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Alice Walker’s Purple Prose: Why the Novelist’s Attack on Alicia Keys Is All Wrong

The ‘Color Purple’ author showed more than just naivete in penning an open letter to the pop star. She also showed ignorance.

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Alice Walker, 2006. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

When I saw that Alice Walker had written an open letter urging Alicia Keys to cancel her upcoming concert in Israel, my first instinct was to look away. Ever since the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist refused to allow Israeli publishers to translate her best-known book, The Color Purple, into Hebrew, ostensibly to protest the Israeli occupation of Palestine, I have had a hard time reading her public statements with the respect that I have previously felt was due to her work as a writer, who, whatever her flaws, had dealt seriously with weighty episodes in the history of mankind. But Walker’s action in this case seemed perverse: If Israelis are really the new South Africans, or the new Old Southern slave-masters of the Holy Land, shouldn’t Walker want them to read The Color Purple, perhaps with an impassioned preface, denouncing their own crimes? There was something disturbingly illogical, nearly totalitarian, in Walker’s impulse to declare Israelis—all Israelis, from teenagers in settlements, to rabid left-wingers in Tel Aviv—to be beyond the pale of readership, a contaminating influence on the text itself.

So, when I saw that Walker was cajoling Keys to join in her absolute negation of Israel, I wanted to scroll on. I’m glad I didn’t: Walker’s letter was well worth my time, particularly because it represents not the illogic of one individual—that would have been easy enough to ignore—but the esprit de corps of a growing political movement.

The letter begins on a stentorian note, with Walker warning Keys that if she performs in Israel, the singer would be putting herself in “soul danger.” She would also be disrespecting the American Civil Rights movement: “You were not born when we, your elders who love you, boycotted institutions in the US South to end an American apartheid less lethal than Israel’s against the Palestinian people,” Walker writes. “Google Montgomery Bus Boycott, if you don’t know about this civil rights history already.”

Of course, had she even the slightest acquaintance with the singer she was lecturing, Walker would have learned that Keys graduated high school at 16 and was admitted to Columbia University—which makes the instruction to look up the Montgomery Bus Boycott on the Internet particularly insulting. In case Keys read on after that opening bit of condescension, she would have arrived at Walker’s best paragraph, the one that shows the mangled evolution of her thinking. Eager to educate her younger correspondent, Walker writes of “the unconscionable harm Israel inflicts every day on the people of Palestine, whose major ‘crime’ is that they exist in their own land, land that Israel wants to control as its own.” So far, so good: save for howling zealots, most people, in Israel and abroad, agree that the occupation is an injustice, oppose the settlements, and support the Palestinian right to self-determination. The color of Walker’s prose is purple, but her aim is true enough.

But Walker doesn’t end it there, because apparently she can’t. The Israeli system, she writes, “is cruel, unjust, and unbelievably evil.” Cruel and unjust are hard terms to contest: Even if one supports checkpoints and taking other people’s land as a political, military, or religious necessity, it is still cruel. And Israel’s behavior is clearly unjust, even if you believe that other countries—even most other countries, or every other country on the planet, including New Zealand (ask the Maori)—are just as unjust.

“Unbelievably evil” is a different kind of judgment, one which shows the poverty not only of Walker’s moral reasoning but also of her skill as a writer. Sadly, there is nothing unbelievable about this kind of situation, as the inhabitants of Vietnam and Iraq and Chechnya and Syria and Tibet can all attest. The most terrifying feature of Israel’s occupation is just how utterly believable it is, the result of military and political and economic forces that—again, despite the continuing disapproval of the majority of Israelis—conspired to install and promote ruinous, and ultimately untenable, policies. What Israel is doing in the West Bank is wrong because it is wrong—not because it belongs to some category of evil that has rarely if ever been glimpsed in the history of mankind.

Even those inclined to kindly dismiss such nonsense as merely an overblown bit of description, however, are likely to have little to say come Walker’s next sentences. “You can spend months, and years, as I have, pondering this situation,” she tells Keys. “Layer upon layer of lies, misinformation, fear, cowardice and complicity. Greed. It is a vast eye-opener into the causes of much of the affliction in our suffering world.”

I guess there are different ways to interpret this last sentence, but I wanted to take the high road and empirically examine the veracity of Walker’s claim. So, I took a blank piece of paper and wrote “causes of affliction in our suffering world” on top. What causes affliction? Poverty, hunger, lack of access to clean water, civil war, corruption, terror attacks. My own list goes on and on, and I’m sure yours does too. Then I tried to make a pie chart to ascertain Israel’s role in the world’s sum total of sorrow. Did Israel slaughter 70,000 civilians, as Bashar al-Assad has in two years? Did it arm the murderers and block international intervention there, as Russia has? Does it constantly launch terrorist attacks—like Boko Haram in Nigeria or Lashkar-e-Taiba in India—that leave tens of thousands dead? Does it poison the air like China? Does it mutilate and oppress its girls like so many African and Middle Eastern nations? Does it sanction slavery like Sudan? Does it starve its citizens and imprison small children in gruesome labor camps like in North Korea?

The answer to any of the above, from any rational person using factually verifiable sources of information, is no. Israel is involved in a territorial dispute that it is addressing, in part, by means of seizure of land and the implementation of martial law on many of its citizens. Israel often resorts to unjust, and sometimes cruel, tactics like setting up roadblocks and cutting off supplies. Once every few years, it launches a military campaign that results in the deaths of several hundred citizens, including small children; it mainly does so in retaliation for constant Palestinian attacks, some of which are effective and others less so. Israel also does its part to promote religious fundamentalism and ethnic intolerance in a region of the world in which those qualities are hardly in short supply. It has never, even in its most recalcitrant moments, categorically rejected the possibility of a negotiated resolution to its conflict. So, while Israel has definitely earned its slice on the pie chart of global suffering, the size of that slice is, comparatively speaking, very small.

Only a fool or an anti-Semite—the two, of course, are not mutually exclusive—would implicate the Jewish state in generating the lion’s share of the world’s misfortunes. The BDS movement, despite being a political home to many decent and conscientious souls, is also thick with those who share Walker’s prejudice. But few match her unique style: the ability to sound so solipsistic and arrogant while advertising her commitment to a larger cause, which she in turn firmly believes is a mark of her excellence as a moral actor. Of all the self-important and patently stupid characters Alice Walker has written, she’s finally given us the grandest of them all: herself.


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SteveZStein says:

“most people, in Israel and abroad, agree that the occupation is an injustice”

OK, but is Walker referring to the occupation of Ramallah, or the occupation of Jaffa? “Most people” might agree with her if she means one thing, but not the other.

Miltonb says:

Your last sentence says it all!!! Thank you for exposing her for what she truly is.

AllenLowe says:

great piece, Liel. We have disagreed in the past (well, I’ve disagreed; you’ve pretended to ignore me) but this is a terrific piece of reportage. I’m glad you’ve finally taken my advice and actually backed up your positions with logic and facts. Congrats!

Royq says:

Alice Walker is avowed fan of David Icke. Check him out. Besides being an amusing diversion, it will provide a trenchant insight into the depth of her idiocy. in fact, it’s comparable to being accosted on the street by someone ostensibly well-meaning and then gradually discovering that one is engaging with a lunatic.

Grantman says:

Quote: “Israel is involved in a territorial dispute that it is addressing, in part, by means of seizure of land and the implementation of martial law on many of its citizens.”

Horrible sentence and only halfway true. Yes, Israel is involved in a territorial dispute. However NO Israeli is under martial law. The Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria are under the PA administration, not Israeli, and they are NOT citizens. Israel just controls the borders.

Quote: “Israel often resorts to unjust, and sometimes cruel, tactics like setting up roadblocks and cutting off supplies.”

Why are roadblocks necessary in the first place? Oh, right. Border security. Security because the Palestinians have been known to bring in explosives that blow up Jewish children. And cutting off supplies? During the Gaza incursion a couple of years ago, Israel kept convoys entering during the fighting bringing in food and supplies. The only supplies not allowed were those (like concrete) that have double use capabilities – they can be used for benign or malignant puroses. Cruel tactics? How about minimalist self-preservation? Sheesh!

Alice Walker is an anti-Semite and should be exposed as such, but overblown rhetoric such as the examples above cheapen the article.

Jake89 says:

She has never shed any tears for the rockets or loss of Israeli
life. And why would she?
Could it be that Israelis are not “purple” enough???
Arabs still enslave and sell African Blacks. Not a peep.

Poupic says:

Liel Leibovitz is wrong, wrong, wrong! How can Jews living in Judea and Samaria including Jerusalem be wrong? Isn’t it the ancestral land of the Jews? Weren’t Jews cleansed out of it in 1948 by British operative John Glubb AKA Glubb Pasha? How can it be wrong that Jews returned? They returned after Jordan took part in an effort to destroy Israel yet again and lost. By the way all Arab state are also cleansed out of Jews. They had to leave everything behind even though they lived in most of the Arab land at least a millennia before any Arab came out of Arabia. By the way, Israel is where the predecessor to the UN said it should be in the same way all Arab states got their borders. Why make a big deal about Israel and not all Arab states of the Middle East?

    Karlin D Carney says:

    Thank you! I was like the author is just as ignorant as Walker

      Poupic says:

      Walking obviously is not found of my all time favorite political teacher. Here is what he said on the subject:


      “Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend”

      “… You declare, my friend; that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely ‘anti-Zionist’. And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of G-D’s green earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews — this is G-D’s own truth.

      “Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full agree-ment. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-Semitic, and ever will be so.

      “Why is this? You know that Zionism is nothing less than the dream and ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land. The Jewish people, the Scriptures tell us, once enjoyed a flourishing Commonwealth in the Holy Land. From this they were expelled by the Roman tryant, the same Romans who cruelly murdered our L-RD. Driven from their homeland, their nation in ashes, forced to wander the globe, the Jewish people time and again suffered the lash of whichever tyrant happened to rule over them…

CallaLilly says:

Alice Walker is acting with conviction against the cruelties of Israel toward Palestinians; bravo. Israel has chosen to violate human rights and is consistently cited by the UN and many human rights organizations.


    Natan79 says:

    You are a vile anti-Semite, just like your idol Alice Walker.

    rightcoaster says:

    Alice Walker hasn’t the brains she was born with. She laps up the puke of David Ick (sic) and pukes it right back. I’m sure she speaks with conviction, but she is a dope.

Jay says:

Absolutely first rate work. Thank you, Liel.

Walker is so vile that I cannot even measure it.

arby8888 says:

Alice Walker is a souless hag. Her spoutings are rubbish. She should be ignored. says:

CallaLIlly, if you value the tiniest bit of honesty, please do some (unbiased) research regarding the UN. The fact that Israel is continuously cited by the UN is the biggest joke of all time. Once again, if you care about honesty and truth, go do some responsible research and find out why the UN is the biggest joke around. says:

Also CallaLilly just to give you a hint to the research you should do, please look at WHO are the ones citing Israel from the UN, and who are the ones NOT citing Israel. Check out who the people REALLY are!!!! Totally self serving, disingenuous…..and some of the worst HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS in the world.

mira375 says:

Alice Walker is a person who believes that white people are descended from reptilian aliens from the planet Draco. Do we really need to keep talking about her?

from her own website:
“What I admire most about David Icke is the freedom of his mind. It will go anywhere and often does in bringing together bits and pieces (sometimes whole chunks) of our mysterious human (and other) reality on this planet. Do I believe everything? I don’t think it matters. ”

from wikipedia:
Icke introduced the reptoid hypothesis in The Biggest Secret (1999), which identified the Brotherhood as descendants of reptilians from the constellation Draco, who walk on two legs and appear human, and who live in tunnels and caverns inside the earth. He argues that the reptilians are the race of gods known as the Anunnaki in the Babylonian creation myth, Enûma Eliš.[41]
. . . .
Icke writes that the Anunnaki have crossbred with human beings, the breeding lines chosen for political reasons, arguing that they are the Watchers, the fallen angels, or “Grigori,” who mated with human women in the Biblical apocrypha. Their first reptilian-human hybrid, possibly Adam, was created 200,000–300,000 years ago.

    Ian Thal says:

    I think it is certainly reasonable to bring up Walker’s faith in David Icke’s teachings anytime her other views are discussed. It certainly helps clarify what sort of mind with which one is dealing.

    rightcoaster says:

    More of the belief system of Alice Walker, reflecting that of her guru David Ick (sic).


    But to understand the financial crisis, 9/11 and so much more, it must be spoken constantly. As we begin a new year, amid ever-gathering global tyranny, this information is vital for everyone to know.

    By David Icke –

    I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding
    global financial crisis and here I will expose the coordinating force,
    or at least the prime one, behind that agenda and so much else,
    including 9/11.

    Most conspiracy researchers either don’t realise the fundamental
    significance of this network or are too frightened to say so if they do.
    Sod that.

    It is widely known as Zionism or, as I call it, more accurately, I suggest … Rothschild Zionism. I add the ‘Rothschild’ to constantly emphasise the true creators of Zionism and its controllers to this day (see Human Race Get Off Your Knees).
    The world’s most extreme racists are, after all, the Rothschild
    Zionists, anyway. Israel is an apartheid state every bit as much as were
    apartheid South Africa and apartheid America.

    by that I don’t only mean the evil that is inflicted upon the
    Palestinian people minute-by-minute, day-by-day, but also the
    extraordinarily racist divisions within Jewish society with the black
    Jews from Ethiopia, for example, treated as little more than vermin.

    Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel (Rothschild Zionist) to be his White House Chief of Staff (handler). Emanuel, who has served in the Israeli army, is the son of a former operative with the Irgun terrorist group that helped to
    bomb Israel into existence in 1948 and cause some 800,000 Palestinians
    to flee their homeland in terror.

    Sunstein (Rothschild Zionist) says the opinion that ‘global warming’ is a
    manipulated hoax could be an example of what should be banned or taxed
    (see banned), and so how appropriate that Obama appointed Carol Browner
    (Rothschild Zionist) and Todd Stern (Rothschild Zionist) to take charge
    of his ‘global warming’/’climate change’ policies.

    Rothschild Zionists Browner and Stern – on message.

    And so to the economy …

    The key economic post in the United States is the head, or chairman, of
    the Federal Reserve, the privately-owned and Rothschild-controlled
    cartel of banks that hilariously call themselves collectively the
    ‘central bank of America’.

    and on , and on, and on…… Is it any wonder that Alice Walker, a disciple of Ick, quotes him?

      Normando782 says:

      Ram Emanuel never served in the Israeli army. Icke`s other comments are also erroneous and Jews have served for the benefit of the US in many positions. Does this unremarkable ignoramous think Jews should be excluded from serving the nation. Jews have been punching way beyond their numbers in helping the US be the nation it is today, including fighting for free speach that allows Walker and her inglorious ilk to preach her vile spurious commentary.

        rightcoaster says:

        Ick is perhaps not so unremarkable. He has logorrhea (I wish him a few more ‘orrheas). His output is enormous. And if he attracted Walker he attracted others. Follow the money.

JehudahBenIsrael says:

It ought to be said in uncertain terms: The woman is racist, anti-Jewish racist at that.

Anyone who singles out a people and its nation-state, in this case the Jewish people and its nation-state of Israel, and does so by way of demonizing both, de-legitimizing both and practically advancing the idea of bring at least one to be demised is nothing short of a racist.

Walker’s attitude toward us, Jews, and our liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, reminds one of the darkest days in Europe, but also in North America, when Jews were boycotted, denied employment, denied education, denied residency, and all because they committed the “crime” of having been born Jewish and chose to remain to conduct their lives within the civilization of the Jewish people, i.e. Judaism.

It is doubly sad that the people whom Ms. Walkers has chosen to boycott are the very ones who have been in the forefront of anti-racist struggles worldwide, e.g .US, South Africa,

No, I don’t buy the idea that she only boycotts Israel, not the Jewish people. Israel is part and parcel of our continuing collective existence as Jews. It is part of our Jewish civilization, part of our identity as members of a Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish people. If Israel didn’t exist today, it would have to be invented in order to ensure Jewish continuity.

    Miltonb says:

    Excellent insite into her mind and Jewish existence.

    CygnusA81 says:

    “… reminds one of the darkest days in Europe, but also in North America,
    when Jews were boycotted, denied employment, denied education, denied
    residency, and all because they committed the “crime” of having been
    born Jewish…”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. How sad and scary it is that we as Jews have to relive the darkest days of humanity once again.

      CygnusA81 says:

      Hey, GearoidMacConfhiaclaigh (FYI, he’s a rabid anti-Israel jacka$$ who posts mainly on The Atlantic Monthly website) will you please stop stalking my comments.


      PS. It’s really creepy as well.

naomieve says:

Is she really claiming that Israel is the cause of so much suffering in the world? “Greed. It is a vast eye-opener into the causes of much of the affliction in our suffering world.” It reads like she is saying that the underlying motives she attributes to Israel, are the same kinds of motives that drive much of the sorrow in the word – motives like greed. I really like this article, but feel like you may have disingenuously misread her meaning in this quote.

ott198089 says:

There’s no need to look for excuses for Alice Walker’s actions. She’s not ignorant and she knows perfectly well what she’s doing.

There’s no downside on picking on Israel, but the benefits are quite substantial. It’s both fashionable and very profitable.

On the other side, the downside of supporting Israel is huge. It’s not good for one’s career and it guarantees hecklers anywhere one goes.

In a way, it’s our own fault. We should be more supportive of the prominent people unafraid to stand up for Israel, and we should be less forgiving of the cheap hypocrites like Ms. Walker.

Habbgun says:

Alice Walker should be ignored not because of what she says about Israel but that she is willing to sell out her own people for cheap political points and probably greater academic acceptance.

Anyone who believes Palestinians have it worse than slaves is insane. The very fact that they are free to leave is proof enough or am I missing something? Could southern slaves tell the master am I sick of this I’ll try Australia instead?

fred lapides says:

the comments fairly well sum up most of what I too believe about the silly letter. I will add but this:
Alice is a yenta. Who the heck does she think she is telling a grown woman what she should and should not do?

EdieJ says:

While schooling others in the American Civil Rights movement, Alice Walker seems to forget how many Jews fought — and sometimes died — on the front lines of that struggle.

Lisa Liel says:

Too bad Leibowitz doesn’t get that his vicious slurs against anyone who opposes the “Palestinian” narrative put him in the same category as Alice Walker. At least she’s being consistent and intellectually honest, even though she’s dead wrong. Leibowitz could learn from that.

    DrJLD says:

    She is NOT being intellectually honest. She only produces evidence that fits her theory, and leaves out everything else that could mitigate her extremist views. She is, by definition, intellectually DISHONEST, and shows that she is a pure anti-Semite who hates Jews and Judaism, and Israel is her target to express her noxious spew against Jews.
    I suggest you learn the meaning of intellectual honesty before using it again.

wjre says:

Who cares what she says? The Color Purple was an awful book. She has a vendetta against her ex-husband who was Jewish. Read about her appearance at a synagogue in San Francisco where she made all kinds of anti-semetic and anti-Israel remarks. Alicia Keyes is a real artist.

Donna says:

Thanks Fred Lapides, dictating to a grown woman what she should and shouldn’t do, unbelievable! Sounds like someone in my family! The fact that she was married to a Jewish man and have a half Jewish daughter! I think it all stems from bitter memories of the time when she was married to the Jewish man. This is some form a payback, maybe? Although Israel have it’s problems with the PA, she should be quiet if she have little to know idea what is going on in the region. There is always more going on than meets the eye! Shame on her!

    Normando782 says:

    I hear her own daughter has nothingto do with her.

      I hear Netanyahu’s nephew refused military service – again!

      I heard six Palestinian mass graves have been unearthed in Jaffa, dating from 1936/1948, including remains of women and children

      I heard ( latest news) Israel “offered ” “military aid”…
      … to bribe refugees to move to “an unknown country in Africa”

Donna says:

Sorry, I mean NO idea.

Jacob Arnon says:

“….perhaps with an impassioned preface, denouncing their own crimes?”

What crimes are those? Jews are just trying to defend themselves against people who like Alice walker wish them not to exist.

I never trusted Alice Walker because I had a presentiment that she didn’t she disliked Jews and her passionate anti-Zionism is proof of that.

Jacob Arnon says:

What is happening world wide is that antisemites like Ms. Walker are trying to isolate Jews in Israel. This is what happened in before and during the Nazi era: Jews were isolated in Europe and intimidated in the US which is what made the Holocaust possible. These Jew haters are trying to do the same now.

JudgeJeph says:

Liel, you did indeed take the high road and go for actual evidence-based examination of Walker’s absurd claim in that sentence about the “causes of much of the affliction in our suffering world.”

Allow me to take the low road (which is actually the one I think Walker is on): That is a vile antisemitic statement of the highest order, and Alice Walker should be outed at every possible opportunity as a rabid antisemite by anyone who cares to rid the world of this scourge. The way I read that is “Jews are the cause of much of the affliction in our suffering world.”

I did not know about her connection to Icke before today. I just thought that meme I saw the other day ( was funny because she herself looks vaguely reptilian in the picture.

As was noted in a previous comment, ignoring antisemites (including, or perhaps especially, those who hold other completely insane thoughts at the same time) is dangerous. Let’s continue to call her what she is – a despicable, lunatic antisemite – and make sure that all those who consider themselves her fans, either for her writing or her supposed civil/human rights advocacy, know her true nature.

Jared says:

Alice Walker is obnoxious, but so is this piece. Not only “howling zealots” disagree with your stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Natan79 says:

    Yeah, we Israelis want to stay alive. If it bothers you, that’s your problem. No foreign soldier has ever died us. We know exactly how much help we have in time of need: nothing. We are not Europeans, for whom 500,000 American soldiers died in World War II alone. No, we’re Jews, and have only ourselves to defend us from demented anti-Semites.

PhillipNagle says:

I find Liel Liebovitz only slightly less disgusting than Alice Walker. By any objective standard the so called Palestinians have turned down extremely reasonable peace offers. The problem is that Israel commited the unpardonable sin of abandoning socialism, a sin for which the left will never forgive them. When Israel was struggling socialist showcase the left loved them, but now that they have attained a degree of prosperity through capitalism the left has tried to make them a pariah.

Dan says:

Walker: “Layer upon layer of lies, misinformation, fear, cowardice and complicity. Greed. It is a vast eye-opener into the causes of much of the affliction in our suffering world.”

Leibovitz: “I guess there are different ways to interpret this last sentence, but I wanted to take the high road . . .”

Liel, I think you’re choosing to ignore what is obvious. Greed? The “cause of much of the affliction in our suffering world?”

I can ONLY take that one way. These are notions commonly applied to Jews by Jew haters. Alice Walker is an anti-semite (but of course, she can’t say she hates Jews outright — she must couch her hatred in anti-Israel sentiment).

Bill Pearlman says:

Just the usual, “I love Jews, I just think that Israel should be exterminated” bullshit. But she is a black woman, no way can she be the bad guy here,, right

dad1960 says:

In her zeal to gain “cred”, Ms. Leibovitz is far too charitable to the BDS movement and far too quick to criticize Israel in areas which aren’t warranted. I guess Ms. Walker’s idiocy leaves Leibovitz plenty of room both to take on Walker while at the same time appear “even-handed” in her criticism of Israel, but it’s far from genuine. Israel’s far from perfect, but it’s nowhere as condemnation-worthy as Leibovitz states. Don’t be afraid to call Walker what she is, a not terribly well informed ideologue who is not interested in analyzing or solving a problem, just condemning Israel out of hand. Ms. Leibovitz, you don’t have to dish out gratuitous and unfounded criticisms of Israel to make that point.

chilibee says:

Alice Walker is simply a Racist, Jew Hating Xenophobe who hovers on the cusp of frivolity /insanity with her crackpot views on Aliens. In short she’s a F***in Deranged Fool, …Humour her!

alty says:

this article is just as ignorant as the one it is commenting on. first off isrealis dont want to control anything they do it because of the very real and present danger to thier lives from these territories. which leads me to my next point that what isreal is doing in the west bank isnt wrong as everything they do is to protect thier citizens who are jewish, arab and christian. if a wall and checkpoints are wrong to prevent people from attacking and murdering you, then a wall along the US and Mexcian border to prevent peaceful people from just rtying to enter your county would be considered “unbelievably evil”

    Natan79 says:

    I agree with what you said, but how about you check your spelling?

When her daughter had a son, the grandfather, Mel Leventhal, wanted to call him Chaim. He lost out to Tenzin.

Marina Martsinkevich says:

Alice Walker has her books translated in Russian while the Russian government unleashed two wars in Chechnia with hundreds of thousands victims, occupies one third of Georgia, one third of Moldova, some Japanese islands. Perhaps, the lady just loves money? The number of copies in Russian (there are over 200 mln Russian speakers in the world ) and in Hebrew can’t be compared.

    Natan79 says:

    Perhaps the lady just hates Jews. For decades.

      Marina Martsinkevich says:

      Or, perhaps, both of us are right: she loves money and hates Jews. These two often go together.

Weird Harold says:

” And Israel’s behavior is clearly unjust, even if you believe that other countries—even most other countries, or every other country on the planet, including New Zealand (ask the Maori)—are just as unjust.” How about China and Tibet? How about the U.S. and Mexico? Should the U.S. give back the land it took from Mexico — Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, California? Should the U.S. and Canada give back to the Native Peoples all the land taken from them? What is the difference between the U.S. taking half of Mexico in a war, and Israel taking Jordanian land in a war? Oh, yes, the difference is that Israel is much smaller than the U.S. and is full of Jews.

“…most people, in Israel and abroad, agree that the occupation is an injustice, oppose the settlements, and support the Palestinian right to self-determination.” It is not an occupation any more than the U.S. occupies Mexican territory. Israel acquired the land just like the U.S. acquired half of Mexico, and Israel didn’t start that war. The difference is that Israel doesn’t have any “reservations” to confine the Arabs to, as the U.S. did with Indians. Where was the “Palestinian urge for self-determination” when the West Bank was Jordan?
The path to peace and an independent Palestine is for Hamas and Hezbollah to announce that they no longer wish to destroy Israel, that instead they wish to exchange consulates and engage in mutual trade and cultural exchanges. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq do the same and peace and prosperity will blossom.

The tone of the commentary — Israel is evil but not *that* evil — is insulting.

Thank you for the well written article.
My wish is that people will wake up to the true reality of facts and not allow their hearts to be blinded by dangerous ideological trends.

John Salisbury says:

So remind me.Why was it that Bibi called for crippling sanctions against Iran?

    Natan79 says:

    Perhaps because Iran openly wants israel destroyed? It must be very irritating to you that Jews defend themselves. Maybe you’ll die of this chagrin.

jgb says:

I scrolled down YOUR lengthy rant – you are so presumptious and you out right demonize Alice Walker – of course.
Who do you think you are? because you do a bit you call “attack on Alicia Keys”.
– “all wrong ” is your drivel, using Alice Walker’s freedom of thought, and personal values, to project your own personal issues…
I have been to Israel, and South Africa – during the apartheid era. Unlike you, I have no self interest in this.
Alice Walker is perfectly within her right to decide, whether she wants her book to be translated, and by whom. The gall to suggest that she should do what you deem as right, is truly laughable.
Alice Walker is free to decide how to express her values on Human Rights, when and how she pleases.
You are distorting the real message, but that is alright because the rest of us know what it is. The propaganda does not work; increasingly, hidden prejudices and biases are coming to light.
No is very powerful.

    brynababy says:

    Alice Walker has the “gall” to tell Alicia Keyes what she should do and not do and trying to push her views onto Keyes. She is insisting Keys think as she, Walker, thinks. Your prejudices are the ones coming to light!!

      jgb says:

      there’s a big difference between being forthright, and trying to manipulate, bribe/”persuade”, trick, or deceive people – like some underhanded people prefer to do – to get what THEY want

    rightcoaster says:

    Alice Walker is sooo predictable (well, once you read her bio she’s predictable…). A child of poverty she winds up at Sarah Lawrence, where she is exposed to … (trumpets sound) Howard Zinn. Infected by the extreme left-wing narrative as if it were herpes, finds it easy to fit that into the depredations against blacks, all the same shabby tripe trope. She’s never grown out of it; herpes is forever.

      arrogance and deprecation must serve your ego –
      it gets old as the hills

abdulwalee says:

Here’s a great example of how jews view humanity. In fact, jews only view themselves as human, and the rest of the planet as goyim (cattle) or animals, or even insects. The real story is that jews are not
exactly human like the rest of us. They lack a lot of important human
traits, such as a conscience, and the inability to do anything more than
fake human emotions.

Not much really needs said about this clip. This is an Israeli
soldier speaking about the Palestinian people they have trapped in the
world’s largest open air prison, where they are routinely shot, beat,
kidnapped for their organs, raided by Israelis who hunt them for sport,
deprived of basic needs like food, water, medicine, blocked from fishing
their own waters, have their farms raided and destroyed etc. The list
of atrocities carried out by jews against Palestinians is so long it’s
disgusting, and yet these monsters want you to feel sorry for their
faked holocaust? Hah, fat chance.

    Normando782 says:

    This sounds more like an Assad supporter. The claims made are fiction and not backed up by facts. Journalists are free to roam around Israel and the West Bank while they are limited and controlled by Arab governments. If there was a scintella of truth to these viscious claims we would have seen the proof.

    Binyamin the Prophet says:

    Alice Walker stands against racism, which includes anti-semitism. By asserting “the Jews” are sub-human, you are verifying the claims of her critics.

    If you are not on the AIPAC payroll, you are missing a paycheck.

    brynababy says:

    My God, where did you get these bizarre and absurd accusations? Your ignorance of History is awesome. Perhaps you should read how Jews were the most supportive of Blacks during their fight for Civil Rights. Jews put their lives on the line for African-American rights. Some Jews actually lost their lives fighting alongside Martin Luther King. And you actually believe t hese Palestinian lies that Jews kidnap them for organs. You are a real fool.

      jgb says:

      Jews were not the “most ” supportive of Blacks…
      That is a blanket statement, false and erroneous.
      In earlier times, before the fight for Civil Rights, Black Academia faced inequalities at Black Universities.
      Some Jewish intellectuals ( and others) stood with the Black Universities, against discrimination, experiencing discrimination and anti Jewish sentiment during the same period.
      As the Jewish population became more assimilated into American society, Jewish support for African Universities dwindled drastically. People, effected at the time, wrote about this.

        rightcoaster says:

        If you have any facts to support your position, please cite references (nothing that links back to Louis Farrakhan or David Ick will quite do). Otherwise your position seems invented, untrue, unsupported and unsupportable.

          jgb says:

          research it, if you’re really interested, you will find it

          rightcoaster says:

          1. “PBS” is not a reference, absent some specific citation or program/date/person.

          2. I’m well aware of the relatively recent decline in enthusiasm of Jews for being helpful and being rewarded by getting kicked in the privates, as credulous black Americans have become infested by the professional Jew-haters like Farrakhan, that putz Leonard Jeffries, and white Jew-haters like David Ick. Here is a more proper reference

          Kindly be more specific in your own citations; I am confident you are full of baloney, but maybe you can actually point me to a credible source worth reading.

    rightcoaster says:

    And you learned all this nonsense from …. Louis Farrakhan? Perhaps one of his irrational disciples? I should not say “irrational”, all follows from phony premises. Ah, my once-neighbor Louis. Making money off any Black he can by playing the phony religion game.

    KeepReal says:

    Abdulwalee, Are you deranged?

    Seek help, you need a lot of it.

    BethesdaDog says:

    Skipped your afternoon meds?

Arnie of Newtown says:

With an assist from the likes of other self-hating Jews, I’m sure. When she, the writer of this article, can back her attacks on Israel’s violation of human rights, I’m on board with “that’s a no, no”. That applies to the liokes of all other regimes in this world. Until then, she and the PURPLE anti-semite need to take steps to assist the world in eliminating prejudices. Let’s start by educating the uniformed rather than supporting the vile poppycock they spew. May take a few thousand more years to eliminate, but worth the effort. What say you?

Binyamin the Prophet says:

According to the 57 commenters below, Alice Walker is:

“an idiot”
“an anti-semite”
“vile, so vile I can’t even measure it”
“a yenta”
“a cheap hypocrite”
“just loves money”
“a soul-less hag”
“hovers on the cusp of frivolity /insanity”

and, the most trenchant criticism of all:

“looks vaguely reptilian”.

Often vitriol is a substitute for reasoned critique. Perhaps there is no reasoned defense available for Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

    BethesdaDog says:

    She is vile, she is an anti-semite, and she is a raving lunatic. How else do you explain her belief that we have been invaded by alien reptiles?

    the Israelis treat the Palestinians very well, by the way, despite what the anti-Israel propagandists try to make you believe.

rsmatesic says:

Got it. Bigotry, when practiced by Jews, is morally superior to the alleged (and in this case, nonexistent) bigotry of non-Jews. Thanks for clearing that up.

James Price says:

Given that the struggling Palestinian Arabs rejected over the past century multiple share-the-land compromises with the people who preceded them in the area by many centuries (the Palestinian Jews), is it really wrong for the Jews to stop waiting for Godot and build on the land Jews have occupied continuously for more than three thousand years, i. e. THEIR land? In other words, how many times can the Arabs have their cake and flush it down the toilet too?

Elliott says:

OK, so you agree with Walker about “the unconscionable harm Israel inflicts every day on the people of Palestine, whose major ‘crime’ is that they exist in their own land, land that Israel wants to control as its own”, and that ” (t)he Israeli system…is cruel and unjust”. You just draw the line where Walker states that Israel is “unbelievably evil”.

If you do accept all the words preceeding the final statement, how could you not draw the same conclusion???

And who, exactly, are the “howling zealots” here? Or is Walker just a tad to the left of your own “rabid left-wingers in Tel Aviv” position?

greatj says:

Walker will now be known not only as a second rate writer but as a hater of Israel and the Jewish people.

Bettylene W. Franzus says:

I was with you until your last sentence sir; not stupid which is an inability to learn but deeply ignorant of past and present historical events. Since ignorance is a state of not knowing she should be accused of that but not of stupidity which would mean she was incapable of learning and knowing.

onegr8singer says:

“Color her Fershtunken,not Purple” This gal has Tsuris. Big Tsuris to have the mindset that she does. She is a prime example of “how NOT to use your influence”…moving forward,to me, she is a non-entity that doesn’t warrant my paying ANY attention to……NU????????

John Salisbury says:

I guess Iranians have a right to defend themselves too But you might disagree.

crepusculartex says:

O wow, Black antisemitism such a surprise! Gee I only saw it a hundred times today. If she is such a terrorist sympathizer let her move to Afghanistan, they will love that foul mouth.

Linda says:

Thanks for turning me on to Alicia Keys, I just bought 2 albums of her terrific music.I have an all American grand-daughter, she is Black, White, American Indian and

and Jewish. When she comes to my house, I play her Alicia Keys but I never would put one of your books in her hands.

levinjf says:

If she were white she would be in the Danielle Steel school of writing. Thanks to affirmative action she has been elevated to a status unearned by her talent. Her presence in the Black pantheon cheapens the actual serious African-American writers who are there.

When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox
and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with
the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from
that service? Thanks a lot!

Carol Horwitz says:

I have know Alice Walker and Mel Leventhal since 1966. Alice is totally right about Israel. I, too, as a Jew, am completely in agreement with BDS. That is the only tactic which forced South Africa to give up segregation! Israel is so like South Africa before apartheid was abolished. It is A SHANDA!!!


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Alice Walker’s Purple Prose: Why the Novelist’s Attack on Alicia Keys Is All Wrong

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