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The Rise of the Sheygetz

Rachel Weisz’s happy life with Daniel Craig makes Jewish men wonder if they can ever be good enough

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Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and her son Henry arrive at Newark airport on a British Airways flight from London. (Jason Winslow/Splash News)
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And Lo! So the Lord said, on these winter days most holy shall a child be born; unto the kingdom shall a child be given. And shall he build Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land?

Beats the hell out of me. For you see, I speak not on this day of Its Highness, the Royal Fetus, currently slumbering in the churning miasma of the Duchess of Cambridge’s middle-class womb, but of another child, with a lineage no less rarefied than that of the infant who will eventually reign over him (or half of him, anyway): young Henry Weisz-Aronofsky. Last week, this perfectly innocuous photograph of him sent some of my male colleagues at Tablet HQ into a death spiral of self-doubt and erotic terror.

Let’s try to figure out just why this should be.

In said photograph—which, I reiterate, to my regret, is not Kate Middleton’s sonogram, although I’ve heard that when that surfaces, Beatrice and Eugenie will be required to curtsy to the blurry computerized image—Henry, being a small child and therefore rightly in need of some sort of adult supervision in crowded international terminals, is accompanied by his mother and stepfather. His mother, as some of the cannier among you may have already deduced, is the very Jewish Rachel Weisz, the British-born Academy Award-winning actress who has done as much or more for women of the dark-haired persuasion as the current World Brunette Ambassador. Henry’s unpictured father is the even Jewier Darren Aronofsky, Weisz’s former fiancé, and director of Black Swan, a documentary about what goes on in the repurposed Hebrew school classroom where everyone has to get dressed for the spring ballet recital at the JCC. I think. His stepfather, pictured here coolly expressionless in his mirrored aviator shades and open-necked shirt, is Daniel Craig.

We in the Jewish community disagree on many things. We fight about the administration’s relationship with Israel and the legality of the settlements; whether Iran poses an existential threat, or if we should fire the cantor when her contract comes up. But on one important geopolitical issue we remain absolutely united, along with the rest of our human brothers and sisters of all races and creeds: Daniel Craig is the hottest man on the planet. He is James Bond. The smoldering savior of humanity, the ultimate prize for any woman or man with eyes and/or a working set of reproductive organs. And he chose, of his own free will and with no visible nudging from his mother, to marry a beautiful and accomplished Jewish woman. How is Aronofsky supposed to compete with that? How is Aronofsky, or any of the Jewish men who see his plight (and persona) as reflective of their own, supposed to compete with that? Who is going to want to marry them now?

Talk about a taste of your own medicine. I know it isn’t nice to gloat, and to be fair, there are plenty of Jewish men who admit to being attracted to Jewish women. It’s just that there always seems to be a caveat attached to the idea. They don’t find Natalie Portman sexually repulsive even though their mothers would like her; they wouldn’t kick Sarah Silverman out of bed in spite of the fact that they might have gone to camp with someone who vaguely resembled her. I mean, Mila Kunis should be so grateful that you would hold your nose and make sure she can fulfill her destiny as a Jewish wife and mother even if it means forgoing your dream of having a willowy blonde Korean supermodel who never speaks, right? What self-respecting Jewess can fail to be touched by that kind of sacrifice, except all of them?

Of course, there’s another element to the (admittedly anecdotal) male Jewish angst over the Weisz/Craig pairing that doesn’t seem to exist to quite the same degree with other Trophy Sheygetzes. (Natalie and Benjamin Millepied, the French ballet dancer with the Bauhaus tattoo right above his pubic bone …  sorry, drifted off for a second; Mila and Ashton Kutcher or whatever gorgeous idiot she’s dating the moment.) Along with being the hottest man in the known universe, Daniel Craig has become, over the last few years and often enough to be voluminously commented upon, something of the go-to actor for a certain kind of rough-and-tumble, sexually magnetic Jewish masculinity: Steve, the vengeful and fearless South African Mossad operative in Munich; Tuvia Bielski, the tough-as-nails World War II Moses of the Belarusian forest in Defiance. This working-class lad from Cheshire hasn’t just had the good sense to marry one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, Jewish or no; he also has slowly morphed into the accepted and unattainable image of the Jewish Man.

Those of us weaned on cinematic fantasies of self-sacrificing Rebeccas of York and sweet-natured, improbably Aryan-looking Holocaust victims who bear little resemblance, physical or emotional, to the Jewish women (or indeed, any women) we have known and loved, might find it difficult to muster up much sympathy. But the End of Jewish Men need not be upon us. Perhaps the Weisz/Craig union can be the bridge to a kind of truce: You forgive us for not being flaxen-haired and docile; we’ll forgive you for not being James Bond. Until then, remember, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to plot how to wed my as-yet-un-conceived child to the future monarch of England.


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BondEnvy says:

“Rachel Weisz’s happy life with Daniel Craig makes Jewish men wonder if they can ever be good enough.”

Uh…no, it doesn’t.

I don’t know about Rachel Weisz being “very Jewish”. Both her (maternal) family tree and her own identity seem to be somewhat complex, hence the existence of something like this:

And Daniel Craig is pretty ugly… I mean… he may be a nice guy and all, very talented actor, but…

Steven says:

If I married a Shiksa how does that fit into this equation?

Nice to see that a woman can be a sexist pig objectifying men. Not to mention exhibiting the character flaws that drive us to women who do not have ridiculous expectations, who do not spend all their time bitching about what they deserve, who do not think they are princesses entitled to rich, handsome princes.
Might have been written in a humorous style, but the underlying assumptions are the same old crap from a pissed off woman, and who needs to deal with being denigrated all the time? No wonder I rarely date Jewish women. High maintenance does not begin to describe them.

    I was all ready to come in here and start blasting away, maybe not quite as caustically as you, Scott, but the subheadline had my gander up for sure.

    Then I came in and read “…Black Swan, a documentary about what goes on in the repurposed Hebrew school classroom where everyone has to get dressed for the spring ballet recital at the JCC.” Rachel Shukert, I will treasure that sentence forever.

    This isn’t a case of “might have been written in a humorous style,” Scott – this IS humor. Rachel’s tongue is planted firmly in her cheek here, and if you accept that, you should be able to get past the perceived sexism or whatever. There are examples of women objectifying men out there, yes, but this ain’t one.

    This was pretty clearly a tongue-in-cheek article.

    Aside from which, always fun to hear from Jewish men who talk about how they don’t like Jewish women. Because, you know, it’s not like your mom or sister’s a Jew.

      Pam Green says:

      Scott Abraham speaks truth to stereotypes! I thought his kind had died out after so many generations of Jewish men had been driven into the arms of shiksa goddesses by those yappy Japs who were always in the shop and who were never satisfied.

        Pam Green stereotypes me, of course, just like the author of the article. So here is a clue, which will bounce off your armor. I am a Jew. 25 years since I converted. Cantorial soloist, have sung Kol Nidre for real.
        But I’m not Jewish by culture, nor do I try to assimilate: Judaism is a spiritual path to me. So when I state that in my experience, a higher percentage of Jewish women have ridiculous expectations, grossly distorted senses of self worth, outrageous double standards and the like, that’s my opinion. When I object to a female writer stereotyping Jewish men, that’s my sense of fairness.
        My observations come from a distinctly different perspective, made even more distant by living in Seattle, not exactly a hub of Jewish culture.
        So remarks like this just reinforce my reluctance to date Jewish women: I don’t need the aggravation, and I refuse to pay the high price demanded for sexual access. I apply the same standards to shiksas, and deal with a lot less hassle, though I must admit it is a matter of degree rather than meeting women who actually want to be treated as full equals.

          Pam Green says:

          No one’s asking you to date Jewish women (especially not Jewish women, it seems) but your opinion so closely mirrors a certain obsolete negative stereotype that I think you are kidding yourself to say that you haven’t assimilated. You’re repeating cliches that were old in the ’70s.

          “A higher percentage of Jewish women have…grossly distorted senses of self-worth”? Surely not after dating you for any length of time! FYI, very few people really have a positive self-image, so if you see this in great abundance, especially within a very narrow demographic, you can bet it’s your own projection. But if you’re right, then maybe you should ask those Jewish girls how they attained their self-acceptance. Instead of dating them, maybe you should take their seminars.

          Oh and I should add that it’s a relief to know that you’re not genetically Jewish. That at least explains your utter lack of a sense of humor, romanticism, sentimentality and warmth – all those sweet qualities that are our best defense against the reptilian approach to relationships, that clinical, mechanical, materialistic approach that you seem to have taken, when you refer so casually to “refus[ing] to pay the high price demanded for sexual access”.

Sheygetz and shiksa are both highly offensive terms that perhaps should be retired.

    Are you a Sheygetz by chance?

      No. I doubt many non-Jews know that the term is offensive.


        I was being just a little bit of a smartass. What I really meant to ask you (since you seem so critical in many of your comments of Jewish related issues) is if in fact you are Jewish??

        Sheygetz and Shiksa are not really seen as offensive terms within the Jewish community or outside. I grew up in a Jewish community and both Jews and non Jews tend to use the term with a bit of humor. Which makes me really question whether you are Jewish yourself and truly understand the term.

        Then again – according to your logic “not many non-Jews know that the term is offensive” – so then how could it possibly even be offensive to anyone..

        Nah you aren’t Jewish and if are claiming such – you certainly were not born a Jew.

          Pam Green says:

          Ah, the mystery! Is he or she a self-hating Jew or an anti-Semitic goy? Is 41953 a clue to his or her identity? Is it a zip code? If so, our troll might be from El Pitahayo, Mexico, which appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Hmmm. Isolation does tend to encourage bigotry. Or is it the number of people living in his town, in which case he’s in Michigan? Not much to go on. But wait! What is this we see? Is…is it…did he actually sign a post? Bennett? Is that you?

          The words are indeed offensive–meaning “abomination” in Hebrew.

          Since I know it is offensive, I don’t use them Now that you know, you should think about it.
          I was born Jewish and still am. Are you being a smartass again?

          I am critical of religious fanaticism, of right wing Zionism, of much of the Talmud, but there is plenty more to Judaism than that
          Happy Khanike.

          Now who but a Jew would know the proper Yiddish transliteration of Hanukah. If you don’t know it, I still won’t make false and unwarranted accusations against you.
          You know what Hillel said : What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow…

          Oh come on. How can you make such a statement. No one I know uses words like shiksa or shaygetz as an offensive term (or in an offensive way). And btw I grew up amongst Jews. So I find it really just weird that you seem to think that the word shaygetz is usually used in an offensive way by the vast majority of Jews.

          Its a strawman argument you use to define anyone who disagrees with your views as a “right wing zionist”. Rather I get the feeling that maybe you simply are not much of a zionist yourself. And that is just fine if you are honest about it.

          And btw there are good people who are Zionists (on the left right or center of the political spectrum). You sir I believe are simply a liar. You were not born Jewish because if you were – you would know better than to make inaccurate comments about such words.

          I never said that the word is used in an offensive way by the vast majority of Jews. I just said that the actual meaning of the word is offensive. And I expect when orthodox or ultra-orthodox Jews use it, they may know its meaning.
          Now I am a LIAR? Do not contact me again.

          Actually what you said was

          “No. I doubt many non-Jews know that the term is offensive.

          So you cannot even keep your story about that straight. Your words speak for themselves. Sorry if I hit a nerve by pointing out the truth about your comments.

          Stop being an ignoramus! Just check Wikopedia and you will see that I know what I am talking about.
          And then forget that I exist.

          Your born Jewishness is pathetic. You don’t remember that those that choose the Torah are to be held in the highest regard. But you probably defend Jews based upon DNA alone. Pathetic.

          jewish DNA?
          I would like to see the scientific proof of religious DNA.
          I wonder what they find when they check my DNA.

          My understanding of the talmud is that it teaches hatred of GOYEM, stating that it is accepted to cheat, hurt and kill non jews and that jews are surperior—. is this the truth? I am just asking

          Fire Sign says:

          You’re talking about Islam and the Hadith. Judaism is not Islam.

          Jock Stein says:

          What has Islam got to do with this, you racist bigot? You belong to the KKK or the National Vanguard. Grow-up!

        I was being just a little bit of a smartass. What I really meant to ask you (since you seem so critical in many of your comments of Jewish related issues) is if in fact you are Jewish??

        Sheygetz and Shiksa are not really seen as offensive terms within the Jewish community or outside. I grew up in a Jewish community and both Jews and non Jews tend to use the term with a bit of humor. Which makes me really question whether you are Jewish yourself and truly understand the term.

        Then again – according to your logic “not many non-Jews know that the term is offensive” – so then how could it possibly even be offensive to anyone..

        Nah you aren’t Jewish and if are claiming such – you certainly were not born a Jew.

      baltasar almudárriz says:

      Are you a Kike by chance? Or do you get upset if I ask you if you are a Nigger?

    Thank you! It’s about time someone other than me said this. Both words come from the same Hebrew term for ‘abomination’. When non-Jews use similar terms about us we call them antisemites. I’ve also just read the tosh the author of the above piece has written about the BBC TV show ‘Downton Abbey’. I am at a loss to understand how or why she is allowed to write for this publication. Perhaps the editor will explain.

    theplanetarypatriot says:

    so is goy etc, thank you for being a real Jew, as Jew = Justice Equality and Wonder. these guys well:(

    I have no idea what these two word mean
    But some people find the word “jew” offensive.
    Should they they therefore “retire” anyone that says the word jew?
    Including me? As I have just said it.

pkbrandon says:

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”
Henry Kissinger

This is a really silly and unnecessary story. It goes both ways. Arthur Miller bagged Marilyn Monroe. Anne Hathaway went our way. Do goys fret about Jews taking their women? Doubt it. Dear Tablet: I know you own them, but please don’t turn into Jewcy. This is insecure fluff.

    There are a lot more goyim, so they don’t care–nobody ever worries about the dying-out of the British or Irish people.

      Pam Green says:

      Actually, they do. I think such fear is one of the explicit arguments of white supremacism.

        letmeeatcake says:

        your pot shot will be moot after islam becomes the only game in town

          theplanetarypatriot says:

          more white false fright! Islam is under Langley and m.i.6 control anyway everyone is, the fix is in, Islam going going soon to be gone, all so fake Jews “the tribe” Europeans with a borrowed faith can steal more land, history repeats and Hitlers gets proven right:'( seig heil!

          letmeeatcake says:

          falseplanetarypatriot, then i wish langley and mi6 would control the militant muslims in southern thailand who are trying to steal more buddhist land by terror with their bomb attacks and drive-by shootings; the same methods they use all over the world. if you were the planetary patriot you claim to be, you would know more about the world you live in. -posted from thailand

          LeilaM12 says:

          Honeybunny, I am more likely to be killed by my partner or expartner than Muslims of any stripe (be they yoga-y like my friend Nora or Taleban-y or young poor Algerian immigrant youth in Marseilles). So please: Get a life and start caring about real shit that is actually a threat to you or me.

          letmeeatcake says:

          you are oblivious to what threatens you because you live in your white bread suburb fantasy land, and only see the real world on tv. i don’t live in your stupid country…i don’t live on your stupid continent either…i understand that what threatens other people might not seem like a threat to you…yet…by the way, if your partner decided to do you in, do you think YOU would even be perceptive enough to notice any warning signs? Subject: [tabletmag] Re: The Rise of the Sheygetz

          LeilaM12 says:

          Very cute. And racist. Bizarrely misplaced, given that this is an American webpage (you’re raging about White suburbia on an American website… um… the door is over there) And not related to my life in any way. Where do you live btw? Are you a woman or a man? I have lived in subsaharan Africa and Asia in centers of terrorist activity.

          letmeeatcake says:

          was I raging against suburbia? see for yourself what is
          raging when suburbia is a quaint memory. if your jaunt overseas was so hazardous, I bet you are glad to be safe at home now, although I’m sure you have a lot of cute stories to tell your friends. dodge any snipers like hillary clinton did? tourism does not count for living somewhere and investing yourself. why do you care to know if I am a man or a woman? are you a sexist?

          Subject: Re: New comment posted on The Rise of the Sheygetz

          letmeeatcake says:

          you are oblivious to what threatens you because you live in your white bread suburb fantasy land, and only see the real world on tv. i don’t live in your stupid country…i don’t live on your stupid continent either…i understand that what threatens other people might not seem like a threat to you…yet…by the way, if your partner decided to do you in, do you think YOU would even be perceptive enough to notice any warning signs? Subject: [tabletmag] Re: The Rise of the Sheygetz

          Very interesting. But at least spell the Nazi slogan correct.
          Hitler would have had you killed for making spelling mistakes 😉
          He did not like inferior people.
          That probably the reason that he killed himself in the end.
          At least he stuck to his believes.

    Went our way? That makes you sound like a political party.

Armorer says:

What appalling, self-loathing froth, not to mention childish sterotyping of everyone and everything treated. Jewish men are doing just fine, sometimes with Jewish women, sometimes with women who are not. It’s hard to imagine many find their egos challenged or testosterone levels lowered if an attractive Jewish woman is attracted to a handsome guy who’s not. This piece is premised on such adolescent insularity it beggars the imagination. This is an embarrassment even by the standards of the Tablet.”

disqus_dM6Nxzzzs1 says:

Wow, that’s one of the silliest articles I’ve read in a long time.

AriShavit says:

“You forgive us for not being flaxen-haired and docile; we’ll forgive you for not being James Bond.”

Who wants you to be blonde and docile?

I certainly don’t …

Erik Schwartz says:

jews must be the most insecure people on the planet. Thank the flying spaghetti monster I am a “goy”.

    meirmoses says:

    We’re not insecure, just a bit obsessed and oversexed.

    I don’t know if the main issue here is whether you are a Jew or Gentile. To me though judging by your passive aggressive bigotry – you must be a member of the “Jerk” tribe. And I am very thankful I am not one of you.

    baltasar almudárriz says:

    And then the same characters get upset when some Syrian or Lebanese Jew tells them they can’t marry into that sub-tribe. Ha, ha, ha.

Pesele says:

I realize this column’s intent is humorous, but it raises a serious point–in fact, I would argue an existential point. Its underlying assumption is that the primary definition of a Jew is through blood (that is, a racial or ethnic identity). In a global, pluralistic world, Jews must be able to make a positive
case for Judaism and blood–that is, parentage–doesn’t do that.
It’s more than time for Jews to start defining themselves through what they do Jewishly (over a broad spectrum of behavior that includes cultural, ethical, and religious acts) and what they believe (and I don’t mean negative beliefs (e.g.: Shoah very, very bad) or in opposition to others (e.g.: We don’t do Jesus/Christmas)), but positive beliefs: Judaism values… because ….
This kind of thought and action is better for Jews and better for Judaism. So…Rachel Weisz is married to Daniel Craig and they have a Jewish kid. Lovely. Now tell me what they do for tzedakah, for Shabbat and holidays, and how they live in the rhythm of Jewish time. Tell me they are teaching their child Jewish history and values and how to enact them in both the Jewish community and in the world. Without that, who gives a damn?

    Tradition. It’s important to the vast majority of people, particularly the sort who believe ethnic identity is important. Historically, you needed a Jewish mother. I do agree it excludes the children of half of intermarried couples, but religion and tradition are usually tied up intimately–the more liberal denominations (and this is true of Christianity as well) tend not to reproduce themselves that well, either by conversion or not producing enough kids.

    I do have to agree focusing too much on the Holocaust is counterproductive–we can all agree killing 6 million people is bad without being Jewish.

      I agree that it is tradition with a long history–although that tradition is Rabbinic and based in the historical exigencies of the post-Roman period. But that isn’t my point–rather, that in a pluralistic world, relying on ethnic identity primarily is self-destructive. A pair of born Jews who don’t bother to practice Judaism will not raise children who will practice Judaism–although they might feel some nostalgia for it. Further, simply relying on birth means that Jews don’t have to think about why Judaism matters–why bother to be Jewish? On the other hand, my liberal congregation has many intermarried Jews who practice and whose non-Jewish spouses support them in that practice to the point of converting. Which raises another much more difficult question–who considers these Jews Jewish? Particularly when the mother is the one who converts? Just to be clear, I think the ethnic component of Judaism matters–I’m not suggesting that it be abandoned–but I am very worried about the fact that it overshadows these other areas.
      About the liberal denominations not reproducing–there are several variables at work there that need to be teased apart. The most likely culprit is education–more education generally is associated with smaller families. In addition, we are in a dominant culture that places work ahead of marriage and family for both men and women.

        I’m not a big fan of the ethnic component myself–going through people’s ancestry looking for Jews reminds me too much of what our enemies did back in Germany. Still, most traditionalists of any extraction seem to feel blood is important. Probably it’s an old evolutionary imperative to look out for people who share your genes. It’s partly illusionary–how many alleles do you think you share with Abraham after 3000 years?–but people believe in it. It’s not about what should work, IMHO, it’s about what does work. I suppose, given the lack of antisemitism in the Northeast and other liberal parts of the USA, we might be able to reinvent Judaism as a liberal denomination for people who can’t stand Jesus. The historical ties between the two religions, as much grief as they caused us, work in our favor now. At any rate, nothing wrong with growing through assimilation–plenty of religions do. Drop the matrilineal requirement and we only have to keep 50% of intermarried households to stay even. Besides, less Tay-Sachs. (I suspect the rate of Asperger’s syndrome will stay flat. 😉 )

WASP Commentariat says:

FWIW, I’m a WASP, and I don’t find Craig attractive at all (though I enjoy his acting and like him personally). Certainly not the “the hottest man in the known universe.” He’s no Paul Rudd. Or Adam Levine. Or Adrien Brody. Or Paul Newman. I find Aronofsky much sexier, personally. And Weisz is hotter than all these men put together.

meirmoses says:

Four words: Hershel Savage, Ron Jeremy.

This is the most hilarious piece I have read in a long time. What a pleasure to have something lighthearted pass in front of our eyes once in awhile! Marion Usher

Thia ia really funny, but….since when is Rachel Weisz “very Jewish”? Every time she’s asked if she’s a Jew, she says her father is. So on what planet is she very Jewish? Planet Hollywood, I guess.

r. rico says:

This is a disapora phenomenon. The cure for it is Israel.

Philip says:

Rachel, Obviously, you haven’t been to the beach in Tel Aviv, or you had your eyes closed. It’s packed with Daniel Craigs, only they’re the real thing. No special effects necessary, and they are all Jewish. Which means they’re more often then not smart too, and good to boot. Jewish values, you know. That’s disappearing in American Jews, and only growing stronger in Israel. And the women. . . to die. Any Jew who would trade his/her gene pool for any other is a fool. Rachel Weisz is a dumb brunette.

    Exercise. They all have to serve in the army, so they’re fit. American Jews, well…you’ve seen all the jokes about Jewish athletes. The last book about Jewish athletes had an agent and a writer. I mean, really.

    There aren’t a lot of Israeli athletes either…I guess they have more important things on their minds.

      JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

      Exercise is the least of it. Its that and sun, fresh air, great fruits and vegetables, and above all, TREMENDOUS LOVE AND WARMTH, the sense that they are their brothers’ keepers and everyone’s lives are dependent on one another, it is one huge family, and that we are all living for not just ourselves and not just one another, but that we are partners in serving a higher purpose, that we understand that at an essential level.

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    100 per cent Phillip!

Gerda Bikales says:

the plural of sheygetz is sheygutsim

This is one of the most ridiculous and un-funny articles I have ever read in this magazine!! Yech!

This is one of the most ridiculous and un-funny articles I have ever read in this magazine!! Yech!

Despite a steady dose of half a century of shiksa-lusting Jewish authors, I don’t agree with the Shukert’s assertions that a) Jewish men only find blond flaxen haired shiksa “godesses beautiful.” and b) now that a shaygetz godlet has married a Jewish women all Jewish men are now an endangered species. In my mind Jewish women are the most beautiful women in the world. But that’s not why I’ve been married to my Jewish wife for over 30 years. I married her because due to my upbringing it never entered my mind to marry a non-Jew. This is how Jews were raised for 2000 years of exile before they got all clever and started defining themselves through everyone’s eyes but their own.

Robert Starkand says:

I think this writer has a problem with her Jewishness.

All stereotypes are half true. They don’t apply to every single human being, but as general tendencies I have found them to be accurate.

Women are interested in money, acquisition of which Jews have been noted for being good at for years in quarters friendly, hostile, and extremely hostile.

Men are interested in looks, and in this regard…um, well, it’s subjective. Some Italians think we’re cute.

As for the Jewish personality, well, a high extroversion(heeey Frank!), low agreeableness (what? you expect me to settle for that?), and high neuroticism (Bloom, did you check on our warehouse? Are you sure?) are useful in business sometimes, and a high verbal intelligence is useful in law. But, well, loud, pushy, and whiny are OK in a guy if he’s making bank, but in a woman…?

Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Gloria Allred…neither flaxen-haired nor docile, indeed.

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    I agree that all stereotypes are partly true. They are true when it comes to stereotypes and individual characteristics apply to individuals.
    Women are interested in providers for their offspring, men are optically wired and want a woman who will watch the kids at the sea shore and of whom he can be certain that her kids are his too.
    We are cute, beautiful, gorgeous, wondrous, the most beautiful women on the planet, at least in Israel, where our body ‘plants’ thrive and bloom, as opposed to wither or wilting in cutting jars.
    Individual personalities are highly individual, the stereotypes are, well, not THAT interesting.

judahdan says:

Please leave your self hatred out of this otherwise good magazine. American Jews seem obsessed with seeing themselves as infirior. There are tons of extremely good looking peopel in Israel. Please leave your ghetto mentality in Eastern Europe where it belongs.


OMG.. This is a great article. Having come of age when it was fine and dandy to denigrate Jewish women as JAPS and it was derigeur for all men, not only Jews, to openly declare that “in no way and no how” would they ever sully themselves by marrying a Jewish woman, it is great to see Jewish womanhood’s revenge. With society declaring Jewish women like Bar Rafaeli, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman (never mind Ms Weisz) some of the most beautiful women in the world it is a big phfft to every Jewish man who told a JAP joke or tormented a female member of the tribe as not good enough. Hows them apples bubbelehs?

BTW Daniel Craig is gorgeous….we really should adopt him.

Rabbi Moshe Pesach Geller says:

Only washed out Jews in America worry about such nonsense. In Israel, nobody even notices. Because here a Jew is a Jew.

    meirmoses says:

    Nonsense. There are very serious issues on these matters in Israel as well as the Diasporah.

      JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

      Also true. Complex and also complicated, and seemingly contradictory too.

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:


    123elle says:

    I’m an American Jew; all four of my grandparents were Jews from Europe, and as far as I know, my family has been Jewish back to biblical times. Nobody in my family has ever intermarried and had a child. We are not in any way “washed out.” Now, how would I “prove” that I am Jewish? I heard that in Israel, people wanting to Return have to prove to the orthodox gatekeeper rabbis that they are truly Jews. How would I even do that? DNA? I have no “proof” and my grandparents are all dead; my dad is dead and my mother has dementia. I don’t look particularly “Jewish.” A Jew is a Jew? My parternal grandfather left the yeshiva and came to American and became an atheist and a union organizer. The only “sin” in our family was to cross a picket line. We were raised totally non-observant. I still identify as a Jew, of course, as did he, and all of us. But who determines that I am a Jew?

Rabbi Moshe Pesach Geller says:

Only washed out Jews in America worry about such nonsense. In Israel, nobody even notices. Because here a Jew is a Jew.

Miha Ahronovitz says:

Raquel Shukert writing style is prolix, so in order to put up with it, she chooses sensational, superficial, gossipy, wrapped in waxed paper dripping a salsa of shtetel women-only synagogue balcony small talk

She hides a deep pain: “how to wed my as-yet-un-conceived child”. I will say prayers for her to conceive a child and transform her bitterness to love.

Boadicea? The women of the Cumann na mBan? You think Irish women are docile?

Jenny Iglesias says:

Silly as this article might be, I, as a non-Jewish woman, am very happy to see that one does NOT have to marry a Jew all the time. Having been to Israel several times, I see how

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    If a Jewish woman marries a non-Jewish man her children are 100 per cent Jewish. We do not do halve-sies. She has the burden of both parents and if her husband opposes her it is disaster. A righteous convert is holier than a born Jewess and her conversion is never referred to. Ruth, the holy convert, was the great- grandmother of King David. On the other hand, some converts are mere adventuresses and their charade does not hold. Unfortunately, far too many women converts in the US are insincere and many of the rest are a bit nuts. It is totally unnecessary for anyone to convert to Judaism, not for us, not for them, and not for the world. Gd’s creation is just fine.

Jenny Iglesias says:

As silly as this might seem, I am glad to see this happening. I have heard too many times Jewish men say that they will only marry a Jewish woman because that is the only way the child would be Jewish. This is ridiculous and racist. I don’t believe this is written anywhere and why should this be? Now Jewish men see Jewish women marrying non-Jews. Well…….. back at you.

What are you talking about? Not funny.

JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

Not a Jewess. Gorgeous Rachel is not a Jewess, her father is a Jew is how she herself answers the question if she is one. Jewesses birth Jews of all levels of observance from non to total. Daniel Craig is OK, Israeli men are fabulous as are the women. What is Jewish about Rachel is that she resembles her Dad and carries his name. That does not a Jew make. She tells it herself.

    baltasar almudárriz says:

    This emphasis on what one doesn’t control (one’s mother) in order to differentiate between who is in and who is out is as racist as any other “racist” system of any kind.

      JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

      Is it racist to say that the issue of my mother’s womb are my brothers and sisters? Are my cousins experiencing ‘racism’?

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    Is a fawn a calf? Is it kept ‘out’ of the calves pen? They are both wondrous creatures of creation. They both have their identity, destinies, functions. One who is wise sees the birth and can distinguish between them. They share what they share, perhaps an area they both dwell in, but not their beds, not their stalls. They share the larger picture and in the smaller picture they are apart. There is no ‘racism’ that a fawn and a calf do not make their home together. There is no blame. Should a fawn wander into the pen of the calves it is lovely to see when it is welcomed and cared for, and by its very nature an exception. Their difference is a wonder to behold, a celebration, rather than a confusion.

      They can’t have kids together.

      Jews and non-Jews, on the other hand, most definitely can.

        JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

        You are correct in that. I preferred the imagery of fawn and calf, but horse and donkey would be a better comparison. The infertile mule that emerges speaks to many of the Jewish men and non-Jewish women I personally know whose children did not procreate themselves. I wonder at their choices and reasons for them. Did they profit from the wisdom of the sages? Then I have people in my experience who did procreate. When the woman was the Jew(ess) the children emerged as Jews and another generation issued forth from them as well. When the father was the Jew the children said that their fathers were Jews and they were not. Exactly Rachel Weisz’s own words. Yes, these children had their own, and they were not Jews. Of course there are exceptions and choices outside the zone of comfort; the Jewish father’s daughter who converts, the non-Jewish son of the father who marries a Jew(ess) who brings his seed back to the fold. There is nothing wrong with pedigree and nothing wrong with mixed. They serve different destinies and functions in the wonder fo creation. Because I value my pedigree greatly I choose to continue this line. I value it because it is my greatest contribution to Creation to mankind and I feel the responsibility to continue in it.

          yakketiyak says:

          oh dear, it seems you’re just another victim of religious programming. when will you learn to think out of the box? when will you understand that you’ve been conned by social reguators? when will you realise that these people prey on your deep insecurities?

Billiamo says:

I love you, Rachel, but this piece is ridiculous. Haven’t you implied before that Jewish men are prized as husbands and partners? And is Bar Rafaeli not the feminine version of Daniel Craig?

Too late to comment? I just wanna give props to Ewan McGregor Saint of the Nekkid Body, married to a Jew and raising little Jews. Can we hear it for all the non-Jewish men who appreciate us Jewesses in a way that our brothers just can’t seem to understand?

Frankly, who cares?

The solution is to get a Jewish actor to play Bond next time. Really, I think Kate Beckinsale is the most attractive woman alive and she married a Jewish fellow, didn’t she?

The solution is to get a Jewish actor to play Bond next time. Really, I think Kate Beckinsale is the most attractive woman alive and she married a Jewish fellow, didn’t she?

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    Who is Kate Beckinsale? Lucky her. Feel sorry for his mother for the long chain of history ends with him.

Aside from all the nasty Jewish stereotypes, anyone who thinks Koreans are silent passive types has no actual connection with their culture.

what a silly article

Assimilation is our greatest enemy. My heart breaks every time I hear of an intermarriage. Being Jewish is not only something you inherit, it is something you bequeath to the future generations. If you don’t live by that realization, you are no longer a Jew. And even if you are, it ends with you.

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    100 per cent. Please pray for me that my son marries a Jewish woman.

    yakketiyak says:

    oh what bollocks…my ancestry is sephardic, we were expelled from spain in the late 1400 hundreds but we stayed undercover. and are STILL living here! yay for the brunette tribe, we will always know each other, regardless of the mumbo jumbo of religious hocus pocus, admittedly you guys wouln’t accept us but who cares? still find dark hair, cutting humour and intelligence the supreme turn on, and other semitic tribes (yes, our moslem brothers) indistinguishable when it comes to genetic intermarriage. why it should end when you decree it should is a mystery to me! salaam etc..

      Jock Stein says:

      Wow, very interesting! I’d love to hear more about your story…

jackstone says:

So, basically, this writer is a sponsor of pettiness and irrelevancy ? That’s her viewpoint and ‘story’ ? Sorry I tuned in.

This article is manages to be offensive and boring at the same time. Bravo!

baltasar almudárriz says:

I get a whiff of Alfred Rosenberg when I hear talk about “the purity” of the nation and how everyone else is a notch below.

    JoyAndPeaceForAll says:

    You are not understanding what is actually being said. You are misinterpreting it and taking offense. ‘purity’ of water, of color, of food, of showering and bathing, none of this is racist. If you are looking for pure red in a carpet you are not racist against a carpet that is maroon, anymore than if you prefer maroon to the red color for this or that purpose. If you want pure butter it does not mean you are racist against margarine. You just know the difference and what you want for what.

Stupid stupid stupid article. So the argument is that we should be racist and be worried about a jewish woman being STOLEN by a white anglosaxon???? Talk about xenophobic

Johnnie says:

Jewish women are ugly and man-hating, Jewish men are well-off financially. Keep telling yourself that it’s the women who are driving the mass inter-marriage among the non-religious Jews.

genie says:

Hey, Rachel, here is a wonderful picture to counter that one: pretty, Jewish, actor, Logan Lerman, with his pretty, Jewish, girlfriend. Good role models for young Jewish people.

This is silly. I didn’t even know Daniel Craig was married to a Jewish women until I saw the headline, let alone feel insecure about it.

theplanetarypatriot says:

how super offensive if this. Jesus they are both white and that still is not good enough for you chosen phonies. love is love! who ever you are with. just be happy you got someone who loves you just as much as you love them back! some ppl. great to see you guys happy, Daniel and Rachel all the best! and especially to you Daniel with the 007 movies the best bond you are so far. thanks again;) the planetary patriot is here! allahu akbar!

think homeland meets dark knight

p.s to all out there, there are no colourlines to love. so if your not happy go get happy now!

what a load of codswallop this article is

WOW what a long winded story!!! Rachel IS HOT!!! and Daniel Craig is WAY COOL!!!!( and sexy Mila Kunis has smokey sexy eyes!!! I am 61 and I have a hot 23 yr old latina GF- see her and my home in Costa Rica ( for sale $169k) home plus guest apt on 1,1/4 acres of private mountain)in all videos by”riverfrontparadise” on YOU TUBE and stay watching my YOU TUBE channel because i am about to embark on making videos of HOT latin women!!!

WOW alot of comments! Rachel has those sexy eyes , mouth,, heck she is sexy all over! Way to go Daniel!!!! don’t forget to see all my videos posted by”riverfrontparadise” on YOU TUBE- sexy property!!! 1,1/4 acres of pure PRIVACY, home with guest apartment,( $169k) even though I have invested $200k! I need to sell for health reasons. and see a shot of my SEXY latina girlfriend ( she is 23 and i am 61 !! ( way to go ME!) haha

I am exhausted!

BethesdaDog says:

Why should I care about these two people Weisz and Craig. I’ve heard of them but just barely.

    tammy says:

    It isn’t that you should care. It isn’t about them. It is about Jewish women switching teams.

tammy says:

It must be me. I don’t find Daniel Craig “hot” at all. He’s a nice looking man, but he absolutely does NOT do it for me. And, I have a “thing” for men who hail from the British Isles.

More important is the fact that Rachel Shukert must be living in a bubble. My friends (Jewish and gentile) have been saying for YEARS that Jewish men take great price in marrying “out”. It’s like a badge of honor. Oh, look, I didn’t get saddled with the whiny Jewish broad. Instead I got the leggy blonde who heard that Jewish men make great husbands. Great providers, great lovers, loyal and faithful and a pushover when it comes to a woman who looks like a Norse Goddess. Or, for that matter, an Asian concubine. Look around Ms. Shukert, those Jewesses among us noticed this years ago.

I’m not condoning marrying out. Not at all. I am proud of my Judaism and even now that I’m well past child bearing age, I’d still rather be with a Jew than a Gentile. But the fact remains, it’s been popular for years and Ms. Weisz is only doing what generations of Jewish men have been doing for years.

slipnslide says:

Amusing…. But really, I don’t think it was Rachel Weisz’s Jewishness that attracted Daniel Craig. She is simply an attractive (and talented) woman. And so’s he (ha, ha…) – the mutual attraction of two attractive people……. But your point about Daniel Craig being twice cast as rugged, actionman Jews is indeed interesting, and was surprising, since I wouldn’t have thought that he looked particularly Jewish. But I guess, as you say, Craig is a go-to rugged, actionman actor – and perhaps the films’ producers wanted exactly that…..his actual roots irrelevant provided he could deliver… (Sacha Baron Cohen may be very tall, but he doesn’t scream rugged….!)

JohnJGuy says:

This is an incredibly trivializing and juvenile article about two people who are happily ‘married.’

The fact the this article suggests it bothers or should bother other people is neither here nor there. In other words ‘none’ of anyone else’s business Rachel Shukert. Get over yourself!

Simcha Trevor-Heathcliff says:

There are more Jewish women in the whole world than Jewish men. If a Jewish guy is looking for a Jewish woman as I did happily, then come here to Israel where women are a majority by larger percentages.


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