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The Blood Libel That Won’t Quit

In Sweden, a respected magazine is reviving the canard that the IDF plundered the organs of Palestinians

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This 2009 street art in Malmö says says “Semite, look here,” using Aftonbladet’s typeface, with a price tag of 53,000 Swedish kronor. (Mathias Lewin/Flickr)

In 2009, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet ran a story alleging that members of the Israel Defense Forces had stolen the organs of up to 69 Palestinians who died in their custody. Titled “Our sons are plundered of their organs” it accused the IDF of having conducted “macabre operations” in the Occupied Territories during the early 1990s. The story also suggested that the International Court of Justice should investigate Palestinian families’ claims that their sons were being captured and tortured by the IDF, subjected to involuntary autopsies, and then “robbed of their organs before being killed.”

The article sparked a diplomatic crisis. Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor called it “a mark of disgrace” for the Swedish press and Prime Minister Bejamamin Netanyahu demanded that the Swedish government condemn the newspaper. Since the article was published, it has cropped up frequently on anti-Semitic forums in Sweden and beyond, held up as evidence that the Jewish state sanctions organ theft. And Aftonbladet’s reputation was sullied after it came under heavy criticism from the rest of the Swedish media.

Now the respected Swedish culture and news magazine Filter has revived the controversy by weighing in on the debate, dedicating 17 pages in its most recent issue to a story purporting to vindicate the author of the Aftonbladet story, reporter Donald Boström, and his editor, Åsa Linderborg. In response, Linderborg and her colleagues have declared victory, publishing triumphant editorials scolding the Swedish press corps for its “betrayal” and arguing that Boström’s story helped put a stop to illegal organ trading in Israel.

But in fact, the Filter magazine story, despite its length, does not provide any new evidence to substantiate the libelous claims about the IDF—and brushes over the widespread accusation that Aftonbladet peddled a conspiracy theory. Instead, the article offers a detailed account of Boström’s 1992 trip to the Middle East, of the firestorm that followed the publication of his article, and of how Boström was affected personally. The piece blames the critics for that firestorm, asserting simply that readers “cried anti-Semitism a bit too soon.”

Linderborg, who was appointed culture editor of Aftonbladet in May 2009, two months before publishing Boström’s article, takes the same view, dismissing criticism that the story mirrored classic anti-Semitic tropes and conspiracy theories as entirely unfounded. “There is this pattern in Sweden,” she explained to me. “If you criticize Israel’s actions towards Palestine you are labeled as an anti-Semite … and that is why many journalists here keep quiet on this issue.”

Critics across the political spectrum, however, insist that the Aftonbladet story was irresponsible journalism at best, and, at worst, baldly anti-Semitic. “It is absolutely not anti-Semitic in itself to present accusations about Israel,” Jonathan Leman, a reporter for anti-racist magazine Expo, said. “But it so happens that these ideas about global networks of Jews and of organ plundering very closely match classic, medieval anti-Semitic accusations that can also be found in racist and right-wing forums today. And so if you move in that territory you have to be aware of this and be aware that your story can be misused by intolerant people. And that is, in fact, precisely what has happened. But it’s as if Linderborg and Boström are unwilling even to entertain that thought.”


Boström’s 2009 story began with a meaningless connection between two events two decades apart. It drew links between what was then a newly exposed organ trafficking ring in New Jersey run by a Brooklyn rabbi named Levy Izhak Rosenbaum who brokered the sale of black-market kidneys (buying them from Israel and selling them to U.S. patients) and Israel’s low organ donations rates in the 1990s. This was also the same time period during which Boström met Palestinians in the West Bank who told him they suspected that young men who had been captured by Israeli soldiers had had their organs removed before being killed. “Young Palestinian men were disappearing and delivered back to their villages at night five days later, dead, their bodies ripped open,” wrote Boström.

In Jerusalem, Boström encountered U.N. employees who told him that West Bank Palestinians had raised suspicions that young men had been “captured” by Israeli soldiers in their villages and had “involuntarily acted as organ reserves before being killed.” These suspicions, he wrote, “warrant an investigation by the International Court of Justice to find out whether this is a case of Israeli war crimes.”

The Filter story argues that critics are to blame for reading the Aftonbladet article sloppily. It says it was written “in a sweeping style, with lots of loose ends that the reader had to tie together. And when they themselves tied those ends together they read that Donald Boström claimed that there was an international Jewish conspiracy which involved the government, the Israeli army and organ traders. They read that the IDF consciously killed Palestinians to use them as involuntary organ donors.” In other words, it was all just a misunderstanding. Readers jumped to conclusions likely because they were biased.

“I wanted to include all the material I had to make people feel like: OK, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s spoken to people on both sides, he’s gone through the material,” Boström told me, defending himself. But in fact, he had completely missed the most crucial aspect of the story: The U.N. employees that Boström met had asked him to photograph the body of 19-year-old Bilal Achmed Ghanan, a “stone thrower” who had been shot by IDF soldiers and taken to the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine in Israel. One of these photos, showing Ghanan’s sewn-up body, illustrated the Aftonbladet article. But what the gory photo actually showed was something quite different than Boström reported.

Nearly a decade before Boström and Aftonbladet saw the New Jersey organ trafficking ring as an opportunity to accuse Israel of organ trafficking, the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot had published an exposé about Abu Kabir and its chief pathologist, Yehuda Hiss, who during the 1990s had indeed removed organs and tissues from bodies for years without consent, replacing them with toilet paper rolls and metallic rods to hide the thefts. An inquiry ordered by the Israeli state in 2001 had also confirmed these findings. Hiss and his staff had been indiscriminate about organs, taking thousands of body parts from 125 individuals including Israeli soldiers, Palestinians, guest workers and tourists. In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2, Hiss spoke openly about the organ thefts.

It seems Boström was either entirely unaware of the Hiss scandal, which had made international headlines, or chose to ignore it.

Ronen Bergman, one of the reporters behind the Yediot Ahronot exposé, told Swedish Radio over the weekend that he was “shocked” to read Aftonbladet’s story, which, he said, had “distorted and falsified” the findings of his decade-old scoop by suggesting that the IDF was targeting Palestinians in order to supply their bodies to Abu Kabir. “What I discovered is that the forensic institute was stealing organs from everybody … the only criteria was if the bodies were fresh enough and if the staff would be able to hide the organs without being caught.” The IDF was not involved in any way.

Linderborg now emphasizes that both Palestinians and Israels were victims at Abu Kabir and that the Palestinian men “were not killed because Israel needed organs but they were killed in a conflict with Israel and one took the opportunity to take their organs.” But that’s a very different version of events from the original story, which suggested Palestinian men were “captured” by soldiers and acted as Israel’s “organ reserve” at a time when the country was struggling to convince its population to sign up for voluntary donations.

The truth about Israel’s organ-trafficking scandal—that a rogue pathologist and his staff carried out a grotesque crime and were indiscriminate about their victims—is certainly not the message readers received. “When Aftonbladet, a big Swedish newspaper, publishes a text like this it carries a certain weight and that is why it is constantly referenced,” Leman, the Expo journalist, told me. “For instance it was cited by those who claimed that Israeli relief efforts in Haiti after the earthquake were a smokescreen for organ theft operations.”

Linderborg doesn’t see things that way. “Palestinian mothers have had their sons killed, these sons were dragged over the border from the West Bank and into Israel, they ended up at Abu Kabir, their bodies were ripped open and actually, actually emptied of organs,” she told me. “However you twist and turn [Boström’s] article and the Israel-Palestine conflict, in the end it’s about one and the same issue and that is that Palestinians are being killed by Israel in a 60-year-old conflict.”


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Oh, yes – how credible is any story that associates itself with the allegation that someone would go to HAITI of all places to conduct organ theft?

Gee, makes you think that the author of the Dragon Tattoo series, Stieg Larsson, really had something going when he talked about the Nazi-Swedish connection.

Jacob Arnon says:

There was a Nazi Swedish connection and more should be written about it.

Sweden is a country that tolerates Jew hatred. Ask the Jews of Melmo how this works.

normbnm says:

Many articles recently have talked about so many Jewish people have lost touch with the values of the Torah and their identity, especially in America and N. Europe. The role and the Light they were always meant to bring to the World, summed up in “Love thy neighbor as thy self”. So the World continues to blame the Jews for not making the World better. Instead the Ego of people, groups and Government has grown to the point we see everywhere today. Is it a wonder the Jewish people have always been the escape goats for the problems we all have created. Who wants to say it is my fault when they have a target that has been used for centuries. Now the hate comes to the fore front again and all we need do is look at history to see what is coming. Perhaps if more Jewish and non-Jewish people would shout out to the World we have to change and change now we can keep history from repeating or we can just sit back and wait for a new World war. It’s up to each of us to choose.

Gorek Falanger says:

I’ve decided not to share this witticism about Swedes . . .

Ah…Swedish Meatballs, forgetaboutit.

Has Linderborg actually seen evidence of Arab bodies “emptied of their organs”? Are there photos, x-rays, CAT scans? No? Didn’t think so.

Pip Power says:


Just above this comment site I see written, “Still Hunting Nazis” after half a century tracking down Nazis for prosecution, Serge Klarsfeld says his work continues….. and I wonder “who is tracking down the murderers of Rabin & those who spoke out against it?

Jews are intolerant when it suits them, but tolerant of EVIL in their midst, when it suits them.

All I know is what I read in the Jewish Bible about “Blood Libels” and Jews stand guilty of massacring their own from the times of the Exodus till today. In the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 64a we read:


Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 64a

Soncino 1961 Edition, page 437

Following the Mishnah is a discussion among the sages. One of the Talmud Sages, Rabbi Ashi, comments as follows:

GEMARA. R. Ashi propounded:

What if one caused his blind or sleeping son to pass through, (3) or if he
caused his grandson by his son or daughter to pass through? — One at least of
these you may solve. For it has been taught: [Any men … that giveth any of his
seed unto Moloch; he shall he put to death … And I will set my face against
that man, and will cut him off from among his people;] because he hath given of
his seed unto Moloch. Why is this stated? — Because it is said, there shall not
be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through
the fire. From this I know it only of his son or daughter. Whence do I know
that it applies to his son’s son or daughter’s son too? From the verse, [And if
the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man] when he giveth
of his seed unto Moloch [and kill him not: Then I will … cut him off.]

So, Jews have a method of offering HUMAN SACRIFICES to Moloch TODAY & its there for anyone to see.

Why are these writings allowed today?

Maybe they are the reason non-Jews believe that Jews are capable of any sort of “devilish” crime?

    And maybe you raped your mother.

      Spoken like a true ignoramus!


      by Peter Beinart,

      Times Books,

      289 Pages,


      There can be little doubt that the philosophy of Zionism — Jewish
      nationalism —is in retreat among American Jews. Zionism holds that
      Judaism is not a religion of universal values, but an ethnicity. It believes that Israel is the “homeland” of all Jews and that those living outside of Israel are in “exile.” Zionists urge emigration to Israel, “aliyah,” as the highest Jewish value.

      “Moral Promiscuity”

      The attempt to silence Israel’s critics as anti-Semitic, Beinart charges, is a form of “moral promiscuity” which “constitutes terrible abuse of the authority that Jewish leaders enjoy as a result of the history of Jewish suffering. It constitutes a kind of desecration, analogous to taking a sacred object and putting it to profane use. But most of all, it represents an unwillingness to accept that the world has changed, that although Israel still faces threats and anti-Semitism still exists, Jews today wield power, both in Israel and the U.S. With power comes the temptation to abuse it, and using the charge of anti-Semitism to shield Israel from criticism is the best way that Israel does exactly that.”

      The philosophy which dominates the thinking of Israel’s current
      leadership, in particular Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is that of
      Revisionist Zionism which, Beinart believes, turns its back on Judaism’s
      humane and prophetic tradition. Revisionism’s leader, Vladimir
      Jabotinsky, writes Beinart, did not like the Jewish belief “that they
      carried a moral message to the world. In his telling, the story of
      Jewish history went roughly like this: Once upon a time, when they still
      lived on their land, the Jews had been warriors, renowned for their
      fierce resistance to the empires of the day … The problem began,
      according to Jabotinsky and the Revisionists, with the prophets. Abba
      Achimeir, one of Jabotinsky’s most militant disciples, was particularly
      hostile to Isaiah, who challenged the Judean kings to ‘seek justice,
      relieve the oppressed.’ The Revisionists … often scorned those passages
      suggesting that Jews were tasked with a special ethical mission. ‘The
      Bible says ‘thou shalt not oppress a stranger for ye know the heart of
      the stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt,’ wrote
      Jabotinsky in 1910. ‘Contemporary morality has no place for such
      childish humanism.’”

      Benjamin Netanyahu inherited his Revisionist philosophy from his
      father. In 1939, Jabotinsky cabled the 36 year old former editor of a
      Revisionist newspaper in Palestine, Benzion Netanyahu, and summoned him to New York. Netanyahu complied and, until Jabotinsky’s death the
      following year, worked as his private secretary. Beinart writes that,
      “Jabotinsky’s influence permeates Netanyahu’s writing. First, the
      yearning to recover the lost glory of Jewish militarism. ‘The prowess of
      Jewish youth in Palestine should serve as a warning that the blood of
      the old warrior race is still alive in the Jewish people,’ exulted an
      unsigned Zionews editorial during the time Netanyahu served as editor.”

      Examples of Racism

      Benzion Netanyahu’s writings are filled with examples of “racism,”
      Beinart shows: “In an essay in 1943, he called Arabs ‘a semi-barbaric
      people, which lacks any democratic traditions and is fired by religious
      fanaticism and hatred for the stranger.’ Later, during Netanyahu’s
      editorship, an unsigned editorial in Zionews described the Arabs as
      ‘Ishmael, the wild man of the desert.’ Netanyahu conjured the same image
      66 years later, when asked by MAARIV why he didn’t like Arabs. ‘The
      Bible finds no worse image than this of the man from the desert,’ the
      old man replied. ‘And why? Because he has no respect for any law.
      Because in the desert he can do as he pleases. The tendency toward
      conflict is the essence of the Arab. He is an enemy by essence. His
      personality won’t allow him any compromise or agreement … His existence
      is one of perpetual war.’”

      For Benjamin Netanyahu, Beinart notes, “It is always 1938. After Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, Netanyahu called Peres ‘worse than Chamberlain.’ In A Durable Peace, Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly compares the West Bank to the Sudetenland, which the Nazis cleaved from Czechoslavakia en route to overrunning the entire country. Dismantling Jewish settlements, he argues, would mean a ‘Judenrein’ West Bank and a
      ‘ghetto-state’ within Israel’s 1967 borders. If it is 1938, then Jews
      have no moral responsibility except to survive. … One of the most
      remarkable features of A Durable Peace is Netanyahu’s tendency to
      approvingly quote imperialists expressing racist views of Arabs. He
      quotes Winston Churchill as saying, ‘Left to themselves, the Arabs of
      Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps
      toward the irrigation and electrification of Palestine.’ He cites Col.
      Richard Meinertzhagen, Britain’s chief political officer in Palestine
      after World War I, as opining, ‘The Arab is a poor fighter, though an
      adept at lootings, sabotage and murder.’”

      Sadly, in Beinart’s view, “American Jewish politics remains dominated by an establishment that defines support for Israel more as support for the policies of the Israeli government than as support for the principles in Israel’s declaration of independence. But the American Jewish establishment is dying, literally. The typical large American Jewish organization is run by a man in his sixties, who when he meets his large donors, is among the youngest people in the room … All have built their careers on stories of Jewish victimhood and survival. None accept that we live in a new era in Jewish history, in which our challenges stem less from weakness than from power … Young American Jews are far less likely to build their identity around victimhood … For the most part, young Jews are not redefining American Zionism. They are abandoning American Zionism.”

The author of this article didn’t do her homework. Hiss and his people were not accused of organ trafficking. It’s total nonsense, since they were “dealing” with corpses. They were accused of retaining body parts and storing them in jars. God knows for what purpose. Accusing them of organ trafficking is just another libel.

    They were having Vampire Goulash!

    Its very tasty!

    Cook them slowly in Olive oil & spices for about an hour & because they would have eaten lots of garlic in life, you don’t need to add any to the stir-fry!

    Beautiful with red wine & fresh bread!

HemiFaulk says:

No surprise that now the story will morph into all kinds of weird and strange permutations, similar to rumors and lies, which seems more than a little suspicious that the original story would have left loose ends for readers to tie together on their own.

On the face of it my estimate or guess is that this was done on purpose, and if inadvertent, who was the Editor that did not catch the potential problem; or in fact was the editor actually responsible for shaping the story to leave it open ended, like hey maybe there is some truth to the blood libel rumors that have persisted in one form or another for centuries, but really we will leave that open to the reader’s interpretation, which if you are following me here, that means they are suggesting it must have some truth to it… To take this to its logical or perhaps illogical end, the uneducated reader will conclude that all Jews are stealing organs supported by a State, none of it true, which is why the editor should have made sure that was quite clear as any good editor is apt to do.

The Wandering Jews by J. Roth trans M. Hoffman has more than likely never been a best seller in Sweden, though perhaps an organization somewhere could address the fact that the historical record of mistreatment of the Jewish people on the world stage is one that is rarely if ever looked at in its entirety, for various reasons, which all I am asking is this: is there a better way to address real anti-Semitism than the methods used today?

Example 1 the kids at UC Berkeley who might have had a disagreement, or maybe were yelled at or maybe nothing happened, but to take that to the Justice Dept and bring up the Holocaust? Who is the idiot that came up with that idea? Hint the students are being used by dummy attorneys to quiet voices of dissent that they do not want to hear… Constantly referring to WWII and the tragedy of the Holocaust for minor events is likely to result in a tale similar to the boy who cries wolf, who cried wolf one day when the wolf did come, yet nobody was listening because they got tired of the whining and the impropriety of crying wolf when none existed at the time he cried wolf.

Ex. 2 is this article here which clearly shows information that was left open to the reader in order to be misinterpreted, which to my blind eye equates to real anti-Semitism, a real issue that must be addressed without delay.

The problems are the instances of disagreements or use of slanderous type behavior, see Maureen Dowd’s treatment recently, or the constant assaults on American Jews who do not support Zionism resulting in slander and attacks against them by the Establishment. That means real issues get mixed in with non-issues, which make most people stop listening to the real stories because they get tired of hearing about too many stories that are not real threats or even outright lies.

If Dowd andor the NY Times are against the Jewish people then truly we have reached new levels of racism that are unprecedented in the annuals of modern history. Of course its not true, but did anyone go back and retract the lies about Dowd? Probably not, they are so arrogant they don’t feel the obligation. Who are they, are they the same people who led us into Iraq and tricked George Bush and the American people about WMDs in order to further a hidden aim?

A true story of insanity is the Jewish fellow who has survived the deaths of all his family during the Black Death who is then approached by the few surviving members of the village. They accuse him of poisoning the wells and killing off his fellow villagers, to which he replies, my God my own family is dead, all of them expect for myself, can you really believe I would do such a thing? and then he was murdered…….

It is well known that Swedes are deeply Antisemitic by nature and nurture. It is lie deep in their “educational” system. No surprise then.

Matty Lib says:

Nathalie Rothschild. Must be an indie. I would marry you though.

My name is Matthew Libman.

I am an only child. I was raised in Wisconsin. Today I live in Chicago, IL. I am a college graduate, a business owner, the founder of a national charitable nonprofit, and an animal lover.

My adoptive mother’s name is Dinah Libman. Her maiden name is Dianna Nashban. Her sister’s name is Leslie Dee Dee Gooze. They are from Milwaukee, WI.

My adoptive father’s name is xxxxx Libman. He is from Green Bay, WI.

I was raised in Green Bay, WI.

My mother’s first cousin is a man named David Rubin. Father of Shuvie, Shimon, and Joshua Rubin. During the early 1970s, David Rubin, while home visiting family in Milwaukee during his Israeli military service, committed an act of false flag.

David Rubin unsuccessfully attempted – in the middle of the night – to burn down a Jewish-owned grocery store during the “black” riots of the 1960s-1970s. David was shot by police, arrested, and charged with arson.

His father, Alex Rubin, was a well connected attorney and Mossad/KGB operative. Because of his “relationship” with the judge, the criminal charges were plead to nearly nothing. David Rubin immediately repatriated to Israel, moved his family into a disputed settlement in Palestinian territory, and continued the acts of terror against innocent, honest people.

My life growing up was devoid of religion and god. We had no sense of faith, other than a general “naturalistic” view of the world. There was no love. No hugging. No cuddling. No nurturing. No encouragement. Only coldness, intellectualism, punishment, and greed.

My mother had Lupus, a disease affiliated with witchcraft, and very common among witchcraft practitioners in Hati (I don’t believe in demons, but it appears Lupus lets “demons in,” I assume there is science behind this, but the hocus-pocus explanation is sufficient for purposes herein).

Our home was filled with metal statues of horned beasts. This included elk, horned giraffes, and about 10-15 small statuettes of horned animals. Until I later read of Moloch, witchcraft, and satanic practices, I thought nothing of this.

When my grandfather returned from serving the Nazi army in Europe, he used his banking connections to become a lithographer. He printed currency and bonds for member banks of the federal reserve. When gold and silver redemptions – something blamed ON German Jewish lithographers (as well as the government of France) – my grandfather died unexpectedly. My grandfather grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin. He was the same age, and was friends with, Senator Joseph McCarthy.

I have Native American blood, and was adopted.

My adoptive mother would torture me on a near-daily basis. I was screamed at roughly 2-3 hours per day. I was beaten with a wooden brush or stick 3-4 times per week.

I was never suspended from school, was well behaved, and got good grades. I was fairly popular, and have been pretty successful my entire life. I was never a bad kid, and never deserved to be punished at all, let alone tortured and abused.

I have suffered many broken bones and countless bruises. On several occasions, my mother took an entire bookshelf filled with books, solid brass bookends, statues, and electronic equipment, and threw the entire, full bookshelf at my head. This probably happened once a month or so for a period of about 5 years during my early childhood.

She only cooked in cast iron pots and pans. Additionally, my mother would drink my blood. In fact, I believe that was the purpose of my adoption – not family.

I was sedated many times, and blood was taken from my body. My mother – with the help of a Milwaukee-based imune system doctor (who was at the same hospital I was surgically performed on for 3 months prior to my adoption from the Lutheran-owned teaching hospital MCW) who treated her Lupus.

I was filled with allergens via allergy shots (I have no allergies, but would be filled with poison). My body would reject the allergens, and produce natural antibodies. My mother would then drain my blood from my body (you should see how anemic I look in early childhood photos), store the blood in the refrigerator, and drink my blood as a medical elixir.

And guess what, IT WORKED!!!! She has outlived her original life span by 40 years. She was supposed to die in her late 20s/early 30s. When I became too old to drain blood from, she began cooking in a cast iron pan.

Good for her.

These are facts.

The proposal stands Nathalie.

Here is a video from the end of 2012 covering the topic:

Matty Lib says:

I am the adopted, only son of sick Eastern European “Jews” with close ties to Israeli intelligence.

My life growing up was devoid of religion and god. We had no sense of faith, other than a general “naturalistic” view of the world. There was no love. No hugging. No cuddling. No nurturing. No encouragement. Only coldness, intellectualism, punishment, and greed.

My mother had Lupus, a disease affiliated with witchcraft, and very common among witchcraft practitioners in Hati (I don’t believe in demons, but it appears Lupus lets “demons in,” I assume there is science behind this, but the hocus-pocus explanation is sufficient for purposes herein).

I was sedated many times, and blood was taken from my body. My mother – with the help of a Milwaukee-based imune system doctor (who was at the same hospital I was surgically performed on for 3 months prior to my adoption from the Lutheran-owned teaching hospital MCW) who treated her Lupus.

I was filled with allergens via allergy shots (I have no allergies, but would be filled with poison). My body would reject the allergens, and produce natural antibodies. My mother would then drain my blood from my body (you should see how anemic I look in early childhood photos), store the blood in the refrigerator, and drink my blood as a medical elixir.

And guess what, IT WORKED!!!! She has outlived her original life span by 40 years. She was supposed to die in her late 20s/early 30s. When I became too old to drain blood from, she began cooking in a cast iron pan.

Solent Green is people. Really.


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The Blood Libel That Won’t Quit

In Sweden, a respected magazine is reviving the canard that the IDF plundered the organs of Palestinians

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