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Hating Gwyneth Paltrow

You may think you know where this column is going. You’d be wrong.

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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing diamonds from the Tiffany & Co. 2013 Blue Book Collection at the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Ball at Rockefeller Center on April 18, 2013, in New York City. (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
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What I’m about to say my upset you. It may make you angry. It may even shock you.

We need to be nicer to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Poor Gwynnie has had a hell of the time in the emotional and infinite chamber of horrors we call the Internet over the past couple of weeks. She came in at first place on Star magazine’s list of “Most Hated Celebrities,” handily beating out several adulterers, two charged—one convicted—felons, and a teenage boy who gazed into the chasm of the darkness of the Holocaust and whose only insight was the clumsily worded hope that a murdered child would have wanted to make out with him at prom. (In case you were wondering, Adolf Hitler, Robert Mugabe, and Tsarnaev brother one and/or two did not make the list.) She’s been forced to defend her diet and insist to several major media outlets that she does—she really does!—love Oreos. After her much-maligned lifestyle site, Goop, had the temerity to feature a few pictures of toddlers in two-piece swimsuits, as though she was running a Belgian kiddie-porn operation alongside her recipes for panko-encrusted fish-free fishsticks and homemade beet-and-kale yogurt pops, the “think of the children” brigade unleashed the full force of their outrage on her. Burn the witch! (Sure, People magazine went and declared her “the most beautiful woman in the world,” but that’s like your mom showing up to defend you from playground bullies: It just gives them a reason to beat you up next time.)

What is happening here? Why does the world—or at least, the subset of the world who replies to surveys conducted by Star magazine (and probably does their corresponding crossword puzzle in pencil)—hate Gwyneth Paltrow, Oscar-winner, best-selling cookbook author, mother of two adorable and impeccably organic children, scion of rabbinical prodigies, with the red-hot passion we used to reserve for abusers of women and genocidal maniacs? What’s wrong with her, except nothing?

A-ha. There it is. On some level, we’re only truly comfortable with celebrities that we can pity. It’s easy to forget that universally beloved actresses like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren were much less so until they got, you know, old. We spent years in smugly sympathetic raptures over Poor Jennifer Aniston and the saga of her empty womb; now that she’s happily engaged, we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop. We might resent Kim Kardashian, we might scorn Kim Kardashian, but deep down, we think—nay, we know—that we’re better than Kim Kardashian. But we are not, in any way, shape, or form, better than Gwyneth Paltrow. I know it, you know it, and most of all, Gwyneth knows it—that is, when she bothers to think about us at all.

It’s a bizarre quirk of post-modern feminism circa 2013; we’re finally done hating women who don’t have their lives together and started hating women who do. (It seems never to have occurred to us to stop hating women at all.) We watch the characters created by Lena Dunham on Girls, in all their flaws and foibles, and talk about how brave and uncompromising her vision is, how it’s about time we saw imperfect female bodies and imperfect female feelings unapologetically displayed on the screen. (And we’re right!) We watch stars like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes in various stages of self-destruction and have finally—finally—started to realize that the very public onset of serious mental illness is not actually a freak show staged for our amusement. Maybe we’re finally developing some empathy, or maybe we’ve just seen it too many times for it to be fun anymore.

But Gwyneth is different. Gwyneth, with her gorgeous house and famous friends and tasteful wardrobe and functional marriage and gluten-free children and her three pizza ovens and her seeming ability to do all the things we know we should be doing and to not eat all the things we know we shouldn’t be, Gwyneth Paltrow has it more together than anyone. She’s a kind of perfect, blonde superego hanging over everything, making us feel guilty about every bite of pizza and every skipped day at the gym, because she’s always watching, judging, knowing what’s in our hearts.

And so we hate her. We hate her for activating our guilty conscience, for thinking she’s better than us. We hate her for being rich, for being self-impressed, for being insular and out of touch with the “common man” who “works for a living.” We hate her for making us feel small, for her clumsy, ill-considered attempts to endear herself to us, for the ultimate condescension we imagine she feels for us, when doesn’t she know, it’s supposed to be our prerogative to reject her. We hate her with a hatred that is all the more tragic and stupid for being so very, very familiar.

We hate Gwyneth Paltrow for all the same reasons that people have always hated the Jews.

Now go and watch The Wave on Netflix and see how you feel about yourself.


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Garry Sklar says:

Rachel-are you insane?

    Natan79 says:

    No, she’s not insane, she’s just stupid. Find a single article written by her which is not imbecile.

    holdmewhileimnaked says:

    just a dullard, yet another dullard. incapable of thinking one minim beneath the derma.

Anonymous says:

This is the silliest argument. Really? “Hating” Gwenith Paltrow is akin to hating Jews? This is idiotic and frankly I feel like an idiot for responding to this.

    exactly. what a bunch of nonsense. cant she write about something important?

    Banjo12 says:

    I would say she is more cute than beautiful.

    Beatrix17 says:

    She’s saying that the reasons people hate Gwyneth are the same reasons that people hate Jews. A coincidence, not a connection.

    It’s not only idiotic; it’s evil. It reinforces the stereotype of Jews brandishing their abjection on every possible occasion.

Well said, Rachel – contextually, if not literally

ajweberman says:

More dribble

Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband is the lead singer of cold play which boycotts Israel and supports Hamas-thats why i hate her

pablo_rajczyk says:

I have to say, in response to this column, um…no.

DSarna says:

Ms Paltrow is a fine non-Jewish actress, married to a non-Jew. It is mystery to me why this is of interest to Tablet.

    brynababy says:

    I beg to differ with you. Ms. Paltrow is very much half Jewish. Her father was a practicing Jew who she grew up with and loved dearly.

      DSarna says:

      Bing Jewish is like being pregnant. You are or you are not. If your mother was Jewish or you converted, you are Jewish. She is not. Next case.

        vildechaye says:


        holdmewhileimnaked says:

        my mother, were she still alive, would tell you that she is jewish enough for hitler. i cannot believe that after the holocaust anyone thinks anything else.

          Rachel says:

          So, according to you and your mother, Hitler gets to define ‘Jewishness.’ My god, you two must be charming people…

          holdmewhileimnaked says:

          that is what you get from that statement. that. you cant understand something very sad &, so help me, very simple—yr incapable of scratching anything that isnt highlighted in capital letters & klieg lights directly right upon the surface—& cos you, yes you, cannot do even the most basic analysis you instead choose to insult my dead mother. yes?

          heaven help this world if people who think as well [ha] as you do run it. it’s terrifying. i dont know whats gonna happen when the international poor finally reach critical mass—as islamic fundamentalists, no less—& create a worldwide revolution. theyre gonna wrap it all up in religious trappings but, make no mistake, it’s gonna be a war of haves & have nots.

          & economically they have every right. while we desperately concentrate on the piteous desperate desperation of girls fingered by their ex-boyfriends [one of yr causes, i am sure], they are having factories fall on a thousand of them. we need to change our priorities & fix this stuff before the globe explodes—but w/ people who no longer can analyze their way out of a wet rice paper paper bag, it will never happen. i am only glad almost everyone who matters to me has died long ago, & the rest, all older, will go soon. this calamity belongs to the current culture. i give it maybe a decade before—quite deservedly—it all comes down.

    Everything pertaining to Hollywood is of direct interest to Jews.

Rachel says:

um, I think that this essay is unfinished.

I used to like Gwenyth Paltrow until I made the mistake of watching her on “On the Road Again.” I am sorry but she came across as a self absorbed, obnoxious, twit. I just can not get the image of a whiny, spoiled brat, whose picky food complaints somehow include everything but – gasp! – an insistence on eating kosher out of my head. I still think she is a great actress and nothing will keep me away from the newest Ironman movie but she is and will ever remain a twit.

Anonymous says:

I hate her for the disrespectful comments she’s made about the U.S.

Why does ANYONE still pay ANY attention to Hollywoodn’t?

C Jennings says:

Perhaps some people are disgusted with her for dropping the N-bomb into a microphone at a concert in Paris.

Bravo Tablet. Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing and internet commenters are bitter.

Joseph Graf says:

Does the writer of this opinion piece even know that Paltrow’s father is Jewish? That totally blows this story’s premise. Maybe hating her is just a more subtle form of antisemitism, eh?

andi56 says:

Um, no. Just no.
This is ridiculous. Paltrow is a terrible, inconsequential actress (butchering Jane Austen is a grave offense to me), and her sanctimonious behavior, not to mention her stealing recipes for her cookbooks, make her offensive. Ditto, her also-sanctimonious husband boycotting Israel.
Now please go find something Tablet-worthy to write about.

disqus_SVWf2av5z7 says:

Most of you people commenting nastily about Gwyneth are a bunch of DICKS, Schmucks & Putzes!!! Gwyneth’s father was VERY Jewish, she and her brother are VERY Jewish because they “CHOSE” to be!!!! In addition to being a pretty good actress….she also is a pretty nice person who has it all together as Rachael suggests!!!……

Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband is the lead singer of cold play which “Knowingly” boycotts Israel and supports Hamas….and if Gwyneth “Knowingly” sends money to anti-Israel charities…I APOLOGIZE…you all are right and I am WRONG!!!


Go and see the wave and see how you feel about yourself? Men, just a word for you: RIDICOLOUS. I mean, just because i don’t like a freaking actress i am like a citizen of nazi germany? In this case i must hate jews because i didn’t like schindler’s list? Please, if you really want to write an article try to be more impartial and less like an offended fun trying to defend his idol.
P.S. I don’t hate her but i think she is ostenting too much her body, i mean: ok you are thin but who the f**k cares?(in my opinion).

Mickey Oberman says:

I have never heard of this woman before.
Her life style is none of my business just as mine is none of her business.
I wish her well as long as her doings are benign.

She’s also un-kosher. Please note her take on pig products: “I’m not sure how healthy bacon is in general, but I know it’s incredibly delicious.”

    vildechaye says:

    she’s right. it is delicious.

    perverse says:

    An priest and a Rabbi found themselves sharing a compartment on a
    train. After a while, the priest opened a conversation by saying “I know that, in your religion, you’re not supposed to eat pork…Have you actually ever tasted it?

    The Rabbi said, “I must tell the truth. Yes, I have, on the odd occasion.”

    Then the Rabbi had his turn of interrogation. He asked, “Your religion
    too…I know you’re suposed to be celibate. But….”

    The priest replied, “Yes, I know what you’re going to ask. I have succumbed once or twice.”

    There was silence for a while. Then the Rabbi peeped around the newspaper he was reading and said, “Better than pork, isn’t it?”

    Many other Jews eat non-kosher and “non-kosher” products. Firstly, who are the “rabbis” to have a monopoly on what’s kosher or not? They need to put the Talmud aside and pick up Tanakh for once–especially since many of them hypocritically eat pork or whatever else is treif according to Tanakh. Secondly, at least Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t hide that she’s secular, unlike many of these Reform, Reconstructionist, Masorti, and other Talmudiyin who frankly wouldn’t be in a shul for a day in their lives if it didn’t get them some kind of yichus (kudos) or naches because of others. Thirdly, we can daven that G-d sends someone in Gwyneth Paltrow’s life to affect her to change her misguided views on Israel and “Palestine” instead of hating her for her views.

    Why do I get the feeling you say “un-kosher” like it should be “Un-healthy”?

brynababy says:

What a stupid and ridiculous bunch of crap is this article.

DoomsdayPicnic says:

I thought this was a rather silly article until, defying the wisdom of the maxim “never read the bottom of the internet” (I can’t cite the exact source, but I assume it’s somehwere in Pirke Avot), I read the comments below. Clearly I was just not aware of the extent to which Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have stirred the blood and inspired the moral outrage of possibly tens of people with presumably little else to worry about.

In the spirit of fairness, I look forward to similar articles defending righteous gentiles like Anne Hathaway, J-Wow and Honey Boo Boo’s mother.

sydney black says:

This article is silly. I’m not a Paltrow hater but I’m not going to start liking her because she’s half Jewish. The latter shouldn’t give license to being an overall spoiled brat. She’s a regressive force in the female cultural universe at the moment: obsessed with her body, diet, exercise, clothes and high end items and travel, a college dropout who is unaware of how much she doesn’t know, a women actor who was handed her roles on a silver platter and yet still doesn’t appreciate it, someone with very little curiosity about the world and about other people beyond what they give her……Paltrow isn’t post feminisit who has it all together, she’s a prefeminist Madison Avenue fantasy woman who has concocted an image of herself as perfect. An interesting artist or actor? No. An American role model? No. But I’m supposed to overlook all of these personal feelings because she exploits her half Jewish origins to gain street cred in Hollywood? Please. That’s the kind of attitude that has given the ADL a bad name.

    SarahMargaret says:

    That is probably the best description I have ever seen of Gwyneth Paltrow and why we really hate her. Thank you and BRAVO!!!

    Barb says:

    Seems like you know her very well… Smell of jealousy all over

“We hate Gwyneth Paltrow for all the same reasons that people have always hated the Jews.”

Didn’t know Gwyneth Paltrow was a usurer.

    Natan79 says:

    Didn’t know you actually take time from fucking your dog in the ass to write here. Or is our dog who writes?

Striving goy anthropologists, note how many commenters on this site are debating whether Paltrow is “Jewish” enough to deserve approval #heebmentalityexplained

    Rivka says:

    You seem a good bit less intelligent than most “Aspies” I have the good fortune to know. And more of a bigot, as well, which, let’s say the truth right now, is even more of a sign of your lower intelligence. As truly as there is NO one typical “heebmentality” there seems to be no actual truth to the myth of a high “Aspie” intelligence level- and here we were all thinking that Asperger Syndrome is tied to high levels of intelligence! Thanks for helping to dispel the myth!

If people have nothing better to do with their lives, apart from inconsequential gossip about ‘celebrities’ who they (most likely) don’t know, then it is hardly surprising that we are living in a seriously screwed up society. Get a life.

Beatrix17 says:

Interesting idea. Don’t know why readers are so quick to reject it. Or to reject Reform Jews.

    DSarna says:

    Jewish is a status, like type O blood. We should never reject Jews based on belief orm observance. We should never accept gentiles as Jews unless they have converted according to Jewish law. You can start a new religion if you like and set any admission standards you like. You can’t sua sponte change admission standards that have remained unchanged for millennia.

      disqus_SVWf2av5z7 says:

      WRONG!!!!! …if a child is born to one (either) Jewish parent and chooses to follow that parent’s religion HE or SHE IS THAT!!!!…if some friggin rabbi doesn’t like it he can “F” off!!!!

      I remember years ago there was a Huge TV Salute to Israel out came all the movie stars…The Special was Emceed by Michael Douglas who said he was proud to be Jewish…..later in the media a host of STUPID Rabbi’s questioned his statement because Michael’s mother was not Jewish. WHO are they to tell him what he believes in or what he is????


        goldstein? really? really goldstein? or someone who more or less remembers the sound of goldstein in writing & wants to pay humble tribute—which, during these miserable days of lockdown life, is nearly as good.

          tendilla says:

          What the hell are you talking about dingus???….is that some vague reference to your disant past transgressions????????

          holdmewhileimnaked says:

          you are sitting in front of a computer, or at least a telephone. the world of information is at yr foolish fingertips. if you dont understand something, look it the F up. it’s not that hard to do. proving by yr own words that you are ignorant or incapable or both shouldnt be a status symbol. but as the world dumbs & dumbs & dumbs & dumbs & dumbs all the way down to pre-literacy, it has become one. & things will only get worse. devolution at its finest & we are almost done.

          holdmewhileimnaked says:

          you are sitting in front of a computer, or at least a telephone. the world of information is at yr foolish fingertips. if you dont understand something, look it the F up. it’s not that hard to do. proving by yr own words that you are ignorant or incapable or both shouldnt be a status symbol. but as the world dumbs & dumbs & dumbs & dumbs & dumbs all the way down to pre-literacy, it has become one. & things will only get worse. devolution at its finest & we are almost done.

        rightcoaster says:

        Need a tranq, Goldie? Chill …..

Kelly says:

I hate Gwyneth Paltrow because she supports the boycott of Israel. She was given diamonds to wear by Lev Leviev and she succumbed to the propaganda of the anti-Israel crowd, boycotting them and refusing to wear them. She also attended a fundraiser for Hamas in London given by Jemima Khan. She’s half-Jewish yet, on her father’s side which makes her ignorance even more sickening. Most beautiful woman in the world, yet? Don’t make me laugh. She’s no Denise Milani, Sofia Vergara or even the equally anti-Semitic Salma Hayek. Gwyneth does a pretty good job encouraging anti-Jewish hatred so comparing her to victims of anti-Semitism shows the writer’s ignorance.

    Salma Hayek is anti semitic? Throw up a quote or something. I find that rather disturbing for personal reasons if that is true.

quickreply says:

Wow. To me the worst part (though my fellow MOTs don’t seem to have even noticed the problem) is the sick, smug idea that non-Jews focus their hate on how we Jews must think we’re better than everyone else, because deep down non-Jews fear/know we actually *do* embody all sorts of excellence that they can’t quite get the knack for. (I keep re-reading. I can’t avoid the conclusion that the author is actually saying this–and that the folks making comments are actually not having a problem with it.)

Well, let’s see. We can rule out the idea that the source of reviled Jewish excellence is our truly superior style, beauty, svelte shape, healthy eating or commitment to organics (we’ve got the full, normal distribution of these qualities, just like every group I’m pretty sure)… So I assume the author doesn’t mean we are literally like Gwyneth in our unsettling ability to be “more together than anyone [else].” Exactly *how* then are we “more together” than the rest of humanity? It’s hard to know–particularly since this piece and the comments that follow single-handedly put the kaibosh on intelligence, generosity, humility or capacity for self-reflection as sources of our supposedly envied/hated/rejected super-excellence.

Which leaves us with what, then? Wealth? (I could just cry.)

    Not fully a normal distribution when almost half of all Nobel prize winners are/were Jewish.

      quickreply says:

      If you have a “good Jewish mind” on you, BobK, and want to apply it a bit, you will find there are numerous social components to that statistic.

Sue Smith says:

People hate Gwyneth because because she was ‘born on 3rd base and thinks she hit a home run’ (paraphrasing a quote originally meant for W Bush). She was born to the manor splendid…but talks smugly like she did it on her own. Therein lies the crucial difference there. She did not make it on her own, she does not have innate talent, just a lot of connections and she’s a skinny blond (which our society still holds very high in regard as the waspy ideal). She talks to people like she has ‘solved all of life’s dilemma’s but a) she’s never really had ‘problems’ and b) she’s got resources to solve problems that most people will never hate. THAT is why people hate her. Not because we are against women who are successful. Beyonce is successful, Madonna, plenty of other actresses and we don’t bash/hate all of them like we do GP. Look at Natalie Portman – stunning, talented, successful from a very young age, intelligent, married, has a kid….and who publicly hates her? No one? Because Natalie goes about her life and doesn’t try to tell the world how to live. GP needs to get a life.

Very interesting and thought-proving column. I especially like “It seems never to have occurred to us to stop hating women at all.” Thanks for writing this!

Grigalem says:

It’s not much (though it beats calling the article “dribble”), but … Adolf Hitler, Robert Mugabe, and the Tsarnaev Brothers are not celebrities in the US Magazine sense of the word.

I can’t comment on the Jew issue, being a shiksa, but you’re dead on with why we hate Gwyneth. She seems bulletproof and it’s hard not to resent someone like that.

severinsen says:

She has no boobs, aha!!! I don’t hate her.

David Sher says:

I prefer to refer to her as a half Jewess.

lilflourocheezits says:

Like Gwyneth Paltrow, I was surprised when I was accused of peddling flesh by suggesting a bikini for a preschooler. Allow me to explain… my big fat sister has twins, and one is very big like her, while the other is thin. So, I bought the girls swimsuits on sale at TARGET, mind you, midsummer. Because they both like peace signs, while wearing different sizes, I bought one a two-piece and the other a one-piece. Incidentally, the skinnier one got the latter, because I knew her size. Since I guessed with the other, I figured she could wear the two-piece, and she wouldn’t get a wedgie if it ran small. BIG MISTAKE. SUDDENLY I’M ENABLING PEDOPHILIA. My sister had her kid send me a picture she drew of which is the good and which is the asking-for-it swimsuit. It isn’t about the kids. They’ll run around naked, and that’s natural and beautiful. But throw on a two-piece, and your kid’s a prostitot.

    Melissa Bellais says:

    It’s a cultural thing, in Venezuela you won’t see a little girl wearing anything but two pieces on the beach, I don’t think I’ve ever wore a one piece before my late twenties when I got more selfcouncious with my body… nobody in their right mind would think that it promotes pedophilia or the sexualization of children. Pedophiles are sick horrid people and no one piece bathing suit will change that…

    Melissa Bellais says:

    It’s a cultural thing, in Venezuela you won’t see a little girl wearing anything but two pieces on the beach, I don’t think I’ve ever wore a one piece before my late twenties when I got more selfcouncious with my body… nobody in their right mind would think that it promotes pedophilia or the sexualization of children. Pedophiles are sick horrid people and no one piece bathing suit will change that…

still dont like her and it hasnt got anything to do with the article

Jose says:

If you really want to be nicer to Gwyneth, you could have started with a better picture. This photo of her is quite unflattering; not a photo you would expect from the “sexiest woman”.

Chris says:

Some of you people are not getting the point. If you dig a little deeper as to why you ‘hate’ someone, whether it’s Ms. Paltrow or the Jews etc., you’ll find the reasons to be similar or shallow or unfair and so forth.
Personally, I hate the word HATE. I prefer ‘dislike’. It’s not as nasty and aggressive.

marylou chizek says:

“We hate Gwyneth Paltrow for all the same reasons that people have always hated the Jews.”


ParisParamus says:

I don’t hate GP, but I am nauseated by the reverence given, particularly by the left, to actors, most of whom are moral, political, and otherwise dummies. To paraphrase Laura Ingraham, SHUT UP AND ACT.

Gary_Middleton says:

Outstanding article, I agree with it 100%. I don’t think being spoiled or whatever people are claiming of Gwyneth is really fuel for hatred, something else is at work and I think the author nailed it. And, the jewish website thread notwithstanding, the vast majority of haters are not aware of her views on the middle east.

WHY waste the time and energy to write such drivel. Comparing her to the Jews? Honestly? She is just another inane celebrity that gets too much exposure…who cares. The history of the Jewish people is far more rich and complex than some random well connected blonde actress. Completely idiotic. Did you publish this just to get outrage and your views up?

nk says:

I think gwenith is a red head / ginger basically,not a blonde!

leaf says:

Some people need to lighten up! I thought this was kind of funny and true on some level.

Did you just… Impossible.


You did.

You compared Gwyneth Paltrow “haters” to Jew haters, and, by cultural extension, to Nazi sympathizers?


I’m out of here. Never reading this site again, EVER.

David R Velasquez says:

What a load of rubbish. So many words just to amount to a large sucking noise.
Paltrow earned the emnity that she gets even despite her good work as an actress.
But her interviews betrays an arrogance… and a gullibility. Yes, she’s worked hard to get to where she is, but without an ounce of humility does she ignore the fact that she was born into the upper echelon of the film industry… while she slags off other actors.
I like her in films. But as an individual I really do detest her and feel no compulsion to cut her a break.

Emily Weisberg says:

Wow, this is a really dangerous and reductive argument. It also feels pretty irresponsible for The Tablet to print. Paltrow’s self impressed, disconnected view of the world around her are reasons to find her utterly unpalatable and sad but I fail to see how, on any level, this can be compared to the history of anti Jewish sentiment or how Paltrow’s characteristics in any way embody those of the Jewish people. If this is meant to be an incendiary piece, to “stir things up” and get people talking, shame on the Tablet. If it is really Ms. Shukert’s narrow, small and troubling point of view-then she is even more out of touch than the quasi celeb she is writing about, and shame on her.

Fuck Gwyneth says:

very dumb article, what a lame comparison

Everyone has skeletons in their closets, we just haven’t seen hers yet…

Bill Shakespeare said it best: Much to do about nothing. We, of all people, should love all people; we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves. It never says WHO our neighbors are.

This article should be a thesis statement on why “Bitches be cray”.

Oddstar7 says:

Who is this “we” you speak of? I think Gwyneth Paltrow is a wonderful actress and by far the best thing about Iron Man and Avengers; the second and third Iron Man films suffered greatly by comparison for slighting her role in the story. Her guest appearances in Glee, incidentally, were also by far the best parts of that show, although that’s probably not saying very much. Of course, it probably helps that I don’t give the tiniest $#!+ about her personal life, her diet, her oddly named children, her house, or any of this other crap. I do agree, incidentally, that whatever hatred of her exists is motivated by envy, and that envy has historically been a significant cause of anti-Jewish bigotry.

What we actually hate her for is being a Patrilineal Jew who doesn’t fit our molds. As a Patrilineal Jew who doesn’t fit quite a few molds myself, I can speak to that.

What we actually hate her for is being a Patrilineal Jew who doesn’t fit our molds. As a Patrilineal Jew who doesn’t fit quite a few molds myself, I can speak to that.

I’ve never hated Gwyneth Paltrow, I actually don’t care much about her.

Ok. Fact. I live in Berlin. Gwyneth Paltrow is the face of Hugo Boss. Hugo Boss manufactured the nazi uniforms. So firstly, she’s a hypocrite, secondly the perfume she flogs stinks. And thirdly you as a writer have all the significance of Paltrow’s ability to convince me to buy Boss’s shit.

Efram Paul says:

Why is all this necessary? I don’t hate Gwyneth. Even if I did, who cares?

santa san says:

People hated the Jews ?

santa san says:

People hated the Jews ?

Bes du-Cille says:

A good article. People hate her because she is successful, beautiful and has it all (though I am sure she doesn’t -no-one does). One only has to appear to have it all for trolls with serious envy issues to put one down.I like GP a lot – I enjoy her movies and when I see her on talk shows she comes across as a genuine sort of person who takes herself and her position less than seriously.

Ein Soren says:

Oh god! This articles made me switch off the computer! Worthless article!

Jessica Savo says:


Melissa Bellais says:

I don’t hate Gwyneth Paltrow, I ADORE her, she’s gorgeous in that Grace Kelly classy way, she’s smart, talented and aware… and yes, I wish I could be more like her, eat perfectly healthy food, be perfectly fit and toned and have an obscene amount of money… but to say people hate her for the same reasons people hate jews, to affirm it so vehemently, is not only batsh*t crazy, it’s dangerous; starting with the asumption that jewish people is more acomplished, together and succesful than other groups, that sounds like reverse xenophobia to me…

Richard Carmichael says:

Well I thought the article was well written. I’m not saying it is a historical piece of work that would get the greatest minds to baffle about it, but well written. I think most of you don’t understand that Jews comment she made, and that most of you are clearly over thinking it. If you have to think about it in the first place, you’ve lost it.

To some of the comments below: Your way of thinking is very superficial.

Róisín says:

I like her, she is a much better role-model than most of the bimbo celebrities out there today using there bodies as a means of becoming or staying famous! Gwyneth is a successful, intelligent and modest woman (or she seems so from interviews) and the only reason I can see people possibly hating her is jealousy which is silly because we here in the developed world have a lot to be thankful for and even if we aren’t as beautiful or wealthy at least we have our health and our whole lives ahead of us! People should be ashamed for hating someone simply because they are jealous, it is narrow-minded and stupid!

John says:

Hate jews? Hate Gwyneth? “Hate” is ugly. silly article…Your just trying to stir the pot.

anna maria says:

she’s getting old…

Valerie johnson says:

There simply is no room for hate in the world you hate her because of what? your a straight up butt head throw some love around good bye you idiot YOU

DebZirOZe says:

Hate is the same as murder. Its all sin.

Between the Lines says:

Stop being so emotive!
No one hates Paltrow.
It’s just that she comes across like toast bread.
Pale and bland and plain ugly.
Even her name is well….. like poultry.
People magazine is running out of Most Beautiful celebrities.

Sophie says:

Eurgh! Why are people on the internet so angry? This is a great, much-needed piece of writing that could equally be applied to Anne Hathaway, or anybody else who’s a little bit too successful.

Gigi says:

I know this is an old piece but people hate Gwyneth Paltrow not because we’re jealous of her superiority and success but because she talks smack all day long. She is a vapid narcissist who thinks she is the worldwide doyen of taste and style. She is a self-promoting health guru who smokes. I think that sums it up nicely. And yes, those of us with college degrees and the humility to speak of what we know and not offer unsolicited advise to the the world – are better than Gwyneth.

Sylvie Butler says:

People who tire of celebrity narcissism aren’t bigots. They are just fed up with being told how to look, and what to eat by these so called self appointed experts.Gwyneth is an actress. She should be doling out advice on acting and nothing more. If she wants dietary cred, she should go to school and get her degree like everybody else.
She called her separation a conscious uncoupling. I bet her kids are grieving just like any other kid when their family breaks up. People would have had so much compassion for Gwyneth had she expressed genuine heartache toward her kids because of this failure. But she couldn’t even be real about that. She’s a phony posturing as a lifestyle guru but all the rest of us see is a woman projecting a facade so fake that it borders on ridiculous


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