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Drop Dead, Jimmy Carter

The emailed rant that’s been making the forwarded-by-relatives rounds

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The Emails of Zion is a collection of messages from Jewish parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and others who are eager—often way too eager—to inform their children about issues of pressing concern to the Jewish community. Some of these emails may sound crazy, paranoid, ethnocentric, and/or racist, while others are disturbingly sane. These are the voices of our elders, lightly edited and presented for the convenience of their progeny, who are often too busy to write back.

—–Original Message—–
From: [Recipient]
To: Naomi Ragen
CC: [Another distribution list]
Subject: RE: The Unforgiven: Jimmy Carter
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 06:17:36 -0500

Naomi, Thanks for sending this email. This is an important read. I wonder how the 80% Hebrews who refused to follow Moshe Rabbeinu into the exodus from Egypt, the nearly same number who voted for Obama, are reacting to Mr Graulich’s thoughts.

—–Original Message—–
From: Naomi Ragen
Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2010 1:53 AM
To: [Distribution list]
Subject: The Unforgiven: Jimmy Carter

Dear Friends,

Are we impressed by Jimmy Carter’s belated apology? Me thinks not. His change of heart, which has conveniently come about just as his grandson is about to start a political career in which he needs Jewish votes, doesn’t pull at my heartstrings. Irwin N. Graulich, whose “Drop Dead Jimmy Carter” is making the internet rounds, I guess is of the same opinion.

Be warned: Not for the faint or forgiving of heart.


Drop Dead Jimmy Carter

Sorry Mr. President–I just don’t forgive you. How dare you think you can demonize one of the most moral nations in history–and get away with your crimes. How dare you blame Jews for your pathetic world view, which gave credibility to the most evil characters on the face of the planet. Your apology is worthless.

President Jimmy Carter will undoubtedly be known as the worst president in American history. He allowed the Shah of Iran to fall and the evil Khomeni to gain power, giving Muslim extremism the fuel to spread like cancer throughout the world–ultimately leading to 9/11. His presidency was a true calamity from interest rates skyrocketing to 21.5% to the disastrous rescue attempt of the US embassy hostages, to the Carter “malaise” he created throughout America. A total catastrophe and tragedy would sum up the Carter administration at its best. I mean, a born and bred true Polish anti-western antisemite in the tradition of those who aided the Nazis, actually became his National Security Advisor—Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Carter’s cute little “al chayt” prayer of forgiveness is as impressive as Jeffrrey Dahmer’s apology cries. The ex-President finally realizes what a total putz he is–so what? “We must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel,” Carter wrote recently. Please Jimmy, save those platitudes for your wife.

You cannot write books filled with outright lies about Israel and Jews, going on lecture tours and media interviews–fraudulently accusing Israel of apartheid, occupation, war crimes, terrorism, obstacles to peace, targeting innocents and other despicable labels. And then you beg for forgiveness? I mean is that a joke Jimmy boy?

Ex-President Carter recently met with Hamas–the modern day version of the Nazis. Chamberlain redux? No, Carter is much, much worse. What Jimmy Carter has done is join the list of well known historical antisemites to create a new type of Jewish Blood Libel. With tremendous passion and foolishness, Carter pretty much alone gave credibility to the “Israel Blood Libel,” which propagated throughout mainstream Western democracies, especially in Europe, to falsely accuse Israel and Jews of using Arab/Muslim blood to expand Israel’s territory.

In a similar vein to his fellow antisemites throughout history, Carter focused on the blood of children in Gaza and the West Bank, as if Israel purposely targeted non Jewish children to explain their horrific deaths. The fact that terrorists stationed their weapons and missiles in schools was totally irrelevant to the Jimmy Carter immoral psyche.

These Jewish Libel accusations by someone who was an ex-president of the United States gave instant credibility to the lies coming out of the Arab and Muslim world. The original Jewish Blood Libel gave rise to attacks on Jews from the first century through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, right up until the Nazi era. It was pretty much Jimmy Carter who created the modern day scenario which spurred attacks on Jews in France, England, Spain, Belgium, Mumbai, and many other countries.

It was obvious to Jews throughout history that the Jewish Blood Libel was all based on lies because the Jewish Bible, the Torah contains many specific laws against using blood in any way–even animal blood. This same Bible is filled with laws pertaining to the sin of harming innocents. Therefore, this concept of being extremely sensitive to hurting innocent people has become dominant in the Jewish psyche and behavior.


However, due to Carter’s Christian faith, he actually believes that all Jews should and will actually forgive him, showing a major difference between Judaism and Christianity about sin and forgiveness. Since Jesus’ death atones for the sins of those who have faith in Him, Carter mistakenly thinks that all Jews will ultimately forgive him and move on.

However, only non-Jewish Jews like Abe Foxman of the ADL, who have almost no knowledge of Judaism, will forgive Carter for his massive evil. According to Judaism, God Himself cannot forgive anyone for sins against another person. The only way that Carter can actually be forgiven, would be to go to every Jew worldwide and ask for forgiveness–not make his blanket empty announcement, because his grandson is running for office in a Jewish district in Georgia.

What is ironic about Carter is that he has committed the same “libel accusations” on America, creating the American Blood Libel. Carter’s comments over the last decade have included the rhetoric that “America is a torturer at Abu Ghraib, has performed criminal acts by water boarding in Guatanamo, we’re occupiers in Iraq and colonialists, we attack Arab countries for Halliburton or for oil,” etc. etc. Some day we can all expect an empty Carter apology to America.

So for the damage that Jimmy Carter has caused to both Israel and America, I do not forgive him and neither do many millions of other Jews or Americans. The best I can do for one of the most horrific American men of the past 3 decades is say, “Drop Dead Jimmy Carter,” and then you can ask your maker for forgiveness.

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Cantor Penny Kessler says:

Mr. Graulich had me … until this: “… only non-Jewish Jews like Abe Foxman of the ADL, who have almost no knowledge of Judaism …”

Playing the “he’s not really a Jew” card is the last gasp of someone who cannot make an argument stick. It demeans the writer and makes a mockery of what could have been a persuasive argument simply on its own merits.

You don’t like Mr. Foxman? You disagree with his positions? Fine. Say so. But leave out the Jewish version of anti-Semitic slurs; they have no place in well-reasoned dialog.

Dan S. says:

Jimmy Carter wasn’t the worst U.S. president in American history. He was the second-worst. The absolute worst was James Buchanan, who willingly allowed the nation to go to war with itself.

Nonetheless, for all the reasons mentioned in the e-mail, Jimmy Carter is the worst ex-president in U.S. history.

Cantor Penny,
It is totally legitimate to question the validity of a “Jewish” leader when that Jewish leader has no knowledge of Judaism. If so, he/she cannot truly represent the people for which he/she claims to speak.

Whether Foxman is or isn’t Jewishly knowledgeable, I cannot say. However, it is totally legitimate and in fact required to question as to whether leaders speak for us, and whether they represent the defining attributes of our people.

Joseph says:

“He allowed the Shah of Iran to fall….”

Yes, imagine allowing the people of Iran depose their beloved monarch!

“…a born and bred true Polish anti-western antisemite in the tradition of those who aided the Nazis, actually became his National Security Advisor—Zbigniew Brzezinski.”

Yes, born of and bred by his father, Tadeusz Brezezinski. This from Wikipedia:

“While in Leipzig, Germany, before World War II, Brzeziński became involved in efforts to rescue European Jews from Nazi concentration camps. In 1978, his efforts on behalf of the Jewish people were recognized by Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin.”

Why read further? Irwin N. Graulich is a shmegeggy.

David J says:

It is typical of Naomi Ragen, a well-known extreme right winger, to pass along the type of rant that Mr. Graulich has penned. His condemnation of Jimmy Carter is justified, but his use of inflammatory, ad-hominem attacks on those with whom he disagrees is not. It is typical of the likes of Ragen and Graulich to attack people rather than focus on their ideas. More light, less heat, Naomi.

Jeff Carpenter says:

to blame one man for a world of evil (Adam included) is to deny any personal responsibility of individuals; likewise, praising Israel for being one of the most moral nations in history paints with an equally broad brush; be careful not to break the commandment on bearing false witness—Pres.Carter is not an anti-semite nor is he a N–i, as the author comes just short of saying.

I’m all for Jews settling in the land of Israel. I did it myself. I’m all for Jews learning Torah and keeping our traditions AND taking part in the discussion of the state’s policy AND defending the country. I’ve done that too. The national religious sector are fine soldiers and are indeed discriminated against and persecuted, and they have every right to a voice. But I have to take issue with Naomi Ragen, Carolyn Glick, and the like, when they yell hysterically at American Jews about their voting preferences. When I vote in American elections,I don’t follow any party lines or subscribe to left or right, or consider Israel the only issue. I vote for who I think is the most competent and most likely to do well for America. I suspect that most American Jews do the same. I believe that strengthening the competence of the governors of the U.S. will be better for Israel than voting in incompetent persons. And reading the writings of critical thinkers who do not distort facts is far preferable to what we see in the Israeli press.

ruth tenne says:

This is an excellent characterization of Jimmy Carter, a Baptist filled with hate against Israel. But he can make amends… let him write a lengthy book about his treachery in supporting the terrorist gangs among the Palestinians and about the wonders and marvels of the holy land of Israel, which continues to be a light unto the nations. Only in this way will Carter’s “al chayt” be genuine. I am sending this note to him personally at his residence in Georgia.

Israelis and Jews whether they be seperate creatures or the same are no more perfect than anyone else.You have a right to be for your own self intrests of course.But if you are only for yourself .What kind of schmeggege are you anyway.Everybody has a right to some happiness.Many Jews are hysterical over controlling opinion.In essence.Israelis have a right to security.This is an inherant right.It is okay if they like Jews more than Gentiles.Thats their perogitive.And the war is not their fault alone.The Jews have a right to fight back, and they are very good fighters.The Arabs deserve most of what they are getting , but there are people on both sides that want to prolong the war. The Jews can’t just waltz into Dodge City without their guns.You shouldn’t want to make an anti-semite out of Carter, just because you don’t agree with him.You shouldn’t sacrifice Palestinian Christians or Irish Catholics b/c of your own narrow ethnocentric opinions or for the strategical cynical alliance that furthers a politikal gain..Once Jews were the victims.Now stronger they get to be the victimizer sometimes,Whoopie!Don’t always play the poor little innocent victim card.The Holocaust it is true. although some say that the death count was only 5,999,997.?Quien sabes, that is pretty close.Lets put all people in prison who disagree.All of Humanity has been the oppressed ,at times and the oppressor[Blacks hear that].We are all in this together and if the Yehudim are Chosen it doesn’t mean better than everyone else.Just maybe better for yourself.Or “chosen” for the special mission of teaching the world, and helping to save lives.Jews lives are just as special as anyone elses, and Jews have been present in Palestine since antiquity.With or without a government.And since we all have a self, we all deserve a little respect.Liebe Siempre.

Patrick, you want us to forgive Jimmy Carter? Let him do a real act of teshuvah (penitence) for Lashon HaRah (slander).

A famous Chasidic story illustrates what teshuva is: guy goes around town slandering the rabbi. Guy comes to regret it, and goes to apologize to the rabbi. The rabbi said, “bring your feather pillow to the top of the hill, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the wind.” Guy goes and does, and returns. And then the rabbi says, “now go collect all the feathers.” The guy says, “that’s impossible!” The rabbi responds, “just as recollecting all the feathers is impossible, so too is undoing the damage from slander.”

Jimmy Carter has done public, irreparable damage to the name, reputation, and safety of the Jewish People. Because of him, Israel has continued to face unbelievably high scrutiny, and therefore has been restricted from protecting itself. In so doing, he has played into the hands of a long line of anti-Semites, the latest of whom have been the U.N., Ahmedinijad, and Mel Gibson.

So you want forgiveness, Mr. President? Dedicate the rest of your life to SAVING the Jewish People, and I’ll consider it in ten more years.

FlaGuy954 says:

For all of the negatives about Jimmy Carter, he did bring Begin and Sadat together and he did facilitate the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. He does deserve SOME credit!

James Just says:

Having lived through Jimmy Carter’s presidency I have the right from my experience to proclaim Jimmy Carter to a be a big immoral asshole. When his time comes,may he burn in hell along with his buddy Yasser Arafat, the homosexual Egyptian..

Jeff Carpenter says:

Are the Jewish People and the Nation of Israel one and the same?

Ralph Beach says:

I am American….You DO NOT speak for me! You blame Jimmy Carter?…Shame on you!

Jeff Carpenter says:

is the Nation of Israel a holy nation, or a political one? do religious American Jews identify with Israel for religious reasons or political ones? Without knowing Pres. Carter’s feelings for religious Jews, he gets blasted for political dealings with the Israeli state. Examine his humanitarian works via the Carter Center before condemning him to Hell.

Ruth Tenne says:

Once again an imposter misused my name in order to smear my involved campaign for the Palestinian cause (see entry by ruth tenne 20 january ). I am the genuine Ruth Tenne who is an peace activist and a member of the Palestinian solidarity Campaign and Jews for Justice for Palestinian.
As an israeli peace activist who witnessed the plight of the Palestinians for the past 61 years , I am a great supporter of Jimmy Carter whose book- Peace Not Apartheid had won excellent reviews. In this book Jimmy Carter criticizes Israel’s occupation and policies towards the Palestinians which are reminiscent of South Africa Apartheid of the past. I have a great admiration for former US President – Jimmy Carter- who is prepared to take a stand against US policy of unquestionable support and aid to the racist state of Israel.

I request that you remove the entry by the imposter ruth tenne (or insert a disclaimer alongside) and post my genuine entry instead.
I would like to add that I have published a significant number of articles/reports about the Palestinian cause which could be found on Palestine Chronicle,Media Monitors Network,Middle East Online and others which also include a reference to my background and to my campaign work.

Ruth Tenne ( member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians )

Christian Zionist says:

I agree with Graulich, NYC1, and James Just – drop dead, Carter!

Christian Zionist says:

Joseph, Zbigniew is not his father. His suggestion that the USA should shoot down Israeli planes, makes him a modern-day Nazi.

Dorothy Wachsstock says:

Having received too many emails at a time of illness, I may be late in reading my back copies of one of the most enjoyable online mags ever. I have told everyone about it so bear with me on my late comments.

I will address the real Ruth Tenne It is people like you that make it easy for our children to get propagandized. You do not know history if you do not know that Israel wanted to build homes and make peace with the so called Palestinians, which also encompass Jews born in the state of Palestine also Palestinians.

How many times has Israel, stupidly, released prisoners and made the world think they are crazy? How many guns have the Israelis given to the Palestinians to use to police their own parts of their land only to eventually have them turned on the Israelis? How many immigrants have been taken in by Israel when other Arab countrys throw them out? What happened to make Arafat walk away from all but the Western Wall?

You show a lack of any sense of history or knowledge of the past 60 years. Never will the Palestinians make peace until they push the Israelis, including yourself, into the sea.

They just don’t want Jews in “their” area. Then they will come for us Americans.

You so called peaceniks..have no common sense, unfortunately, but live in a fantasy world. Not saying you have not met decent Palestinians but Jews born there before Israel tried to help the arabs, nomads, syrians etc who suddenly had ancestors in Israel but lived in the sand and did not do anything now want the rich flourishing country for themselves.

Look at what happened in Gaza? The jews moved out crying as they left their homes after 30 years and left their hard work for the economy of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians voted for Hamas who then proceeded to burn all the groves in order to make the people the Poster children of the world against Israel.

We now have a Pres.Obama who is Muslim and is no better than Hamas and will not rest till he pushes the Israelis into the sea.

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Drop Dead, Jimmy Carter

The emailed rant that’s been making the forwarded-by-relatives rounds

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