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Boycott Mel Gibson

The anti-‘Edge of Darkness’ email your relatives are forwarding

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(Vanessa Davis)

The Emails of Zion is a collection of messages from Jewish parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and others who are eager—often way too eager—to inform their children about issues of pressing concern to the Jewish community. Some of these emails may sound crazy, paranoid, ethnocentric, and/or racist, while others are disturbingly sane. These are the voices of our elders, lightly edited and presented for the convenience of their progeny, who are often too busy to write back.

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joel Taub
Date: Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 8:07 AM
To: [Redacted]

As a Jew I am asking my fellow Jews and Christian friends to do the following for the reasons that I am going to state. Mel Gibson has a new movie coming out within the next week. It is named The Edge Of Darkness. I am asking you to not only boycott the movie, but to forward this email to every Jew and every Jewish support group that you know. If you have any contacts with any media that can put this to print, it would reach even more people then we can imagine.

If you recall, Mel’s father denies that the Holocaust ever happened. Mel supports his fathers beliefs.

On Ash Wednesday Fedruary 25th 2004, the movie Passion Of The Christ opened in thousands of theatres. Mel Gibson co-wrote, directed, and co-produced the movie. Gibson also financed the $25 million it took to make the movie through his own company, Icon Productions. Hollywood’s major studios all passed on offers to distribute the film. New market films agreed to distribute it for a fee.

The movie has probably created more controversy than any other movie in recent years. Some commentators have charged that the movie is anti-Semitic because it blames the Jews for the death of Christ. The film portrays Jews who adhere to their Jewish faith as enemies of G-D and the locus of evil.

The above 2 paragraphs were taken from the web site of

In July of 2006, Mel Gibson was stopped and arrested for drunk driving near his house in Malibu by Deputy James Mee. In his initial report, Deputy Mee described how Gibson bolted from custody and how he chased the actor back to his car where he handcuffed him. In addition, the report detailed repeated threats against Mee made by Gibson, who said that he”owned Malibu” and “would get even” with the deputy. The report also detailed Gibson’s “barrage of anti-Semitic remarks” in which he said, “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” before asking the deputy, who is Jewish, “Are you a Jew?”.

The article goes on to say that Gibson because of his celebrity status received a $1300.00 fine and other minor consequences. He never apologized to the deputy or to the Jewish people. Can we support an individual who hates us?

It is very important that you don’t delete this email. If you do, it only helps to support the beliefs of Mel Gibson against the Jewish people.

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Mel Gibson’s father never denied that the holocauste happend, its a lie and a myth. try to found anyhting that prove that statement anywhere: it doesnt exist. It was a fake created right while the passion of christ was about to hit the theaters to discredit Mel gibson.

During his arrest, Mel Gibson never said that he own Malibu and ever said to deputy officer Mee that he will get even, nor did he ever mentioned the jews in his statements.
It was all made up for TMZ owner harvey Levi, who was losing his business and desperatly needed a scoop at that time.
he paid officer Mee to deliver him a handwrittten copy of the original DUI report, and to add in it several sentences who coudl show Mle Gibson as being crazy and an antisemite and a mysogyne which offcer Mee did.
Unfortunatly for him, 2 officers at the station were with a camera when Mel Gibson arrived to the station and fimed him, and at no point Mel Gibson insutled any female police officer nor any body at the station.

Whats more, the original report is at the station and contian nothing of the allegations mentiend above, and who were repeated still today in the media.

The fake report that TMZ presented as being the opriginal also say that Mel gibson tried to escape, which is a crime. Yet Mel Gibson was never charged for tempting ot escape custody, as he never did that.

All of this discredit the entire fake report form TMZ and prove that it is a fordgery made for the purpose to create as scoop for harvey levi and to forward his little TMZ business, and to discredit Mel Gibson and destroy his career.

Mel gibson was never charged for antisemtism because all of this was made up, and that by charging him the TMZ report will have been investigated and proven to be fualse, which TMZ had no interest into.

You cant deny the fact that the 4 pages of the DUI report that TMZ presented contian many things that you wil never foudn in a regualr police report and in worse dont even spell the name of Mel gibson correctly as he is named “S. Gibson” which is not even his name.
This was doen because harvety levi is a lawyer and knwo that its the kind of error that could save his butt if an invesitgation of this report was made and it was proven to be a fordgery.

There is already several visdeos on youtube proving that this report was a fake and M;el Gibson ant to start an investigation of it.

he had ot apologise for it at that time, because of the huge amont of external pressure made on him, and the fact that denying that this hapend will only have make people even more angry at him.
Whats stated above is totaly wrong.
mel Gibson made several official appologises on tv, both ot officer mee and to the jewish community and he also adressed jewish organisations and rabbi.

All of the rumor circulating are totaly faulse.

I wonder why not one single newspaper took the time ot investigate TMZ allegations and ot contact the sherif deputy at the station and did some basic investigation.
the sherif did told offficaly an don tv that no changes had been made to the original report that was available to the public at the polcie station.

to this day no journlaists even ask to see it.

This is a sign of a clear discrimination on mel gibson by the media.

This has to stop and the truth must come through.

all those people are mroe focused on using their energy on hating an innocdent person than n trying ot found out what is true about him and about this case.

I strongly urge this media to begin an investigation of this case and to begin to show the trith aout htis.

all data are already available proving that the TMZ report was a fake.
harvey levi himself, owner of TMZ, stated in an interview he made in decemebr 2009, that he needed that scoop and made it happen, to can save his business. so it was all about money. and he added that still today he is living on the aftermath of that fake scoop, and engranged a lot of money form it.
Warner bors is now co owner of TMZ which is interesting to remmeber.

Mel Gibson had made a TV serie of the movie Holocauste, as a sequel of it, in 2006, who was ot be aired in fall 2006, when this incident hapeend and he was arested and TMZ published afake report showign that mel gibson was an antidsemite.
Why is that?
subsequently and weirdly, Warner Bros used its power in the movie buisness to oppose the holocauste sequel to be shown on tv.
why is that?
nobodty ever questioned it, and msot media and eopel dont even know that fact that mle Gibson did made a serie of 12 sequels about the holocauste, and that its a jews who forbid it to be aired,.
Who is an antisemite here???

this too wasnt investigated and wasnt properly tiold ot the public, iot hapened mostly behind closed doors.

why does nobody tell about htis?
it is highly suspiciosu!
certiabnly because Mel Gibson produxcing an dfinacing a tv series ot inform about the holocauste, totlay dismantled the theories that he was an antisemite! thats why!

and why shoudl anybody be so agressivly interested ion proving mel gibson wrong, that it will resotrt to boycott his movies about the holocauste?

what is the real reaosn and motive behind this slaugtery pn mel gibsns image and career?
what has realy been the reaosn why this tmz report suiddebndly show up and was never questioend thus it contian so many errors and provably fake informations?

Can someone throw the illiterate, mis-informed, anti-semitic “Ocean” back into the ocean, please? We don’t need creeps on this board.

Not only illiterate, but dyslexic, to boot! Ever heard of “spellcheck,” Ocean?

I’m a learning disabilities specialist………this poor individual is sadly unconvincing. He definitely lacks literacy skills.

Marooned says:

I wrote a witty commentary on “Ocean.” But, instead, let’s just move on.

fred lapides says:

eNow you may not like what Ocean said, but simply calling him a batch of names does not confront what he has said. Either he is dyslexic, illiterate, sans spll checker and WRONG…or he is all those things and RIGHT.
can you confront what he has said and disprove it?
ps: I liked Apocalypto, a Mel made film…
why not note that he cheated on his wife, whom he left in Australia while cavorting in L.A.?

Marooned says:

Moving on….

Mr. Gibson is not alone is his Messiah approach to history. By that, I do not only refer the the 2,000 year ago issues in the Middle East. Perhaps someone could dig out or write an article that links “Avatar” with “El Cid” and ever so any popular presentations of the hero forced to stand against the (seemingly) overwhelming forces of “the other.”

Charleton Heston made a career playing the same role. It is profitable.

It is socially counter-productive.

But, for these postings, let’s steer clear of the immediate political “arena.” That makes what the Romans presented for the entertainment of the masses seem like a pleasant picnic in the park.

Louis Zivic says:

If someone has a plan to boycott Gibson’s movie giving him free publicity and creating a controversy will only bring more people to theaters to see what all of the fuss is about. Shouldn’t we have learned that from our experience with “The Passion?”

C.E.Donnelly says:

If you want to see an excellent TV drama from the BBC then get the DVD of the original TV series “Edge of Darkness” and you will not be disappointed. The sound track of the BBC drama was by Eric Clapton (relaunching his struggling career) and Michael Kamen (a New York Jewish composer/performer).

The Passion Movie? I guess having seen it – I would be a lot more offended if I was an Italian – those weren’t Jewish guards under orders from the Sanhedrin doing the whipping and the crucifiction – I seem to recall that piece of the movie was in Latin rather than Aramaic.

Having been originally raised as a Catholic – I can confirm that the world’s main Judeo-Christian sect has a large contingent of whack jobs -and indeed many of these foot soldiers are semi-literate idiots but they take their cue from some pretty well-educated and affluent lay people – the kind of folk I imagine would readily hand over Jesus for a one-way walk through Jerusalem for a quick drink of cheap wine and a spear in his side.

So, sure, go after the Aussie-American actor with the dubious beliefs and his fondness for Mass recited in the language of those who cracked the whip and drove in the nails. For Jews it is probably right, then, to focus on any hint of anti-semitism and holocaust denial; the irony is that this brand of ultra-conservative Catholicism is truly offensive to mainstream Catholics who believe in social justice, prosecution of child abusers, fair treatment for both genders, forgiveness, tolerance, and access to Holy Scripture in a language understood by all.

B’chavod rav, CD

annoyed says:

I’m boycotting Gibson without having received any emails. I haven’t urged others to stay away, though I hope lots of people will. But I’m annoyed that Tablet has put this email in its “Emails of Zion” section, as though Gibson’s anti-Semitism matters less than our elders’ quirky reactions to it. The blurb for the section acknowledges that some of the emails are “disturbingly sane,” but I don’t see the point of a section for which the sane v. less-than-sane distinction isn’t *more* important than the fact that all the emails are from our quirky elders. It’s so cute how alarmist those old people get! How hip it is to be able to tease their alarmism in a public forum like this!

All of you people really make me laugh. What the hell do you want? A recording of Graham Gibson spellchecking out his anti-semitic rants and little mel’s agreement.

madetostick says:

Regarding Mel Gibson, there seems to be a lot of pent-up hatred out there masquerading as righteous indignation. Honestly, enough is enough already on this topic.

Andrea says:

It’s ironic that Hollywood is exuberant about throwing a demonstrably contrite Mel Gibson under the bus yet eager to rally around an unrepentant Polanski. Somehow the moral compass in Hollywood is dramatically askew and rigged against those who don’t genuflect properly. It is striking to watch the Hollywood élite tripping over themselves to muster support and condone Polanski’s transgressions.

Suzanne says:

Thank you CEDonnelly for letting us know about the BBC production of Edge of Darkness. I will look for it and achieve two goals: enjoying entertaining drama from BBC, which is always superb, and boycotting Mel Gibson (a personal decision I made years ago, based on Mel’s blatant antisemitism).

Joseph says:

As a matter of fact, Gibson did apologize to the deputy and to Jews in general. As for his movie, I didn’t see it, but a friend, a Jew more observant than I, told me she didn’t find it particularly anti-Semitic. In any case, enough with boycotts! There are already too many aimed at Israel.

Old drunken hasbeen Mel Gibson will move to Russia has he has always sided with Russia, He left the country and dodged the draft during war. He has never supported the USA.

In response to Ocean’s endless commentary, I cannot even take it seriously because it is so offensively misspelled.

Some of the comments here prove that we need continuous education on the holocaust.
With the holocaust deniers, we are able to have garbage such
as Mel Gibson spewing his hatred and getting away with it. The world conveniently
forgets that an ugly man at age 43 came to power in Germany by spewing hatred
as well. If they yelled against your religion, you would be up in arms and
Am Yisroel Chai. We will never forget.We can’t forget. We
owe that to the 6,000,000 souls.

Old Rockin' Dave says:

A few points of fact: Hutton (not “Graham”) Gibson moved his family to Australia when Mel was 12 years old, admittedly to keep him out of the American military draft. He can hardly be called a “draft dodger”. There are sufficient reasons to boycott Mel’s movies without resorting to such an obviously incorrect one.
Hutton Gibson is not per se a Holocaust denier, but is clearly an anti-Semite and a right-wing lunatic fringer. Some of that seems to have rubbed off on Mel.
I also believe that there is no good reason to remake “Edge of Darkness.” Besides the Clapton/Kamen score, there are the performances of the two leads, Bob Peck and Joe Don Baker, with wonderful chemistry between them. Gibson and Ray Winstone don’t lead me to expect the same. I haven’t heard enough about Mel’s movie to know, but I don’t expect the poignant ending of the original, either.
It is just a little ironic that the role that brought Mel Gibson his first real fame was the character of “Mad Max” Rokitansky, since the most famous real-life Rokitansky, the physician Freiherr Karl von Rokitansky, was one of the more liberal figures of 19th Century Vienna.

Jew-hatred is ubiquitous and eternal…it should always be rejected and condemned,by Jews and Gentiles, whether promulgated by celebrities or average citizens…criticism of Israel is not automatically an example of Jew-hatred but it (and anti-Zionism)are often just a fig-leaf used to give the patina of respectable discourse to what is,at heart,simply pure and irrational Hate.

Mel Gibson the old has been has a ugly amd evil mouth!!

Mary R. Woodruff says:

Dear Illiterate Ocean,
It is quite apparent that what you DON”T know would fill an OCEAN.
I don”t know about anyone else, but I do not, repeat-DO NOT believe
mel gibson would have, nor could he have (what with his overblown ego)
apologized in the manner in which he did/didn’t?(depending on whoo’s listening-empty apologies can only fall on deaf ears. . He needs to crawl under a rock and stay there. I have not seen anything with him in it nor made by him since that sorry,dark mess.what was it called? “passion of Christ”. Of course his father is a denier of all things Holocaust, and the proof is the proverbial “fruit from the poisonous tree”- himself.
And mr. “ocean”, don’t you think- no, never mind that, clearly don’t.
Your monicker should be “rock”, dumb as a rock. Far better fit.

Flavia Souza says:

I have to say that people are entitled to their beliefs and even to making mistakes. He has apologized for his comments to the Jewish cop and he is Old Catholic. What do you expect?
It’s all absurd and part of the same hatred and discrimination that goes around in jihad bombers and Gaza and gang fights and sexism and all the rest of it. Religion is not for hatred. It is for forgiveness. It is for acceptance even when you are denied it.
I like Mel. I leave him with his views, however distorted and uninformed.
I boycott nothing and no one or I would start by boycotting you.

Unfortunately in Israel his movies are shown on regular basis in Theaters & on TV. What means to me that Jews have no self respect & all is good up to the $$$ in the pocket, if there is any dollar to be made even Hitler will be shown!

Gostaria de dizer que sou religiosa e que leio a Bíbblia. Este livro sagrado relata a vida de Jeus há mais de dois mil anos atrás e, portanto, todo o mundo daquela época pensava diferente de hoje. Os Romanos e os Judeus não são os meus de hoje. O mundo evoluiu. O que o Mel Gibson colocou no filme, que os Judeus daquela época insitaram o povo contra Jesus para liquidarem com a sua vida, e que os Romanos, por questões políticas não fizeram nada para impedir, sendo cúmplices e torturando Jesus é,. sim, uma verdade histórica. Mel Gibson foi fiel aos fatos históricos daquela época e isso não que dizer que os povos inseridos no contexto pensem da mesma forma.
Os Judeus se sentem ofendidos porque? E o que relataram em relação a sua prisão foi muito deturpado. Ainda assim, ao contrário do que é dito aqui neste site, ele se desculpou sim, 3 vezes, e isso foi bem veiculado.
Porque vocês não pegam e não leem a Bíblia como um livro histórico assim como nós lemos Talmud, que por sinal é belíssimo, para não serem tão injustos com um cineasta tão talentoso como Mel Gibson? Naquela época os Judeus foram sim, junto com os Romanos, os culpados pela crucificação de Jsus. Os interessem políticos prevaleceram. Entretanto, com certeza, se os fatos se repetissem hoje, sendo outra a forma de pensar, os Judeus de hoje jamais fariam o que fizeram na época.
Não continuem a fazer isso. Entendam a verdade.


it wasn’t Muslims

Joe Biden I’m a zionist

Judea declares war on Germany

The Biological jew by Eustace Mullins


beatcha to it.

After all..good honest jews want the truth, don’t they?



As jewish Prof. Norman Finklestein said recently…

“the crocodile tears don’t work anymore”

Or jewish Benjamin Freedman who expounded greatly
on how zionists took over America.

Or keep listening to the endless lies.

zionist/satanist Khazars are engineering WWIII.
Just like 1 and 2
Right now. Iran.
For total control.
One government…them.
One religeon…satanism.

Its just that simple.

They want Gibson boycotted for the TRUTH.

Mel pointed at the Pharisees (the banksters of their time)
for getting rid of Christ who denounced them as the Synagogue
of Satan and “ye pit of vipers” for excess usury.

Christ was “bad for bidness”.

Mel in Edge of Darkness says “you’re either hanging on the cross,
or you’re bangin in the nails”.

Mel’s “bad for bidness”
Crucify him…again.

And anyone who disagrees dies.


I am pleased to add my name to this list.

Sempre fui uma pessoa que admira o povo Judeu, seu cultura, sua filosofia. Mas estou decepcionada em perceber que este povo é vingativo e julga pelas aparências. Não sou a favor de vinganças. Sou a favor do perdão, da compreenção, do amor. Tenho em meu coração, embora não goste desse sentimento, raiva e indignação por Hitler, pelo que fez aos Judeus, mas confesso que, se estivesse em minhas mãos decidir sobre a vida de Hitler, não o mataria, não me igualaria a ele, o isolaria do contato humano, de qualquer tipo de comtato humano, pois acho que a morte é uma liberdade que ele não merecia.
Entretanto o julgamento errado da obra cinematográfica de Mel Gibson e o ódio que o povo judeu tem contra ele é de uma injustiça inqualificável. Tudo o que esse cineasta fez foi retratar o que diz a Bíblia, e nela está bem claro que foi o povo Judeu quem armou para para que Jesus chegasse a crucificação e os Romanos tiveram o sadismo da tortura, coisa apoiada pelos Judeus da época. O Papa João Paulo II abençoou o cineasta Mel Gibson e aprovou a sua obra de arte. Então porque esse ódio por um homem que não é, como dizem, um anti-semita e que fez durante 10 anos pesquisas históricas para chegar a concluir a obra magnífica que é A Paixão de Cristo. O Mel Gibson é, na verdade, um cineasta histórico e realista. Vocês deveria ler a Biblia para entenderem os fatos. Nós, cristãos, acreditamos que Jesus foi o Messias prometido e o amamos, porque ele é amor. Nós, Cristãos, lemos a Bíblia, sendo ela, para nós, um livro sagrado, como o Talmud é para vocês Judeus. Se nós, no Ocidente, respeitamos o seu povo e somos contra toda e qualquer atrocidade que fazem contre vocês, porque vocês não se esforçam para compreender e aceitar a crança de nós Cristãos? O Mel Gibson é um Cristão, mas não porque ele e nós somos Cristãos, que julgamos que os Judeus não evoluiram como todo o resto do mundo e que ainda pensam como há mais de 2.000 anos atrás. Não aceito estar enganada. Não quero continuer me decepcionando e perder a admiração que sinto por vocês. Mas, para mim, o ódio que os Judeus tem por Mel Gibson é injusto, tão injusto quanto o mesmo sentimento que tiveram por Jesus há 2.000 anos. Repensem a sua postura em relação ao Mel Gibson, pois o que estão fazendo contra ele está revoltando os Ocidentais, os Cristãos, e, também, com certeza,todas as pessoas que admiram esse magnífico profissional.
Parem com essa injustiça, porque ela é inconcebível, inaceitável.

Nancy says:

Until Mel Gibson gets on his knees and asks God, Jewish people, his Wife and his seven children for forgiveness his life won’t be good.

Uno Immoto says:

Well Mr. Mel,
A Billionaire you may be –
But you are Persona Non Grata to me.
I am just a lowly German-Jew By Choice
But will not pay for a thing you give Voice.
On that dark night you may have been Drunk
But Truth showed a Heart filled with Nazi-Gunk.
Yes Mr. Mel, A Billionaire you may be –
But for you I would not Sit Shiva were you Family.

susan says:

I think Mel Gibson is mentally ill because of his obsession with torture and gore (but then I guess so are a lot of other people these days). I refuse to see either Passion or Apocalypto because they’re supposed to be so gory. And I think he’s an anti-semite and wouldn’t support him anyway.

There was a funny youtube circulating with a Boston baseball announcer having a field day when a Jewish ball player – Eukeles? made a great play. He kept yelling, “Take that Mel Gibson!!!”

no name says:

B.S. Mel does not need me defending him, but after reading this and hearing all that other garbage I feel prompted to give you the two cents of a lowly mensch who has worked for both Mel and Steven Spielberg on several occasions. Okay, Mel had a little too much too much to drink and made an ass of himself, I know a lot of people that have been guilty of that too, which is never cool to do. However, I have to say, that I have been in the movie business for a few years and that I was treated much-much more fairly by Mel and his company than I ever was, working for Mr. Speilberg and Dreamworks. Furthermore, I noted that Mr. Gibson’s Company made a concerted effort to hire crew of a ethnically diverse background which deserves recognition because, actions speak louder than words. Besides, the last time I worked for DW’s, I was utterly incensed by the amount of anti-semitic and racist rancor coming from both the director and producer of that movie which was not induced liquor, that I had to listen too while working on the film. To this day, I will not see a DW’s movie on account of that, but I sure as hell will see anything that Mel does.

Aussie says:

So “the Jews” are boycotting Mel Gibson.Is that a good thing?
Should “the Jews” be boycotting on the basis of drunken rants? Should the sins of the father be carried down to the son – Stalin said no – but then he (as usual) killed and imprisoned anyway. You are all reinforcing stereotypes that “the Jews” only care about the effect on Jews, and blaming Mel for his crazy old man is akin to the actions of the Bolsheviks. This is racist and self destructive. Boycott the child rapist Polanski instead if you want to do a genuinely moral thing.

Classical guitarist says:

The fact that Mel Gibson is a christian is reason enough to know that he’s severely mentally affected. The catholic church that he constructed on his property had an elderly parish priest who’d been convicted of molestation charges in the past. This priest was ordered to no longer be involved in any active priestly duties. Prick head Mel Gibson then has this convicted pedophile as his church’s parish priest! Mel Gibson is a FAKE! He’s an adulterer, an alcoholic, a drug addict, chain smoker, has had multiple divorces and is a DUI felon. Given that Gibson is a rapidly aging old man, his bad habits coupled with a bellicose demeanor, he’ll really be lucky if he makes it to 60.

Mary says:

You don’t need to encourage me to NOT see a Gibson film.

Ruth says:

Believe it or not, this is AMERICA. Mel has freedom of speech. My father fought for it in WWII, and he was in Europe to help liberate the Jewish people from Hitler’s Holocaust (for which I am VERY proud). Like it or not, Americans have certain rights, even to have hatreds. I would question more why some people have the right to express whatever they want and others are condemned?? But do we get anywhere by dwelling on THIS–the heated comments of a drunken individual in one regrettable episode? I say SO WHAT!?!? Better energies are spent on more serious issues~~Gulf oil spill, for one!

Dolorosa says:

Good article on “Was Mel Gibson set up” ?

I have watched Mels last movie, and I can say was just awasom.This guy is really good actor.

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owainglyndwr1416 says:

I dare say you’ll call for “The Revisionist” to be boycotted .. Thank God someone has had the guts to write and produce a film that challenges the holocaust .. Its due for general release in 2013..


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