ben Obama ever mentioned to fight for the security of a foreign country other than Israel?”

Hmm…I have to think about this for a second, oh that’s right, Afghanistan and Iraq for starters.

But keep you with your anti-Semitic tropes. It keeps on reminding me who we are fighting.


By your laughably twisted logic, America should “fight for Israel” by laying waste to it and leaving a million of its citizens dead and many more, permanently maimed, as we did in Iraq.

“anti-Semitic tropes.” That’s a good one. Let’s review the score:

Amnesty International are anti Semites.
Human Rights Watch are anti-Semites
Judge Goldstone is an anti-Semite
Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite
Israel’s Center for Human Rights Bt Selem are all anti-Semites
Half the journalists at Ha’aretz are anti-Semites
Desmond Tutu is an anti Semite
Nelson Mandella is an anti-Semite

Sure pal.

REAL credible.

rykart says:
Jul 16, 2010 at 3:49 PM
Syrah of the non-existent memory.

Europe’s Jews were once among the underdogs and the pitiful. Are you suggesting intellectuals would do better to support their oppressors? That certainly squares with Israel’s dominant viewpoint.

I don’t think that Western Intellectuals were ever oppressed by Jews in Europe.

Maybe your existent memory recalls something different.

rykart says:


You missed my point. I’m saying that you appear to find support for the downtrodden and oppressed to be distasteful–a regrettable weakness of the intellectual class:

“Western Intellectuals” are suckers for the pitiful. It goes hand in hand with their reflexive support for “the underdog” and with their unhealthy attraction with “the resistance.”

I ask if you would find support for Europe’s suffering Jews and for the resistance movement similarly distasteful.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

“Western Intellectuals” are suckers for the pitiful.

No, they’re not. They’re suckers for trendy revolutionary chic regardless of the extent to which their heroes are bloody murderers.

rykart says:

Arab imperialism?

Aha! I had it all wrong! All this time, I thought it was the imperialist vermin of Israel who were invading and occupying Palestinian land, bombing and bulldozing Palestinian homes to make room for their Jews-only country clubs, cutting off the water supply and forbidding Arabs to farm on their own ancestral lands, rounding up citizens to throw into their dungeons and torture chambers.

Apparently, it’s Israelis who are suffering these misfortunes at the hands of the “Arab imperialists.”

The things you learn on Tablet!

rykart says: You missed my point. I’m saying that you appear to find support for the downtrodden and oppressed to be distasteful–a regrettable weakness of the intellectual class

I find the REFLEXIVE support for the downtrodden and the oppressed to be distasteful. For example, a reflexive support for the Palestinians that refuse to make peace with Israel is worse than distasteful.

As for the second question you asked,(“I ask if you would find support for Europe’s suffering Jews and for the resistance movement similarly distasteful.”), you have mixed your subjects with an “and” statement that makes the question confused. Did you make an error? Would you clarify what “resistance” you are referring too. Your question’s lack of clarity in the emotional context that you ask it makes it problematic.

rykart says:

Hi Syrah

Sorry you are having difficulty with my posts. I read yours loud and clear, especially when you say:

“I find the REFLEXIVE support for the downtrodden and the oppressed to be distasteful.”

In other words, support for Jewish victims is a moral imperative, support for victims of Israeli brutality, land theft and racism, is “distasteful.”

We mustn’t “reflexively” oppose ethnic cleansing. When it happens to Jews, it’s wrong, when it happens to others, no problem.

rykart, you are a dishonest troll. You make up things to put in my mouth.

How can you expect me to take you seriously?

rykart says:

“the Palestinians that refuse to make peace with Israel”

That’s why the Palestinians have for decades supported the international consensus on resolving the conflict and the US and Israel stand ALONE in the world in rejecting it in vote after vote after vote after vote in the UN general Assembly.

Last year’s vote was 164 countries in favor, the US and Israel opposed (along with the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and a couple bought-off South Sea islands)


Such clumsy lies don’t rise to the level of vaudeville.

rykart says:

rykart, you are a dishonest troll. You make up things to put in my mouth.

How can you expect me to take you seriously?


I’m going to assume, unless I see otherwise, that you won’t bother even attempting to back up that statement.

The truth is, you don’t appreciate having your hypocrisy so nakedly exposed. But hypocrisy and racism is exactly what is on display when one shows limitless sympathy for Jewish victims and utter indifference (if not, ) for contempt) for Palestinians brutalized by your state that can do no wrong.

Go ahead and make it up as you go rykart. It suits you.

rykart says:

Go ahead and act as though your characterization of the Palestinians (“rejecting peace”) wasn’t just exposed as a threadbare lie.

It suits you.

As you seem to have no case whatsoever, perhaps it would be best if I “reflexively” ignore you?

BBC, AFP, and most of the other mainstream European newspapers and television networks are also owned or controlled by the same SIX Jewish families which control the US and Canadian mainstream media.

rykart says:


..not sure I’d put all that much stock in this. There are plenty of reprehensible Israel supporters among non-Jews, plenty of pro-Israel neo-con dirtballs with powerful think tanks who are not Jewish, plenty of right wing Christian zionist psychopaths shoveling money at the Israelis.

By the same token, some of the most outspoken, eloquent and vociferous condemnation of the sewer filth of Israel has come from Jews, including British labor MP Gerald Kaufmann, linguist Noam Chomsky, scholars like Norman Finkelstein, Avi Shlaim, Ilan Pappe, Sara Roy, journalists like Amira Hass and Gideon Levi and many many others.

We shouldn’t condemn Jewishness, only Jewish Nazism as typified by Israel and her repulsive supporters.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

rykart, many of those you cite (including HRW and Carter) have accepted Arab funding and thus are not neutral.

But your logic is also a bit off. For millennia one could cite manifold “authorities” who asserted the Jews killed Jesus. That didn’t make them right.

And, by the way, the Arab treatment of Jews for 1.5 millennia was certainly “Arab imperialism.” When are the Arabs going to compensate the Jews for this?

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

Tablet should remove posts of rykart’s using such expressions as “the sewer filth of Israel” and “Jewish Nazism.” This language qualifies as rank anti-Semitism under the EUMC definitions, and Tablet should be ashamed to let it stand.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

Rehmat’s 5:48 PM post is also rank anti-Semitism, a variant of the Protocols. Tablet should exercise responsibility and remove the post.

rykart says:

This language qualifies as rank anti-Semitism under the EUMC definitions, and Tablet should be ashamed to let it stand.

No idea who the EUMC is nor do I much care.

As to Israelis and Nazis, the comparison is widespread among Jews of the highest calibre. Israeli polymath Yeshayahu Leibowitz (winner of the israe Prize) coined the TERM “judeo-Nazism” to refer to the abominable activities of the IDF. Albert Einstein and 30 other Jewish luminaries releatedly compare the israelis in general and Menachem Begin’s gang in particular as “Nazis” and “fascists” in their famous letter to the NY Times (widely available online.)

Tablet should be ashamed to let YOUR crummy, racists posts stand, but I hope they do. I’m getting a real kick out of their idiocy.

rykart says:

Stop Arab Imperalism says:
And, by the way, the Arab treatment of Jews for 1.5 millennia was certainly “Arab imperialism.” When are the Arabs going to compensate the Jews for this?

Astonishingly ignorant tripe. Read some history. Start with Jews under Islam, particularly in Moorish Spain. What you’re saying is cheesy Israeli horseshit.

Small wonder Jews of character want absolutely nothing to do with Israel, a vile, gangster state, loathed by civilized people everywhere.

Miriam Toibb says:

It strikes me that these comments are largely and typically incoherent, as is the argument in the original article. Whatever these folks intend to convey by the term “intellectuals” is lost in the give and take of propagandists swapping lies. It is no less a stereotype than the Zionists/Jews of sacred/racist memory.

The only facts submitted here for our consideration are that Israel exists as a state, it functions as a democracy in a hostile environment, and it has evolved. The name-calling of Israel as well as
of its accusers is useless in the search for a “solution” and may even obscure what concrete steps may alleviate the decades-old dilemmas.

This kind of controversy says more about the poisonous political atmosphere now accepted as normal in this country than any responsible journalism could say about Israel. Israel exists as a paradox and as a puzzle, but mainly it still exists.

rykart says:

Miriam Toibb says:
The only facts submitted here for our consideration are that Israel exists as a state, it functions as a democracy in a hostile environment, and it has evolved.

Yes to conclusion one, no to conclusions 2&3.

A state where citizenship, land ownership, human rights and fundamental equality are contingent on religion is not a democracy. A Jewish state is, as the rather middle of the road Tony Judt observed, “an anachronism” in the modern world.

As to point 3, I am always impressed at the degree to which Israel has utterly failed to evolve from its terrorist origins. The founders were overt racists and Judeo-supremacists, the terror gangs of Stern and Irgun became the political parties that continue to hold sway and the allegiance to gangsterism and criminality that characterized all dealings in pre-state Israel continue unabated today, (albeit, in more horrifyingly lethal form and backed by the US to the tune of billions of dollars).

The article by Smith offers vile apologetics not only for Israel’s nauseatingly cruel oppression of the Palestinians but also, implicitly, for America’s napalm genocide in Indochina, which left 3-4 million people (mostly civilians) dead and 3 countries blasted to pieces. As such, his essay represents a severe perversion of the mind. That it could even appear at this late date is quite shocking.

martin kessler says:

Here’s a summary of comments: O.K., Mr. Smart Intellectuals, let’s say Israel was a mistake–made by the nations of the world at that time.

Israel is now a mighty nation. A nation than can inflict final harm to its enemies.

You got a problem with that? What are you going to do about it, except verbally mastabate yourself? You want to have it your way? Crush your enemies–that’s the only way.

Schmucks, the lot of ‘ya.

cdkatz says:

for what reason would you allow a…holes like rykart to post to this site. it’s bad enough there are anti semites in the world but why give them a voice. to rykart (and to paraphrase some wise advice): “it’s better to be silent and thought of as an a…hole than post a comment and remove all doubt”. go back under your rock or your parents’ basement and hide where all of the other cowards reside.
going to the substance of the comments posted to the otherwise shallow article: israel is there. israel’s survived the arab’s multiple attacks. israel will continue to thrive. the lives of arabs living within israel are far better than the lives of arabs living in the arab world. and, to the anti semites of the world: if you think, you can do something about it: (as Dirty Harry said (again, to paraphrase)): go ahead. make their day.
israel’s not going anywhere. get used to it.

rykart says:

I see the Kahanist filth are out in force. No surprise there.

Dorothy Wachsstock says:

I must be reading the wrong mag. The hatred of these people is no different than in the 1930’s. Many more anti-semites are out and blatant since we got this Pres. Obama who obviously is out to help Iran destroy Israel.

I do not care about what the writer imagines or the comments from the idiots..I just want all of the dumb Jews from J Street to unite with the conservative and Orthodox Jews and to remember, 6 million Jews would be alive if there had been an Israel when Hitler went after the Jews and offered to allow them to leave.

No country would take them..thus my fellow Jews, remember why we keep on holding to the Jewish State.

If Jews own all the media, why is it that the Palestinians are the underdogs and get such good press while the real underdogs surrounded by 22 Arab countrys that would like Israel to dissapear get good press?

rykart says:

Dorothy Wachsstock says:

Wretched lies from top to bottom.

It is the vermin of Israel menacing Iran (and the rest of her neighbors) with nuclear weapons, not the other way around. Iran accepts a nuclear-free Middle East proposed by the IAEA, Israel rejects it. Case closed.

The US wouldn’t accept Jews fleeing the holocaust because the Zionist degenerates bribed America to forbid them. Their repulsive fuhrer Ben Gurion stated his view quite plainly:

“If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel.”

What great friends to the world’s Jews these vile Israelis are! Sure. That’s why they look down their noses at Jews of the diaspora…the ones who created everything great in Jewish culture while the riff raff and filth of Israel were busy bombing Arab children and behaving like the Nazis they emulate.

A sick joke. That is all Israel has ever been and will ever be.

Sruly says:

Hey rykart,

you know Ben Gurion said that in 1938 right, 4 years before the final solution, and well before the extent of the nazi genocide was known.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:


“I must be reading the wrong mag. The hatred of these people is no different than in the 1930’s. Many more anti-semites are out and blatant since we got this Pres. Obama who obviously is out to help Iran destroy Israel.”

I might not go so far as to say that, but it is certain Obama’s naive Islamophilia has unintentionally encouraged those who would destroy Israel. And, yes, the Jew-hatred of many here has no place in a Jewish mag.

rykart says:

Sruly says:
Jul 17, 2010 at 6:44 PM
Hey rykart,

you know Ben Gurion said that in 1938 right, 4 years before the final solution, and well before the extent of the nazi genocide was known.


The date of Ben Gurion’s statement has little to do with its content, which speaks for itself. The existence of his terror state, plopped on someone else’s land, was more valuable to him than the lives of Jewish children.

These are the kinds of perverts who built the Jewish state in Palestine. Their total indifference, if not outright disdain for holocaust victims continues to this day. You can read about the Israeli hucksters and their American lawyers and how they shook down foreign governments for reparations which they pocketed, while leaving the holocaust survivors they claimed to be helping, high and dry. Not that any of this stops them from crying “holocaust” and “never again!” whenever they think it’s to their political advantage.

They are a sickening disgrace to Jews and particularly, to those who suffered and perished in Europe under Nazism. For the Israelis, the holocaust is a money making racket and convenient excuse for their vile brutalization of Palestinians.

That is why people retch when they hear the word “Israel” nowadays.

Sruly says:

how does it have little to with it?

It clearly changes the entire context, and proves that Ben Gurion was not interested at a state at Any cost.

you’re seeing what you want to to see, a common affliction amongst those with an utter lack nuance regarding the conflict.

rykart says:


Only a deeply psychotic man would ever make such a grotesque statement as Ben Gurion–that’s self-evident. Further, you are wrong about the history. The quote was first made available to American readers in the NY Times:

Ben-Gurion adhered to a ”philosophy of what might be called the beneficial disaster.” This is almost exactly what the British playwright Jim Allen accused Ben-Gurion of in his play ”Perdition,” which recently aroused such indignation among British Jews, myself included. Yet Mr. Teveth is emphatic that before the summer of 1944, when Ben-Gurion and his colleagues first appreciated the true scale of the Holocaust, he regarded it as ”a relatively modest catastrophe that his Zionist concept defined as suitable for exploitation.”

As if that isn’t stomach turning enough, Taveth, the source of the Ben Gurion quote goes on to point out that even in 1944, when no doubt remained as to the scale of the Nazi horror:

‘Two facts can be definitively stated: Ben-Gurion did not put the rescue effort above Zionist politics, and he did not regard it as a principal task demanding his personal leadership; he never saw fit to explain why, then or later.” It was not rescue, says Teveth, but the rallying of world Jewry and especially Palestinian Jewry to the creation of a Jewish state, to which Ben-Gurion ”devoted his efforts.”

Again, a violent and sick individual who ought to have been confined to a mental asylum. In other words, a typical Israeli.

Avner Stein says:

The Israel-bashers do not want to give up the powerful imagery of the Holocaust, so they transform it and remove the Jews. This allows The Elders and others to recast the Gazans as victims and the Israelis as the war criminals. This is especially outrageous when one recalls that the father of modern Arab anti-Jewish violence is Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem from 1921-1948. He was an important ally of the Nazis and helped recruit thousands of Muslims for Waffen SS units in Bosnia.

Again your use of holocaust inversion to smeer Israelis as Nazis is the kind of partisan name calling that adds no credibility to the discussion.

The left is incabable of discussing Israel without resorting to humiliating analoges to Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa, or other buzzwords designed to elicit an emotional response and render intellectual, objective and meticulous reporting irrelevant.

The reality is the Israelis believe they have a political and legal right to land, simply labeling all of them as Nazis is just as disgusting as painting all Muslims as Islamic terrorists.

The conflict is far more complex then your name calling fathoms.

The fact that a small minority of extremist Jews compare Israel to Nazi Germany doesn’t make it so.

The soviet union’s anti-zionist committee was loaded with Jews and they hunted fellow soviet Jews and sent them to the gulag.

Jews persecuting other Jews is nothing knew. Just because one is a Jew does not make them immune to bigotry.

But of course, the left is so antisemitic (unknowingly or not) that they actually believe ideology can be determined by race and ethnicity.

White Cross says:

As a white lefty Christian dumb whole I too think that filthy Arabs are better than filthy Jooos. It’s time to let the Muslim accomplish our miSSion and commit their lives killing Joooos for us. Islamo-Christianity sounds better and more intellectual that disgusting Judeo-Christianity.
We Choose Allah Now !!!!!
We Rule the World with Our Oil !!!!!

rykart says:


Your characterization of the admittedly repellent Mufti as “an important ally of the Nazis” is common Israeli trope and can not withstand even light scrutiny. It’s a ludicrous lie.

As to the comparison of Israelis with the Nazis, and Israel’s repulsive oppression of Palestinians with the Nazis, such comparisons are routine and have been made by Jews and non-Jews of the most impeccable character. Albert Einstein considered the Israelis “Nazis” and “fascists” and urged to US President to forbid the hoodlum Menachem Begin entry into the United states, in a famous letter to the NY Times, signed by Einstein and 30 other prominent Jews.

The great writer and holocaust survivor Primo Levi said “Everyone is someone’s Jew. Today, the Palestinians are the Jews of the Israelis.”

The Harvard scholar Sara Roy lost all of her family on both sides in the holocaust and wrote this stunnning and heartbreaking piece about Israeli Nazism:

As to apartheid, that is the word used to describe Israel’s vile system in the occupied territories by Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and long time anti-apartheid jurist and UN Special Rapporteur John Duggard. I think they know a bit more about the topic of apartheid than you do.

If Israel doesn’t like being compared with the Nazis and similar vermin they can easily solve the problem. They can stop behaving like Nazis.

AbeBird says:

I’m delighted to read – rykart – notes and comments which are layed on trash and misguided quotes, trying to portray Zionism as evil. I don’t see any other national movement more pure and justifies than Zionism, in the last 200 years. Jews took no others land but their own. Jews always dwelled in Israel land unser more than 30 different occupiers for the last 2000 years. The fact that Arabs ruled Israel land for 80 years doesn’t pass the land to be written under their names. Ocuupation is occupation, even when Arabs are the occupiers. The Jews re-occupied. liberated part of their national land in 1948. The Arabs have 22 different state, while those who call themselves “Palestinians” have already a state called Jordan, which sits on half of Palestine… well, the bigeast half of Palestine – 70% of Palestine.

The Arabs in Palestine, which is today’s Jordan and Israel, seek to annihilate the Jewish state in any case. They argue among themselves on the means and way to reach that “holy” goal. The Fatah, which created the PLO and the PA is devoted the “stages policy” to annihilate Israel. The accepted that policy in 1974 and succeeded to bring their terror units from abroad into the “territories” by the help of Israel naive leftiest politicians in Oslo accord of 1994. Since them the Arab and Islamic terror arousen. The Hamas was created in 1988 and immidiately met the Fatah standarts of terror and even pass their “achievemnts”. The Hamas declares that their goal is to kill the Israelis and the Jews because they are “pigs and apes”. The Arabs terrrorists are send deliberately to explose themselves among women and kids, and they fire their Kassams into Israeli towns to kill civilians just because they are Jewish.

rykart says:

Albert Einstein and Primo Levi on one side of the debate and the illiterate comedian AbeBird on the other.
A real test of wills.

AbeBird says:

rykart , you are a sad joke. Try to imrove yourself.

AbeBird says:

So what, Rehmat, Jews are smarter than we are and of course than Muslims as you, are ! Why can’t Jews be professors, musicians, authors, inventors and so on? They have better brain then we both have. They are coming from all parts of human society and they are not politics the same way. The fact that many Jews are taking part in the front of civilization’s thinking just reflects the truth that they are wiser than others. They don’t act as one blockade as the Muslims do, but on personal basis and virtue. You just have to praise Allah that he gave us so wonderful people to live among us.

Avner Stein says:


The original Palestinian leadership were buddy buddy with Adolf Hitler and his gang. The Arab world responded greatly to Nazi imperialism, and during the 1948 war plans were captured in Arab strong-holds showing maps for concentration camps to be built in Nablus in the event that the Nazis win WWII.

See for yourself:

Again, you say because such comparisons are frequent among fringe leftist Jews it makes it true.

This is a textbook big lie fallacy, even though most people totally dismiss the apartheid/nazi analogy including the most radical leftists in the US.

Your decision to call Israelis Nazis fuels anti-semitism. It fuels the anti-semitism of Palestinian extremist groups who revise the holocaust and send across the air waves anti-semitic references against Israelis.

Because of your antisemitism you actually believe Jews criticizing other Jews is more legitimate than non-Jews criticizing Jews.

Oh, and Albert Einstein was a hard-core Zionist. Virtually every Jewish leader condemned the Etzel, including the much larger and more powerful Hagannah militia in Palestine – which would eventually fight the Irgun.

The enemies of Israel cannot defend themselves without demonizing Israel. Their economies are weak, their leadership dysfunctional – little to no contributions to man since independence, and yet you’d think Israel was an empire and stole all their resources.

Considering it is the Arabs and Palestinians who truly behave like Nazis – and much of their philosophy is in part inspired by Nazism (baathism is Arab nazism), claiming the most progressive and modern state in the ME who treats their enemies with more respect than any Leftist despot cannot be taken seriously.

There is a reason why the Muslim world is so behind the times.

rykart says:

My goodness, you ARE out of touch.

Actually, the massacre of half a million Hungarian Jews was due to ZIONIST (not Arab) collusion with the Nazis.

rykart says:

A fair assessment of Palestinian vs Israeli collaboration with Nazism and fascism:

“It’s hypocritical to hold Palestinians responsible for the “ill fated” choice of al-Hajj Amin, while Israelis and Jews still blind themselves to the choices some of their leaders made during WW II.”

As to the situation today, you are right to declare that “fringe leftists” are responsible for exposing Israel’s Nazi-inspired behavior in the Occupied Territories, at least if you consider Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, Save the Children, Amnesty International, Justice Goldstone the the UN, Bt’Selem, countless international observers, half the journalists at Ha’aretz, Jimmy Carter, British Labor MP Gerald Kaufmann and thousands upon thousands of others to be “a few fringe leftists.”

Eddie says:

rykrap, your list of mainstream leftists are upset they can’t defeat Israel and the US.

One-Term Worst President EVER jimmy carter can’t have his way.
human rights watch and their mark garlasco with his nazi memorabilia fetish can’t have their way.
Your hero david duke can’t have his way.
Ahm-mad-bout-jihad of the islamofascist regime of iran can’t have his way.

neterui krapo can’t have their way. BTW, why doesn’t neteuri krapo set up a nk community in gaza, to show the world how hamass tolerates “authentic jews”?

The united nations human rights council had human rights paragons like (current day slaver) sudan sitting in judgment of other countries.

The leftwing media got caught publishing photoshopped “fauxtography” to illustrate a story.

The uk/scotland releases the bomber of Pan Am 103 on supposed “compassionate” grounds, which were in fact the british passion for libyan oil contracts.

Happy Nakba rykrap!

Avner Stein says:


Your inability to respond to my original post is telling. You continue to rely on the big lie fallacy that because a certain number of individuals repeat the same lie, it makes it so.

The Palestinian leadership has a long history of terrorism and genocide. Arafat, the nephew of al-husseini, was best friends with Saddam Hussein. He was one of Idi Admins best mans at his wedding. Today the so-called “moderate” Palestinian leadership defends Omar Al-Bashir, the Arab war criminal responsible for the genocide of 250,000 dinkas.

And yet, you have the audacity to compare Israel – a progressive, modern state – to Nazis, and its enemies – to the Jews of 1930s.

How twisted the left have become.

So sad the Palestinians are tool, exploited by the left to continue their obsession with struggle and resistance. What would you guys do without Israel? Your entire world view would collapse. You’d have to get a real job.

Rykart is funded by Iran to post his anti-semitic filth, and that is why he has enough time to post a zillion times today.

Eddie says:

The only way the islamofascist regime of iran, the ayatollahs can stay in power is by killing its opponents, opponents like Neda Agha Soltan.

The islamofascist regime of iran will meet the same fate as nazi germany – TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

rykrap, I hope you are in the islamofascist regime to witness firsthand the end of your dream.

Hershl says:

I used to be very active in the American left.

Then I realized that they supported everyone’s right to advancement and national liberation except for the Jews.

Ironically, many of my fellow lefties were (and are) Jews.

Now I know that the left is filled with miserable, self-hating people who take out their aggression on Israel and the Jewish people.

What pathetic souls.

I still agree with many things the left supports. But when it comes to Israel I am as right-wing as they come. Israel is our homeland, the realization of 2,000 years of exile and no one is going to take it and our rebirth there away from us.

rykart says:

Here are a few of the maniacal Arab terrorists threatening Israel’s existence:

Does this sort of thing make you proud to support Israel?

When people’s homes and olive groves are bulldozed by the IDF, are you filled with admiration?

You call yourselves Jews, but that is a misnomer.

You’re not even human beings.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

“You call yourselves Jews, but that is a misnomer. You’re not even human beings.”

Tablet should be ashamed of leaving in place such filth.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

“Actually, the massacre of half a million Hungarian Jews was due to ZIONIST (not Arab) collusion with the Nazis.”

Tablet should be ashamed of leaving in polace sch rank anti-Semitic filth.

Eddie says:

rykrap, may you continue to eat your black heart knowing that your fellow nazi filth SURRENDERED UNCONDITIONALLY to the US, UK and SU.

Here is a video of your heroes surrendering.

rykrap, Defeat and Nabka are in your genes and future.

rykart says:

Uh oh!

Looks like even Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times is reporting on Israeli Nazism:

I’ll bet the loathsome tapeworms of Israel aren’t too happy about that!

Guess we’ll have to add Kristof to the list of “anti-Semites” eh?

merom says:

The blatant hatred and vitriol conveyed by rykart has no place in a civilised dialogue. This is pure slander and hatred and should be removed.

Avner Stein says:

rykart, true Muslims are Zionists:

Opposition to Israel is an offense against Allah.

If all Zionists and neo-cons are racists and Nazis, why is Ncholas Kristof suddenly a reliable source?

Oh I see…only Jews you agree with.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

Nicholas PissOff doesn’t know his arse from his elbow concerning the Mideast. He does, however, join Rykart in knowing whom he hates.

By the way, under EU-MC guidelines, “Israeli Nazism” is an anti-Semitic term. As usual, I see the shameless Tablet has done nothing to eliminate the rank anti-Semitism appearing on its site.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

Yad Vashem’s Lozowick reveals Nicholas PissOff to be a fool who hasn’t the least idea what he’s talking about:

rykart says:

Hi Avner,

Good to know that you DISagree with Kristof (and the thousands of other Jewish witnesses to Israeli cruelty and barbarity against innocent people who simply want to live their lives on their OWN LAND).

Your Judeo-superiority and vile racism doesn’t permit you to feel sympathy for anyone but the Israeli butchers and land thieves and this you confuse with being a faithful Jew.

Sad stuff, but all too familiar.

Stop Arab Imperalism says:

“Your Judeo-superiority”

Next Rykart will begin to rant about the Protocols — and the shameful Tablet will provide him the latform.

rykart says:

What’s a “latform” and why do you post your illiterate dreck to the “shameful Tablet?”

Aren’t they missing your wisdom over at Masada 2000?

George Waugh says:

The western media appear to have a death wish when you look at the bigger picture of Islamic Jihad and Caliphate. It is like supporting communisim so that you would lose freedom of speech and freedom of the press! What if every country was like Saudi Arabia where not only are Jews not allowed but also anyone whose passport shows that they have been to Israel is not allowed either. Islamic world domination does not include most of the freedoms that we in the west hold near and dear so why do the so called western intellectuals espouse this ideology? Obviously because they are really not that smart, ie. intellectual fools who will have to either convert to Islam or die, death wish indeed!

rykart says:

George Waugh

What if every country were like Israel, where people are thrown out of their homes for the crime of not being Jewish and lunatic religious filth tell the public that non-Jews are their biblical enemy (amalek) and must be exterminated?

That’s your idea of an enlightened society?

Thanks but no thanks.

George Waugh says:

rykart: It is the Islamic Jihadists who chant, “first Saturday and then Sunday” referring to killing all of the Jews that worship on Saturday and then killing all of the Christians who worship on Sunday. 160,000 Christians are murdered for their faith every year and most of those murders are done by Muslims. Christians are being tortured, raped and murdered for their faith throughout the world but especially the Islamic world even in places like Bethlehem and that by the Palestinians. We know about Islamic Jihad and Caliphate, ie. world domination by any means. Go blow your rhetoric on another planet because we know better on this one!

Eric Gisin says:

Why would a jewish magazine allow neo-nazis to post in its forums?

rykart says:

George Waugh says:

“160,000 Christians are murdered for their faith every year and most of those murders are done by Muslims. Christians are being tortured, raped and murdered for their faith throughout the world but especially the Islamic world even in places like Bethlehem and that by the Palestinians.”

I’m sure your pro-Israel and/or Pastor Hagee end-times lunatic sites are feeding you a steady and unhealthy diet of this nonsense george, but that doesn’t mean a word of it bears any relation to reality.

It may come as a shock to you to know that not all Palestinians are Moslem. As a matter of fact, many are Christian, for example the Yale geneticist Mazin B. Qumsiyeh–a leading Palestinian activist and protest organizer in the Occupied Territories. He’ll tell you loud and clear about what the disease-carrying segmented worms of Israel are doing to the Christian communities in Bethlehem and elsewhere.

Eddie says:

What if every country were to sanction killing a woman for “dishonoring” her family, or engage in current day slavery as in sudan, or hang a woman for adultery, or brainwash children to become suicide bombers, or use poison gas to kill 5,000 Kurds, or issue death fatwas for writing a book of fiction or drawing a cartoon of a false prophet, or hijack planes and lie to the passengers that they will be safe as long as they don’t resist the hijackers, or celebrate the 9/11 sneak attack by calling the hijackers “the magnificent 19″ as the finsbury park mosque did, or bomb the london underground and buses on 7/7/05, or bomb bali, madrid, or hijack a school in beslan and murder 180+ children?

Happy Nakba rykrap!

Eddie says:

rykrap is upset that this past May 8th was the 65th anniversary of the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of his fellow nazi vermin to the US, UK and SU.!v=AMMJdeVoBv0&feature=related

Happy Nakba rykrap!

rykart says:

Hi edddie. How goes? You seem like a profoundly mixed up fellow. You should ease up on the glue sniffing, it may help your overall clarity (though I wouldn’t count on it.)

Religious people do idiotic and reprehensible things. What else is new? I don’t support Islamic morons who engage in honor killings nor the ultra-orthodox dirtballs in Israel who stone women attempting to pray at the Wailing Wall, have intercourse through sheets with holes cut in them because they loathe the female anatomy,or beat up a crippled man for using his electrified wheelchair (forbidden on the Sabbath).

Your marvelously civilized society in America is guilty of running a global chain of torture chambers and launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq based exclusively on lies, which demolished a country, created the largest refugee crisis on earth and left over 1 million people dead.

Keep the demented hypocrisy coming. I find your brand of drooling retardation amusing.

Eddie says:

Dear rykrap, you sad sack of Shitler. Does it hurt your feelings that the Israelis are NOT the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi vermin infested europe? GOOD.

To help your blood pressure, I suggest you watch youtube videos of the IDF sending islamofascist swine to 72 virgin paradise. That should cheer you up.

OR, if you prefer, you can watch videos of a US drone sending a gaggle of taliban to hell.

rykrap, when you go on “holiday”, please stand next to your islamofascist buddies about to launch a rocket. I guarantee you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience.

rykart says:

“Happy Nakba rykrap!”

I won’t return the favor by saving “happy shoah” as I don’t find the mass murder of innocent people—Jew or Arab—to be cause for celebration.

I leave that to psychopaths like you.

Eddie says:

eurotrash rykrap, your obsession with holes in sheets is noted.

Your manly islamofascist religious police forcing women to wear black sacks, only with holes for their eyes to peer out, seems to escape your dim witted gaze.

Eddie says:


I see that there are already muslim-only hamlets in the “uk”.

The US will NEVER sink to the level of eurotrash land.

Happy Nakba nazi filth!

From :

“Eric Hoffer in his book The True Believer argues that mass movements like Communism, Fascism and Nazism had a common trait in picturing Western democracies and their values as decadent, with people ‘too soft, too pleasure-loving and too selfish’ to sacrifice for a higher cause, which for them implies an inner moral and biological decay. He further claims that those movements offered the prospect of a glorious future to frustrated people, enabling them to find a refuge from the lack of personal accomplishments in their individual existence. The individual is then assimilated into a compact collective body and ‘fact-proof screens from reality are established.”

Avner Stein says:

“Your Judeo-superiority and vile racism doesn’t permit you to feel sympathy for anyone but the Israeli butchers and land thieves and this you confuse with being a faithful Jew.

Sad stuff, but all too familiar.”

Leftist outraget® is ignored.

The only racist is you.

Leftists and Islamists attempt to silence pro-Israelis who dare to question the manic obsession of attacking Israel only in the name of “anti-racism.”

The so-called progressives use endless buzzwords to elicit an emotional response.

Rykart overall complaint is what makes the Jews so special that they get their own homeland as if it is some kind of luxury. Why, because Zionists are racist?

All right, assuming your argument – so what? The whole Arab world is predicated on racism. Denying rights for minorities (Dinkas, Jews, Kurds, Shias), confiscating their land, forcing them to assimilate with penalty of death – and yet you are silent. Not only do you finger Israel, but you victimize the apartheid Muslim states, complaining that they are somehow victim to Zionism – an ideology that is unique to a country the size of New Jersey.

How can any self-respectinng human be so threatened by this?

The only thing that unites the humanitarians and the Islamists is racism, pure and simple. If you are a Jew (Zionist), then you are a Nazi and have no rights.

The obsession with struggle and resistance is not inspired by Islam but Marxist and communist foreign policy. Much of the original Arab leadership in Palestine were willing to negotiate with the Zionists, because they either sympathized with their plight or some the movement as a force to be reckoned with that could not be defeated conventionally.

They were right. Jordan and Egypt have become progressive, thriving Arab states after recognizing Israel.

In spite of being an extension of American foreign policy, the Left is mostly silent on their racism treatment of Palestinians. Palestinian citizens of Israel have full-rights.

Eddie says:

nazi filth were socialists – specifically national socialists, who were allies of the soviet socialists, until the national socialists broke their non-aggression pact and attacked the soviet union.

socialism is a racist, fascist mental disorder. That is why socialism has become so popular in the islamofascist world.

rykart says:


Regardless of how you dress up your rhetoric, it’s the same argument as the one being made by your insect-brained colleague eddie. (And that’s not a good thing).

Of course, for the pro-Israel crowd, this argument is the only game in town. You can’t bear to face the obvious truth that Palestinians are struggling to acquire the same fundamental rights that you and I take for granted and which are being shamefully denied to them through a brutal occupation of their homeland by the Israelis. What is obvious to everyone, you can not accept. So you make this blatantly preposterous argument that Palestinians are not motivated by a thirst for justice, a desire to live in the homes they were born in and farm the land they live on, and by a desire for clean water to drink and a future for their children. No. They are all motivated by a seething hatred of Jews, dating back centuries and typified by their cozy alliance with the Nazis and blah blah blah blah blah.

The more transparently ugly and depraved the argument becomes, the more vociferously it is made. But even the Zionist leaders of Israel have admitted, in moments of candor, that the Palestinian cause is a righteous one. Ehud Barak said that in their place, he would do exactly the same thing–struggle for justice and resist the Israeli oppression. When Gideon Levi interviewed him and asked Barak what he would do if he were born Palestinian he said “I would join a terror organization.”

Ben Gurion made the point repeatedly:

“There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?”
— Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp. 121-122.

rykart says:

“Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves … politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country.”
— David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan’s “Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech.

..and so forth.

We had the same argument in America during the civil rights movement, with various troglydytes arguing that the blacks were not seeking equality but were motivated by their anti-white racism and desire to take over our country. The vestiges of this lunacy have morphed into the tea partiers, who insist Obama is an Islamic terrorist in cahoots with Iran to destroy Israel.

It’s the same argument.

Eddie says:

Dear rykrap, I see your progressive brain damage continues unabated.

Maybe you can queue up to receive one of the discarded brains from the paleswinian suicide bombers you support. A suicide bomber brain would be a step up for knuckle draggers like you.

Paleswinians are upset that “the sons of pigs and apes” have bested them. It’s counter-revolutionary! It’s Islamophobic! It’s a NAKBA!

The Israelis are not willing to play by the old rules. The Israelis have the means and determination to send islamofascist swine to 72 virgin paradise. But that’s what islamofascists tell the world, that they crave death, whilst Infidels fear death. OK. Give islamofascists all the death they crave, their own.

Oh, and it ain’t just the Jews who are on islamofascist hit lists. islamofascists can’t get along with Hindus, can’t get along with Buddhists, can’t get along with Christians, can’t get along with “the wrong kind of muslim”.

1.6 billion islamofascists .vs. 5.4 billion Infidels.

Who do you think will prevail rykrap?

Happy NAKBA rykrap!

Avner Stein says:

“Of course, for the pro-Israel crowd, this argument is the only game in town. You can’t bear to face the obvious truth that Palestinians are struggling to acquire the same fundamental rights that you and I take for granted and which are being shamefully denied to them through a brutal occupation of their homeland by the Israelis. What is obvious to everyone, you can not accept. So you make this blatantly preposterous argument that Palestinians are not motivated by a thirst for justice, a desire to live in the homes they were born in and farm the land they live on, and by a desire for clean water to drink and a future for their children. No. They are all motivated by a seething hatred of Jews, dating back centuries and typified by their cozy alliance with the Nazis and blah blah blah blah blah. ”

Can you not respond to my post?

Fringe leftist routinely refer to the “brutal occupation”, aimed in part at delegitimizing Israel’s presence in the West Bank. Palestinian leaders have longed used the canards to drum up international pressure on Israel to force unilateral concessions. They believe they can force Israel, through terrorism, to abandon the territory without achieving a negotiated peace which is what Israel and the PLO originally agreed to. UN242 calls for a negotiated peace, and not an “end to the occupation.”

In Camp David the liberal Israeli and Palestinian leadership agreed that the roots of the conflict had nothing to do with the “occupation”, but the struggle between Jews and Arabs before the establishment of Israel.

The PLO campaign against the occupation is merely part of their all out war against Zionism, the state that was born on “stolen land” that drove out and displaced them.

Raging leftists assume this narrative without reservations, and do not place any of the guilt on the Arabs side (even when it is more than obvious) because their hatred for Israel is greater than reason and logic.

Jonny says:

As far as I’m concerned, Rykrap tipped his hand as another “eugenocidal” Neo Nazi with the “insect-brained” comment about Eddie. Well I don’t know, maybe you actually like genetic mutations in your children, who am I to judge?

Canadian Observer says:

If the arabs put down their weapons today, there would be peace tomorrow. If the Israelis put down their weapons today, there would be no Israel tomorrow.

No need to go much deeper than that, really…

It takes a pretty twisted mind to rationalize support for murderous islamic terrorists, but I see that this ‘rykart’ fellow is well on his way in that regard.

Personally, I think Israel should be congratulated more often for the restraint it has shown in the face of threats from scumbags who like to behead Israelis on the internet…

And on an unrelated note, I REALLY wish people would stop quoting Chomsky on stuff, as if his words are dispositive. I find his brand of ivory tower intellectualism remarkably unpersuasive and really no different than the rantings of any number of other pseudo-intellectual anti-semitic leftards… But hey, he’s a LINGUIST; he MUST be right.

Go crawl back under your rock, rykart.

Dani Levi says:

Great article.
Rykart, you need to really, really check your arguments and position. Please read some ( UN ) human rights reports about the Arab world ( Aleppo where Assad massacred, yeah dude this is a real one!! 20.000 people in the eighties. ) The Bahai are hung for just Being Bahai in Iran, and of course the gays from building cranes. Last I checked no Israeli-Arabs are moving to Riyad of Karthoum. Why don’t you take your girl friend by the hand and walk her through some Arab cities. See how she likes it. Or read Hamas’s Charter, article 35 is my fav. But the rest aint bad either. It would have brought tears, my friend, to Hitlers eyes!
If the Israelis were Arab, there would not be ANY Palestinians alive today.
How old are you? research terror against Israel in the seventies and eighties. PALs machine gunned kindergarten’s back then, entire busses were shot in Israel by Abu Nidal and his mates.

Dani Levi says:

Another war criminal is not arrested. Turkish PM says Muslims are not capable of committing genocide.
Then again he would say that, he is killing the Kurds and defends Bashir. It is like a clown show in a circus, without being funny.

Milton says:

What can possibly be said about – the “EXPERT”, Aaron David Miller, who worked within the United States Department of State for twenty four years (1978-2003). Between 1988 and 2003, Miller served six secretaries of state as an advisor on Arab-Israeli negotiations, and I suspect has subtle passed some of his “intellectual” poison about.

What does he really think ???

Gary Williams says:

A few facts. “It appears that conservatism has pathological dimensions manifested in violence and distorted psycho-sexual development” (Boshier, 1983, p. 159). This is supported by Walker, Rowe, and Quincey (1993) who found a direct correlation between authoritarianism and sexually aggressive behavior. An investigation done by Muehlenhard (1988) revealed that rape justification and aggression toward subordinate individuals was much higher in traditional (conservative personality) than non-traditional personalities.

Persons who had a dogmatic belief in religions and adhered to the teachings of absolutist religious groups tended to be more frequently, and more intensely, emotionally disturbed than those who followed less dogmatic religion (Ellis, 1986). Authoritarianism and religiosity are positively correlated, and both are significantly related to ethnic and racial prejudice, hostility toward homosexuals, and punitiveness.(Wylie & Forest, 1992). According to Parker (1990), dogmatic beliefs were incompatible with ethical acuity.
McClosky (1958) noted that “Conservatism is not the doctrine of the intellectual elite or of the more intelligent segments of the population, but the reverse. By every measure available to us, conservative beliefs are found most frequently among the uninformed, the poorly educated, and the less intelligent” (p. 38).

Eddie says:

Dani Levi said…

“Another war criminal is not arrested. Turkish PM says Muslims are not capable of committing genocide.”

Let that jackass from turkey say that with a straight face to the Armenian community, to the Kurds of Halabja, to the Jews of Khybar.

Scott says:

I stumbled upon your site through Jeffrey Goldberg’s Blog at the Atlantic. So far I am amazed at the intellect and knowledge of your writers. Especially, since the main stream medium writes about the middle east conflict from such a shallow pool. I am glad to see that there is a publication on modern Jewish thought. A little taken aback by some of the off color feedback.

Just a note, I was traveling through Spain and had a conversation with a Greek businessman. He asked me, “What do you Jews think?” And this is what came to mind and what I said, “Don’t bet against us. Great civilizations have come and gone and we are still here. Whoever is against us is on the wrong side of history.”

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Laura says:

It is my view that these intellectuals who embrace evil are simply mentally ill.

Eddie says:

Being educated is no protection from aligning with evil. The turd reich had plenty of “intellectuals”, doctors, lawyers, academics who supported SHITler, and who were ardent nazi filth.

To darren, where is your outrage over the enslavement of real black people in sudan and mauritania by muslims? The slaughter of 1 million Africans in rwanda? BTW, you are not a real black man. You have a lot of white/euro blood in you. You can hate yourself when you look in the bathroom mirror.

Oblomow says:

Lee Smith wrote:

“Israel’s sin, in this reading, is that it didn’t lose.” Well, couldn’t he consider the obvious possibility that perceptions changed simply because Israeli historians challenged traditional Zionist myths involving the creation of Israel, and because intellectuals became more information that contradicted the old romantic view of Israel’s creation? By the way, there were Jewish intellectuals who were critical of Zionism already at the time of the creation of Israel and who had good reasons for that. Why shouldn’t Western intellectuals catch up with that?

Second, opinions about Israel changed after 1967 because the war seemed to suggest that Israel wanted to expand and wasn’t so peaceful as people had been led to believe. After 1967 Egypt tried to negotiate the return of the Sinai while Israel rejected this until Egypt saw that there was no other way to get their territory back than war. According to a Haaretz article, Rabin proposed after the war (1967) that Israel return the West Bank in exchange for peace, but the Israeli leadership refused this. The invasion and occupation of Lebanon under a pretext was also a reason of changing perceptions. So, Israel’s intransigence, Israel’s wars and agression, Israel’s unwillingness to make consessions motivated many intellectuals to change their opinions about Israel.

Lee Smith mentions the fact that intellecutals supported communism, supported nazism, supported Arab nationalism and many other things. Why doesn’t he include in this list support for Zionism? Why doesn’t he mention the fact that many communists themselves supported Israel? And why doesn’t he explain the difference between Arab nationalism and Jewish nationalism?

The comment that intellectuals are interested in ideas is also not the brightests thing I’ve read. In what should they be interested, in money, in power, in cakes? why does he speak about “murderous antisemitism” but doesn’t mention the pronouncements of many rabbis in Israel?

Oblomow says:

“Whereas the ancients believed the role of the state was to promote virtue, the moderns took a more realistic view of human nature.”

This is quite disingenous. What Smith calls a “more realistic view of human nature” has been often an excuse among conservative thinkers for a very cynical view of politics. For many of those thinkers, everything your side does is justified, you only have to demonize sufficiently your opponents and deny their rights. In the end, their talk of leftists intellectuals wanting to unmake the West with violence is used by them as a cheap justification for their own apology of violence against others.

Smith speaks also about an irresponsible “search for novelty and individual originality” which could explain why intellectuals turned against Israel. But why can’t this same search for novelty explain the support that Israel had before 1967? Further, his identification of Israel and the values of Enlightment is quite arbitrary. It seems often that support for Israel results from plain emotional and irrational impulses and nowadays it’s quite difficult to argue that Israel has very much to do with the values of the West.

I don’t see anything at all compelling in Smith’s argumentation. It seems rather a sophisticated way to discredit any critic of Israel in a moment when it’s clear that Israel doesn’t want peace nor compromises. The reasons for critic of Israel are clear for everybody that can see and has some moral values.

Avner Stein says:

“Second, opinions about Israel changed after 1967 because the war seemed to suggest that Israel wanted to expand and wasn’t so peaceful as people had been led to believe. After 1967 Egypt tried to negotiate the return of the Sinai while Israel rejected this until Egypt saw that there was no other way to get their territory back than war”

cite? Egypt along with Syria categorically rejected UN242 which called for a negotiated peace, and passed the K resolution which promised indefinite belligerence.

The 67′ war had nothing to do with territorial ambitions but Arab aggression. And even if Israel had territorial ambitions, it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with security. Thousands of Israelis had been killed up until by Arab sponsored fighters coming out of the West Bank and Gaza. Syria used the Golan to shell Israel cities.

Israel was noble enough to allow respond with measured force, and even when she was in a position to destroy the capitals of Arab, Syria and Jordan – she retreated at the begging of the UN and USA/allies.

Same in 73 war.

Israel’s invasion of Lebanon was against a response to decades of Arab aggression. And don’t forget the Lebanese government requested for an Israeli intervention.

Ultimately, Israel’s military history is still superior to any of its critics and neighbors, so to look back in time and say Israel is evil because of this conflict is a total fallacy.

Israel is a vibrant democracy existing in the midst of a 10th century world, and you have the temerity to bitch that it ain’t perfect. Maybe you should go soak your head.

ultimately israel is no worse, and generally a hell of a lot better than its critics.

criticism is all fine and well – but it’s becoming an industry of criticism. People make a career out of criticizing Israel. To me this is excessive and disturbing.

false analogies to nazi germany and apartheid also don’t help the left’s case..

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Interesting point… not sure I agree 100%, but that’s OK. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, right? I’ll keep checking back to see if anyone else agrees or not. Thanks!

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