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Adelson Is Election’s Biggest Loser

The casino mogul is out $70 million as Jewish voters re-elect Obama and Jewish GOP candidates lose

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President Barack Obama waves to supporters after his victory speech on election night Nov. 6, 2012, in Chicago. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Last night, President Obama won re-election by an Electoral College margin sufficient to render Florida irrelevant, and according to exit polls he won it with a comfortable supermajority among Jewish voters—not as many as voted for him in 2008, but still far more than the dismal 44 percent who voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980. Other than the president, the biggest winner of the night was statistician Nate Silver, whose state-by-state predictions were on the money.

But let’s talk about the night’s biggest loser: not Mitt Romney, but Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas casino mogul who gambled at least $70 million on Romney’s candidacy. Adelson’s acumen as an entrepreneur has allowed him to rebuild his fortune several times over, but his track record as a political investor is notably weak. His first horse in the 2012 race was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose campaign imploded repeatedly before he withdrew for good last May. As a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Adelson doubled down and gave millions to partisan Jewish groups to pay for television ads, robocalls, and print mailers to peel away Jewish support for Obama, apparently with only a negligible yield.

“This is a resounding defeat for Sheldon Adelson,” Robert Wexler, the former Florida congressman and frequent Obama surrogate, said after the race was called. “It is a profound result given the extraordinary efforts made against the president for the last two years.”

The results for Jewish Republican partisans were just as bad down the ballot as at the top. In Ohio, the party’s star Senate candidate, Josh Mandel—a Jewish Marine who is a veteran of the Iraq war—lost to the incumbent, Sherrod Brown, by a larger margin than Romney lost to Obama. Former Virginia Sen. George Allen, lately attuned to his Jewish roots, lost his comeback attempt, and in Hawaii, former Gov. Linda Lingle lost the state’s Senate race to a Democratic congresswoman, Mazie Hirono.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach lost his effort to win a New Jersey House seat, and in Florida, Lois Frankel, the Democratic former mayor of West Palm Beach, beat Adam Hasner, a 42-year-old Jewish Republican former state representative who launched his congressional run after losing Florida’s Senate primary. Meanwhile, Democrat Brad Schneider, running as a rookie candidate, successfully challenged a sitting congressman, Robert Dold, on Chicago’s North Shore.

The only major loss for Jewish Democrats was in Nevada, where Rep. Shelley Berkley failed to make the leap to the Senate. In part, this may have actually been thanks to Adelson, her former boss, with whom she had a public falling out in the late 1990s. He spent at least $4 million to beat her, and it worked: The state’s voters split their ballots and gave their six electoral votes to Obama and kept their Republican incumbent senator, Dean Heller. (Berkley, as it happens, was one of a handful of Democratic Jewish politicians who publicly voiced displeasure with Obama’s approach to Israel policy. In October 2010, she told Tablet, “Right now, he’s in a very bad place with the organized Jewish community.”)

In the last year, and particularly in the last few weeks, as the weaknesses of the Republican electoral coalition grew more apparent, some of the president’s most vocal Democratic critics—former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and Alan Dershowitz most prominent among them—publicly recanted their doubts about his support for Israel and encouraged Jewish voters to support him. Whether they meant it, or are playing a long game that preserves their influence among Jewish voters and in a shifting Democratic Party, they are among the secondary winners of the 2012 election.


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oaklandj says:

A drop in the bucket for him. But maybe he’ll realize that his money is better spent with a GOTV effort next time for evangelicals and other low-information voters instead.

I continue to pray for Israel, Now more than ever.

    sandman123 says:

    f*ck israel

      altershmalter says:

      Who do you think you are, James Baker? State your opinion but, please, maintain a modicum of civility…there are kids reading these comments!

sidney51 says:

It must be noted that the first attack ads against Romney that focused on his Bain record were aired by Gingrich during the primary season. These were very well produced and highly effective. Oh, and they were paid for by Adelson who gave Gingrich something like $12 million to make and air the ads. They actually began the descent of Romney from which he never recovered. Thanks, Sheldon. I hope the president calls and thanks you. Now the government can get back to investigating Adelson for numerous alleged criminal actions relative to his casinos. I hope you don’t have to flee to Israel, Shelly, like so many American Jews running from the law.

    Faival44 says:

    Good observation.
    Gingrich’s attack on Romney’s success was widely criticized at the time as destructive to fundamental American values. Newt has now seen how poorly thought through his attack was.
    Scant comfort to know that not only Jews eat their own.

    neils60 says:

    Sidney, Please provide the names of the “so many American Jews running from the law.” I need to be educated by you, genius, as I’ve not heard of them on my own. Obviously, my investigational skills aren’t as adept as yours, or the eight (8) individuals, so far, who agree with your remarks.

So glad Adelson’s millions went down a black hole!

    leucippe says:

    My sentiments exactly. I thought of it right away and along with other Jewish billionaires and CEOs who followed suit. But, alas, they all have so much money, that what’s 100 million here and there.

Cool_Romeo says:

Adelson didn’t just lose money. The federal investigations against his companies that started after his political donations will now probably get even worse.

    Hi cool-romeo, I hope you are correct, but I think they reached a settlement last week which I bleieve will keep shelly out of jail – if that’s true, it’s too bad!

Armorer says:

Actually, the “bigget losers” include all American Jews for whom Israel is not merely an afterthought. The same is true for all Americans who care deeply about Israel. Even the incorrigibly knee-jerk liberal Democratic zombies for whom Israel has become a tertiary concern will rue the day they once again enabled Obama’s victory. He is no friend and now, unconstrained by fear of losing Jewish money for any future race, he no longer need reign in his hostility to Israel. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    sidney51 says:

    This was an election for the AMERICAN president not for Israel’s prime minister. American Jews, for the most part, recognized that. And, once again, they voted as Jews SHOULD vote- with their minds and their souls without endangering Israel whatsoever. Indeed, their votes helped ensure four more years of security for Israel unless NETANYAHU endangers it.

      Well said sidney.

        Armorer says:

        I know only dispute your characterization but would like to point out that you neglected to include the comma after “said.” There!

          sidney51 says:

          “know only dispute…” Is English a second language for you, oh wise “think tanker?”

          Armorer says:

          There’s a difference between a glitch that’s the product of fast typing and your clear ignorance about basic composition. But why don’t we leave each other alone? You’re the kind of pest I’d avoid at any event, so why engage with you here? Adios, moron.

      Armorer says:

      I’ll let the nasty tone go, or your ignorant comment that I am part of an emotional 5th column. In fact, I work on US domestic policy at a DC think tank. Are you forgetting Obama’s diplomatic sandbagging of Israel by his suddenly bringing up the ’67 armistice lines as the basis for negotiation? Or the systematic leaks of Israeli security information by members of the Administration? Or his readiness to sell 100 of the United States’ most sophisticated aircraft to Saudi Arabia, not Israel? The list goes on, as you surely know. As for US Jews voting their “minds and souls” I know this community very well and know they vote from habit and fear of white American Christians. Very sad and very stupid. Robert Frost once described as liberal as a “man who cannot take his own side in an argument.” It is even more apt for liberal Jews who are so desperate to be loved one wonders whether they have anything resembling ego strength.

        sidney51 says:

        Man, you really ARE disingenuous. Every president, secretary of state, Israeli prime minister and foreign minister and just about every other non-neo-con (i.e. candid and honest) has known and acknowledged that the negotiations would be based on the 1967 armistice lines WITH AGREED UPON LAND SWAPS. EVERYBODY knows this. And THAT is what President Obama said. Netanyahu lied about what the president said. And you are equally dishonest. I can only imagine the “quality” of your purported “think tank.” PURE B.S.

          Armorer says:

          Man, you really ought to take a course in composition. What a dreadful writer. At least capitalize the “disengenuous” rather than the verb. In any case, your assumption that “every” political leader accepts the ’67 lines with “land swaps” is nonsense. That is code for “very little in the way of land swaps.” Don’t you realize that? In any case, there will be no peace agreement because the other side wants a ONE STATE solution and the RIGHT OF RETURN for the ’48-’49 Palestinians. The whole debate is moot and disingenuous. Your comment about the quality of my think tank (again, that ought not go in quotation marks) shows what an immature schmuck you are. Can’t you stick to the discussion without the ad hominems? By the bye, I won’t BE responding TO such an uncivil “person” and one that treats the English language with such disdain. Waste your time on someone more your speed. (That is assuming you can find another rude cretin.)

          sidney51 says:

          Man, you are a very stupid, little man. But you have given me some chuckles. Thanks. I’m off to an Obama VICTORY party. See ya’, LOSER!

          Armorer says:

          Farewell. My only advice to you other than trying to acquire a modicum of civility is to stop capitalizing words you like. It makes you look like an illiterate.

          hypnosifl says:

          Sidney wasn’t capitalizing words he “likes”, he was (for the most part, anyway) capitalizing words that would be actually emphasized if the sentences were spoken. There’s nothing incorrect about emphasizing words to reflect vocal stresses, though of course a style guide would recommend italics over capitalization. And your suggestion to emphasize “disingenuous” instead of the verb would actually make it worse! (Try saying “Man, you really are disingenuous” and “Man, you really are disingenuous” aloud, and see which one sounds more natural.)

          neils60 says:

          Sidney, Just a few questions for you? Would you willingly bow to a Saudi King/Prince? Would you sit in a shul for 20+ years, where a rabbi’s shtick was to berate the USA, berate people of another color or disparage another religion? I know that I wouldn’t. Evidently, it’s perfectly acceptable for the “progressives”, and not to be questioned. But, it’s not okay for this middle of the road Democrat.

          I like the solution that the League of Nations came up with: Jews on the west side of the Jordan River, Arabs on the east side. No Gaza strip. No narrow “‘waist” for Israel. Palestine is an artificial country. Make it go away. Palestinians can move to Jordan — it’s much nicer than Gaza.

          Pam Green says:

          Unfortunately, Armorer, there are plenty of “rude cretins” commenting on Tablet, although IMO it hurts your argument to use a defamatory word like ‘cretin’. People like sidney51, yevka, and other intellectually and morally challenged trolls on this website do not have the excuse of being physically disabled.

        Beatrix17 says:

        Just give it time. By always voting liberal, most Jews have given up their power. We started to show some diversity and people started to fight for our vote, but 68% of Jews drearily supporting Obama put a stop to that.

    Jacob Arnon says:

    Sorry, Israel is not “a second thought” for me an voted for Obama.

    Both Romney and Obama are pro-Israel, yet Obama will be the better and more reliable supporter of Israel.

    It was Obama who has been helping the Israeli defense establishment and helped create a close alliance between them.

    Romney whatever his merits as a “a business man” (He is over-rated there too) would have been an uncertain supporter of Israel.

    Adios Adelson.

      Armorer says:

      What does Adelson have to do with me? I supported Romney for many reasons, and certainly not because of the vast sums given by a mulit-millionaire.

    Armorer – no matter how wrong you ae, you are entitled to your opinion. In this case you are 100% wrong, Jewish Democrats care more for Israel than either Jewish repubs or evangelicals ever will. evangelicals need all the Jew in Israel in order for their rapture to occur. Aside from that they do not care a damn about Jews or Israel!

      Armorer says:

      Thanks for permitting me to avail myself of the First Amendment, I’m truly grateful. Why do the motivations of Evangelicals bother you so much? Thje only sort of Jew who would be worried is one that actually thinks the Second Coming is on the way. I don’t think there was a first. But I am very happy to accept the political support of 60 million American Christians. I assume you reject it because you believe that allowing partial birth abortion trumps the need to secure the survival of Israel.

    LtcHoward says:

    I wish that I could disagree. But it’s with a heavy heart that I feel that for $360 per year of free contraception American Jewish liberal women were blinded to the possible catastrophic future for Israel. I alerted several leading American Reform Jewish rabbis as to these back channel negotiations. They ignored me and my documentation.

    Israel can, must and will be prepared to defend itself. Survival of the Tribe is much too important to trust to the vagaries of politics in other countries.

    Any American Jew who wants to help Israel should donate money to the JNF or pick another charity at — not vote for Republican flip-floppers.

We are the big winners because Sheldon Adelson’s 70 million dollars are now out of his pockets and in circulation to help the economy grow.

Koch and Dershowitz got on the train at the last minute; Somehow, going down with the good ship Tea Party Express did not seem that appealing. Obama didn’t need them, they needed him.

Republicans promise more support for Israel but can you believe anything Republicans say? They change policy (“pivot”) on a dime and then tell you that’s what they always believed. So far, it has suited them, for evangelical and geopolitical (anti-Muslim) reasons, to give unqualified support to Israel and Netanyahu. They can be expected to continue that as long as it is convenient. I trust Obama and Congressional Democrats more to be consistent on this issue. And they have been. The fringe left is certainly nasty enough on the issue of Israel (as is the far right), but they have been marginalized if not shut out within the Congressional delegation and mainstream commentary.

Most Jews recognize these things, they remember Ehud Barak’s appreciative statements of Obama’s support of Israel’s security, and they recognize all too well the mendacity, and lunacy, of Romney and the Republican party, not on the fringes but inside Congress. Most of them made the obvious choice, for sanity, for justice, and for Israel’s security.

    Israel can, must and will be prepared to defend itself. Survival of the Tribe is much too important to trust to the vagaries of politics in other countries.

    Any American Jew who wants to help Israel should donate money to the JNF or pick another charity at — not vote for Republican flip-floppers.

sidney51 says:

Dan Senor was another enormous loser. Romney’s foreign trip was an unmitigated disaster and cast Romney in the light of a fool. He never recovered from that. And the whole trip was Senor’s planning. Senor and all the hate-filled neo-Cons who advised Romney are so far out of the mainstream as to be totally unacceptable. Senor’s days in politics are over, done, kaput. Good riddance.

All that money could have helped put food in people’s mouths and helped in any number of ways. What an incredible waste. My mother used to say that if you had a lot of money, it didn’t mean you had any common sense.

PhillipNagle says:

The biggest loser is the American people though Israel may turn out to be a bigger loser.

    sidney51 says:

    Yeah, well, the American people will just have to “suffer” through FOUR MORE YEARS (that’s 48 months or 1461 days) at the end of which, President Obama will have reduced unemployment significantly, ended two wars, kept America safe, ensured health care for most Americans and much, much more. Oh, and he will be ranked as one of America’s best presidents of all time. Get used to it.

      PhillipNagle says:

      Then he must be planning on doing a lot different from his first four years which were a disaster by any standard.

        sidney51 says:

        Apparently not by the standards of the American electorate. It obviously thinks enough of him as president that DESPITE the slowly-recovering economy, it wants him for another four years. FOUR MORE YEARS!

      What planet are you living on

You see, Sheldon, money isn’t everything!

Allison, what a narrow tendentious assessment of our collective loss! Obama’s re-election documents that a self-serving, mendacious and incompetent official can gain office as long as he panders to the 47% or so of our society who expect the government to provide for them regardless of what they do. It’s not Sheldon Adelson’s fault. At least he tried. Far too many in our community who should know better just went along, pretending that we all will be better off in a politically correct world where slogans and appearances count more than performance. Yeah, that’s what will fix things-Dream acts, affirmative action, free tuition for illegals, and Obamacare. The same “you owe me,” mentality and delusional behavior flourishes in Western Europe and in Venezuela and look how well things have turned out for the citizens of those countries. Well, it’s happening here now and things will only get worse. Don’t worry,BHO will tax the rich, promote the use of wind power over coal, print money and blame any ill effects that follow on someone else. Don’t be surprised if its some minority (e.g., the ‘Jews” or Israel); that’s happened before, too, or don’t you remember?

    leucippe says:

    You must be a staunch fan of Faux News. You’ve bought the same tired clichés. Sheldon Adelson is a walking poster boy for why Citizens United was/is an unmitigated disaster for democracy in this country. And by the way, this country has changed: This is what the election has shown: it’s multi-colored, multi-ethnic, women and gay rights sensitive, and looks to unify this country, not divide it with plutocratic arrogance in claims of privilege. I am proud that Jews came through, despite Adelson’s robocalls and Netanyahu’s idiotic interfering in the political process of another country. Try to see things as they are now, when we are concerned about the environment and our children’s future.

      bobschwalbaum says:

      As soon as I see “Faux News”.. i need read no further
      If youare all in a tizzy over Adelson’s “wasting” $70 mil (a mere pittance to him).. where were you all these years when George Soros was doling out millions to EVERY left-wing Israel-hating cause?

don’t worry, he has more :-(

no the American people are the biggest losers then Israel and then world. I pray I’m wrong. Obama teaches class warfare and envy. It’s very left-wing not very Jewish or American

    surfer_dad says:

    You ARE wrong.
    The class warfare nonsense is just rhetoric from the right to try and counteract an argument they have no other answer for.

    Obama preaches fairness… it is unfair for Romney to pay 14% income tax and for me to pay 28%. What about that is “class warfare?” It’s nonsense.

    Why would asking a person who makes more than $2 million/year 2 or 4% more in income taxes make them want to REDUCE their business footprint? Wouldn’t they want to hire MORE people and grow their business to make up for that slightly higher tax bill?
    I just don’t get the logic the Republicans espouse, and EVERY non-partisan report on past hiring by the so-called “job creators” and the taxes they pay backs up the FACTS that it’s non-sense.

    We are all in this together, we should all pay our share. That’s not class warfare.

      neils60 says:

      Romney’s tax rate is 14%, primarily because he gave away four (4) million to charity. How much did you donate to charity in 2011?

        surfer_dad says:

        The dollar amount he gave is irrelevant and you know it. How much did he make? $10 million or $100 million or more? HOW did he give that money? What would have been his tax rate if he gave $0 to taxes? 15%, 16%??

        The rich play by different rules than the rest of us. The rich, including Romney, GIVE to charities different than the rest of us including me:

        THAT is the fundamental unfairness. There are two sets of rules, one for the VERY rich and one for the vast majority of us.

        They have it? They EARNED it? Good for them. I hope one day to pay in that tax bracket too.
        Just let them pay the same percentage as the rest of us.
        It’s not class warfare, it’s fairness.

          neils60 says:

          surfer_dad, I don’t understand your question, regarding how Romney gave to charity, or “What would have been his tax rate if he gave $0 to taxes”? But, I know that Romney followed the tax code, as it’s written. But, you, too, can take a write off on mortagage interest, charitable donations, medical costs (much harder to take in 2013), etc . As far as I know, Romney never provided funding to a church/preacher, whose 20+ years of rhetoric was so embarrassing, that it caused one family in his former church to leave it, when it became public knowledge that they had a close association with it/him. (That preacher initially blamed the disassociation on “them Jews”, but later “corrected” himself, and made the more politically correct statement, that it was because of “them Zionists.”)

          altershmalter says:

          Aha, perhaps you have never read the Mormon doctrine. It’s all about class levels and discrimination. Oh, and don’t forget about the posthumous conversion of Jews. Only ONE family left the church? That’s a far better record than in synagogues where contentiousness over rabbis, rules and dues causes dismember(ship)ment on a regular basis. Have you ever heard a joke about 2 Episcopalians with 3 churches…..?

          neils60 says:

          Altercocker, Yes I know all about the Mormon doctrine of Jewish posthumous conversions. So what? Once one “checks out”, a so-called conversion is quite meaningless. (Supposedly, too, that doctrine has been “put to sleep” some years ago. But, once again, that practice was/is a non-starter, at least for me.)

lenny46 says:

I think Jewish voters are still mainly Democrats. Romney is a Mormon and some mainstream Christians still consider them as a sort of sect. Romney garners no trust because of the way he makes his money, acts like a mean school bully that he is. Adelson, meanwhile, still figures to try using his money to buy elections. He is an embarrassment. Most Jews like to keep a low profile. Adelson screams “Look at me. I will buy you a government.” Rich Jews should stick to philanthropy. If he can throw away his money, I think it shold go to a charity.

    surfer_dad says:

    I think that most Jewish voters are really moderates … the problem for the Republicans is they have moved to the far right on the national level and left us behind.

LtcHoward says:

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martyn Indyk, Israeli Army Radio 06Nov 2012

Indyk said that he believes that the Obama administration would launch “direct, bilateral negotiations with the Iranians.”

“Obama will attempt to reach an agreement with the Iranians that prevents them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. 2013 will be a year of decision. Obama will do his best to exhaust the negotiations, but if the Iranians refuse, I believe Barack Obama will use American force to eliminate Iranian nuclear capability. If he will do that, he will turn to Benjamin Netanyahu and say ‘look I’ve dealt with the Iranian issue, now it’s your turn to make progress on the Palestinian issue,'” Indyk said

Executive Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Dr. Robert Satloff

Satloff said that President Obama in his second term is likely early on to focus on a “grand deal” with Iran, testing the Iranians to see if there is a political settlement before he needs, probably by the end of the second quarter of 2013, to decide on other means — perhaps military means — to prevent the Iranians from achieving nuclear weapons capability.

Satloff predicts that the Obama administration ,in its early days, will be preoccupied with domestic economic affairs; will take steps to end the violence in Syria; will attempt to restart talks between Israel and the Palestinians; and will forge a new relationship with the Islamist government in Egypt.

    wishnitz says:

    The above folderol just proves that you can fool most jews all the time. Iran has absolutely no interest in stopping their nuclear program. More talk, time will just encourage them. Obama is a disaster for the United States, for the world and for israel. but- am isroel chai! we have survived many tyrants- we will survive Obama !

wishnitz says:

Obama is an enemy of Israel and, unfortunately, this will be shown very quickly. And- all of those secular Jews who voted for Obama aren’tr even Jewish. Thank G-d we have real jews like Adelson!

    I’m a secular Jew who voted for Obama. Unless you can change my mother’s religion or sew a foreskin back on my penis, I am as real a Jew as Adelson.

      wishnitz says:

      For how long? for how many generations do you think secular Jews will survive? Although, I must thank you for an earlier post about Israel on the east of the river Jordan and the Arabs on the west side of the Jordan. Thank you.

Good. He needs to get in touch more with Jewish values and stop emulating Donald Trump.

surfer_dad says:

It makes me SO angry that we spent billions of money to tear each other apart when that money could go to our Jewish institutions, our schuls, our poor. The whole thing just leaves a huge bad taste in my mouth.

Adelson could have given a gift of almost $1 million to 100 local charities with that same money — money that could actually DO something real for real families.

Poupic says:

The Jewish nation lost partly because US Jews as usual voted for an anti- Semite considering local reasons and never for a minute the life for yet another 6,000,000 Jews leaving in the Jewish state of Israel just like their parents did when they voted for Roosevelt while my parents burned with the 6,000,000 Jews that were less important that local benefits when they voted for Roosevelt who closed the doors to Jews trying to escape the Shoa.

With a second Obama term, America will continue declining economically and internationally. If Iran obtains nuclear weapons and uses them in the future against Israel, the 70% of American Jews who supported Obama will have Jewish blood on their hands by aiding and abetting in the reelection of Obama. G-d help America and Israel now!

    Israel can, must and will be prepared to defend itself. Survival of the Tribe is much too important to trust to the vagaries of politics in other countries.

    Any American Jew who wants to help Israel should donate money to the JNF or pick another charity at — not vote for Republican flip-floppers.

ajweberman says:

What Adelson does with the casinos I call “fleecing the goys.”

salemst says:

America, normal minded Jews, and Israel are the biggest losers this election.
As a Jew I’m grateful to Shelly for doing everything in his power to put America back on a prosperous and effective track restoring our greatness.

The fact there are more people demanding government than those who aren’t is the death knell of the country, soon as Obama/Democrats have completely spent other peoples’ money. Then we’ll see riots like in Greece.

    altershmalter says:

    Just think – if “Shelly” (your BFF?) had plowed his $70mil into Israeli commerce OR helped Israel develop/buy defense armaments OR invested his pissed away funds in scientific and technical research (or G-d forbid, education) IN ISRAEL…Now that would have made a difference. Instead, he tried to control the future of American-Israeli relations with his dirty money. What a waste.

The loser here is the United States and Israel. Adelson will be fine.

rabbitonyjutner says:

Obama needs to extradite this Adelson clown to the Hague and confiscate his assets, which will help reduce our deficit. I hope Obama modifies the constitution to allow more than 2 terms. As far as I am concerned, he can be president as long as he likes. We need him

    the left are so much fascists. The followers of Marx not Moses the the followers of Castro and other leftist dogs and not John Adams or Jefferson . president for life Does that sound good to you. I imagine so. You Have your Savior Who bring Paradise on Earth. Like Joseph Stalin Chairman Mao

    the left are so much fascists. The followers of Marx not Moses the the followers of Castro and other leftist dogs and not John Adams or Jefferson . president for life Does that sound good to you. I imagine so. You Have your Savior Who bring Paradise on Earth. Like Joseph Stalin Chairman Mao

Joe Charlaff says:

Serves him right for meddling in politics and trying to influence things to go his twisted way. I hope he has burnt his fingers enough to make him stay out of Israeli affairs. We dont need him and dont want him.

I find it shocking that 69 percent of American Jews voted for a President who helped the virulently anti-Semitic and anti-American Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt and is appeasing Iran. This would be similar to FDR helping Franco come to power and appeasing Hitler.

Is this out of sheer ignorance or indifference is not clear, but to me this puts a blemish on American Jews that no spin will clear. What a disgrace!

How many American Jews have any idea what is going on in Iran? How many have read Matthias Kuntzel’s lecture at Columbia University in 2008?:

Antisemitism, Messianism and the Cult of Sacrifice: The Iranian Holy War

Now if Netanyahu loses reelection in Israel some modicum of sanity and stability may return to the world. I certainly hope that he is sent packing as soon as possible

Why on earth is this piece of gloating hack job published here? Oh, sorry, judging by the comments this magazine has just the right readership who are only so happy to express their petty jealous indignation that someone has the means to support people he thinks is better for Israel than the current president.

Do you guys have no shame left whatsoever?

Faival44 says:

“But let’s talk about the night’s biggest loser: not Mitt Romney, but Sheldon Adelson”

Hardly. The biggest loser will be the American people and lovers of liberty everywhere. Our free market system, Constitutional Federalist system of government, and ability to support freedom loving people around the world, and not only Israel, will change in ways we can’t imagine. Through debt, Obama is kicking the legs out from under American greatness one at a time, all in the name of goodness. In twenty years people will ask how this could happen.

    Pam Green says:

    Yes, and did anyone read the list of LAYOFFS announced just since Tuesday? Wow, hundreds of thousands of them.

    And guess who’s ultimately going to be blamed for the fiasco? Jews. Yep, thanks to the 70% of American Jews who voted for this fascistic, Islamist regime.


ALOHA:….. how any person can align themselves with the right-wing, christian tea-party republicans i will never understand. Though i personally like Linda Lingle, and she is a moderate Republican, there was no way people here in Hawai’i would trust sending her to Washington, as in the last few years she has been sucking up to Romney, and prior to that W; plus spoke in support of Sarah. All politics are local. I will always vote for a progressive candidate, preferably a Green Party member, and against a conservative person who happens to be Jewish.

    bobschwalbaum says:

    As a Jew also living in Hawaii.. it appears that you harbor a distinct prejudice against.. Christians.
    But that’s OK.. right?

      NIKHILANANDA says:

      ALOHA BOB:….. hope i find u well…. only the christians who still call jews “christ-killers” and use israel for their personal grand design of the return of the messiah, when the world will all be christians. plus, of course, with those extremists who want to control non-christian women’s bodies and claim that a person who loves someone they do not approve of as immoral!…. they have every right to exist and believe as they do; just they do NOT control, nor should they, what other people would like to do. Finally, their absurd belief that god created the united states, and as an afterthought, created the rest of the universe!…. this country was founded by people who annihilated a race of humans and were themselves escaping religious persecution…. oh, btw… it is the same “prejudice” i have for extremist suicide-bombing religious fanatic islamists and the hindus who kill muslims in india and other places.

Beatrix17 says:

All this liberal glee at
Jewish Republican losses. It doesn’t occur to you that this has more
to do with their being Jewish than their being Republican.

Romney was critical of
England’s handling of the Olympics, and England objected. That’s a
failed trip?

Adelson is 78 and
probably had the time of his life being involved in an exciting
political campaign. Win, lose or draw, he was in the center of
things, made the newspapers, television and the Internet on a regular
basis, and became a household name while fighting for something he
believed in.. I bet he felt it was worth every penny.

Obama’s pettiness and
mis-use of power in having his opponents financier investigated
should be viewed as objectionable, not cause for glee. Adelson will
die happy. It’s the Jews who have lost. 68% of Jews voted for
Obama. From now on, the Democrats will take Jews for granted, and
the Republicans won’t waste time on us again.

    Pam Green says:

    Sheldon’s response to the liberal glee (and I paraphrase): It was either this or become a Jewish husband.

politackler says:

It will be such a joy this weekend to drive past those “Obama, Oy Vey” and “Buyer’s Remorse” billboards funded by the Republican Jewish Coalition (which in turn receives funding from Adelson) that line the Florida Turnpike in South Florida. “OY VEY” is right–far right! And the disgusting and relentless “buyer’s remorse” campaign wasn’t strong enough to make much more than a very slight dent in the Jewish electorate.

As usual, American Jewish lemmings vote for the worst-possible candidate. Israel, beware!!

salemst says:

Adelson’s a hero and a winner.
The loser is the country who elected Obama to complete his transformation of the US
into European socialism and the abandonment of Israel.
But at least the liberal Jews supporting Obama have theirs and have made the US their homeland abandoning Israel for their own personal gain, and those who care about Israel’s loss

Well…he took a gamble and lost, sort of like going into a casino in Las Vegas….uhh..hey…what am I saying???


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Adelson Is Election’s Biggest Loser

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