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Why I’m Voting for Romney

The Republican’s vision—based on choice and dignity, not dependence—is why Jews should support him

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Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 31, 2012. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)
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Why I’m Voting for Obama

What drives the president—the chasm between the world as it is and ought to be—is what drives the Jewish people

As an observant Jew, I offer a prayer to God every morning that my daily bread comes through his beneficence and not a human hand so that I might retain my dignity. This is the clearest reason to support Mitt Romney’s vision for the country over that of Barack Obama. The president is a well-intentioned man who wants the best for the American people, but his insistence on big government—encouraging dependence on entitlements rather than the opposite—is slowly robbing Americans of initiative, entrepreneurship, and the dignity that comes from self-sufficiency.

The same man who quoted Maimonides earlier this year at the national prayer breakfast, saying that the highest form of charity is to empower a man to feed his own family with a trade, has punished job creators with higher taxes and has demonized success. The result is 44 months of unemployment at about 8 percent. When it comes to paying for groceries, the 13 million people that Obama has added to the euphemistic Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program would much rather pull out dollars than a food-stamp card at the check-out counter. The government must take care of the needy, but it should do so while giving the poor tools to become independent and prosperous.

Then there are vouchers. Obama has fought hard against the Republican Congress on vouchers, denying parents the fundamental right to choose schools for their kids. It’s a right Obama himself exercises as a millionaire who sends his children to one of the best prep schools in the nation, even as he opposes the right of low-income African-American parents in his city to do the same. School choice is an especially pressing issue for the Jewish community, as we are a nonproselytizing faith that depends on our birth rate for survival. Because Obama opposes funding to even the secular departments of parochial schools, Jewish parents are having fewer children as they struggle to pay high property taxes and extremely high tuition fees.

The problems with Obama aren’t just domestic. In the presidential debate that focused on foreign policy there was only one candidate who called for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be indicted for incitement to genocide against the Jewish people. It certainly wasn’t President Obama, who has stood by as the Iranian mullahs threaten to wipe Israel off the map. Now, they are four years closer to that goal.

Judaism is emphatic: “Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor” (Leviticus 19:16). But President Obama waited nine days to condemn the Iranian regime for slaughtering its own people in June 2009, when Iranians took to the street to protest their government. Obama has spoken often of his admiration for Martin Luther King Jr., the man whom I consider to have been the greatest American of the 20th century. But his foreign policy seems much closer to the realpolitik of Henry Kissinger than the freedom-for-all agenda King would have surely championed.

To this, Obama supporters will say that the sanctions against Iran are the strongest against any regime ever; that oil production is down; and that the rial has cratered. But one need only look at North Korea, where Kim Jong Il decided that the only thing that would keep his family in power is nuclear weapons—never mind if the people starve. We’re seeing the same happen in Iran right now. The IAEA recently reported that enrichment of uranium is increasing, and by some accounts Iran is just months away from a bomb. Gen. James Mattis, Commander of U.S. Central Command, has requested that a third carrier group be sent to the Persian Gulf to show that U.S. military threats are serious. He has thus far been denied.

But the most distressing foreign-policy issue is Israel, on which Obama has simply been an unreliable friend. He arrived in office and immediately demanded a total freeze of Israeli settlements, even for natural growth, putting unilateral pressure on Israel for the stalled peace process rather than Hamas and Hezbollah. In Cairo in June 2009, the president analogized the Holocaust to Arab dislocation that resulted from Israel’s creation in 1948. “The Jewish people were persecuted for centuries, and anti-Semitism in Europe culminated in an unprecedented Holocaust. … On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people—Muslims and Christians—have suffered in pursuit of a homeland.”

In March 2010 he humiliated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, refusing a photo-op with him and then instructing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to dress down the prime minister and leak it to the media. Even Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer threatened to “blast” the administration if the State Department did not back down from its “terrible” rebuke of Netanyahu. “This has to stop,” he said.

He’s right. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a United States that recognizes Israel as its foremost ally and friend.


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I hereby relinquish all my “dignity” to you, o vastly superior rabbi, because you obviously need it more than I do. I am the scruffy Jew in the wheelchair who pays for unkosher food with the reviled EBT card. Barack Obama gives me SSI every month, that is the providence I thank God for. No I do not pay any taxes, in fact I receive a poverty refund every year on my $8,000 income.

In spite of all this misfortune, I am blessed because I am not you.

    paul delano says:

    So what else is new? The only issue which matters to you and all like you is who is putting money in your pocket every month. The economy, the spiraling out of control deficit, foreign affairs, mere trifles. It’s all about Show Me Da Money. Nice.

    wildjew says:

    Difficult (even heart-wrenching) cases are not sufficient reasons to vote for a bad leader. I am sure there have been many equally bad leaders who did good things for some people. Not that I want to violate Godwin’s (so-called) phony law, there were many Germans who were happy with their leaders during the nineteen thirties.

    Your dignity is inherent to you and your Jewishness is inherent to you. Don’t let those who denigrate take that away from you. You and others like you are the reason I support O and the Dems. Given the hatred that has been unleashed since O’s election it is no wonder we are still working hard to get ourselves out of 8 years of Bush leadership that has brought such disaster to the world – given the wars, worldwide economic debacles and social justice rights being trampled on. America is greater than this and now is the time to prove it!

    Pam Green says:

    The EBT card is not Obama’s invention. It replaced regular food stamps in the 1990s. Nor has Obama protected SSI; in fact he’s weakened it. Already, welfare recipients are getting notices that their Medicaid Plus cards are no longer good.

I’m voting for Obama in large part BECAUSE he hates Netanyahu. I’d also have voted for him if he didn’t like P.W. Botha.

    paul delano says:

    If you had a functioning brain, you’d already know that your ‘hatred’ of Netanyahu is really a self-hatred of the Jewish people. Hopefully, you recover your sanity.

      AriShavit says:

      Yes, by not liking the policies of one Jewish politician, we can safely diagnose Rachel as hating all Jews, including herself!

      How ridiculous.

        Beatrix17 says:

        How ridiculous to vote for the President of the United States of America because he hates the foreign leader of an ally that you hate. I’m not surprised, but it is ridiculous.

      The state of Israel is a multiparty democracy. One can be a patriotic Israeli, (or foreign supporter of Israel) and not like the Prime Minister. That’s how democracies work. The notion that the head of state is coextensive with the state and the people is not a democratic value.

      Likewise, one can deplore the theocratic and racist despotism that rules Iran and not despise the Iranian people.

      So I suppose the prophet Jeremiah was a self-hating Jew for criticizing Israel’s rulers?

    Why is it that the only way to support Israel, in the minds of non-thinkers like Shmuley Boteach — who made his name writing sex books (not that there is anything wrong with that) and now transparently uses Tablet as a way to gain points in the Republican party for future political goals — is to rubber stamp Netanyahu’s policies? Read Haaretz to see why O was, is and will be good for Israel. Go for the O, not the oy!!!

    Afrayedknot says:

    And thus we see what happens when progressive Jewish thought it put through the crucible of a presidential election : Israel is a modern day South Africa. Thanks for the illumination.

      Scott Tennis says:

      Lol! Exactly!!!You have summed up perfectly the result of 50+ years of brainwashing and indoctrination in the American cultural and educational establishments which have produced the pathetic creatures who define themselves as Jews who will vote for the Community Organizer with the brilliant smile and the smooth rap but who is an absolute cipher as head of this once great country. Why? Because they like his stance on abortion, gay marriage and all the rest of the social issues which are near and dear to their precious little Leftwing hearts. Fiscal policies? Secondary at best, assuming they even understand what’s involved. That’s who gets to be Prez these days, a total rank, unqualified amateur backed by the Liberal media. Amazing! Obama for Class president, okay, perfect, but President of the United States? Mindboggling.

      genelevit says:

      If Israel is a modern day South Africa then what is the USA with the Indian reservations and institutes of racial segregation between native Americans and black and white settlers? What about the president who did nothing to end this clear policy of apartheid?
      Illuminate yourself, please

Ron Bockman says:

I’m voting for Romney because he’s white

    AriShavit says:


    And you call yourself a Jew! Shame on you!

      Ron Bockman says:

      What we have here is a socialist black man one generation out of being a hunter gatherer in the Kenyan jungle, I prefer a leader with a longer memory of civilization.

        Damwrite says:

        IF the president was one generation out of hunter/gatherer, it would be a tall order for him to find your functioning brain cells. You are the very personification of an ignorant racist.

          Ron Bockman says:

          True, I am a proud racist. The economy is in shambles, he has no idea how to conduct the war on terror, 23 million unemployed (the equivalent of 23 large cities without work), 46 million on food stamps (the equivalent of 46 large cities being fed with tax dollars), 4 embassy people murdered, the prospect of another 4 years of a Kenyan president is *anathema.*

      Ron Bockman says:

      Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt what are you

    At least you are honest about your motives; that’s more than I can say about most of the anti-Obama posters.

Poupic says:

I am not voting for Romney tomorrow. I am voting to replace anti- Semite Obama. As a survivor of the Shoa, nothing is more important than voting an anti- Semite out of the White House, nothing! Rabbi this should have nne your first reason not to vote for Obama because Israel arevim ze la ze. Ze clall gadol baTorah.

    AriShavit says:


      What a lack of insight and intellect. And insensitive to a survivor of the Shoah.

        AriShavit says:

        Yes, we should believe every claim made by everyone on the internet.
        But even if he is … can i not disagree with his rant or call him out for being foolish if he says silly things?

        As for the lack of insight and intellect … he called Obama an antisemite. A charge so ludicrous it does not deserve or require a lengthy thought-provoking response. It was stupid, so i said so.

          Lily Becker says:

          Well, Obama could have fooled me. I read his bias and intentions a long time ago. Rabbi Boteach is absolutely correct. By the way I saw and heard the Rabbi in Cape Town and was impressed by his embracing menschlikheid towards all. The treacherous Obama has not changed his spots only his wicked smile gets bigger and more wolf like, it is shivery down to me boots. Jews beware, you absolutely cannot trust him, he tried to sell Israel down the river before the election and G-d forbid if he comes in, it can be disastrous for Israel and the Jewish people. Vote Romney Romney Romney.

          AriShavit says:

          Yes, you also can’t all the Jews that work in the white house!

          Name one thing that qualifies as a display of antisemitism.

          Ron Bockman says:

          one thing? 1967 disarmament line

          So much for Shmuley’s show SHALOM IN THE HOME. Couldn’t get the ratings there so he’s trying the Repubs. Just sayin’…

          Ron Bockman says:

          1967 disarmament line

      Ron Bockman says:

      ari, you call stupid whatever you don’t agree with. You appear young or dumb or both

    If you think Obama is an anti-Semite, you are too stupid to vote. Talk to Jewish buddy Rahm Emmanual, or the Jewish chief of staff Jack Lew, or Jewish election strategist David Axelrod.

      Poupic says:

      You just named a bunch of Capo’s who think about their political careers and ignore the fact that Obama is a flaming anti- Semite just like his spiritual mentor Wright or Farrakhan he volunteered to help with the Million Men march when multitudes cheered everyone of his anti- Semitic rants. I feel bad for you, one day you will feel terrible jut like I do about having voted for anti- Semite Carter. A least I did not know about Carter’s anti- Semitism then. He his it very well at the time. This time I will vote to replace anti- Semite Obama with great pleasure. It is not every day that a Jew gets the chance to get rid of an anti- Semite.

        AriShavit says:

        C’mon Barry … people have to call this ridiculous nonsense foolish stupidity!

          Poupic says:

          Go ahead show that what I wrote is false. The spiritual mentor of Obama he use to praise: He married me, baptized my daughters, gave me the title of my book…” He stopped saying it when the spiritual mentor publicly on TV said “Them Jews don’t let me see Obama. Obama is just an image created to fool you. He speak like someone born in Hawaii to white audiences and as if he was raised in the hood when speaking to a Black audience. Have you ever seen anyone come down Airforce one not holding the ramps and running down? Obama trained for that to fit his image. “God damn America” was said by none other that Obama’s spiritual mentor of 20 years. Of course I will vote to replace anti- Semite Obama even if he had made the trains run on time which he didn’t.

          AriShavit says:

          you have yet to establish a single point that displays Obama as an antisemite.

          Poupic says:

          Really? He wants to take away Jerusalem! He declared The 1967 line that never existed as a starting point in negotiation before any negotiations. He followed anti Semite Write for twenty years, volunteered fro Farrakhan’s million men march when multitudes cheered wildly everyone of his anti- Semitic rants. Name any non- anti Semite who would have done a minute of this not twenty years! He took off Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the Democratic platform!. Tried to return it fearing loss of Jewish votes and funds. Live proclamation Jerusalem the capital of Israel back in the platform got a deafening NO! Obama is not an anti- Semite. He is a flaming anti- Semite! Tomorrow I will vote to replace anti- Semite Obama with great relief.

      Ron Bockman says:

      sure, Rahm Emmanuel, Jack Lew, David Axelrod, liars extraordinaire

paul delano says:

There can’t exist a more screwed-up and confused ethnic group when it comes to relating to their people and heritage than American Jews who define themselves as ‘Liberals.’ As Sheldon Adelson said in Sunday’s WSJ, ‘I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me when they booed the inclusion of G-d and Jerusalem in the party platform….I thought of my parents. They would have been astounded.”

    leucippe says:

    Sheldon Adelson is a disgrace to the Jewish people. Piling up billions in casinos, trying to influence elections, and then weeping about the Democratic party platform (he had already given millions and millions to Newt Gringrich) is hypocrisy of the highest order. Please don’t use Adelson as your yardstick of menschlichkeit.

      Sheldon Adelson has about as much credibility as Donald Trump, and if someone supports him then they should see Stephen Colbert and his offer to give $1m to charity to dip his balls into Trump’s mouth. “Nothing would make me happier than to write this check,” said Colbert. “And nothing would make America happier than have something going into your mouth than coming out of it.” This should be something Shmuley (Kosher Sex) Boteach would understand.

      paul delano says:

      Nice try at deflecting the focus from the disgraceful performance at the Democratic convention. Adelson is a Real Jew, connected to his people, to his heritage and to the best interests of American society. He backed Giuliani in 2008 because Rudy represented all those concerns as did Gingrich in 2012. After 4 yrs of incompetence,Obama’s redistribution agenda and Obama’s hostility towards Israel and his ass-kissing of the moslem world, the keyword in this election is ABO…Anybody But Obama.

        Damwrite says:

        You were the one who brought up Adelson’s quote about the convention. Addressing that isn’t deflection.

        As for ABO being a key word, ABO is an acronym, not a word.

        I’m addressing the smaller matters in your post because there isn’t enough space to inform you of facts. Just consider what Ehud Barak said about Obama, though you’ll probably discredit that. And consider that no prez has given as much aid to Israel as Obama, though you’ll probably discredit that, too.

          wildjew says:

          Just consider what Golda Meir said about the silent pope; about English journalist and author John Cornwell’s “Hitler’s Pope,” about Pope Pius XII. Foolish Jewish leaders often say foolish things hoping it will bring political benefits. Do your homework. Learn some history.

          paul delano says:

          Let me help you out with matters pertaining to grammatical usage as you’re probably beyond help on realizing what a disaster Obama has been. An acronym can also be or become a word itself as with SNAFU, GI,TNT,GOP and dozens of others. Always happy to offer a language lesson. But we digress….. As for what Barak may have said about Obama, let me remind you of an old truism regarding such ‘declarations’.
          ‘The Language of Diplomacy is the Language of Useful Fictions.” And I guarantee you when it comes down to anything any Israeli leader is going to publicly state about the most anti-Israeli president in American history, it is guaranteed to fit that ‘useful’ category.

          Damwrite says:

          So let me get this straight – the unprecedented aid given to Israel during the Obama administration is anti-Israel?

          As a professional writer, permit me to help YOU understand that an acronym becomes a word only after time and usage. For instance, SNAFU was coined in 1941. EPCOT, SCUBA and Zip (code) are acronyms that became commonly accepted words. GI, TNT and GOP are not words. They are pronounced as letters. Gee Oh Pee.

          Regarding my allegiance to Israel, how dare you question it?! (That punctuation is called an interrobang.) I support the Israeli Air Force Center Foundation, The Women’s International Zionist Organization (donations and I write fundraising material), Beit Issie Shapiro and others. I also support President Barack Obama.

          The same facts are available to us. We have come to different conclusions. You are neither more nor less informed than I am. The only problem is that you can’t respect my informed opinion. I could accept yours, but your manner is so abrasive, your need to be right is so dominant that you are willing/eager to alienate a fellow Zionist.

        wildjew says:

        Well done Paul.

    holdmewhileimnaked says:

    my parents, otoh, wouldve been thrilled about the disinclusion of the former, not about the latter. oto,oh, my grandfather [probably the age of SA’s parents] wouldve been happy w/ both. if what you mean as a ‘confused group’ is one which defines itself as thinking w/ a single hive mind, then i would agree w/ you.

AriShavit says:

I’m kind of embarrassed that Tablet published this … Not really because it’s obviously conservative b.s., but it’s filled with deceptive and misleading comments comments.

(1) Generals don’t lead the military and are not responsible for foreign policy. They have never, ever, made decisions about whether to attack, threaten, or intimidate a foreign nation. They are also ignored. For example, the military provided the opinion that the government could reduce their funding … something Romney plans to ignore.

(2) Obama did not layoff those people on food stamps or other government services. The “job creators” did. Nor did he create the recession which ended with high unemployment … that was a result of the failed GOP policies that Romney would like to return to.

(3) The majority of people on government assistance also work. The ‘job creators’ like Walmart pay people less than a living wage and often refuse to provide full-time positions to spare giving their employees benefits. If Mr. Boteach is concerned with people being dependent on the government he should be advocating a living wage.

(4) If you are advocating against government assistance on the one hand, it makes little sense to advocate that the government provide assistance to private schools. Regardless, Obama did nothing that denied “parents the fundamental right” to choose their child’s education. He may have opposed a program that would strip money from public schools to give to private schools, but he did not force parents to send their child to any particular school.

(5) “Because Obama opposes funding to even the secular departments of parochial schools, Jewish parents are having fewer children as they struggle to pay high property taxes and extremely high tuition fees.” Giving money to the “secular” departments allows the school to redirect money that would have been spent on the “secular” side to the “religious” side. Also, Obama – as the President – has absolutely nothing to do with property taxes or the high tuition.

(6) Iran has been “months” away from a nuclear bomb for 4-5 years. They will be “months” away from the nuclear bomb for another few years.

    SACnPhilly says:

    Thank you AriShavit for injecting a note of reason into Rabbi Boteach’s intellectually lazy indictment of the President. If by Jewish dignity the RamBo means ignoring the poor and disabled, justifying regressive and superannuated tax policies and allowing the state to dictate people’s right to choose what to do with their bodies; then kindly leave me out. Shame on Tablet for giving him a platform when he is running for public office as a Republican and his credibility (like his argument) is in tatters.

    LtcHoward says:

    “(6) Iran has been “months” away from a nuclear bomb for 4-5 years. They will be “months” away from the nuclear bomb for another few years”
    rather than go through a point by point rebuttal of your nonsense I will point out that your last item is so delusional and so false that it is equivalent to those who said Hitler is just talk.

      AriShavit says:

      Yeah, okay.

      Notice how I didn’t say “we shouldn’t do anything about this Iran-thing.” Nor did I say “when those guys over in Iran make threats at Israel, they’re all talk!” [See, that second would be “equivalent to those who said hitler is just talk.”]

      My comment is directed to the fear-mongering nonsense promoting the idea that Iran is two-months away from building a bomb and therefore we must attack them. There is time for diplomacy.

      I believe we should be absolutely certain before we start killing people and taking over countries.

      Notice how that wasn’t an acquiescence to genocide.

        LtcHoward says:

        During the presidential debate on foreign policy, President Obama denied that his administration was preparing to conduct secret talks with Iran after the presidential election, asa New York Times story alleged. But according to a report published today in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot and on its English-language website, such talks are not only planned but have been going on for months and are being led by presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett. This raises questions not only about whether the president will stand by his pledge in the debate that any deal with Iran must require them to give up their “nuclear program,” but also whether she is negotiating a compromise along the lines sought by the Europeans in the P5+1 talks. In that compromise, Tehran would be allowed considerable leeway in terms of its nuclear future. It also places in context the administration’s absolute refusal to agree to “red lines,” in response to Israel’s request that the U.S. promise diplomacy would not be allowed to drag on until it would be too late to take action to forestall Iran’s nuclear goal.

        That secret talks are going on with Iran is, in itself, hardly surprising since Tehran has been holding off-and-on talks with the West about the nuclear issue for years. But Jarrett’s involvement signals the importance the issue has for Obama because of her standing as a senior advisor and her close personal connection with the Obama family. But by putting someone with no background on security issues in charge of this track, Obama may be signaling that the president’s goal here is not an Iranian surrender of nuclear capability, but rather a political compromise that may not eliminate the threat of an Islamist bomb sometime down the road.

        Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran (her father ran a hospital there) but left when she was 5, though she is said to have spoken Persian as a child. But that’s the extent of her expertise on the country. Her main qualification is that she is a close confidante of both the president and his wife. She is also widely given credit for helping to jump-start the president’s career by introducing him into the corrupt world of Chicago politics, where she was a significant player. That gives her credibility with the Iranians since she has a direct line to the White House. But if a re-elected Obama is rightly suspected of wanting to show more “flexibility” with America’s foes, then the Jarrett caper seems to be evidence that he is more interested in making this sore issue go away rather than pushing Iran hard to give up the possibility of attaining a weapon.

        Though Jarrett and Obama may think their Chicago background makes them tough, the Iranians have made fools of every Western negotiator they’ve dealt with in the past decade, because of their tenacity and willingness to use the charade of talks as a way to run out the clock while their scientists get closer to achieving the country’s nuclear ambition. While the sanctions that the administration reluctantly put in place against Iran have caused the country economic pain, the American conviction that this gives them leverage over the ayatollahs may be mistaken. So long as the Iranian regime believes they can outlast and out-talk the West on this issue, it’s doubtful they can be compelled to sign a deal that would eliminate the nuclear threat–or to observe it even if they did.

        While the president has been talking tough about Iran during the election year, it remains to be seen how tough his envoy has been with the Iranians in their secret talks. If Ms. Jarrett emerges with a deal sometime after the election, the suspicion is that her goal is more to get the president off the hook for his promises than to actually stop the Iranians

    Suzy Lenkowsky says:

    Thank you for your response. I was sputtering not knowing where to start with his crap !

leucippe says:

Any self-respecting woman (or man who respects women and their bodies) who would vote for Romney is not thinking clearly. Clearly, Boteach is not interested in such trivial matters as contraception, uteri, rape, and the right to CHOOSE. Secondly, Romney (and his sidekick) have shown again and again that they have no relationship to Jewish values of tzedakah, compassion, and the dignity of every human being (whether black, white, Latino, gay or lesbian, poor (and yet, rich). Shame on him for perpetrating this tripe.

    Beatrix17 says:

    A baby comes through you. It doesn’t belong to you. You have no more right to kill a human being you’re carrying in your body than your have to kill a passenger riding in your car.

      AriShavit says:

      and you have no right to enforce impose your ethical or moral beliefs into a private, life-altering decision of which you know nothing about.

D'vorah Elias says:

I really wish Tablet Magazine would stop giving Shmuley Boteach a platform upon which to rest his ridiculous statements. This man is an embarrassment to Judaism and Jews all across North America. He touts himself as “America’s rabbi.” Well, let me tell you, I am an observant Jew but this man is NOT my rabbi, nor does he represent one idea in my head. He has sold himself out to the North American media and is really not much more than a publicity whore. Please drop him, Tablet Magazine. I think the next time I see an article by him in your magazine, I am going to have to cancel my subscription. That’s how offensive I find him.

    Agreed D’vorah!

      judahdan says:

      Disagree- It amazes me how close minded Liberals are– so open minded that they are closed minded.

    if you print articles With anyone I disagree with I will stop reading the tablet. So open-minded Are you going stamp your feet to .Not to read both sides I find so childish

      D'vorah Elias says:

      Who asked you for YOUR opinion? Go stuff your head in a toilet somewhere!

        Pam Green says:

        And who asked for YOURS? Your opinions carry no particular weight! Are they based on fact, on logic, on anything real? What you call your opinions are really nothing but hateful insults. The rabbi is an embarrassment to Judaism and Jews all across America? Really? Did you conduct a poll? Can you provide any proof of this, or is it just one of your own “ridiculous statements”? Rabbi Boteach should be kicked off Tablet because you find him offensive, you who call a rabbi a whore? Can you be an observant Jew and still slander a rabbi? Personally, I don’t think you have any ideas in your head. Possibly in some of your other organs.

Just a note- Henry Kissinger was just honored at the President’s Conference in Israel this summer for all he did to help Israel and the Jews, so if you’re using him as a comparison to Obama, then this article should have a totally different tone.

    wildjew says:

    What did Kissinger do for Israel other than “Let the Jews bleed a little?” Or more than a little?

Adam Schwartz says:

I’m glad to see so many Jews voting for Romney; maybe it will help debunk the stereotype that we’re all smart.

    Jay Nathanson says:


    wildjew says:

    If polls are accurate, the vast majority of American (not dual-citizenship Israeli) Jews will be voting for this twenty year disciple of vicious America-hating anti-Semite, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. We Jews are not all that smart, are we?

genelevit says:

Everybody votes according to the set up priorities: one – for Israel
and Jewish matters, another – for the general issues, social justice, gay
marriage, racial diversity, etc. Those who will vote for Obama have very short
memory: they forgot the ancient Jewish question: “If I am not for myself then who
will be for me?”

    Because voting for myself as a write-in candidate is both immature and pointless.

      genelevit says:

      I guess that is what some German Jews said when they voted for Hitler in 1933.

        AriShavit says:

        now you’re lying about history too?!

          paul delano says:

          If you’re ignorant of the fact that some German Jews undoubtedly voted for Hitler and the NDASP in 1933 you can imagine what credence or lack thereof is attached to everything posted under your name.

          AriShavit says:

          Find me a legitimate historical source.

          paul delano says:

          I’ve got the best source, my own personal family history, my grandfather. Many if not most German Jews were assimilated by the end of WW1. Many were veterans, many had won medals for bravery. After the war many identified themselves as Nationalists and like most germans, were unhappy by what they perceived as an unfair and unjust punishment cast on Germany in the form of the Treaty Of Versailles.Clashes with Communists were frequent and Germany experienced hyper-inflation. Most Germans chose sides, with many of the Jewish WW1 veterans siding with the Nationalists who eventually morphed into the National Socialists.
          Jewish veterans believed that their association with Nationalism (and their heroic service during the War) would be considered and they wouldn’t be victimized by Nazism and the Nuremberg Laws. Like all the Jews who didn’t or couldn’t leave when therewas a window of opportunity, they paid with their lives.

          AriShavit says:

          B.S. If you are going to repeat and defend the assertion that even a minuscule number German Jews voted for hitler you’re going to have to do better than historical mind-reading and a story about a relative (which actually never ties in … is your grandfather a historian?).

          If it did occur, there would be evidence in the historical record. This is, after all, one of the most scrutinized historical periods of all time. We know an awful lot about who supported hitler … breakdowns in religion, class, etc.

          The only persons discussing this outside of journalists using it as alleged common wisdom are the people at and the institute for historical review. You should be wary about allying yourself to such persons without evidence to support your assertion.

          I’ll be happy to reconsider should you find some evidence that bears some indicia of reliability.

          paul delano says:

          No,there wouldn’t be any record at all. No statistics were ever kept at that time breaking down the religious affiliation of german voters. Anyone with the knowledge of the historical facts relating to German Jews ,which I previously cited, knows there was some percentage of Jews who voted for Hitler’s Nationalists. Only an ideological shmuck, not unlike your typical Obama supporter, would or could disagree with that certainty. Which in my case, was told to me by my late grandfather. Now you prove to me he was lying.

          AriShavit says:

          ad hominem! now you’ve convinced me!

          “Now you prove to me he was lying.”

          Uh … really? Is that how this works? You make an assertion about history which is unsupported by the historical record and I have to prove you wrong? Ha!

          again, I’ll happily reconsider my position if you provide some evidence that bears some indicia of reliability.

          paul delano says:

          No boychik, you’re the one who made the assertion that the original poster was lying when stated some jews voted for Hitler in 1933. Now prove she’s lying. I’m interested to see what you come up with as there were no records kept at the time breaking the vote down by religion. Cut the bullshit. You come off as a moron, especially in view of the fact that many Germans of Jewish ancestry fought for the Nazis.

          AriShavit says:

          again with the ad hominem! a couple more times and you might be close to an argument!

          I’d be happy to reconsider my position if you present some evidence to back up your assertion, but until then, I’ve grown a bit tired of this exchange.

          paul delano says:

          My dear boy, you replied to genelevit’s comment with an ad hominem reply of your own. But the fact that you don’t appear to be capable of absorbing the very simple fact that no records of religious afiliation were kept in German elections of the time renders anything you have to say meaningless.The salient fact, which is that many German Jewish war veterans joined the Nationalists in the early years after WW1 and many fought for the Nazis in WW2 makes it perfectly clear that to maintain that none could have voted for the National Socialists in 1933 or prior is a belief which can only be held by one lacking logic and commonsense. Which makes you a perfect Obama supporter.

          AriShavit says:

          (1) look up ‘ad hominem.’

          (2) we do have membership roles. we also have newspapers, records of family finances, etc.

          (3) But since you’ve brought it up, now it appears that you are claiming that you can’t possibly have evidence! Even more, you’re suggesting that we can’t possibly know the religious persuasion of people who voted (or were members of) the Nazi party, but we have conclusive proof that Jews were in the “Nationalists” party (although you won’t offer any). Great … so to recap, you’re assuming that Jews voted for hitler and now have the audacity to claim that it is logical to assume things without evidentiary support.

          The only thing I’m a bit confused about is why you’re taking this so personally. I’ve critiqued you’re understanding of history as lacking evidence. Are you actually offended by this?

          I’m done with this conversation without some form of sign that you can avoid the ad hominem and present some evidence as to your initial claim. Until then …

          paul delano says:

          You don’t think your comment to the originator of this topic ‘now you’re lying too’ was an ad hominem attack? You’re more than a little confused, you do realize that, I hope. It’s all very simple really for anyone with a normally developed inductive and deductive thought process. Based on everything I have already provided you relating to the assimilation of German Jews, their nationalism as reflected by their secularism, especially the thousands who served in the German army of WW1,the shared anger with all the German people at the conditions which followed the War, hyperinflation and emergence of the German communists. Therefore it is highly improbable that no Jews ever voted for Hitler’s party and highly probable that many did in 1933 and prior. Class dismissed. Goodbye and good luck.

          Damwrite says:

          The Jews of Germany never assimilated. They were acculturated. Big difference. You’re very liberal in your attacks of others. According to you, my reading comprehension skills are deficient. You accuse Shavit of faulty thought processes. Perhaps the fault lies with you. You’re so busy defending fallacies that you fail to take the time to seek the truth.

          paul delano says:

          It’s very foolish to spout off on something you know absolutely nothing about…even for an Obama supporter. It’s well known that there were Jews who fought for the Nazis.You have to be stupid beyond words to believe that no German Jews sympathized with the Nationalists, even more so to believe that none ever voted for Hitler.

          AriShavit says:

          I’ve read that book. It’s not very good. Most other scholars thought so too (e.g.

          But if you had bothered to read it, instead of jump to conclusions based on the title, you would know that it has more to do with the ambiguity present at the beginning of the war about who was or was not a jew. The “jewish descent” tag could have tipped you off about that. (i.e. these weren’t self-identifying jews who went to temple on Friday.)

          Regardless, I believe you would have to be stupid to claim that I said no one of Jewish descent (however tenuous and removed) fought for Germany in WWII … I said no such thing and this is fairly off topic.

          Find any evidence of Jewish votes for hitler yet? Or are you really attempting to say that because their were some people who did not identify with Judaism or being Jewish fought with Nazis there really must have been all sorts of jews voting for hitler?

          You’re in over your head.

          paul delano says:

          Oh, so now you’re admitting that Jews fought for the Nazis but didn’t vote for him in 1933. As I told you earlier, there are no records because the germans didn’t breakdown the vote by religion. You seem to have a hard time remembering that. So, genius, prove that no Jews ever voted for Hitler even though you agree they fought in his army. I’m enjoying this.

          Beatrix17 says:

          I have read for over 65 years about Jews voting for Hitler,. Jews were used to antisemitism (they were German) and they had no idea that Hitler was so strange and that his behavior would be so appalling. Jews, like other Germans, were out of work, starving, and fearful and Hindenberg, the great hero, supported Hitler. Jews had no idea what they were facing. Just as we had no idea with Obama.

    while you forget the other half of Hillel’s message: “If I am for myself alone, what am I for?” Working in Brooklyn for many years I saw that Jewish families too can be in poverty. I saw Jewish (among many other)families on public assistance whose children today are doctors and university professors. Without assistance from public programs i have no doubt that those same children today would be delivery boys and janitors.

      Generation of people supported by public programs are still on welfare.
      We need to have safety nets, but not lifetime programs. Private charities are better prepared to help people in need than The Big Governement.

Unfortunately, R. Boteach seems to have a number of followers. In this piece, he has exposed himself as totally ignorant in the areas of:

1. History
2. American politics, including the Constitution of the U.S.
3. The reality that vouchers do nothing but hurt public schools and, while they may, marginally, help some of the Orthodox Religious schools, they mostly help Catholic schools, many of which continue to teach the Antisemitism that the Catholic Church preached for 2,000 years.
4. The Jewish concept of when life begins.
5. The role of Government, in a modern world.

This is total and complete fear-mongering by Rabbi Boteach. The reasons to side with Obama are made plain simply by virtue of the foci of the two articles Tablet chose to publish. All the reasons the Obama article puts forward are focused on positivity and saying ‘yes’ to something- to shedding light on what is important and bringing us up to a higher moral standard. The main premise of the Boteach article, however, is that there are apparently reasons NOT to vote for Obama. Boteach can’t even use this generous platform provided by Tablet to elucidate anything good about Romney. We don’t need thorns in our side, we need a clear path towards real leadership. Boteach isn’t helping in the slightest. With the election one day away, who needs this BS? Not struggling Americans.

aege8th says:

Shmuley is a self-aggrandizing media whore. He has no dignity and no shame. It’s hard to believe ANYONE takes him seriously (except himself.)

    Beatrix17 says:

    But he does have the right to freedom of speech. And he uses it without insulting people who disagree with him, which you’re unable to do.

      aege8th says:

      Oh, I’m totally able to use my freedom of speech without insulting those who disagree with me, but I also calls ’em as I sees ’em. If you/he find the truth insulting, too bad. Clearly, there are a lot of people out here who recognize this truth the same as I do. For example, if I call Mitt a liar and craven opportunist, that’s also a provable truth. However, calling Obama a “Socialist Muslim, ” while not an insult (at least not to me, anyway) IS a lie.

        Beatrix17 says:

        Romney is an opportunist
        like Washington, Lincoln, Reagan. This is Romney’s time and the
        country needs him. I don’t know what he’s lied about. Like all
        adults, he’s grown, learned and changed his mind. Why bother living
        if you don’t learn from life?

        I think the country is
        both Capitalist and Socialist. I don’t oppose Romney for being one
        or Obama for being the other. Obama just wasn’t equipped to be
        President, but that’s the fault of his followers who fell for him,
        and then voted for him while insulting the rest of us for not sharing
        their psychedelic nonsense.

        I just know I’m so
        damned tired of him and his childish minions. I can’t live in the
        1960s forever. It’s time for something new. America can’t take a
        2nd Obama term.

If an “observant Jew,” especially a rabbi, can endorse an immoral liar who is opposed to civil rights, maybe I should look for a new tribe. Rabbi Boteach, you disgust me!

    It’s called being a “court Jew” from the Medieval period. He is courting the Repubs.

    wildjew says:

    The Catholic church at one time supported slavery in America. Americans elected John F. Kennedy, a Catholic. In what way does Governor Romney oppose civil rights? I am not saying you are wrong. Can you be specific? Can you cite some credible articles that are not partisan left.

      No need to cite articles. Willard is opposed to reproductive freedom and marital freedom — basic civil rights. His party is also suppressing voting in several states. Voter suppression may not be Willard’s idea, but it’s intended to help him.

        wildjew says:

        Nonsense. Romney was pro-choice on abortion his entire political career until he ran for the White House. Romney changed his position (it can be argued not passionately) in order to appeal to the Republican base, but even if he were life-long advocate of protecting the innocent unborn, how does that go against Jewish values and our obligation to “choose life?” What is marital freedom? Government sanctioned gay or homosexual marriage? Neither is that a Jewish value. When did left-leaning Jews go so wrong on Jewish law, tradition and values?

          Marital freedom is the freedom to marry any willing adult who meets a state’s health requirements. Race, religion, gender and intention or ability to reproduce are irrelevant.

          What “Jewish value” do you like best: the Tanach requirement for rape victims to marry their rapists, or allowing men to have multiple wives and concubines?

          Executing adulterers, magicians and rebellious sons is perfectly fine as long as the executioner doesn’t eat shrimp, wear mixed fibers or listen to Barbra Streisand sing.

          We’re in the 21st century. Get used to it.

          wildjew says:

          To my knowledge, here in the United States a man is free to marry another man as is a woman free to marry another woman. What you want is for the law and society to sanction same-sex marriage just as marriage between one man and one woman is currently sanctioned by law. That would be wrong. When was the last time you heard of Jews stoning adulterers, rebellious sons, witches, etc.? When was the last time you heard of an adulterous woman being stoned in any number of sharia states in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa? The Talmud records no such stoning of a rebellious son. For the Jews, our law was meant as a warning. The full severity of the law has rarely, if ever been implemented, unlike what we see in the Muslim world. You are twisting scripture. There is no requirement for rape victims to marry their rapists. If you are referring to Exodus chapter 22, this is a man who “seduces” a virgin who is not engaged, he must provide a dowry for the girl but she is under no obligation to marry her seducer. Go back to the beginning, to the book of Genesis, chapter 2. Marriage was one man and one woman. That was and is the ideal. Because some men took two or more wives, why do you assume God blessed or sanctified it?

          AriShavit says:

          “When was the last time you heard of Jews stoning adulterers, rebellious sons, witches, etc.?”

          Uh … does spitting on children who are dressed “inappropriately” count? I hear about that all the time. I also hear about the haredi chasing people from their neighborhoods for dressing provocatively (a.k.a. provoking their homophobia). Regardless, if we’re speaking about Jews, what do muslims have to do with it?

          AriShavit says:

          “When was the last time you heard of Jews stoning adulterers, rebellious sons, witches, etc.?”

          Uh … does spitting on children who are dressed “inappropriately” count? I hear about that all the time. I also hear about the haredi chasing people from their neighborhoods for dressing provocatively (a.k.a. provoking their homophobia). Regardless, if we’re speaking about Jews, what do muslims have to do with it?

          wildjew says:

          I asked, “When was the last time you heard of Jews stoning adulterers, rebellious sons, witches, etc.?” and you give me an example of spitting by Jews, perhaps many of whom do not recognize Israel as legitimate because moshiach did not bring it about. We are speaking about Jews yet many compare the harshness of the Torah to the harshness in the Qur’an. As to dressing inappropriately, if I had a daughter who I knew was going to walk through a Haredi neighborhood, I would recommend she dress appropriately or modestly. How about you? The same goes for women visiting the Western Wall. Religiously observant Jews (I am not one by the way) have standards. Why be deliberately provocative?

          AriShavit says:

          They would throw rocks if they could. We both know that …

          I would tell my daughter it’s none of their f’n business what she wears. I would also recognize that the haredi have no superior claim to hakotel.

          why allow my ethics, morals, and standards of decency to be dictated by the haredi? and to have a say in how I raise my children? Oh too far …

          wildjew says:

          Orthodox Jews separate the sexes at prayer. You would rebel against that? Have you noticed female diplomats like Sec. of State Clinton, when they are visiting sharia-compliant Islamic states like Saudi Arabia, cover their hair in public. Do you likewise condemn Clinton for that? Do you say, “It’s none of the f’n business what female American officals wear in public.” (?)

          AriShavit says:

          That’s her choice … but that situation isn’t quite analogous to an internal discussion between Jews.

          as for the separation of sexes at prayer … yes, I DO rebel against it. I think it is appalling that members of the tribe believe women are unfit to sit beside me during service or stand at hakotel by my side. I do not believe Judaism makes my wife or mother a second class citizen.

          Pam Green says:

          It doesn’t. You do. You’re the one who’s unfit.

          AriShavit says:

          pam, I’m crushed you don’t agree with me.

          Maybe you can tell me the difference between arresting Anat Hoffman at the wall for saying a prayer/reading Torah and arresting someone for sitting at the wrong lunch counter.

          Pam Green says:

          You write, “That’s her choice” regarding Hillary Clinton covering her hair when visiting Islamist countries. No, that’s not her personal choice. She’s a gov’t official; she represents us. And maybe some of us don’t think that our government should acquiesce to Islamists who are anything but civil in return. Yet I doubt the issue has even been debated publicly, or properly analyzed by historians. Do you think it goes unnoticed in the Muslim world that our female politicians defer to Islamic custom when on official business? Has our politeness fostered mutual respect or led to more equality for women in Islamist countries? Of course not. In fact, as you may have noticed, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has now officially recognized the Islamic custom of sex-slave marriages.

          And yet, you draw comparisons between Judaism and Islam! You claim that Judaism is just as disrespectful of women! You insinuate that the Jewish tradition of separation of the sexes reflects a Jewish belief that women are unfit. Really? And further, that the Wall is equivalent to a lunch counter in our segregated South. Can you prove that to me, oh great Talmudic scholar? What are your credentials?

          You also say there’s no comparison between the Clinton situation and “an internal discussion between Jews”. Do you call this an internal discussion? Jews trashing Jewish traditions in a public forum, dissension within “the tribe” on display for our enemies’ consumption?

          Plenty of people get married after receiving a marriage license. God’s blessing and sanctification are unnecessary. I was married by a rabbi. I have no idea how God felt about it.

          In 2001, Holland became the first country to approve
          same-sex marriage. In the United States, although same-sex marriages do not have federal approval, same-sex couples can marry in six states, and approval is pending in other states. (So is disapproval.) Some states that do not allow same-sex marriages recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

          Thousands of same-sex marriages have occurred, much to the
          horror of organizations such as the American Family Association and Republican politicians and Orthodox Jews who seek to defend “traditional marriage.”

          I hereby challenge _you_ to identify _even one_ heterosexual marriage that was damaged by a gay marriage.

          There are millions of married straights. Did any of them divorce because gay married people moved in next door, or live in the next state or 2,000 miles away.

          The institution of marriage is not a particularly exclusive club. It’s not like winning a Harvard scholarship or a Nobel prize or being admitted to Phi Beta Kappa or Mensa.

          When I wanted to get a marriage license back in 1971, I had
          to pay a few bucks and prove that I was at least 18 years old and did not have syphilis or gonorrhea.

          I’ve been married to a woman for nearly 41 years. I would
          not be any less married if Jane married Louise, if Pedro married Waldo, or if a chipmunk married a frog — and a flashlight.

          Why the hell should anyone care who else is married?

          There is not a limited number of marriages available. If Ted
          and Sam get married, there will still be marriage licenses available for Cynthia and Ira. It’s not as if Ted and Sam ordered the last extra-crispy wings at KFC, and there were none left when Cynthia and Ira walked in.

          “Pro-family” organizations and politicians should be pro-ALL-families. Republicans and other conservatives who want to minimize
          government involvement in citizens’ private lives should keep government out of our bedrooms!

          In an ironically named 1967 case, “Loving v.Virginia,” a unanimous Supreme Court Decision said, “Marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man.” And men. And women.

          RedLine says:

          G-d had defined all of those that are laws. Are you saying that now that we’re in the 21st century that G-d and His laws are irrelevant?

          The message of the cross states that we are now under grace. Which sadly leads many to believe there will be no eventual judgement for sin. But what happens when the “cup of iniquity” becomes full? Will He not judge this nation for the sins of it’s leaders as the state endorses or facilitatates: a> shedding innocent blood (abortion– Proverbs 6:16-19); b> homosexual acts (usually accompanied after “marriage”– Leviticus 18:22-25)? Do we know for certain that we have not already been receiving selective judgments? I for one don’t want to be on the receiving end of His wrath (Jeremiah 25:7-11).

          If you look at Romney’s life as a teenager and beyond, you’ll see a respect for G-d and a compassion for the poor. You should read about his overseas missions trip to France.
          Many people vote for candidates who support their personal issues. Is that really the proper course? Alternatively should we not be voting for just men of character who revere G-d’s word– at least to the greatest extent possible with the choices presented?

          The polls reflect the division in this nation which has only become worse during this president’s term. One possible solution to this may be to vote for Romney and then consider: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14.

          >>G-d had defined all of those that are laws. Are you saying that now that we’re in the 21st century that G-d and His laws are irrelevant?<>The message of the cross states that we are now under grace.<>Which sadly leads many to believe there will be no eventual judgment for sin.<>I for one don’t want to be on the receiving end of His wrath <>If you look at Romney’s life as a teenager and beyond, you’ll see a respect for G-d and a compassion for the poor.<>Alternatively should we not be voting for just men of character who revere G-d’s word– at least to the greatest extent possible with the choices presented?<<
          Get serious. Willard is an amoral, unprincipled liar.

          AriShavit says:

          excellently said.

          AriShavit says:

          excellently said.

          AriShavit says:

          Wait wait wait … you just admitted that Romney is a empty sack that will change his positions on a whim to suit the audience to which he is speaking. That doesn’t bother you?

          (also, he doesn’t agree with your version of his changing position)

          wildjew says:

          Yes, it does bother me. I have a choice between a dangerous Muslim-born president who has proven himself a nightmare (a disaster) and a Mormon.

          AriShavit says:

          You’re so filled with hate that it hurts inside, aren’t you?

          wildjew says:

          Why am I so filled with hate? I took a few years to study Islam and Islamic law after 9/11. What did you do with your time other sit on your lazy derriere? What scholars / authors have you read? Waiting…….

          Pam Green says:


          AriShavit says:

          Wait wait wait … you just admitted that Romney is a empty sack that will change his positions on a whim to suit the audience to which he is speaking. That doesn’t bother you?

          (also, he doesn’t agree with your version of his changing position)

    Beatrix17 says:

    Why is Romney opposed to civil rights? Because he wasn’t born black?

      In an ironically
      named 1967 case, “Loving v. Virginia,” a unanimous Supreme Court Decision said,
      “Marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man.”
      Willard disagrees.

wildjew says:

President Obama is NOT a “well-intentioned” man. He is a very dangerous man. He knows exactly what he is doing to this country; to the Middle East and North Africa.

    AriShavit says:

    you’re actually re-posting comments you’ve previously made? or did the site do this automatically?

    Beatrix17 says:

    Good for you wildjew! I think you were timid at first about sticking your toe in the water.

      Georges says:

      It goes way beyond ‘toe in water’. The opinions of those who agree with Wildjew, are very quickly being squelched in Free America. It is their necks which they stick out today. This will surface in the 11th hour, and the people shall say (especially Jews and Israel), “Woe is me”. Listen to those in Free America who are shouting it out! They view it more clearly than those who are emotionally entangled via desired to be the favored; ending the challenges they have faced for generations. Better to merit the favor of God with oppression, than the ‘freedoms’ under a man of sin…such freedom is true bondage eternally. God’s people must be smarter than that!

jcarpenter says:

You lost me on your first sentence—“daily bread comes through God’s beneficence and not a human hand so that I might retain my dignity”—apparently manna still falls from the sky. And what is man, except God’s agent on earth? Man’s dignity comes from being created in God’s image, not from his social status. The poor have dignity because of all the attention God gives to them. Read the scriptures.

    holdmewhileimnaked says:

    that was what i was going to say. he opens his argument–which seems to be about the not taking of hand-outs–by stating that he opens his day by praying for what is, in essence, the biggest hand-out of all. in fact i would think this was a parody but that i know it isnt.

Tziganka says:

Rabbi Boteach’s view is ultimately quite naive and reveals how little he really knows about the Church of Latter Day Saints. Like most of the evangelical right, the Mormons have no great love of the Jewish people and Israel’s importance is strictly related to their interpretation of the Book of Mormon (and for Evangelical’s The Book of Revelation).

Secondly the Romney/Ryan ticket is a fast track to women being not only marginalized but subjugated. Is this what you want Rabbi? Lastly we are talking about a group that continues to perform posthumous baptisms of holocaust victims (including Anne Frank no less) even though it is no longer condoned “officially” by the Mormon church (see NYT March 12, 2012 “A Twist on Posthumous Baptisms Leaves Jews Miffed at Mormon Rite”). This is a true picture of what they think of the Jews. Why would any self respecting Jew – Orthodox, Conservative or Reform – support this?

The press exercised an overwhelming sense of political correctness vis-a-vis Romney’s faith during this campaign. Vanity Fair did examine it though and there were some rather ugly situations they brought to light about Romney’s role as a Bishop in the Mormon church. Tablet would be better served to do some reporting about the hypocrisy of these so-called friends of Israel and educating its readership on this topic.

    Evangelicals love Jews like cats love birds and mice.

      oaklandj says:

      They actually say they “love Israel” and “love Judeo-Christian values.” They almost never, ever say they “love Jews.”

      Georges says:

      How very Interesting. I have never heard this before; yet many agree with you…would you please elaborate with a basis for this opinion?

herbcaen says:

A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a United States that recognizes Israel as its foremost ally and friend…. and a vote for President Valerie Jarrett Obama is a vote to replace Israel with Iran as chief ally in the US.

    Georges says:

    You are correct. This will surface at the 11th hour, people will say, “Woe is me”.

Most American Jews would vote for Jimmy Carter again as the Democrat candidate over Moses as the Republican candidate.

mgbmdmph says:

If I were looking to hire an evangelical TV Rabbi to preen himself and epitomize the soliloquy “All the world’s a stage” from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, spoken by the melancholy Jacques in Act II Scene VII, Shmuley might be my man.

Fortunately I’m not and Shmuley’s not my man any more than his man Romney is my man.

Apparently some of our coreligionists find it unpalatable that
President Obama is running for re-election to the Presidency of the
United States rather than to become Prime Minister of Israel and CANNOT
place Israel’s perceived goals above America’s perceived goals without
violating his Oath of Office and his Constitutional mandates.

Governor Romney’s values and political behaviors are a total cipher
because he is constitutionally incapable of thinking, saying and doing
anything at the ‘same frequency’.

That’s my courteous way of saying that Mitt Romney has a life-long
history of thinking one thing, saying a second thing, doing a third
thing, lying about what he said and reversing whatever he has done as
long as he perceives that it serves HIS personal best interests.

Is it not telling that the citizens of the Great Commonwealth of
Massachusetts were ready to can Romney after his term as governor AND
will undoubtedly vote for President Obama’s re-election with a huge

Apparently some of our coreligionists believe that Governor Romney
might attempt to place Israel’s perceived goals above America’s
perceived goals without violating his Oath of Office and his
Constitutional mandates, to which I say ‘Define treason’ and ‘how would
Congress respond to that kind of Presidential behavior?’ and ‘I know
this nice bridge in Brooklyn …’.

Governor Romney is certainly callow enough to entertain that notion
especially if he ‘decides’ to cater to the backers of the Republican
Party Platform, especially the evangelists who ‘Love The Jewish People
and Israel’ because we are the agency through which to usher in the
coming of THEIR Messiah (LOL).

‘Decides’ may not even quite fit Mitt Romney’s dilemma. He is beholden, lock, stock and barrel.

Anyone fool enough to postulate that Romney would govern like a
‘Centrist With Halachic Jewish Values’ in terms of domestic policy and
like a ‘Neocon With American Exceptionalism At Heart Including Serving
Israel’s Perceived Agenda To Advance America’s Foreign Policy Goals’ is
simply too dense to have a Yiddisher Kop.

I find plenty to criticize in President Obama’s first four-year
tenure, but I do have the capacity to discriminate between Chicken Salad
and Chicken Sh-t.

Obama = Chicken Salad, albeit with some wilted leaves.

Mr. Romney, I cannot tell whether your salad leaves are poison ivy or
romaine lettuce. Can you, sir? Try a little ‘Tuchas Offen Tisch’, Mitt.

    Pam Green says:

    TALK ABOUT LIES. Obama’s lies about Benghazi are deliberate and impeachable. His entire administration has lied continuously about Libya. How do you defend that?

      Georges says:

      Israel was judged for the folly (sin), of their leader (David). America shall too,judged beneath the curse of the disobedience of their leader. No man sins unto himself, especially a leader.

wildjew says:

I will never forget one of the anti-Semitic sermons – Obama’s twenty year spiritual mentor – Reverend Jeremiah Wright gave. Wright said when it comes to Israel, ‘Negroes get awfully quiet on you because they [sic] scared: Don’t be scared; don’t be scared….’

Miha Ahronovitz says:

Would the The Rebbe Schneerson of Chabbad ever mention by name a political preference? As Rabbi Nachman of Breslov teaches, a man who is not humble looses the spirit of prophecy. I am also a supporter of Romney, after being on Obama side for years. Both candidates from the Jewish perspective are wonderful people. But it is not fit for a Jewish spiritual teacher to mix crude, childish expertise on economics with Jewishness. He embarrasses Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama and the prestige associated with being a Rabbi.

Sylvia Sterne says:

How can this man call himself a rabbi, he does not know that one of the basic tenets of the Torah is to leave a corner of the field for the poor and hungry to glean. Our government is based on that. The US government is not functioning in the days of Abraham, however. Obama has stated repeatedly his job is to keep us safe. His foreign policy works.

    wildjew says:

    You don’t know your Bible Sylvia. Charity in the Torah was an individual moral obligation. It was not the role of the king (big government) to confiscate wealth and redistribute it to the poor. A farmer (remember the Boaz in the book of Ruth) left gleanings and the corners of his field for the poor. King David did not confiscate his “subjects” wealth and property and then redistribute it to his supporters the way Obama would have it.

      AriShavit says:

      The tanakh does not support one economic policy over another. It certainly does not take a position on an ideology that appeared more than a thousand years after its creation.

        wildjew says:

        It most certainly does not support Obama’s redistribution of wealth scheme or the elimination of private property as Obama’s radical ideology would have it. Obama’s late father (Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Dreams From My Father fame) posited that the government can tax 100% of a person’s income. Granted, it is not “predatory” or exploitative capitalism either though private property ownership is central. It’s not anything resembling socialism or Communism or Obama’s Marxist philosophy. I don’t know what Tanakh you’ve been reading. Political conservationism with a “Classical Liberal” bent in some instances is the way I read the Tanakh and the Torah. How about you?

Yet another heaping load of BS by SB! Oy!

Mark D says:

I am voting for Romney, simply because Obama has failed to live up to his promises and blames everyone else for his inability to do the job. All the other items discussed are secondary.

    AriShavit says:

    You mean like some sort of policy agreement or good reason for voting for Romney? Is that really secondary?

      Mark D says:

      If you hire someone to do a job and they fail at it, They are terminated. Obama has failed at so many levels. Time for a change. Just look at the character of Bill Clinton (Obama’s surrogate) and the character and actions of Mitt Romney. I’ll go for the personal integrity every time.

        AriShavit says:

        You mean the Mitt Romney who openly lies about every subject discussed during the campaign? Or is the one that can’t actually seem to make up his mind about policy decisions so says whatever he thinks people want to hear?

        [a good summary of the lies and the audacity at which he is telling them:

        Maybe the Mitt Romney that holds 47% of the citizens of this country in contempt … including students, the elderly and members of the military? Or is it the one that claims to have a five-point plan for the economy but won’t tell you what it is … or the one that says he’ll cut deductions, but not which ones?

        Integrity. Ha!

          Beatrix17 says:

          I’m part of the 47% and Romney admitted he was wrong and apologized, an apology I accepted.. (Boy, did we lambast him. He’ll be careful taking on seniors from now on). He’s a man capable of growing, and capable of humility. Just try to imagine that quality in Obama.

          Georges says:

          I am a legal guardian of a senior. They shall be deemed ‘unproductive to society’ under Obamacare. …a mere “eater”. They will no-longer serve a purpose of the good of the many. I pray that they shall die before they are forced to. Yes, it is in the piles of print!

        Willard wouldn’t recognize integrity if it bit his long nose. He is a pathetic, habitual, amoral LIAR.

        Georges says:

        Pretty good litmus test. God places character above good intentions.

LtcHoward says:


‘Iran is near completing its nuclear activities in Fordo’

Iranian nuclear chief Fereydoon Abbasi officially confirms for first time Iran is working on centrifuges at the underground facility • According to West, Tehran has installed final 640 out of 2,800 centrifuges, but has yet to activate them.Iranian nuclear chief Fereydoon Abbasi told local news outlet ISNA on Wednesday that work on centrifuges in the Fordo installation was nearly complete. This marks the first time the Iranian government has confirmed working on centrifuges at Fordo in an official capacity.

Abbasi told ISNA that Iran is “near completing its nuclear activities [in Fordo] despite negative reports made by the Western media.” Abbasi was referring to statements made by Western diplomats to Reuters last week stating that Iran was close to completing work on the Fordo nuclear enrichment plant. According to the diplomats, Tehran has already installed the last 640 out of 2,800 centrifuges planned for the compound, though it has yet to activate them.

Iran only disclosed the existence of the Fordo plant in 2009 after learning that Western spy services had detected it. Fordo’s strategic placement inside a mountain makes it nearly impervious to potential air strikes on the plant, and its completion provides Iran with what Israeli politicians have called a “zone of immunity,” and have warned against for more than a year.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has stated that Tehran was set to complete the Fordo compound by the end of 2012.

    AriShavit says:

    From February 20, 2007: “Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, warned today that Iran appeared to have mastered crucial aspects of nuclear technology since August, and that the country could be as little as six months away from being able to enrich uranium on an industrial scale, according to The Financial Times.”

    Live in fear!

So….all the Hasidim in Brooklyn who are on Medicaid because they study Torah all day are cutting up their Medicaid cards, and those of their twelve children?

So many Hasidim who vote for Romney are voting for the cult that “converted” their brethren after their deaths and will take away their Medicaid. A shonda– they might have to actually work! I know many who somehow send their many children to private schools and universities, not to mention summer camps, but are on Medicaid and Food Stamps. They sound pretty Socialist to me!

And this article outlines the precise reasons I am not voting for Romney. Kol hakavod to Ari Shavit…

Papa493 says:

A Republican candidate for Congress backs Romney. Stop the presses!

You look up “self-aggrandizing” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of Shmuley Boteach. Fuck that self-serving, how-can-I-profit-with-my-bullshit, greed-whore, Ferengi of a Jew.

As we head into the election and the upcoming times are apparent on everyone’s mind and if you ask everyone they feel like they’ve just come from a war and looking for a peace dividend, to pay for reparations..and to build our land. The peace divident so that we can “hammer swords into plowshares…spears into sickles” ..the ancient warriors of the past looking to build not a utopia but a better world…turning the mind and implements of war to peace…here we have a post war type era of large debts, and Obama cutting the military and vacating much of the world and concentrating and turning the U.S. into one nation among many..turning in his spear..and Romney still maintaining and trying to prop up the country’s superpower status..but as a learned jewish magazine with a background emphasizing learning and education, and the candidates standpoints in education paving the way to build a human, preserve cultures and develop society, rebuild cities…I dont know how american Jews feel the spears have benefitted them, and I dont live there I rhetorically ask, and they may think education is a better tool to perform that task…and whether the general public votes in accord

Beatrix17 says:

I’m retired, live on
Social Security, and under Bush had Medicaid, which was fortunate
because I had colon cancer and would not have survived without

Under Obama, my Medicaid
has been canceled. In my small town, a dozen businesses have closed
and sit empty, while almost over 6% of all homes are in foreclosure.
Bigger cities surrounding us are in worse shape.

Leave your cozy homes,
go out in the world and see America’s plight under Obama. See the
suffering of the old and poor, the stunted opportunities facing the
young, a middle class that’s ignored, and a business class dealing
with the adolescent ridicule of a clueless President.

Bush left 4 years ago.
It’s Obama who has made every single solitary thing he’s touched
worse. He’s had no leadership experience, but he doesn’t have to
lead. He has his minions of liberal pushovers defending every
stupid, self-aggrandizing demoralizing action he feels like taking.
You’re as stupid voting for Obama as Jews were voting for Hitler.
If Obama makes it in again, life in America will be worse, but this
time round Jewish money will be blamed for putting him into power.

Thank God Obama was reelected today so schmucks like Schmuly can learn the big lessons of being one among the family of man. A Quaker School isn’t a high end luxury.It turns out diplomats. It is better that we don’t fund right wing Christian schools that turn out bigots and undereducated fools. You want to send your kids to private school? Do what I did teach courses there and pay reduced tuition.

Bryan Swirsky says:

i will never buy another book or listen to anything boteach has to say after reading this fearful asshattery. this is no way to cast a vote. i am a secular jew. i live in a religious neighborhood and have heard people on avenue j wanting to ‘get rid of the schvartze president on election day’ in public for MONTHS! boteach caters to that exact same constituency as do the rabbis that are complicit in making sure that racism stays coded and institutionalized in the community. the only consolation boteach can take is that the entitlement programs so many othodox jews use and abuse will be in place in some form or another for another 4 years. to which i say, get thee to the torah and start reading it word for word and not between the lines. that and being in the world is a jew’s highest mizvah under torah, tzdakah and chesed.

Bryan Swirsky says:

i will never buy another book or listen to anything boteach has to say after reading this fearful asshattery. this is no way to cast a vote. i am a secular jew. i live in a religious neighborhood and have heard people on avenue j wanting to ‘get rid of the schvartze president on election day’ in public for MONTHS! boteach caters to that exact same constituency as do the rabbis that are complicit in making sure that racism stays coded and institutionalized in the community. the only consolation boteach can take is that the entitlement programs so many othodox jews use and abuse will be in place in some form or another for another 4 years. to which i say, get thee to the torah and start reading it word for word and not between the lines. that and being in the world is a jew’s highest mizvah under torah, tzdakah and chesed.

Obama embodies the Jewish spirit of communal justice against the small minded and the self-interested, and I’m proud that 70% of American Jews know that he is their ally and who truly reflects Jewish values. This self righteous certainty of Boteach is just revolting. And misguided. Hard to say “unJewish” because there are a many Jews who think like him…. but many more who do not.

maven4026 says:

Rabbi Boteach:

I can’t accept your point of view because your vocabulary is not Jewish, but right wing Republican. In your first paragraph you use the words “encouragement of

entitlements” to poorer Americans in need of medical care, retirement income, food when they are hungry is receiving an entitlement, while a business person, or millionaire paying 14% on his taxes is not getting an entitlement. Why is giving to the poor not Jewish but getting money from the society and infrastructure paid for by all Americans Jewish?

I didn’t vote for Mitt because his major goals in life were to get money and hide it in accounts offshore to avoid taxes. His charitable efforts were mostly raised with tithes required within his own religious community. What does Maimonides say about charity that is required by religious law?

So, Rabbi Boteach received a whopping 22% of the vote, Was it really worth soliciting his opinion? Why did you not interview Cong. Wasserman-Shultz, Steve Isreal, Sen. Charles Schumer or any of the dozens of Jews already elected to Congress (all except Cantor) supporting Obama?

Georges says:

I am a USA Christian of 40 years. I have seen a few presidents. The radical shifts within the US to remove the -Bible, 10 Commandments, free speech, statues of religious significance, prayer in schools, and much more; are very deeply disturbing. This is like removing the boundary lines and markers between lands. Boundaries (laws), serve to protect all. These are freedoms for some, yet others view them as harsh and restrictive weights/bondages. What one sees as bondage; another sees as freedom. Is that not the ‘age-old lie’? We have observed the downward spiral of this nation for many years, as the removal of many good and sound principles are lifted in the name of “freedom”.

Man left to himself does not aspire to good, much less, -attain it!

It is now 11/16/12. The people have spoken. Obama is the reigning power for 4 more years. Some are elated beyond words. Others have seen a dark cloud settle over their nation. Some desire the freedom to worship God in Spirit and Truth, according to their belief in Him. Many here pray for Israel continually, as it is in their hearts to do so. Please pray for our nation as well!

bacusa says:

It worries me to see that the biggest argument in voting for an American President is what he will do for Isreal. Does it matter much in the American Jewish Community who would do the best job for America?

Shmooster says:

LOL! I just came across this article months after the election.

I admire Shmuley in some ways, but his politics (like the politics of a large sector of the frum community) are a tremendous disappointment. Not to mention his willingness to take money from the Meyer Lansky of our time.


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