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Why I’m Voting for Obama

What drives the president—the chasm between the world as it is and ought to be—is what drives the Jewish people

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President Barack Obama greets supporters at a campaign rally in Hilliard, Ohio, Nov. 2, 2012. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)
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Why I’m Voting for Romney

The Republican’s vision—based on choice and dignity, not dependence—is why Jews should support him

We all know that if you want to change someone’s mind it’s a waste of time to offer logical arguments, facts, and figures. None of this will work—people only hear whatever supports the positions they already hold. So, I won’t try to convince you to re-elect President Obama by arguing that he brought the economy back from the brink, or by touting statistics about the millions of new jobs created. I won’t ask you to think about the auto bailout, or consider how the president’s new health-care law will make it possible for my friend’s son, suffering from a potentially fatal neuro-degenerative disease, to have access to medical care. I won’t even remind you how he ended an ill-conceived war that cost us dearly in lives, resources, and global credibility.

Instead, in the waning hours before the election, I want to ask thoughtful, moderate, still-undecided Jewish voters to keep in mind only two things as they cast their vote:

If you vote for Gov. Romney, don’t let it be because you think President Obama is bad for Israel.
Something odious was born in the Jewish community five years ago, when fear of a candidate with the middle name Hussein led otherwise intelligent people to habitual mass-forwarding of loathsome accusations that the senator was a closeted Muslim, a terrorist, a socialist, and a liar—someone who would threaten the very existence of the Jewish state. Even now—after four years of unprecedented collaboration between Israeli and American intelligence; after Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he could not remember a period of more steadfast American support; after the United States funded the Iron Dome missile defense system and spearheaded crippling sanctions against Iran—President Obama is treated with deep suspicion in some Jewish circles. His staunch commitment to Israel continues to be assaulted by lies and innuendo.

If you don’t like President Obama, OK. But don’t vote for Romney because you have succumbed to the cynical fiction that the president “threw Israel under the bus.” It diminishes and endangers the alliance between Israel and the United States, and it makes a mockery of our intelligence.

If you vote for Romney, don’t let it be because you think there is no real difference between the two candidates on key social issues. Some centrists are taking a risky leap of faith in assuming that as soon as he’s elected, Romney will magically morph back into the moderate Republican he was as a blue-state governor. In the privacy of the voting booth, before you pull the lever, you must reckon with the fact that over the past 18 months, Romney has disavowed nearly every moderate position he has ever held—including his previous stances on reproductive rights, universal healthcare, gun control, and reasonable environmental protections. As presidential candidate, Romney argues that the prevalence of mass shootings has less to do with the reckless proliferation of murderous weapons than it does with children being raised by single parents.

You have to wonder why he keeps changing his mind. Is it because he is a fickle opportunist with no true convictions? Or is it because the Republican Party has moved—dangerously and perhaps irretrievably—to the right, and Romney is simply scrambling to keep up? Either option is sufficiently terrifying. What we know is that he has given every indication that his prospective administration, led by Vice President Paul Ryan, the Tea Party’s poster child, will be far further to the right than any centrist would ever be comfortable with. Given that the most profound and enduring mark of a president is his Supreme Court nominations, do you really think this is a risk we can afford to take?

I’m proud to vote to re-elect President Obama not because I think he’s some messianic figure who will miraculously fix all that’s broken in the world. I am voting for President Obama because I know that what drives him as president is precisely what has kept the Jewish people alive and has given us a sense of purpose for thousands of years: the awareness, every day, of the chasm between the world as it is and the world as it ought to be, and the determination to do everything in our power to bridge that gap.

The president has been a rational, sensible, calm, and courageous leader through some pretty tumultuous times these past four years. But he ultimately gets my vote because his vision for our country—a nation dedicated to equality and dignity for all people; a nation that honors our elderly, a nation that dreams ambitious dreams for our children; a nation that is a standard-bearer for democracy and freedom in the world—aligns deeply and profoundly with my values as a Jew, an American, and a human being.


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Poupic says:

Just like her parents before her. 6,000,000 Jews went up in smoke while her parents were concerned more with jobs in the USA then Jews living a bit longer. Today 6,000,000 Jews again are the target of a nuclear bomb by Iran while US Jews consider jobs, abortions more important than another 6,000,000 Jews not being exterminated by a Iranian nuclear bomb. I will vote to replace anti- Semite Obama who like Roosevelt sees Jews alive as a disturbance to his world view. This fake Rabbi will vote like her parents. She really make me sick that she call herself a Jew.

    paul delano says:

    One is free to call oneself anything one desires. To the Real Jews of the world who follow halakha, she is no ‘rabbi.’ Just one more typical Western-diaspora Jew who has been brainwashed and contaminated by Liberal-left ideology and the feminist branch of ‘Liberation’ ideology.

      Poupic says:

      This is very true anyone can call himself whatever they want. What they call Reform is just another form of Protestant kind of religion. I once was invited to go to a synagogue. It was a reform synagogue. Unbelievable! This atheist Jews was horrified. Yuck! No wonder so many US Jews consider local social issues more important than the life of Jews in Israel or that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish nation. With Jews like that Israel and the rest of the Jews do not need enemies. I will vote to replace anti- Semite Obama tomorrow. I know I will get a rush while voting because I will have done my duty for the Jewish nation.

        noshaus says:

        Although this is quite off point to Rabbi Brous’s opinion piece——First, Mr Poupic, it would be more responsible to check your meds before you begin to “drive.” Second, you don’t know this rabbi, or her parents! Rabbi Brous’s committent to Klal Yisrael is profound, and pluralistic. She has been ordained by the Conservative movement. She has been responsible for a large and growing number of disaffected Jews to return to Judaism. Using a Conservative movement siddur, IKAR’s services are in Hebrew, and are JEWISH (not replacement theology, not Liberation theology). That being said, her politics are firmly rooted in Torah. Isn’t Tradition that Torah is read through a point of view?

          Poupic says:

          You are mixing apples and oranges. A Rabbi who advise other Jews to vote for anti- Semite Obama who has invented “The 1967 line” as a starting point of negotiations means that he wants to take away Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish nation and never an Arab capital even they controlled the city for centuries. Now, tell me, How is this “Rabbi” going to conduct the next Seder? Will she say Next year in Jerusalem or will she say next year in Al Qudtz? Your Rabbi Makes sick. I will feel better tomorrow after voting to replace anti- Semite Obama.

          fred capio says:

          Brous writes: “I am voting for President Obama because I know
          that what drives him as president is precisely what has kept the Jewish
          people alive and has given us a sense of purpose for thousands of years:
          the awareness, every day, of the chasm between the world as it is and
          the world as it ought to be, and the determination to do everything in our power to bridge that gap.” This is political romanticism of the worst kind, it is cheap poetry and an insult the every thinking Jew. One example: thanks to the liberals we can observe thousands of half naked men clad in women’s underwear parading down 5th avenue. How do you reconcile this obscenity with the Torah???

    How do you feel about speaking abusively about your fellow Jews?

      Poupic says:

      I love my fellow Jews. Those who vote for anti- Semite Obama are far from being my fellow Jews. They care more about local issues ten the life of 6,000,000 Jews again like in Roosevelt time. They even don’t care that anti- Semite Obama wants to tare away Jerusalem from the Jewish nation. His platform up to the convention even lacked the usual Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Fearing loss of finance support from Jews he tried to put it in by acclamation. You all have seen this horror. “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” was responded with deafening NO! it still resonate in my ears. How do I feel about so called Jews who vote for anti- Semite Obama? They have stopped being Jews long ago. Maybe they will mumble in reform Seder “Next year in Jerusalem” as if they were saying Have a nice day and not meaning it. Those are fellow Jews? Yuck! I will have the extreme pleasure to vote to replace anti- Semite Obama tomorrow.

        brynababy says:

        You’re right, you are NOT my fellow Jew. I am a Jew, you are a racist abomination and a disgrace to everything wonderful about our Jewish religion!

          Poupic says:

          Great! I am going to learn something. Please explain to me why I am a racist voting to replace anti- Semite Obama? This is going to be very good! Go ahead!

          Poupic says:

          Me and Pam are just plain uninformed. Apologies Brynababy.

          Pam Green says:

          Don’t speak for me, Poupic. I’m not uninformed. And I wish you would stop apologizing, especially to Bryna Weiss! You think you spew vomit, Poupic? You have nothing on that guttermouth. Besides, I’ve read a lot of your posts, not only here but on TNR. With your background, you have every right to express your feelings and to expect only support and compassion from other Jews.

          Beatrix17 says:

          I’m with you Pam. I didn’t know Bryna changed her name, but thanks for pointing it out. I hope Poupic is being sarcastic and not serious in his recent posts.

          Pam Green says:

          I googled ‘brynababy’ and found this username associated with the name Bryna Weiss on more than one social media site (and not associated with any other names). Also, the photo of Bryna Weiss is consistent with brynababy’s description of herself as a grandmother. But I’m not absolutely sure that Weiss is brynababy’s real name.

          Regarding Poupic, I don’t think he’s being sarcastic, unfortunately. But if Poupic doesn’t reply, we could ask Jacob Arnon, who I think knows him fairly well from TNR. (In fact, I think both of them migrated to this site after TNR was sold to that Facebook guy a few months ago. But this is another wild guess.)

          Beatrix17 says:

          Poupic, are you serious? What happened to you?

          Poupic says:

          Please ignore my bigotted messages. Sometimes when I comment — pure vomit spews out.

          Pam Green says:

          Brynababy, you indecent, ignorant, foul-mouthed, obnoxious hag, by constantly announcing that you are a Jew, you are endangering real Jews. You are an anti-Semite’s wet dream.

          LtcHoward says:

          An important election for Israel

          Isi Leibler 11-5-12

          This week’s U.S. presidential election will have major implications for the entire Western world, but particularly for Israel. It is worth mentioning that Israel and the Jews have never featured so prominently in a presidential campaign. In last month’s foreign policy debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, both candidates made an effort to demonstrate their pro-Israel credentials and the Jewish state was mentioned no less than 34 times.

          Until recently, there was an emerging consensus shared by supporters and opponents alike that Romney had failed to make an impact and that Obama would be re-elected. Yet since the first dramatic debate, the upsurge in support for Romney has been extraordinary and if the polls reflect reality, the outcome could be a real cliff-hanger.

          Of course, opinion polls can be misleading. The complexity of the Electoral College voting system does not necessarily grant victory to the candidate who wins the majority of the votes. Even more critical is whether those who actually vote will proportionately adhere to the same trends as those initially polled.

          Not surprisingly, many Israelis will be hoping for a Romney win. Despite Obama’s ongoing commitment to providing Israel with military aid and his more recent positive policies toward Israel, it is no secret that he personally loathes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

          Most Israelis are fearful that if re-elected, no longer needing a charm offensive to garner Jewish support, Obama is likely to repeat the pattern of his first term when he unashamedly reneged on many of his previous undertakings with regard to Israel.

          They are concerned that he will revert to his earlier policy of putting “daylight” between Israel and the U.S. and renew pressure on the Jewish state to make further unilateral concessions toward the Palestinians. There is the fear that he will again insist that the indefensible 1949 armistice lines be considered as the opening benchmark for negotiating borders and will also press for the division of Jerusalem.

          Romney, in contrast, enjoys a cordial personal relationship with Netanyahu. More importantly, he also seems to display a far more positive attitude toward the Jewish state. One of his major criticisms of the current administration’s foreign policy has been Obama’s alleged abandonment and continuous public chastisement and humiliation of Israel.

          While Obama blames Israeli settlement policies — including construction of homes in east Jerusalem’s Jewish suburbs — for the impasse with the Palestinians, Romney says plainly that peace will be unattainable until the Palestinians genuinely abandon their objective to destroy and eliminate the Jewish state.

          Notwithstanding his vows to do all that is necessary to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, should sanctions fail to bring about tangible results, there are grave doubts as to whether Obama would be willing to take the tough measures required. However, should Romney be elected, while presumably providing notice of tougher intentions, during his first months in office he too would be unlikely to immediately initiate drastic military action.

          There is a vast chasm between the approaches of each candidate in relation to the Arab world, which is increasingly falling under more extreme Islamic and jihadist influences. Even the terms Islamic extremism or Islamic terrorism are banned. Despite having eliminated Osama bin Laden, the Obama administration has, as a matter of course, appeased Islamists by initially resisting sanctions and failing to support the Iranian dissidents seeking regime change.

          Shortly after taking office, Obama infuriated Egypt’s Mubarak government by legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood when he insisted that their representatives occupy the front row at his inaugural speech in Cairo. Furthermore, at the outset of protests in Egypt, he abandoned the authoritarian President Hosni Mubarak, regarded as one of the strongest U.S. allies in the Arab world. Since then, his administration has consistently understated the fanatical extremism of the Muslim Brotherhood and ignored the recent genocidal exhortations against Israel by their newly elected Egyptian leader. The groveling response to the terrorist upsurges in Libya and Egypt is another indicator of the administration’s policy of Islamic appeasement.

          Obama also repeatedly publicly praised the dictatorial Islamist Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan, who made himself popular in the Arab world with his anti-Israel tirades and efforts to impose boycotts and isolate the Jewish state.

          Yet, after four years in office, despite President Obama’s desperate efforts to appease and “engage” the Islamists, today the U.S. is more reviled in the Arab world than ever before.

          The perception among most Israelis is that a Romney administration would be more realistic and tougher toward the Islamists.

          In contrast, most American Jews, clearly loath to forfeit their liberal DNA, still support Obama and will continue voting for the Democratic Party. Besides, like most Americans, economic policies are the principal factors determining their vote.

          This also partially reflects the depressing reality that a large portion of American Jews, especially the more assimilated ones, no longer consider Israel a major priority when casting their votes. Indeed, for many of the less committed Jews, issues like gay marriage and abortion on demand seem to outweigh the well-being of the Jewish state.

          On the other hand, there will undoubtedly be a substantial number of Jewish defections from the Obama camp, with the more committed and Orthodox Jewish segments voting heavily against the current president.

          Netanyahu has assiduously avoided engaging in the presidential campaign. That has not prevented his political opponents from accusing him of making Israel a “wedge” issue. Yet it would be inconceivable that due to the U.S. presidential election, an Israeli prime minister should remain silent on the need for the world to stand up and take tough action against a potentially nuclear power. One that has publicly exhorted the world to support its objective of wiping Netanyahu’s country — “a cancer” — off the face of the earth. As Netanyahu said to CNN: “I am being guided by the Iranian nuclear calendar, not the American political calendar.”

          But Netanyahu would be less than human if privately he did not yearn for a Romney victory, as the latter has been both a friend and ally.

          If Obama is re-elected, however, Netanyahu will be obliged to try to overcome the personal animosity and work with him, without compromising Israel’s security or long-term strategic interests. This will not be easy but as long as grass-roots support for Israel remains strong and Congress does not abandon us, it is possible. From his side, Obama may have learned that his bullying tactics only strengthened public support for Netanyahu in Israel.

          And if Romney wins, Israelis should hold off on the euphoria. Although Romney will undoubtedly have a better chemistry with Israel than his predecessor, we still face tough challenges. And we should bear in mind that while Romney is undoubtedly a friend, the track records of Republican presidents toward Israel have also often been problematic.

          Regardless of who becomes the next U.S. president, American Jewish leaders must seek to reverse the growing threat from the far Left anti-Israel activists within the Democratic Party and reinvigorate the bipartisan spirit that has been so vital to maintain the strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

        Poupic says:

        Sorry folks. I’m a disgrace. Please ignore me.

        AriShavit says:

        You should be ashamed of yourself. This is hateful, terrible b.s.

    Poupic says:

    Apologies — I am ashamed I typed this vitriol. Re-adjusting my meds. Yikes.

paul delano says:

Adelson: I Didn’t Leave the Democratic Party; They Left Me

“When members of the Democratic Party booed the inclusion of G-d and Jerusalem in their party platform this year, I thought of my parents,” writes Jewish philanthropist Sheldon Adelson in the Sunday edition of The Wall Street Journal. “They would have been astounded.”

    Perhaps Adelson’s parents would have been astounded by the lie he’s telling. He left the Democrats long before the convention. He gave millions upon millions to Gingrich during the primary season. He’s trying to buy influence. No one American citizen should have that kind of power. He wants a politician in his pocket, preferably the president. That is astounding.

      Damwrite says:

      What’s equally astounding is exploiting the memory of his parents to perpetuate his lie.

        Poupic says:

        Almost a full branch of my family went up in smoke as a result of Roosevelt closing the doors to Jews during the Shoa. Still US Jews voted for him because of local politics such as jobs, social security. Put that in the balance with 6,000,000 Jews that burned including my parents. I am alive today by shear luck and kindness of strangers, not US Jews. Today, it is the same Iran is sharpening it’s modern knives for Jews, a nuclear bomb to what they call “ a one bomb state.” Their words, not mine. Anti- Semite Obama wants to talk to them. It’s only a Jewish state why bother? Just like then refusing to bomb the railroads to the extermination camps. You do not believe me that the Democratic party, my party for 3 decades is infested with anti- Semitism? The deafening NO at the Democratic convention , twice, about Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state, Israel. Today was payback time. I voted straight Republican. Me! Liberal me voted straight Republican and so should any good US Jews. Not many remain. The rest are fake Jews. They think they are Jews because they eat lox and bagels and belong to country clubs supported by tax payers, called Jewish Centers. With Jews like that real Jews do not enemies.

      paul delano says:

      Improve your reading comprehension skills. Adelson has been a Republican for many years. What he means is that the disgraceful performance at the convention on adopting a platform left no doubt for Jews who believe as he does that the democrats left them long ago.. It helps to understand what someone is saying before making an incorrect response.

      LtcHoward says:

      try soros

      Beatrix17 says:

      He’s trying to get a decent President into office. (Gingrich actually would have made a good President except for his character). In America, we even allow rich people to vote and to back a candidate. G-d Bless America!

    What’s equally astounding and despicable is that he would exploit the memory of his parents to justify the lie he’s attempting to perpetuate.

    Papa493 says:

    The GOPers can put God in their platform and repeat His name a thousand times, but they’re still a party of wingnut fanatics that make the old Birch Society look like the League of Women Voters.

If you consider Obama a “staunch friend” of Israel, what does that say for non-Orthodox Judaism? With a ” staunch friend” like Obama, who needs enemies? By the way, I hope Obama enjoyed his party with Jay-Z & Beyonce.

I am amazed and dismayed to read the comments you Tablet readers have left for Rabbi Brous. Besides being unrelentingly negative, you insult her parents, question her religious identity, and dismiss her thoughtful arguments. Shame on you!

    It bothers me as well that so many people who claim to have the best interests for the Jewish people and Jewish state in mind speak so abusively of their fellow Jews.

Boychic says:

It never ceases to amaze me how vulnerable jews are to sweet talk about compassion, the poor, the underprivileged, even in the face of the facts. How can one ignore the current unemployment, food stamp and poverty numbers, all of which have risen alarmingly during the reign of this sweet talking orator who never had a clue or the experience about how the real world operates? And how is it possible that Jews can possibly believe that this man, who spent two decades listening to the most disgusting anti-semitic propaganda from the pulpit of his church be trusted to stand with Israel.

    Boychic, you hit the nail spot on, In a nut shell. I find it truly amazing when I read or hear praise of Obama. I wonder are they missing something crucial in seeing the basic facts and figures, not to mention the ability of critical thinking. I used to be a liberal democrat myself. It is through my desire to always be open minded, that I read both sides, which eventually brought me to no longer be a liberal democrat. I do not vote for party. I vote for the person. I don’t go by face value or shallow speeches, I see, where has this person been until now, who were/are their close friends. Honestly that Obama would get any votes at all from any American is astounding to me.

      fred capio says:

      The most influential persons in Obama’s adult life:
      Reverend Jeremiah Wright, terrorist Bill Ayers, and the late Professor Edward Said.
      How can any Jew ever forget this?

        AriShavit says:

        yeah, his mom, grandparents, friends, colleagues, and professors are way below his minister and a couple acquaintances!

        you should be ashamed of yourself.

        AriShavit says:

        yeah, his mom, grandparents, friends, colleagues, and professors are way below his minister and a couple acquaintances!

        you should be ashamed of yourself.

    fred capio says:

    I agree with you. Who is this Sharon Brous ? She sounds like a 12 year old or someone with arrested mental development. She makes me ashamed to be a Jew.

    fred capio says:

    I agree with you. Who is this Sharon Brous ? She sounds like a 12 year old or someone with arrested mental development. She makes me ashamed to be a Jew.

Am saddened to read this dribble!

By all means vote for whomever you think is best. I much prefer to listen to Ehud Barack than Bibi for several reasons. 1. He is in the trenches; he understands the security of Israel because that’s his job. He says Israel has not had a better friend (in the White House) than Barack Obama. I look at Obama’s actions (Iron Dome, blocking PA’s attempt to weasel membership into the UN without proper channels) advanced co-training (largest ever) last week with our two militarys, advanced training of our large city police by Israeli police on how to prevent terrorism. And then there are the brainwashed who think GW Bush was an ideal friend of Israel? Yeah? Then why did he make Israel to deal with Hamas in their “Peace Talks” and then Bush said (after countless Israelis murdered) “Oh ,maybe I was wrong…these guys look like they might be terrorists”. Obama has taken an opposite course. Hamas is not allowed in ANYTHING. And to top it all off Romney owns more state-controlled oil in Iran than most of their richest oil moguls. His initial investment in 2006, two years after Amajadad (sp?) said he would destroy Israel…Romney didn’t care he bought in anyway)…now its worth billions. I have a rhetorical question for you. Do you think Romney cares more about you, me, Israel, America etc?…..or his precious Iranian oil fields?

    leucippe says:

    Thanks for this reality testing. Sorely needed at this time.

    paul delano says:

    If you think any Israeli leader is going to publicly diss a sitting President of the US you’re just one more typical delusional Liberal. The Language of Diplomacy is the Language of Useful Fictions. Please file that somewhere so the next time you’re tempted to share that idiocy, you’ll temporarily regain your senses.

PhillipNagle says:

I believe Obama is anti Israel because he belonged to church for 20 years that preached the most anti Israel propaganda. He did not abandon that vile Rev Wright until he became a political liability. Obama also deliberately snubbed Netanyahu and demanded Israel stop building in Jerusalem. He only mellowed toward Israel when he found he needed Jewish political contributions in 2010 and 2012. If reelected he will pose a very real danger to Israel.

herbcaen says:

Lets see

1) Im worse off economically than I was four years ago. I dont know anyone who is better off today than they were 4 years ago

2) When Bush was president, 5% unemployment was called a “jobless recovery”. Today, 7.9% unemployment is touted as an economic miracle

3) As Senator, Obama was one of a handful of senators who voted against calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming to prepare sanctions against Iran, and has given Iran 4 extra years to develop nuclear weapons

4) He has created daylight between the US and Israel as he has promised

5) He came down harder on Mubarak than Ahmadinejad. He has set back our foreign policy to 1979, when the US was humiliated by Iran and the Soviet Union. Who would want to be an ally of the US.

6) His foreign policy can be called “Strength through Weakness”

If you vote for President Obama, don’t let it be because you think President Obama is good for Israel….let it be because you have something against Mormons, or that Utah is a weird western state, or that you really want Iranian born Valerie Jarrett running the presidency with Obama as her puppet

After 4 years of Obama’s policies, it’s an easy decision to vote for Romney this year.

Miha Ahronovitz says:

Sharon, I believe your husband, David Light, is comedy writer. I think Obama is great. I think Romney is great. And if you ask me why, I’ll act like Tzaddik and tell you are also great. If I vote Obama, we may have 95% chance all will remain the same. If I vote Romney, I have 50% chance things will be better

groucho marxism says:

A general thought – I am the descendant of survivors, with whom I was especially close. I have dear friends and family in Israel.

And, yes, I am going to vote for Obama. This does not show that I hate my murdered ancestors, nor that I have a death with for my Israeli friends and family.

You don’t like my choice for policy reasons? Fine. I don’t like yours, either. But don’t make it about my family or friends, who would pick me over you in a second. No matter whom I vote for.

Poupic says:

Please ignore my bigotted messages below. Sometimes I when I comment — pure vomit spews out.

irving kaufman says:

T he “Messiahs”who have influenced the gullible aspirations of jews from Sabbatai
Zevi thru Lenin and yes Oboma with the heavenly ought to be rather than an honestly
jewish is did not fool themselves but the jewish fools who listened to them. Ought to
be belongs in philosophy texts and the wilder reaches of theology not in how the
daily bread is assured us politically. That requires is.

Put Israel and social issues aside for the sake of argument. If interest rates move up, even a little, we’re completely screwed. And if you think Obama has a handle on that one your completely crazy.

jan sobeski says:

if there are any Jews who are wavering on who to support, and read confused nonsense like the above, check out the Facebook page ” Obama and Israel, a pharaoh for our times”. It’s a compilation of dozens of news reports highlighting How incredibly hostile Obama was to Israel,

AriShavit says:

Excellent article Sharon … (also great work building IKAR)

    fred capio says:

    you confuse “good intentions” with “intelligence” (a quality hard to find among the left)

Beatrix17 says:

What a sweet little star struck thing you are. I bet you just love Justin Bieber, too.

No adults here! says:

Most of you need to grow up. When you do, try to come back here and respectfully disagree with Rabbi Brous, or anyone else you don’t like.


ALOHA….. OMG!….. how anyone, ESPECIALLY someone Jewish, can support Romney and the right-wing, christian tea-party Republicans i will NEVER EVER understand! Thank GOD they lost!


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Why I’m Voting for Obama

What drives the president—the chasm between the world as it is and ought to be—is what drives the Jewish people

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