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Yiddish Curses for GOP Jews

That hot new website making fun of Jewish Republicans? My husband and I made it—and you’re welcome.

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The Nerve

The past few months there’s been a rash of chutzpah sightings—that is, lots of public uses of the Yiddish word, if not any more actual chutzpah than usual. The best part: It’s even being used correctly.

You know how it is.

You’re standing in the hallway outside the bathroom watching your husband shave, your always-simmering wrath toward the state of American politics in general and the Republican Party in particular brought to a rolling boil by several cups of coffee drunk at injudicious speed, and you’re both inveighing against certain distant-ish relatives whose ideological leanings are a constant source of ire, wondering aloud what terrible misfortune might need to befall them to bring them around, or at least lay their hypocrisy bare. That they should suffer a catastrophic illness that their insurance refuses to cover, leaving them nothing to be so bent out of shape about re: the estate tax? That they should be so hot for Israel to bomb Iran that their son drops out of medical school to join the IDF? That their son should be elected president and they should have no idea what the hell they did with his birth certificate? And then a light bulb goes on.

Consider this a coming-out of sorts: My husband, the long-suffering Ben, and I are the force behind Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews, a mom-and-pop operated website that in less than a week has generated more than 4.5 million page views throughout the world, including four people in Iran, all of whom I would very much like to treat to a cup of coffee.

But while it’s certainly exciting watching the numbers tick up from the little corner in our kitchen that is our designated command center/smoking area, kind of like one of those spinning-newspaper montages from old movies that end with someone being really, really famous—and believe me, I can only wish that every child from a left-leaning Jewish family should get to hear at least once the sound of her father’s voice when he calls to tell her that something she wrote was linked to by Paul Krugman—what’s been most fascinating about it to me is to see how perfectly the Yiddish language lent itself to the emotions and ideas undergirding this project. With a cadence alternately baroque and colloquial, Yiddish—or rather, our Anglicized approximation of it—seems uniquely calibrated to lay bare any hypocrisy, pick the bones of self-righteousness, puncture the balloons of pompousness, and many other such metaphors. If, as W.C. Fields once had it, wars should be fought in a giant stadium by world leaders armed with socks filled with horse manure, perhaps all political discourse should take the form of Yiddish-style curses.

Let’s look at what makes a Yiddish curse so special, shall we? As Michael Wex, the lauded author of Born To Kvetch (and who, I would like to point out, had nothing to do with any of this, he should live and be well) has written, a Yiddish curse “isn’t a matter of yelling out bad words; the trick is to put them together in the most damaging possible way.” Unlike Irish or Italian curses, Yiddish curses rarely wish the target irreparable bodily harm. There have always been plenty of other people more than willing to give us that—and besides, as every Jew knows, there are things worse than death. Like having every tooth in your head fall out except one, to give you a toothache. Or going to the toilet every three minutes, or every three days. As Aunt Ceil said upon witnessing Uncle Abe’s gasping indigestion upon eating pork chops in the Woody Allen film Radio Days: “A heart attack? A heart attack is too good for him! He deserves an enema!”

The greatest Yiddish curses, however, are the sort with some kind of clever twist of the knife (always a dull one). These start off sounding like a blessing, wishing on the disdained something that anybody would be thrilled to have—a vast fortune, a superannuated life—and then, with little warning, wish for it all to turn to dust. Take for instance, the classic insult I consider to be the apex of this genre, and indeed my most dearly beloved Yiddish curse since I first heard it growled over a canasta table at a family reunion as a very young child: “You should have a large store, and whatever people ask for, you shouldn’t have. And what you do have, it shouldn’t be requested.”

I ask you, dear reader: Is there a better, meaner, more existentially maddening, more perfectly, essentially Jewish curse than that? It practically forces you to imagine the beleaguered shopkeeper behind the counter, tearing at his beard, his inability to satisfy a constant stream of increasingly furious customers forcing him to watch everything he has dreamed of and slaved over and used every aspect of his being to build crumble around him—making him, of course, a sitting duck for the kind of corporate raiders, Brylcreemed with sociopathy, that Mitt Romney and his acolytes would have us worship.

Which, of course, brings us to the Republicans, and their Jewish supporters who I have to believe somewhere deep in their souls really do know better. The GOP platform unveiled to the party faithful this week is so draconian in its policies toward the sick and underprivileged; so regressive in its attitudes toward women, gays, and hard science; so shamelessly tilted in favor of the supremely wealthy and disdainful of everyone else, that the greatest curse you can offer anyone is to hope it all comes true, leaving them to suffer the consequences. Live to 120 on your privatized Medicare vouchers. Make your fortune and lose everything when your chronic illness hits its lifetime insurance cap. Let the maniacs outlaw the morning-after pill the day before your daughter gets home from the NFTY convention, and see if your tax cut makes it all worth it.

Sure, there’s the reality that you’ll take all the rest of us down with you, but the truly embittered curser knows it’s all worth it just to see you suffer. What could be more of a blessing than that?


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marjorie ingall says:

Rock on, Rachel.

bobschwalbaum says:

This article is so unbeleivably biased i can’t imagine how TABLET considered for one minute using it. It left me very nearly speechless. so i’ll leave it at that.. but gee Guys.. how about just a little even-handedness. There are sane Republican Jews such as yours truly.. TRULY!

    CygnusA81 says:

    Why are you surprised? Tablet is a far-left rag, that hates dissenting ideas that don’t follow their narrow UWS world view. I mean they posted an essay from a girl stating how selfish it was of Jews to ‘survive’ the death camps. And they didn’t even apologize about it. Well they did issued a fake apologize, that was almost as insulting as the essay, but that another case all together. Anyway, look at the Tablet ‘brain trust,’ they are superficial, smug, arrogant, self-absorbed people. I don’t expect much from them. But don’t you worry, by October they’ll have articles stating that if we elect Romney, there will be pogroms, forced conversions, and possibly deportations. You know, stuff like that, cause the left-wing mind is more or less unhinged these days.

      I always love your Tablet pieces, Rachel, but finding out that you and your husband (may he live long and never forget how blessed he is to be married to you!) are the authors of the delicious “Yiddish Curses…” seals the deal. The humorless gnashing of teeth I hear in so many of the comments to your latest prove the effectiveness of the “…Curses…” site. If Tablet is, indeed, a “far left rag,” it sure has a lot of righteous rightniks reading it. Keep on honing your rhetorical darts, Rachel, and deflating those puffed-up with venom. We need you!

        CygnusA81 says:

        Let me guess, you were cursing the TV last night when Clint was poking fun at your messiah?

    CygnusA81 says:

    Why are you surprised? Tablet is a far-left rag, that hates dissenting ideas that don’t follow their narrow UWS world view. I mean they posted an essay from a girl stating how selfish it was of Jews to ‘survive’ the death camps. And they didn’t even apologize about it. Well they did issued a fake apologize, that was almost as insulting as the essay, but that another case all together. Anyway, look at the Tablet ‘brain trust,’ they are superficial, smug, arrogant, self-absorbed people. I don’t expect much from them. But don’t you worry, by October they’ll have articles stating that if we elect Romney, there will be pogroms, forced conversions, and possibly deportations. You know, stuff like that, cause the left-wing mind is more or less unhinged these days.

elixelx says:

Since when has cursing other people been a matter for kudos, Rachel?
Let’s see?
May the dogs eat your flesh, because even the maggots would spit it out…
May your bones be crushed and fed to the dogs also to come out the other end and be poop-scooped by your children…
If the cap fits, Rachel…

    Who writes your material, elixelx? Vlad the impaler? Henceforth, may you be struck with uncontrollable giggling when you try to say something hateful!

    Adam Cohen says:

    You’re either not Jewish or a right wing conservative Jew.

    Look at the curses you wrote in comparison with what is on the site.

    You are wishing mortal bodily harm on someone. For no good reason.
    Do you see Democratic Jews trying to take away food from the needy or health insurance from the majority? Are liberals trying to enact an austerity policy that is so stupid and misguided by pseudo Ayn Rand thinking, that it makes the European and british austerity policies look like stimulus spending?

    For what? so the robber barons of our time, Adelson, the Koch brothers and others can buy up more control of this country? Yes, that’s right, so they can create more jobs in the US of course.

    Any Jew who is on the side of the Republicans when it comes to the ‘debate’ about the debt ceiling either needs to put their foreskin back on or go back to school and redo economics.

    But no, go ahead and support those who make you feel comfortable, about your racism or bigotry or whatever it is that blinds you when they ask you to vote against your own best interests.

    You know, I always find it interesting to see that the further you move to the right, the more literal, and lacking in a sense of humor an individual becomes.

      elixelx says:

      @cohen and fischer.
      The dogs eating flesh is an Old curse, spoken by Elijah of Jezebel. Jezebel, yes, she who knew enough Torah and had a glib enough tongue that she could bamboozle even sane and educated people. So I believe that it’s most apropos for this woman!
      The bones being crushed is of course a curse started by the Rabbis of the Talmud who reserved it for those evil people that led Israel astray by telling the simple folk that the unacceptable was acceptable, the treif kosher, and that they had the right to bless and curse because they had free will…
      Finally, this woman has become famous and probably rich, and BOASTS of it by humiliating he fellow human beings (yeahyeah, I know! republicans aren’t human beings!) There is no better physik for that kind of sickness than a taste of her own baneful medicine…

Biased – very, but this is America, so it is OK; creative – sure, one has to admire those who are; misguided – ABSOLUTELY! Disgracing one of the most mighty Yidddish words (mensch) by using it to describe Obama is plain wrong.

    Travis Vance says:

    agreed. Obama is King Yutz of Yutzlandistan.

    People helping their fellow out of the goodness of their heart is noble and divine. People FORCED to help their fellow man is nothing more than government sanctioned theft.

These people are nasty hateful people.

Beatrix17 says:

I wonder if Rachel
realizes that many of her readers aren’t interested in hating
Republican Jews, They’re just interested in hating Jews and will take
what they can get.

I’m Independent
politically, live on Social Security, and don’t fit any stereotype.
But the left is so mired in the 1960s, and since everything
interesting and momentous happening to America and to the Jews is
happening on the right, I’m much more interested in seeing the
Republicans win.

The world is continuing,
and the left isn’t keeping up. Neither is Tablet. Your only
interesting columnist is Lee Smith of the Weekly Standard. I hope
you don’t antagonize him
I wonder if Rachel
realizes that many of her readers aren’t interested in hating
Republican Jews, They’re just interested in hating Jews and will take
what they can get.

I’m Independent
politically, live on Social Security, and don’t fit any stereotype.
But the left is so mired in the 1960s, and since everything
interesting and momentous happening to America and to the Jews is
happening on the right, I’m much more interested in seeing the
Republicans win.

The world is continuing,
and the left isn’t keeping up. Neither is Tablet. Your only
interesting columnist is Lee Smith of the Weekly Standard. I hope
you don’t antagonize him

You sound bitter. I thank HaShem for my 1%-er boss who provides me with a great job and benefits. I never had a poor man offer me a job and I’m pretty certain that is never going to happen. Get over yourself.

    Daniel says:

    The Republicans will be very glad to know that you have accepted your slavery to the 1%.

      CygnusA81 says:

      So accepting a job that pays you in money and benefits is now a form slavery? Let me guess, you learned this fascinating idea at UC Berkeley, right?

      KansasGirl says:

      Daniel, it’s called being self-sufficient.

Michael Liebowitz says:

Yes Rachel, the next time you come up with an idea to have fun with something, make sure it’s opinion-free, curse-free, and appealing to every man, woman and child on earth. The absolute chutzpah! May you create a funny, wildly popular website and be showered with wrongheaded, misguided comments.

    Pam Green says:

    There’s no doubt that Rachel is a clever writer but, in comedy, timing is everything, and times have changed drastically since the heyday of the Borscht Belt. So, if most people here can’t seem to take a joke, maybe it’s because Israel’s survival is more at stake right now than it’s ever been, and this is largely due to Obama, who is funding the rise of Israel’s worst enemies. Pretty hard to find the humor in that.

      Beatrix17 says:

      It’s so funny when insults are directed against someone else. I wonder how much of a sense of humor he has when people make fun of his deeply held beliefs.

jouesdeveau says:

May you be obliged to apply to HHS for permission to circumcise your son.

This is the kind of drivel that separates Jews. Remember the old addage 2 Jews, 3 opinions. If I am to be cursed because I am a Republican than the person cursing me is juvenile and intolerant. I don’t curse ANYONE, for what they believe, I just walk away from them.

    Aharon says:

    Well said.

    May you live to be 120 under supply side economics and invasive reproductive interference. May you have all your teeth fall out but one but have no Medicare to treat your toothache.

    Adam Cohen says:

    When Republicans openly state that their aim is to work against the president and his agenda, for the specific reason of getting the presidency back, putting the health of the country at risk for their own political gain, I have another name for that, it is called treason.

    But sure, go ahead and support a party from the dark ages, a party that brings out the worst racism and bigotry in people and has been co-opted by Christian religious charlatans.

    No one needs to call you names or curse you,

    They just need to tell the truth.

    G-d help us all if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected.

      Your party doesn’t believe in G-d and proved it yesterday. Use your own references but please leave G-d to the believers!

        Adam Cohen says:

        did you seriously just call the democratic speakers atheists?

        A thought: Just because you are rabid and unreasonable, that doesn’t mean you are a believer.

        Just crazy sounding

      KansasGirl says:

      G-d help us if you consider yourself righteous.

      johnlavery says:

      Adam, very early the President showed himself for what he is, an extreme left, tax and spend, hard line liberal, not just a smooth talking suit. The GOP was right to stand against him. You think the GOP brings out racism, it’s the Dem/ Liberals who always insult with the race card anyone who disagrees with them. Do you remember when Scott won Ted Kennedy’s seat in Boston, immediately The President said that he heard the will of the people and he and the Dem party would stop the pursuit of a healthcare bill and focus “like a laser” on the economy. Then there was the major snowstorm that shut down D.C and the east coast for a week, when the lights came on, VIOLA, a new healthcare law “that you have to pass to knkw what’s in it!” Abe Lincoln was REPUBLICAN too! Dark Ages is where a socialist government will take us, and the Democrat acadamia elite are driving hard to get there. Think of europe, Greece, Ireland, Itally, Portugal, Spain. All of these are just a few years ahead of us, but our magnitude will make theose countries look like small change.

      The pro-abortion Democrats are the real racists. the great majority of the 52 million aborted fetuses since Roe V. Wade were black babies. racial eugenics from the party that gave us the KKK. the Democratic Party.

    Beatrix17 says:

    One thing about
    Jews—we’re more tolerant of other people than we are of each other.

      Levanah says:

      ..bcs we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Because.”We should know better”- from our teachings & from our experience. “Chosen people?” – means we have chosen to exemplify & champion compassionate justice & the commitment to “tikkun olam,” healing the world.

    spot on Larry

I love it! How can I register to get your page?

And may you live so long that due to an ever enlarging federal deficit from excessive government programs that the economy collapses and we have a depression worse than 1930. Leading to a takeover of government by those who believe in communism and redistribution of wealth and you now have five families living in your house and all your savings and retirement accounts are confiscated.

Oops, you might not have to live that long.

    Elizabeth Richardson says:

    Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth and putting them in better order. So sick of the assumption that to be Jewish is to be a Democrat. This is not the party of my grandparents, and certainly not the party that will benefit my grandchildren. How anyone could wish for another four years of this regime is sickening.

there are American Jews who would vote for Hitler before a Republican

    KaKa Khan says:

    Like Hitler, today’s Democrats are no friend of the Jews. The tide is going against us once again and our former friends and neighbors are finding it more convenient to first, dissasociate themselves from us, and then to eventually hate us. Is Ms. Shukert hoping that if she throws out a few bones to the new lions circling us perhaps they will eat her last?

      Adam Cohen says:

      Anyone who brings Hitler into this kind of conversation has been watching Bill O’reilly too much.

      You do know what the big lie is, right?

      Could you explain to me how what the Republican party is doing now, is different?

Joel Schindler says:

This is idiotic. The Yiddish word for that is “Idiotic.”

What Brilliance! The pride you take in insulting fellow Jews for forming an opinion different from yours. What fools you two are for having such closed minds and expansive egos. No wonder you support Obama. Have a seat and keep your brains warm and working.

    Totally agree with you. This couple probably believes that FDR was the best friend of the Jews before and during WWII. They probably believe that Obama is a true supporter of the security and existence of the only Jewish State in the world. Their belief in their intellectual superiority and contempt for those Jews who hold a different political persuasion blinds them to the realities of an ascendent global anti-Semitism and the existential threat that Israel faces. They ignore the anti-Jewish diatribes that emanate from the left wing intelligentsia that equates Nazism, racism and apartheid to Israel and to Jews in general. Their mentality and narrative demonstrates their distance from their own ethnic heritage and the threats that international Jewry, including themselves, face in the real world. They are smug in their sense of being creative but are, in essence, only denigrating themselves.

      Darius15 says:

      Well said! And all sadly true…

      Umish Katani says:

      Well said and true… some of the greatest Jewish detractors are self hating leftist Jews who support the Palestinians over their own etc. But the issue throughout the article is the lose of humor,, the lack of substantiation for all the accusations and diatribes, but most of all the lose of the funny bone, Yids have been making fun of just about every thing for thousands of years, it helps the mental health. Making fun of Republikkkan Jews. is fair game, but some of it is vicious and not funny and crosses the line. This is america, everyone is entitled to their opinion, as stinky as some of them may be… Be glad you live here and not in Russia, or old Nazi germany, or in France, where some of this material whould have sent you to the gulag if youwere lucky ,up in smoke or to court being sued as in France. If you want to promote your view, then education, money, papers, and once and for all indoctrinate our kids into our opinions…. THey are hit on campus with the leftist diatribe all the time… But we yids will always have our Karl marx;s Trotsky’s and left wing yahoos. Some how the left is an appealing place for Yids and allows them to hate themselves without remorse.

      Phil'n Law says:

      “Their mentality and narrative demonstrates their distance from their own ethnic heritage…”

      DRL1: Disagree with these guys, yes, fine. Suggest that they are unsupportive of Israel? That is your right. But to question their closeness with their heritage and tradition is unfounded, rude, and insulting. You have no idea what their relationship is to their heritage (neither do I), but to suggest that their are alienated from it is to assume that being close to one’s Jewish heritage results in only one kind of political position, something that is not true globally, and is even less true among the Jewish people. I love what they have done–I think it is clever, brilliant, and their page will probably go in my bookmarks: that is my opinion. You are entitled to yours. But don’t start questioning peoples commitment to their faith and tradition. It is a dirty, cheap, and unworthy trick.

        KansasGirl says:

        What is your commitment to your faith and tradition?

          johnlavery says:

          You can tell alot about a persons heritage from their beliefs! What made America great was and is it’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The belief that we are all created equal, but after that, you can and should rise to the level of your own choosing. Parents who believe family is important have kids, stay married. Parents who believe educations is important are engaged in their childrens education and don’t leave it or trust it to the gov’t school. People who plan for the future will live well, they won’t trust in the gov’t to provide for them. Those people who aren’t willing to do these things show their beliefs, and then trust in gov’t as the all knowing, all providing source of life. Good luck with how that turns out, socialism IS GREAT until gov’t runs out of OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY TO SPEND!

          KansasGirl says:

          Well said sir.

      Esther Zicherman says:

      Thank you for so eloquently expressing my reaction.

    Adam Cohen says:

    I think you are mistaken Ken.

    Did you actually read the curses on the site? I doubt it.
    Jews who support the current Republican Party of meshuganas deserve to be made fun of. it is humor ken. The thing that every life long conservative was born without.
    Stop blaming others for your support of an immoral and anti-Jewish values party.
    And let’s be serious for a moment.
    Are you telling me that you are so blinded by the belief that Obama is not a friend of Israel, that you would rather have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan running this country?
    Did you feel the same way about Sarah Palin and John Mccain?

    I am glad i live in a democracy.

    It is unfortunate that partizan shlemiels like yourself think you know what is good for Jews.

    Or this country.

    robthom says:

    “What Brilliance! The pride you take in insulting fellow Jews for forming an opinion different from yours.”

    Well there is a certain amount of duality to the Jewish character in non-Jewish communities that becomes especially apparent in politics.

    Most Jews are usually rabid supporters of grotesque lefty social agendas in other countries,
    but then suddenly become hardline warhawks and social conservatives when the subject is Israel.

    Its a funny Jewish juggling act that is bound to get a little unwieldy from time to time.

    rhetoric_nightmare says:

    Agreed. These are the types who say that they’re open-minded. But watch out! If you disagree with them on anything politically, you’re a racist homophobe.

This is simply un-Jewish. 4.5 millions curious hit your web site; 4 are from Iran. This is the 0.0001% of your audience you seem most proud of. Tu on a khazer a shtrayml, vet er vern rov? If you put a shtreimel on a pig, would it make him a rabbi?

    Adam Cohen says:

    wow. the commentators today seem to be a load of insecure, angry monkeys.

    i have a question for you, if you are circumcised, does that make you Jewish?

      Pam Green says:

      You’re certainly not Jewish.

        Adam Cohen says:

        Okay Pam Green, arbiter of who is Jewish and who isn’t.


        A few questions to answer:

        1. When was the last time went to Synagogue on a day that wasn’t a high holy day?

        2. When was the last time you went to Israel?

        You clearly are online on a saturday, so there is that.

        I think what you really meant, is that I am not an angry, insecure, blind, Republican-supporting Jew.

        And my response is: Correct.

        You can keep Mit Romney and Paul Ryan. And all the other freaks and perverts and racists in your fine big tent.

          Pam Green says:

          You’re definitely angry and insecure; anyone can see that. And you’re just as obviously blind to what Obama’s done in the last four years. I’m not a Republican, but to vote for Obama is to be complicit in his crimes against humanity.

          Adam Cohen says:

          Wait, so now I am Jewish?

          gee, thanks.

          You’re clearly in a corner, because your comment doesn’t mean anything.

          But, let’s play this out for a moment:

          So tell me Pam, what has Obama done in the last 4 years that is so bad?

          KansasGirl says:

          He’s an atheist.

          Wendy Goodman says:

          And you are an idiot. He’s a believing Baptist. And Romney is a mormon – nice people, but they believe that each person can become G-d on his own planet after death – if he has enough spirit children. And oh yes, Mrs. G-d wears an apron. Seriously.

          Umish Katani says:

          crimes against humanity,, are you equating obama with adolf, pol pot, idi amin assad , stalin, etc.. I am not an obama fan , but your rhetoric is a bit extreme

          and just exactly what crimes has President Obama committed/

          KansasGirl says:

          Not only are you a racist…you are a bigot.

      Umish Katani says:

      if santa claus has a beard, and a goat has a beard, is santa a goat, or is the goat santa….. Sorry goat! LOL

      KansasGirl says:

      You are a racist.

    Umish Katani says:

    In some circles yes…… unfortunately

Lawrence says:

Democrat registration was clearly given out to all the J-Dubs when they landed on Ellis Island from whatever cold, harsh country they came from. Given Sephardi voting patterns and political leanings, perhaps “Ladino/Judeo-Arabic Curses for Democrat Jews” would be appropriate as well.

    Lawrence says:

    “May you open up an electronics store, and may you be told that you didn’t build it but get taxed as if you did anyway.”

May your website be so successful that you spend the res of your life dodging papperzzi.

Ranchman says:

If Tablet is going to publish this kind of garbage and hate, I’m unsubscribing today.

Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

Lauren Deutsch says:

In the “old days”, when folks knew how to put kavanah into words and deliver them, these curses would be causes for concern. Now what the Demos need is to find a way to focus the base, attract the wandering and to be courageous to take on big issues and actually do something powerful. Not funny … eh?
By the way, I think it’s chutzpa-di-ke that you are writing your own puff piece. It’s a shande, Tablet. Oy!

Hi guys-I can really relate and love the Yiddish curses. I always found them so creative. Some of the people writing here have no sense of humor. I have a particular way of the dealing with the Jewish republicans-I send them my “shonda” e-mail. Basically, I tell them that their hateful statements and lack of caring are a “shonda” to the Jewish people. I sometimes do this around the high holidays when it is time to ask forgiveness for one’s sins. Eric Cantor is one of my favorite “shonda” recipients, also Joe Lieberman and a number of others. Wish you luck with your site. Can’t wait to tell my friends. Best to you.

    bobschwalbaum says:

    From whence all this left-wing rhetoric?
    i KNOW the answer. Most Jews in the USA are still extremely sensitive to any possible.. nay remote.. suggestion of anti-semitism.. they’re still living in the shtetl waitng for the next progrom.
    Romney/Ryan….both deeply religious…. a Mormon and a (ugh!) Catholic.. OY VAY!
    The true bigots are the Jews who look down on a great man like Sen Lieberman
    You should really try to listen to yourselves.. and get the hell out of the shtetl.!!
    I still read the Tablet every day.. where else can you find such interesting articles?

Gordon Silverman says:

Wow, those Jewish Republicans can certainly be vindictive! Keep up the good work!

I thought your article was wonderful. Most of the comments here sound like a well orchestrated smear campaign. We should not be surprised!

person63 says:

Your writing is superb, delightful, and of enviable quality.

greggbrookline says:

Rachel, I share your sentiment about the meanness, the disdain of women, the destruction of social safety nets, and the draconian measures and misinformation used by the republican campaign. However, I fail to understand your specific curse of republican Jews. Your belief that Jews are any different from the rest of the population is somewhat misguided.

I don’t think either party understands the fundamental issues driving our current economic situation. Anyone who believes either party has the answer is greatly deceived. From an economic point of view, In my humble opinion, it isn’t the policies that are the problem, but the partisan roadblocks that prevent action. Others have the right to disagree. Some believe lower taxes will drive economic recovery and others believe we can spend our way out of recession. Either way, we sit on a debt time bomb that can only be defused by economic recovery

The polarization of the country is driven by social issues and Jews have a stake in this division. We perceive Obama as being at odds with the goals of Israel. While I don’t personally see a shift in policy, we are uncomfortable with any measures that will lead to compromise with the Palestinians with their explicit recognition of our statehood. After all, they are bent on our destruction and that seems to be a non negotiable position. From the perspective of many Jews, Iran is the real enemy and Obama is loathe to do anything about this. Of course, we can’t afford yet another large scale war that will lead to the instability of yet another middle eastern country. However, many Jews still believe that a strong republican leadership will be willing to take bold stands to defend Israel at all costs.

Here is my main concern. Since 2003, we have seen a slow but sure erosion of our individual rights. I realize all the justification over national security and such, but the erosion continues. With the enactment of vote ID requirements, we are taking the steps towards a true national Identification system. We already lost our right to privacy though the patriot act and continue to do so through laws that put restrictions on a women and choices that affect their health. The big issue is that we, as Jews, remain a minority. As such we rely on the protection of civil liberties to keep the crazies at bay. History shows that the erosion of civil liberties are often a sign of emerging fascism. I would hate to see the country succumb to fascism, because when that happens we usually lose.

Dan Gersten says:

May Jesus have mercy on you for supporting the GOP/TP cause. And may he allow you to live in whatever is left of Israel when his hypocritical Evangelical Christian followers initiate Armageddon to hasten his return…assuming there are any Jews left who didn’t convert for The Rapture or weren’t sacrificed by their GOP/TP buddies. On a somewhat related note…it’s interesting to see the lack of humor on the part of American Jews (as opposed to Jewish Americans) who support the GOP/TP. Almost as if they have mixed feelings over their politics that they get so defensive and attacking. Lighten up…these “Jewish curses” could be a Borscht Belt routine. Lastly, leave HaShem, Adonai, Yahweh and Gerry Eden (it was his garden) out of this. He took the last train for the coast along with the son and holy ghost decades ago…

Not often that you read such inspired crap

Yochana Shalom says:

B-R-A-V-O Ken and Larry! There’s not much left to say! May you, Rachel, be blessed with T-R-U-T-H!

Another wonderful example of the tolerance and open-mindedness liberals are so justly famous for.

You and hubby must be very young and recent graduates of a “typical’ school of “higher learning” ( asuming there are such in this country) where they teach you about the self-hating Jews e.g. Krugman and how the USA is the devil incarnate. Or are you just not informed? As libs you fit the mode of many who damn anyone that disagrees with th progressives. Why do you spew such hate and why just at Jewish Republicans? The Nazi regime used hate against our people to achieve a goal. Should all Jews be liberals and if not disowned? What is your goal here?
If you would stop blindly following the party line and educate yourselves, you might learn why some of us Jews believe as we do. George Soros, Klugman and such self-hating don’t have all, if any answers. Following the Messiah, BHO, blindly you do at your peril. Four more years of “The Amatuer” will clearly result in finally reducing this country to 3rd world status. May be that’s your goal.
In the meantime, your site provides the Neo-Nazis, Jew haters of the world, KKK and such great amounts of anti-semite ammo.I’m sure they’re delighted.

    Adam Cohen says:

    Hey Arnold,

    You know you sound like the crazy uncle in the family, the one your wife apologizes for the and the rest of the family laugh politely when you occasionally share what is really on your mind.

    I assume this, because your logic is beyond non-sensical. You may want to change your vote, and at least have a chance of affording a psychologist.

    Here’s the free analysis:

    Your interpretation of a self hating jew is one that is anti-Israel. Unfortunately you you are so blind to the current Israeli administration run by the wonderful Bibi and Barak, that you see any criticism of israel as being anti israel, and therefore self hating. For g-d’s sake man, we’re Jews, criticism is what we do. When was the last time you were in Israel. Do you even like Israeli’s?

    I don’t think the kind of America you want, is also wanted by more than a handful of angry, scared people. Some are Jews. Many are scared into baring their worst sides, and anxiety kept from a generation past who believe that President Obama is not a friend of Israel.

    Well, I would say that he is a fair, even handed friend of Israel. Bibi, the MBA, never went to army insecure joke of a president, (he is a bitch in comparison in comparison to Ariel Sharon) struggles with Obama because he is not a moron, conscription dodging dilitent like George Bush. Who has also a lot closer to the Saudi’s in loyalty than he ever iswas to Israel.

    So because the democratically elected president of the United States of America doesn’t let Israel do everything they want, because Israel’s security is only one factor in the push for regional piece he is not a friend to Israel.

    Most of the most vocal proponents of this view are scared ,angry people who go to Israel very rarely, are probably over 45 see hate every where. Because that is what they have in their own hearts.

    Can you point to specific articles where Paul Krugman displays actual self hatred for his Judaism?
    Are you a bigot, and have a problem with a black president?
    Have you always been a selfish ganeff, and not wanted to live in a country that supported and helped its weakest?

    I am willing to bet that this is not the first or last time you have sprouted this view on a website.

    Probably not your last, but know this Arnold Persky, you and all the other angry conservative Jews personally attacking Rachel, in support of a morally bankrupt and divisive Republican party, you are in the minority. And on the wrong side of an argument that is making all Jews look bad.

    Your minority has been louder than the majority, but that time is past.

    Mistakenly calling sites like Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews places that give fodder to the enemies of Jews, is the kind of logic used in the catholic church and recently among orthodox jewish communities in New York that didn’t prosecute perverts because of the damage it would do to the community’s fiath in the religious institution.

    I don’t know if you are a pervert Arnold, but I do know that you should probably get on some medication or see a psychologist or both, and if you struggle to afford it luckily Obamacare has just kicked in so you can benefit from a state program, courtesy of one of the most frugal presidents in modern US history.

    Good Shabbos to you you, sir.

      Pam Green says:

      Hey Adam,

      Are you a psychologist? Just curious, because your ‘free analysis’ sucks. But I guess you get what you pay for.

      You’re also disingenuous when you say that ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ aren’t anti-Jewish, just anti-Netanyahu. I can’t read a progressive website like commondreams, rawstory, truth-out, truthdig, alternet, etcetera without being confronted with the most vicious anti-Semitic tirades I’ve ever heard, masquerading as criticisms of Israeli government policy. You haven’t come across this? Of course you have; they’re inescapable!

      So, I’d like to know if you’ve ever dished out any of the insults on those sites that you just spewed at Arnold Persky. I doubt it, you know why? Because the people who post on those sites would have eaten you alive. And I would have noticed, you know why? Because there are almost never any complaints on those sites against the anti-Semites. And you know there are Jews reading them. And they’re silent. They let it pass. And then they come here and take a dump.

      But please, if I’ve misrepresented you, please correct me. If you ever had the guts to confront those anti-Semites, please post a link to your courageous remarks. We’d all love to read them.

        Adam Cohen says:

        Hey Pam Green,

        Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

        You have almost completely misrepresented me.

        I don’t read commondreams, rawstory, truth-out, truthdig, alternet, etcetera because if I did, I suspect I may begin sounding like you.

        Almost incoherent.

        I don’t know if I can expect you to understand the nuance of my argument, but try.

        Point 1: Criticizing decisions made by Israeli politicians and its president is not an anti-semitic action.
        My point makes the presumption that there is a difference between a comment about Israeli policy coming from an anti-semite and and anyone else. Especially a Liberal Jew who is more of a Zionist than a Jew. i.e 80% of Jews who went to Jewish Summer camp in the US.

        Criticizing the Jews who are exercising their right to have an public opinion, (I ask you too, when was the last time you were in Israel?)
        that is not the same as yours, makes you sound unreasonable and like a Republican. I am going to take a guess and say that you spend way too much time reading inflammatory political crap from unqualified sources. And maybe the internet and how it all works, and who sees what when you post and tweet is all very confusing.

        Point 3:
        When Jews blindly support a political party because of a perceived loyalty to Israel, and some latent racism in the community that no-one ever talks to, it speaks badly of all Jews. And it is embarrassing.

        Point 4:
        It is time to step back from your computer screen, blink, rub your eyes, reset, and see that while we all have different opinions, liberal Jews aren’t calling you traitors for the kind of morality that you condone with the support of the Republican party and a so called absolute support of Israel. Would Chris Christie have floated in the dead sea? Maybe.

        Point 5:
        Pam, for your own good. Get off the internet, and get outside. Or at least start reading better sources. It sounds like your current set of bookmarks are making you crazy.

        As an aside, if Arnold had not been so virulent in his comment, I wouldn’t have felt as compelled to respond. I don’t like the sound of a bully.

        Personally attacking Rachel is poor form. I am sure we can agree on that.

          Pam Green says:

          Hey Alzheimer Adam, rub your own eyes and re-read your deplorable comment. You may not remember, but you called Arnold crazy, a bigot, a selfish gonif and a pervert! And you think his comment was “virulent”? You’re the bully!

          Stop giving unwanted, preachy and incoherent advice, why dontcha? And stop flattering yourself that the “nuances” of your comments are lost on me or anyone else! (I find your Point 3 especially subtle.)

          Adam Cohen says:

          Seriously Pam Green? That’s the best response you got?

          So Republican to focus on one piece of my response that you think you have the moral high ground on. And then take offense at me implying the truth: that you are angry and looking for a fight.

          It feels like you responded because you wanted to have the last word, not because you actually have a point.

          Enjoy reading liberal blogs, along with the other embarrassing, deluded conservative Jews commenting on this page.

          Pam Green says:

          Seriously, Adam not-your-real-name Cohen, if you had any morality, you would have apologized to Arnold for your unjustifiable slurs. How can one look beyond your nasty insults to any other part of your response?

          How’s this for a point? Last Monday, AN AMERICAN WAS CRUCIFIED AND ELECTROCUTED by local al-Qaeda in Yemen. And as far as I’m aware, the Obamination hasn’t even made a public statement about it.

          Adam Cohen says:

          I am going to stop responding to your comments on this page, because while it was interesting for a moment, I am getting blinded by the white flecks of foam flying from the side of your mouth,

          Pam Green says:

          “An Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Yemen crucified an alleged US spy, and posted a video of the crucifixion on YouTube, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) said on Wednesday.
          MEMRI posted the clip, but only to subscribers and with a viewer discretion warning.The Washington, DC-based media watchdog said the man had been crucified by Al-Qaeda-affiliated Ansar Al-Shari’a for allegedly directing US drones targeting terrorists in Yemen. It said the YouTube clip was posted on Monday. The victim was crucified on an electric pylon in south Yemen’s Abyan province.
          A sign above the man’s head showed the flag of the Al-Qaeda-linked group and text from verse 5:33 of the Koran: “The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.” “

          Adam Cohen says:

          You did read the first 10 words of what you posted. You did see the word ‘alledgedly’, right?

          And in other news:

          George Bush jnr threatened to hold funding for Israeli armaments if Israel didn’t stop building settlements. HOLY SHIT. What was your response to this clear infringement of Israeli freedoms?

          Come on Pam.

          This is like looking for weapons of mass destruction, either you gots you some big bombs, or you are the Iraqi minister of information, and you haven’t quite figured out how new media and the internet work just yet and are sounding meshugenah.

          Pam Green says:

          The word ‘alleged’ relates to ‘spy’. Allegedly a spy. The man was crucified; that’s not debatable.

          KansasGirl says:

          Funny thing is, we will do all we can to save your sorry a. when the SHTF…like the last time.

      Scott Tennis says:

      Adam, you’ve obviously got a lot of anger issues going on…which, like many Liberal Jews I know, can be traced back to a f*cked up family life.

        Wow. There’s a blanket statement.

        Adam Cohen says:

        Hey Scott Tennis,

        You are right. I do have anger issues. I am angry as hell at the Jews who are vocally supporting the current iteration of the Republican Party and giving money to influence their fellow Jews through fear and hatred.

        What my family life has to do with my horror at what fellow Jews are advocating politically is beyond me, but sure, if you want to go there, allow me to respond.

        I hadhave a great family life. It is okay to debate and disagree. It is not a WASP-like environment where we hide stuff for the sake of politeness We are honest and open. We were taught critical thinking. We were also shown the importance of compassion, and generosity of spirit.

        It is okay to be angry about something that matters.

          Pam Green says:

          Oh, so now you’re bigoted against WASPs too, not only conservative Jews. Talk about stereotyping ethnic groups: “not a WASP-like environment where we hide stuff….we are honest and open.” Well, your family certainly didn’t do a very good job teaching you critical thinking, compassion, OR generosity of spirit. You don’t exhibit a single one of those traits! You’re a foul-mouthed, emotionally-driven propagandist, who uses insults and other abuse to beat down other people and who thinks that equates to winning an argument. You don’t win; people just get sick of responding to you.

          Adam Cohen says:

          Will someone please get some Xanax or Vicodin for Pam?

          Pam Green says:

          We got it, Adam! You’re in rehab!

          Beatrix17 says:

          Pam—You’re very perceptive. And I know I don’t have to explain to you what that means,

          Pam Green says:

          Thank you.

          Pam Green says:

          Thanks Beatrix. By the way, Rachel’s website is also being featured in The New Yorker and Haaretz. Maybe you’d like to comment there too? As of yet, there aren’t very many comments on those sites. Just Google Yiddish Curses for Republicans.

          Beatrix17 says:

          Let me prophesy further.
          Adam is younger than many of us posting on Tablet. He’s liberal, but
          instead of engaging in liberal activities with friends his own age,
          he salves his ego by attacking his elders. Maybe he doesn’t know
          many people his own age.

          All I can say Adam is
          that I was liberal when I was younger, but I finally grew up.

          Of course, when I accused
          people of being racist it was because they were setting German
          Shepherd dogs on black people or refusing service at lunch counters
          because of the color of a person’s skin, or they were chasing black
          people and their white supporters down lonely roads in the middle of
          the night in order to kill them and bury their bodies.

          I didn’t go down South, I
          had to work, but I demonstrated, wrote letters and went to meetings
          up North. My sister who was in school participated even more, and
          went to jail for her activities. (The police arrested demonstrators
          up North, too). We were sufficiently involved that we had a burning
          cross put on our front lawn. Northern style. It was a wooden cross
          with a flashing red light.

          And I certainly wouldn’t
          call someone racist for the very American activity of criticizing her

          Adam Cohen says:

          Okay let’s start with age. All you wrote is that as you got older, you got more conservative. It may be news to you, but this is a fairly typical trend. As you get older, you struggle to change your views, you become more physically feeble making you scared about your health, and including new beliefs or changing established perceptions, is much tougher

          Often, as you get older you will also embrace your faith. Or whatever your perception of your faith is. Given that both of you are not religious and have never been to Israel, I am going to guess that your ‘faith’ could better be described as rabid, misguided Zionism.
          On this front, if either of you are in fact jewish, and had a jewish upbringing and had a barbatmizvah, I would try to include more reading on the values and beliefs of Judaism into the mix of rightleftouter space political blogs that you read.
          You call yourself Jews. But you don’t speak with the values of being Jewish in your heart.
          It is noble that you wrote letters about racists in the south. And I applaud you for it. But It is one thing to show support for others who are different when they are far away, it is something completely different when they are in your back yard or running your country.
          When you use words like ‘perception’, or phrases like: ‘being able to read what is under the surface’ – unless you are a retired or active military or political analyst, unfortunately you are really just going on instinct or gut.
          What you are really saying is: There is something wrong with that guy, I can feel it, he is not like us. he was brought up different. He doesn’t share our values. He is different. Without actual proof, beyond your ‘perception’, buddy, your phrasing and position indicates that yes, in fact your issue with President Obama is racially motivated, making you racist in your approach to him and these elections.
          Sure, Pam Green has helpfully posted some of the most irrelevant articles in this stream. About men getting crucified. In the middle east. What is has to do with President Obama being pro-islamist is beyond me. And almost every reader. UNLESS, you WANT to make a connection.
          Bush threatened to stop funding for Israeli settlements. He was tighter with the Saudis than the Israelis. Did you ever hear him called an enemy of the Jews?

          I don’t know what you have gone through, or who is around you to make you so scared of people who are different to you. Maybe it is your age. Maybe it is watching too much Fox news. Maybe it was always in your family. Maybe that is how your family survived. I don’t know.
          But let’s be serious for a moment about Pamela criticizing the president. I don’t think Pam considers President Obama her President. I think she thinks he is out to get her. And all Jews. It is just a matter of time before his islamist loving side comes out and he invites osama bin laden to stay over at the Whitehouse and take over biden’s role. Oh wait, Obama killed Osama.

          KansasGirl says:

          It’s you that needs drugs pal.

          KansasGirl says:

          I’m angry that you called me a WASP?

      KansasGirl says:

      You are the crazy uncle.

    Adam Cohen says:


    If you have a moment, I would suggest reading this:

    if you are not too angry or militant, I hope it makes sense

nopeacenow says:

What are you so proud of? There are many curses available for Jewish Democrats, but I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

PhillipNagle says:

May you’re son be rejected from medical school to make way for a “minority” student. Oops! That one was for Democrats.

nopeacenow says:

America today pays elaborate lip service to the security and welfare of the State of Israel. Many are the genuine friends of the Jews among Congress and even the Executive Branch. However, there lurks a sense that at the top of the government Executive, in the person of an individual whose middle name is Hussein and who listened to the raving anti-Semitic sermons of Christian pastor Wright in Chicago for many Sundays without getting up and leaving in disgust, there is a decision-maker who is not innately friendly to the Jewish people.
The most potent indicator of this subtle hostility is not his refusal to visit Israel while President, nor his unfriendly reception of Prime Minister Netanyahu among many phenomena. It is his treatment of Jonathan Pollard. Although many of the high and mighty have written that it is long overdue to release Pollard, nothing will be done.
But this is not the ultimate indicator. That is reserved for the cruel refusal to allow Pollard to attend his father’s funeral. This tells us more clearly than anything else where the emotions of the President of the United States lie.

The Bubster says:

Very funny, wholly within the tradition of Jewish humor! Read Michael Wex, read Blessings, Curses, Hopes and Fears: Psycho-Ostensive Expressions by James Matisoff to see how wrong you critics are, and how far back (even to your Rebbe’s Rebbe) the idea of loving life and making fun of it goes.

Kate P says:

Have any of the people spewing vitriol in the comments actually looked at this site? It’s hilarious, jokey, and while certainly partisan–and it never said it wasn’t–isn’t mean-spirited or angry at all. To call this couple Nazis who are bad for the Jews, etc…well, some of the people here are certainly showing their true colors, and it isn’t Rachel Shukert and her husband.

nopeacenow says:

Let’s see if you can think up some good curses for Obama and Democrats after reading this:
Obama’s ‘intelligence’ agencies urge preparing for
a ‘post-Israel Middle East’'s+'intelligence'+agencies+urge+preparing+for+a+'post-Israel+Middle+East

Rose Frank says:

This is just more intolerance from the so-called tolerant. Israel has never been in more danger than now. This isn’t about parties, it is about freedom and liberties for all people, who wish to not see history repeat itself.

    Pam Green says:

    P.S. Pollo Suave’s comment below was not in response to my comment.

      Adam Cohen says:


      do you have actual proof of Obama’s pro-islamist position?

      Oh wait, let me guess, if Obama doesn’t want to kill all Muslims and wants to treat Muslim countries with an even hand, if he sees the difference between a danger like ahmandinijad and the need for allies in the region, he must be a massive Islamist.

      Ah yes, unlike George Bush who is one of the best friends the Saudi’s ever had and created more tension and problems in the middle east than most of his predecessors, now HE is a friend of Israel. Along with Abramhoff, that was a great time for Jews.

      NEWS ALERT: This just there is ‘proof’ that Obama is telling his people to prepare for a post israel middle east.


        Adam you are so pathetically blind. I am not comparing Obama to hitler (may he burn in hell) but I see how you would have justified voting for him because he was a “socialist”. You’re a pathetic “1930’s German Jew”…

          Adam Cohen says:

          Hey Eytan,
          I think a vote for teh current republican party makes you a racist bigot, who is trying to pretend the majority of the party he supports doesn’t like him and his people.

          If i am blind, you are retarded. and an appeaser. ironic that you call me that since you are making excuses for red necks and evangelical crazies, you are definitely your buddy and want what you want.

          Angry fool.

          KansasGirl says:

          Why do you have such hatred for your G-d?

      Name every instance you can, I’ll name 3 that he isn’t.
      I’ll start:
      1. First Pesach Seder EVER in the White House,
      2. Used threat of US veto to keep security council from entertaining Palestinians statehood application
      3. Recently provided beefed up anti-missile systems to Israel.
      Your turn….

        Pam Green says:

        The backing of the Islamists in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Turkey, and elsewhere.

          Adam Cohen says:

          Pam, again, this comment doesn’t make any sense.

          Well i guess it does if you ignore history and reality.
          Please explain how Obama ‘backed islamists’ in these countries?

          KansasGirl says:

          Explain how he hasn’t?

        Pam Green says:

        “…as recently as Wednesday, Stars & Stripes had a story on the new, deployable tactical operations center the U.S. 10th Army (based in Germany) will take to Israel for Exercise Austere Challenge 2012. The deployable TOC supports air and missile defense, and is to be a central feature of the high-priority ballistic-missile defense (BMD) facet of Austere Challenge. Using Austere Challenge to exercise missile defense is in line with President Obama’s emphasis on missile defense for Israel as a security response to the Iranian threat.

        The exercise has had a troubled history in 2012. Originally scheduled for the spring, it was postponed until later in the year, with a launch date in October finally settled on. But now the exercise is being scaled back considerably, according to a Time report on Friday. Instead of the 5,000 U.S. troops originally planned, the exercise contingent will be more like 1,500, and possibly fewer.Equally important is the report that although Patriot missile batteries will deploy to Israel, there will be no crews to operate them. That is quite odd: a Patriot battery deploys as a unit, with technicians to set the equipment up and maintain it, along with the crews to operate it. It is bizarre and pointed to deploy the hardware but not the crews. There is no military sense to it; it can only be intended to send a political message – and apparently a baby-splitting message, at that.

        Israel can take comfort that she isn’t the only U.S. ally to be sent Patriot parts without the actual Patriot defense capability. The much-publicized deployment of the U.S. Patriot missile to Poland turned out to involve “rotational training units” but no Patriot interceptor missiles. The original agreement was concluded in 2008, and I very much doubt the Bush administration misled the Poles as to the character of the proposed BMD deployments. But an embassy cable from February 2009 registered Polish anger that the Patriot systems would be deployed without any missiles, which is not what they thought they were signing up for.In August 2012, Poland’s president said going with the U.S. missile-defense plan was a mistake, and that Poland would be building her own missile defenses from now on. The tortured symbolism of rotational training without missiles doesn’t seem to have met Poland’s defense needs. Warsaw will turn to Germany and France for assistance with building a national missile defense.Israel has done considerable BMD development of her own, and it is not clear that she will be unable to defend herself without US support. But pointedly moving Patriot hardware to Israel without crews to operate the system sends the message that the U.S. is committed only so far to the defense of Israel. The other cutback reported for Austere Challenge is a reduction in the Aegis BMD warships committed to the exercise, from two to one – or possibly zero. Since the main focus of the exercise will be BMD, this merely amplifies the signal sent by the unmanned Patriot hardware.”

        Pam Green says:

        Thanks, Jacob Cherub, for not even acknowledging my responses to your request. Nevertheless, here is another proof of Obama’s anti-Jewish, pro-Islamist position, which is transparent to most everyone outside the Democratic Party.

        as reported on Ynet News:

        The United States has indirectly informed Iran, via two European nations, that it would not back an Israeli strike against the country’s nuclear facilities, as long as Tehran refrains from attacking American interests in the Persian Gulf, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

        According to the report, Washington used covert back-channels in Europe to clarify that the US does not intend to back Israel in a strike that may spark a regional conflict.
        In return, Washington reportedly expects Iran to steer clear of strategic American assets in the Persian Gulf, such as military bases and aircraft carriers.
        Israeli officials reported an unprecedented low in the two nations’ defense ties, which stems from the Obama administration’s desire to warn Israel against mounting an uncoordinated attack on Iran.

      Umish Katani says:

      Once again, spewing forth rhetoric not based on fact.. State your facts and citations where he is pro Islam…. as i said im not a fan, but if he and Bibi cnat see eye to eye, it does not make im pro Islam. It makes you seem extreme and and out of contact with reality.

        Pam Green says:

        Obama has expressed his pro-Islam stance in his own speeches. He’s even said that correcting stereotypes of Islam is one of his main goals as president, and when one considers how little attention he’s paid to our domestic issues, defending Islam should not have been a priority. Moreover, his actions have shown that it is the extreme interpretation of Islam that he favors. He destroyed a secular society in Libya, approved the Islamist takeover of Egypt, and provided funds to the Syrian ‘rebels’.

          Pam Green says:

          Here’s another tidbit. “DNC’s Islamic prayer leader keynoted Jihad Summer Camp two weeks before 9/11…posted at

          The planned Islamic prayer service for this coming Friday as part of the DNC’s 2012 convention is being led by extremist cleric Siraj Wahhaj, who was named by US Attorney Mary Jo White as one of the “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing trial, and appeared as a character witness for the mastermind of the plot, the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman… Wahhaj has told his followers that a society governed by strict Islamic law, in which adulterers would be stoned to death and thieves would have their hands cut off, would be superior to American democracy. ..
          The actual organizer for the DNC jumah prayer event on Friday, Jabril Hough, has also faced some criticism for his group’s advocacy of Islamic supremacist ideology and extremist views.

          Pam Green says:

          And according to moderate Muslims at

          “It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the organizers of the “Jummah at the DNC”…A quick Google search by the DNC would have shown them that Hough and Wahhaj are leaders in the separatist American Islamist movement. ..If that is who the DNC is consorting with then all Americans, Democrats should be concerned. There are many patriotic Muslims who are part of both parties, and when radical ideologues like this do a demonstration of “solidarity” in the name of our faith and choose an imam like Siraj Wahhaj who I saw with my own eyes in 1995 seditiously say it his duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran- then we need to speak up!”

          Adam Cohen says:

          Hey Pam Green,

          been ages since i smelt your crazy.

          here is an article from a Jew, who actually knows what he is talking about.

          Just checking, but if you have your internet filters turned to: Only let through unqualified crap that feeds my scared, angry, racist views’
          you may not be able to read this article

          Joel_18 says:

          Another Jew had another view: But her piece didn’t have the word “Truth” in the title, so we can’t trust it.

          Adam Cohen says:

          no, you demented fool. it can’t be trusted because it is from someone who doesn’t matter, on a blog that is not credible.

          If you can’t see the point of the article, and are going to try and refute every point with hear say, and conjecture.

          You don’t want to hear the point. You want to stay in your paranoid little shell, pretending you are Jewish, when actually you are just rapidly pro israel without a valuable perspective.

          Pam Green says:

          Oh, so COMMENTARY is a blog??? And the editors of Commentary don’t matter and aren’t credible?????

          Can you really be so poorly informed and educated that you don’t know the long and reputable history of this magazine?

          But, of course, rather than educate yourself, you instead do what you’ve become so famous for – you start a smear campaign, insulting others and making up fictitious stories about them!

          I truly think someone must be paying you to post inflammatory nonsense. Tell us the truth, Adam, are you one of the many, many Americans with rudimentary language and typing skills who are on the Islamist propaganda payroll?

          KansasGirl says:

          What is wrong with Jewish people being pro-Israel?

          any Jew who sites the NY Times as an authority on anything that is supportive of Israel or the Jewish people. is obviously a lying pos or totally delusional. The NY Times has been one of the leading voices against the Jewish state since it founding and what makes it worse, it is owned by Jews. You want to believe that crap, go right ahead. Me, Id rather die with my own in Jerusalem. I can’t wait until my assignment is over after the election and I can get out of this place once and for all.

          Am Yisrael Chai.

          and If you would like to know how our Jewish brothers and sisters are doing in Europe, I suggest you read my extensive interview with Dr. Clemens Heni of Berlin:

      Sadly they are just like German Jews before WWII…

        Adam Cohen says:

        If you are going to use WWII refs, not my first choice, but okay.

        I would you and your republican supporting jews are just like the Ordenienst

      Obama issued a mandate to the head of NASA that ordered thusly:

      Promote Muslim self-esteem by reminding the world of the Muslim contribution to science.

      Why the head of NASA needs to concern himself with this can only be answered by understanding what Liberalism is — a ideology that sucks the life and history out of the host people like a vacuum and shoots it out the other end at underachieving minorities. That’s all liberalism can do — suck up what whites created and redistribute a globalized product to the rest of the world.

      Now on the the Jewish question, witch which this site is obsessed…

      Another tenant of liberalism is a preference for victimhood. Jews, who are only a small minority, constitute more than 30% of the Forbes 400 and constitute about 26% of the top US politician and news pundits.

      How anyone could come to the conclusion that this cohort is a victim :transcends any of the rubbish Goebbels came up with.

      The DNC were shitting their pants when they found out Obama omitted the trite Jerusalem is the capital speech because they knew that the backlash from the ostensible victim cohort would be grave — and so it was.

        Pam Green says:

        “suck up what whites created” – this is racist.
        “the Jewish question” – poor choice of words, borrowed from the Nazis
        “How anyone could come to the conclusion that this cohort [Jews] is a victim” – the radical Islamist agenda is victimizing all peoples, threatening all Western societies, and the American ‘left’ in its ignorance and misplaced sympathies is helping spread Islamist propaganda. The Muslims are being presented as victims of the Jews, as an excuse to victimize the Jews. And to say this isn’t a threat because so many Jews are successful is ridiculous. Success can be a very fleeting thing when anti-Semitism takes hold of the popular imagination.
        “The DNC were shitting their pants when they found out Obama omitted the trite Jerusalem is the capital speech…” The DNC knew as of August 10th what the new platform was and there was no attempt to placate the Jews. The delegates obviously were not afraid to boo. And the Jewish backlash has been exceedingly tame.

    KansasGirl says:


What is this world coming to? Jewish Republicans! Latino Republicans! African-American Republicans! Henny Penny was right. The sky is going to fall!

mdk4130 says:

Good Grief. Another Rachel – one is enough! What’s the beef? We don’t want to pay for some things? The United States is one of the richest industrialized nations in the world, with a median household income of $49,445. Isn’t that wonderful. Are you proud? But you are spoiled. Yes, Americans –including Democrats –are rich. But because some people are rich that’s no reason to hate them. Besides, in America what I make is my business and what you make is your business and if anyone has studied economics one learns that one must never make interpersonal comparisons of utility. In simpler words, you are not permitted to say whether money in my pocket is worth more or less to me than the money in your pocket. I like to think, “It’s not of your business “ ought to be America’s motto. Obama is not the mayor of a small community he is concerned with organizing. He is the president of the United States. It’s none of his business what American school children eat …or how much insurance we have. Get the troops out of –or put more in–Afghanistan, that’s his business! Perhaps we are not too prideful of the things government provides. You betcha! And With good reason! You do not realize Americans are beginning to wake up and realize we think the government is providing too much, too soon and that I call the Obama Fallacy. William Blake once wrote a one-line poem in the form of a question, which applies to the current presidential election: “Enough or too much?” That question will be answered in November to decide if Americans are prepared to devote a larger share of national income to “social concerns” as, perhaps, the Democrats think should be provided to its citizens, which is their business. When Americans want it they will pay for it and politicians will not lack the courage to raise the necessary taxes.

morganfrost says:

Well, Rachel, I suppose it’s clear enough that you wouldn’t be able to hold your own in an argument with one of us, so making up cutesy Jewish-sounding insults to hurl at us may be your best bet. Sad, really.

Boy, you sure hit a nerve. Those Republican complainers sound like a parody and a self created bunch of curses. Keep em coming.

Rabbi David Algazi of Queens, NY observes that party-alliances aside, Obama’s demonstrated disdain for Zionism is warning enough to deny him a second term.

    Pam Green says:

    Great video clip of Rabbi Algazi, fantastic! But I think it’s important to state that he does not just say that Obama is anti-Israel. He says that the only religion that Obama has not “fully, frontally attacked” in the last four years is Islam, and he says this is something to ponder. He also says that there is no “core” to Obama. “We don’t know what he stands for, where he came from or where he’s going.”`

nopeacenow says:

The Case for Obama
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Oh, there is no case for Obama, rational or otherwise. That is not to say
that he doesn’t have a formula that will attract many votes – he does – but one
is hard pressed to formulate cogent arguments why his failed presidency should
be carried forward for another four years. He himself seems to realize this, and
focuses his speeches on vitriolic distortions of his opponent’s personality and
record and scant references to his own achievements in office. It is a strategy
dependent on casting so much mud that Mitt Romney looks entirely soiled, and as
filthy as the incumbent, in which case the incumbent wins by
Read it all:

Salomon says:

This kind of intolerance toward different thinking is not of the kind of atitude that bolchevik Jews adopted toward Jews that tought differently in the URSS?
Some of those bolcheviks became Genrikh Yagodas…(consult the Wikipedia)
Adelson is a pragmatic man and he loves Israel… He is rich because: first, he was blessed by the gods, second, because he is smart, third he knows that there are not drawers in the casket, he distributes his money to cause he believes (he does not any need to hear the opinions of the bolcheviks). Long life to Adelson so he can make the tsedakot he believes in…

A mizrahi Jew…

Darius15 says:

You should be ashamed. The GOP, a party that cares about its citizens
and country, but sees differently than you, the party of your fellow
citizens, including Jews, and you insult them, and promote the hatred
that led to a recent shooting at a Conservative Center–shame on you. My
wife is a Republican and I am a Democrat, but I think I will switch
parties because I want nothing further to do with you or your ilk. The
recent Democrat hatred attacks against Republicans are vile, and
unnecessary. Argue issues instead of slogans and actually pay attention
to what they say not what you imagine they said or what you heard second
hand. You disgust me.

altebubbe says:

where is my comment??

Umish Katani says:

אפילו ריפּאַבלאַקאַנז קענען האָבן מיינונגען. Not just you…. but you are entitled to yours no matter how meshuga

altebubbe says:

shame on u! u have given every anti semite fuel for hatred – dems spend time kissing obamas tuchis and some of us smarter yids r republicans – so there – this is the worst article on this site since i began reading it months ago – what a waste of words rhetoric – so seemingly eloquent yet insensitive and offensive –

altebubbe says:

well spoken darius
– this election is the most vicious derisive ever- the o man has no record to run on so he goes into attack and fear mode pitting all sorts of groups against each other because he has no sense of what a united cohesive US is – can we do any worse by replacing the most ridden by failure and scandalous administrations? – we need a change, a fresh restart and a new page in america’s history – a breath of fresh air – what us seniors used to say – I certainly tired of the comments, gaffes and of course the throwing of israel under the bus from day 1 my friends – give it a thought

Thanks Adam. Well written argument why all Republican leaning Jews are wrong. I’m not an “Israel, right or wrong” supporter.
Not a “USA, right or wrong” fellow either. Notwithstanding that I’m a retired military, Viet Nam decorated vet. Now you probably understand why I’m a conservative. I’ve lived in many different countries and saw how we differ from those and yes, we are exceptional.
You seem intelligent. write well and believe what you believe. I don’t curse you for your beliefs. Why would I?
I’ve put my life on the line to secure your right to say and believe what you wish. Why would you feel that I should be cursed for mine?
Why would you glorify hatemongers as these people are?
I don’t get it. Please advise.

    Adam Cohen says:

    Hey Arnold,

    It is your right to be conservative.

    It is impolite and bullying to leave the comment you did, personally attacking Rachel.

    No one is attacking you or your beliefs personally.

    Arnold, this is the crux of my point: You feel you are being attacked for being conservative. That you are being cursed. At most, I would say you are being made fun of. By people in your community who are disappointed and upset about the continued support for a political party that is so far out of whack with anything that represents reality and is against what we were taught is fair and just.

    The Republican party has gone off the rails. They are liars and charlatans. The financial suggestions they are making are truly stupid. The debt ceiling ‘debate’ for one wasis a joke. In many ways they are a danger to this country. thank g-d that schlemiel Northquist is not a Jew, even the Koch brothers are starting to call for higher taxes.

    The moral values of the current Republican party on education, woman’s rights, voters right, civil rights, immigrant and most other rights not linked to rich white guys, is beyond abysmal, it is verging on the absolute catastrophic.

    The party is certainly morally bankrupt, and done everything in its legislative power to thwart the President’s agenda, in many, many cases to the detriment of the country.

    Now for some reason, the Republicans have been able to paint President Obama as anti Israel or not a friend of the Jews. They have been helped by a strain of racism in old generations of the Jewish community, as well as American Jewish Israeli leaders who are closer in mind set to the Bush Administration than the Obama administration.

    A middle name of Hussein and some time spent in indonesia along with a previous administration that let bibi and the gang do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn’t piss off the Saudis, and suddenly an even handed approach looks pro-Islam. Or anti-Israel.

    As an aside, how many of the 10 commandments do you think the Republicans trash, in their position ‘planks’?

    The scare tactics are great fodder for conservative causes who want to scare the shit out of old Jews to vote against their own values and best interests.

    That is their poltical right how ever off-color, and however much it takes advantage of the elderly, just as it is your right to support whoever you want.
    But think about where we all came from, the crap we had to put up with as Jews were slowly accepted in this country.
    What the Republicans are doing, and their supporters endorse by turing a blind eye to, surely this seems wrong? Not who we are as a people? Something that would have harmed Jews if it had been happening in a different time?

    So Arnold, you have a choice,

    Continue to be ridiculed for your support of a party that is almost fundamentally against the teachings of Judaism, because you believe what they say about Israel, and President Obama. (This from a party even Fox News called a crazy bunch of liars during the RNC)

    Or start looking past the rhetoric and maybe parsing a different point of view.
    This is the harder path, because so much is invested in the current narrative pushed by Repubs and their supporters. But I urge you to try. Staying away from unqualified blogs is a good start. Not watching Fox news is another. Growing a slightly thicker skin will also help.

    Arnold, ultimately the site is implying that all Jews should know better, than to support this current group of gonifs, even if it means rethinking and reconsidering one’s life long political affiliation.

    I believe I am a Jew before I am a Democrat or a Republican.

Just re-read your diatribe. I take it back re your well written response. Aside from a few misspelled words, where did you dig up “pervert” as an analysis from my comments? where a “bully” ?
Enjoy Obamacare should it survive. Just hope you and yours don’t get seriously ill.
You resort to name-calling right out of the chute. You’re the bully. my friend. Pretty well spoken, but it’s really for you, “your way or the highway”
You do need to not rely on what you read on the web as your sole source of info. You also need to take a breath, relax, it’s only our way of life that’s at stake.
You socialists/progressives may win it all and and then Reverend Wright’s ” Not, G-d Bless America, G-d damn America” will be our motto. And the hammer and sickle our flag.
Then you’ll be able to relax in the glory of what you and yours have achieved.
I’d like to be a nice guy and wish you Good Luck, B you probably wouldn’t accept that from a bully and pervert,
And, by the waay, do you really, really believe the Middle East situation can be settled by diplomacy? Good grief!!!

    Adam Cohen says:

    go on arnold. dig deep. I am sure you can find some more fear and hatred in there.

    take a deep breath, it is not our way of life that is at stake

    Have things really been so bad for Jews over the last 4 years?
    Or are you mixing up a messy economy and obstructionist republicans and a more even handed president?

    So what is about to change?

    Wait, is Pres Obama going to raise the military fund for israel again?

    Wait no, he is going to have the 2nd ever seder at the whitehouse,

    Or, woh, crazy time, he is going to kill another major Islamic terrorist and continue increasing drone killings in Muslim countries?

    Arnold, i clearly can’t help you see it, but you are being confused by either:

    a) latent racism – which given your age is a distinct possibility
    b) fear mongering by the Repubs about Pres Obama being a muslim or anti israel.
    c) An inability to separate your anxiety about president Obama with what you perceive is appropriate support for Israel.

    And your weakness is being played on by people who are doing nothing to support you and your family.

    I always thought the only people in the US stupid enough to vote against their best interests were in the puritanical middle of this country.

    It is upsetting that so many Jews are being fooled the same way.

      KansasGirl says:

      I think so many Jews have quit being fooled by your type.

      Pam Green says:

      Another demographic stereotyped and trashed by the bigoted Adam!
      Now it is “the puritanical middle of this country” which is “stupid”. Is there any group that you do like, Adam? Oh, of course there is! The Islamists and their progressive supporters!

Aharon says:

Should we really be cursing one another? I posted a couple of things on this website, then felt bad about it, deleted my posts and apologized on the site to anyone I had offended. Someone was offended by my apology, and accused me of not being genuine, and in fact, being pompous and superior. I felt terrible about this interaction, and for ever having even looked at the site. This is not about political correctness – it is about civility. America is place where differences must be respected. America’s political system has existed all these years because of our ability to respect differences and compromise in the end. People can have differing opinions and those opinions should be discussed, not ridiculed. This is the not way educated Jews should interact.

Aharon says:

Is this really how we should be interacting? What sense of tolerance does this teach our children if we cannot have a civil discussion about our differences and instead are ridiculing one another. Do we want our children to ridicule those whose views are different from our own? I think we all need to calm down and rethink how conservative and liberal Jews should interact. This is not black and white. The liberals have some positions on Israel that are not in Israel’s best interests. The conservatives have some views on marriage and abortion that most modern Jews would find distasteful. The liberals have views about the role of government in society that many conservatives would say is the role of charitable organizations. But these are all things that can be discussed in a civil manner and ultimately will be compromised upon. That is how our society should work. It should not be about cursing someone because their views differ from ours. The Torah commands that we honor the stranger in our midst. How can we teach this mitzvah to our children if we cannot even honor one another?

Hershl says:

Idiots who lack a brain and instead pound on a keyboard.

Zoltsu geyn in d’erd.

You are probably too linguistically challenged to even understand that.

A shandah far di goyim.

Scott Tennis says:

The Hope and Future of the Jewish people does not lie with the large mass of Jews in the West who are Liberal-Left.It lies with the Jews of Israel who are relatively free of the disease of the Left and whose own Leftwing segment has been relegated to impotent obscurity. Only a complete asshole could be a self-identified Jew and lover of Israel and vote for Obama in November.

Scott Tennis says:

The Hope and Future of the Jewish people does not lie with the large mass of Jews in the West who are Liberal-Left.It lies with the Jews of Israel who are relatively free of the disease of the Left and whose own Leftwing segment has been relegated to impotent obscurity. Only a complete asshole could be a self-identified Jew and lover of Israel and vote for Obama in November.

mdk4130 says:

Jews are a constant surprise. This may not reflect intelligent citizenship but it is delicious.
My Yiddish curse for Rachel: May he who laughs last laugh best.

Truly disgusted- your welcome. Kapo writers at the Tablet.

paul delano says:

American Liberal Jews are some of the biggest assholes around. One has only to contrast these idiots with Israeli Jews where the Liberal-Left political segment has all but vanished from political sight. Let these morons give Obama their vote again. More than likely their spawn will enter the assimilation current and vanish from Jewry in one or two generations. Good riddance.

Browsed the
site. Clichéd, stupid

wlinden says:

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries. May you learn that your great-great-grandfather was an Anglican bishop.

the religious righteousness of the left is past being amusing. Only left-wing Looney Tunes. Could believe this president is a friend of Israel are Jews
the president who has no understanding of the free enterprise system. his teaching of class hate. Has done nothing to bring us together the Torah teaches us not be jealous of our neighbor .he has not create jobs but wasted trillions of dollars. And I do believe most Jews who will vote for him or more secular then Jewish

Rita Rosen Poley says:

I can not believe that this Yiddish fun take on our political reality has elicited such hate in the form of comments to this post. Get a life! Do you all realize that Ryan and Romney are running for Liar in Chief not Commander in Chief? That is a lot more serious than Yiddish slang. When did it get so very un-kosher to ascribe colorful, not-dirty Yiddish curses to our political personalities. Lighten up!
One of my favorites is “May you grow like an onion, with your head in the ground”

ReyRey says:

If there is one thing Judaism has taught me it is that a sense of humor is key. To those of you who read this and took it personally, you simply are not getting the concept of Jewish jest. Take Jewish humor 101 and then we can talk

Beatrix17 says:

One thing about
Jews—we’re more tolerant of other people than we are of each other.

Beatrix17 says:

Obama not only wants to
bring home the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, he wants to be known
in the history books as implementing “peace in our time” between
the Arab and the Western nations. And there in the midst of all that
Arab, Turkish, and Persian bile sits chunky little Israel robbing
Obama of his glorious dream.

Romney is used to going
into failed enterprises and turning them around. I think he’s better
equipped to handle the Israeli/Palestinian peace issue. It won’t be
grandiose because Romney lives in this world, not in his dreams. But
with his experience, he can help these two Mideastern peoples do what
Mideasterners do best—bargain.

    Adam Cohen says:

    That has to be some of the weakest logic I have ever heard from a troll in a while. No article to back it up?

    Romney is used to going to into companies and making money for his own company. Often to the detriment of the company itself. Bain was always fine.

    thinking that an MBA nominee who has shown the ability to change base principles on the turn of a dime(etch a sketch), is capable of understanding, committing to and solving a conflict like the middle east is worthy of a single digit IQ.

    Romney cuts and runs when it suits him. Look at health care. He shit all over his own plan that worked, when it was politically expedient. And really it was a republican plan that obama resurrected.

    There is no quick solve to the middle east, but i know this for sure: a mormon who believes in magic underpants, an american jesus and some pretty scary stuff for jews, is hardly the man i would trust to solve the problem. Effectively. Or at all.

    I would rather trust an honorable christian who has shown an empathy and compassion and proof that he is actually human, and not a robot dressed as a human. Also a man who reached across the asile, and got his hand bit repeatedly by the rabid republican dogs. He has shown patience and humility in the face of inappropriate and embarrassing attacks.

    I doubt you have been to israel in the last 5 years. Maybe not ever. You write like someone who likes assuming things from his arm chair. Without any of the understanding of what is going on the ground. Or the need for allies in the region.

      Beatrix17 says:

      It’s called perception
      Adam. It’s based on intelligence, experience and being able to see
      below the surface.

      Romney’s job was buying
      failing businesses and trying to make them successful. Sometimes it
      didn’t work. More often they did better than if they’d just been
      allowed to fail. Seeing a healthcare plan so misused by Obama made
      Romney have 2nd thoughts about his own plan.

      I’m an Independent,
      planning to vote Republican and answering an article that childishly
      insults Republicans. People have stated repeatedly throughout their
      posts about Obama’s hatred of Israel and/or Jews to explain their
      support of the Republicans, and I’m answering them here. I don’t
      agree with them. I don’t think it’s about Jews at all—I think it’s all about Obama.

        Adam Cohen says:

        ah yes, perception.

        Given the context of how you use the word above, I suspect an alternate spelling of perception could be: r-a-c-i-s-m

          Pam Green says:

          See? All you know how to do is insult people. So, Beatrix is a troll and a racist, with a single-digit IQ, according to you? And Mormonism is crazy and bad for Jews, but Christianity’s never been anti-Semitic! And to top it off, you demand of other commenters that they document all their opinions, but you never provide any substantiation for yours! So, Obama is “an honorable christian who has shown empathy and compassion and proof that he is actually human and not a robot”?? Your saying so doesn’t make it true. And Obama’s record doesn’t support your delusion.

          Beatrix17 says:

          Thanks Pam. I’ve noticed some of your posts and you’re a gutsy little gal.

          Adam Cohen says:

          Yep, because posting unqualified sources and ranting like a lunatic anonymously on a blog is the absolute definition of gutsy.

          Hey, beatrix17, I was wondering if your love fest with Pam Green started at ‘

          I heard it is a great place to scrape the bottom of the political and intellectual barrel.

          Easy pickings for a prophet like yourself.

          KansasGirl says:

          That’s funny coming from someone who thinks O is the messiah.

          Adam Cohen says:

          No Pam, what i know how to do is call bullshit on mentally inferior, angry insecure people like yourself, who feel compelled to spew hatred all over the internet.

          The fact that i insult you along the way doesn’t really help, but let’s be honest, nothing I say is going to change your mind. You are set that Pres Obama is bad for all of us. Especially Jews. And nothing anyone says or does can change that.

          You choose to take silly angles on my points, see every argument through a myopic lens and then try and take the moral high ground.

          Pam Green,did you notice that there are only 128 comments in this thread but almost 500 Facebook likes? You know what that means?

          If i subtract the craziness coming from you and beatrix and my responses, there are way more people who have publicly liked Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews, than those, like yourself and Arnold who chose to personally attach Rachel and her husband for making light of something many Jews find really scary – a ROmney RYan presidency.

          So it would be rude of me not to say thank you for being the perfect, unhinged crazy person for me to repsond to. And get my points across. My responses to your meshugas have been read by 1000’s of people.

          I pity you and the rest of the people who have so much fear and anger in their hearts about the president and the United States. I hope you can all find a dark, petty, insecure, racist accepting part of the internet to hangout in. You probably know this one:

          But hopefully not before you have helped me make my point:

          Jews who are claiming that President Obama is anti-Israel, because he is apparently an Islamist, are on the wrong side of the debate, and are being influenced to embrace their worst fears and weakness’ by a Republican Party that represents the worst in all people.

          I know this is a stupid thing to ask given you have no ideas, only fear, but what exactly do you think is going to happen to Israel, if there is another 4 years of Obama as president?

          He is going to take away the nukes? Sink the doomsday subs? Stop the Gilani Brigades being some of the toughest soldiers in the world? Stop sending billions for Iron Dome?

          The fact that you think, as an American Jew, the defense of a country you have not been to, is based mostly on who the president of the united states is, speaks to how completely ridiculous your points of view are, and where you get your ‘information’.

          Israel survives without the US, but it certainly makes things a lot easier. For both sides.

          Pam Green says:

          I hope all the other readers of this thread (those you haven’t chased away with your venomous propaganda) take special note of your statement that your real purpose in responding to me and others here is to gain publicity for yourself outside of this forum, to “get my points across. My responses to your meshugas have been read by 1000’s of people.” Good luck with those delusions of grandeur! And by the way, if you’d bothered to read my posts rather than just rush to answer, you would have noticed that I didn’t attack Rachel. But don’t let a little fact like that interrupt your diarrheal discharge.

          Adam Cohen says:

          ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

          Have a great labor day Pam.

          Here are a few curses from the site i thought you would enjoy:

          May you be reunited in the world to come
          with your ancestors, who were all socialist garment workers.

          May you find yourself lost and stranded in
          a village of Palestinian Muslims, and may you be treated only with dignity,
          kindness and respect.

          May your prostate grow as fast as your children’s student loan interest rates.

          Pam Green says:

          May you live long and attract attention continuously from all quarters.

          KansasGirl says:

          I have a feeling you are a Muslim.

          Pam why do you bother arguing with this idiot? I have a curse for him and it’s not in Yiddish. Adam may you marry a nice gentile woman, have non Jewish children and have born again Republican grand children. Hashem blesses you brother although I can’t believe you were created in His own image…

          Pam Green says:

          I agree; it’s a waste of time to argue with someone like him. Unfortunately, so many Jewish Democrats are just as unreasoning, if a little less abusive.

          Beatrix17 says:

          When you are so moronic
          that you have no arguments left, and know absolutely nothing about
          your opponent except that she’s Jewish, then you spew out the racism
          canard, because that is something that Jews are especially sensitive

          I’m not racist, but I am
          descended from the prophets, and I prophesy that Obama is doomed and
          when we get free from all this lefty nonsense we’ve had to endure the
          last 4 years, we will finally enter the 21st century.
          Until now, we’ve been stuck in the 1960s. If we weren’t we could
          criticize a black President without being called racist.

          Pam Green says:

          I hope you’re right, Beatrix! I hope Obama is doomed! He isn’t good for Israel and he isn’t good for America! As for playing the race card, how dare Adam accuse you or other Jews of being racist! Below, he wrote that there is “a strain of racism in old generations of the Jewish community” as if Jews were not heavily involved in the civil rights movement. Also, he called the conservative Jews on this thread “monkeys”. Is that not a racist epithet? I think he’s very odd.

          Beatrix17 says:


          Let me prophesy further.
          Adam is younger than many of us posting on Tablet. He’s liberal, but
          instead of engaging in liberal activities with friends his own age,
          he salves his ego by attacking his elders. Maybe he doesn’t know
          many people his own age.

          All I can say Adam is
          that I was liberal when I was younger, but I finally grew up.

          Of course, when I accused
          people of being racist it was because they were setting German
          Shepherd dogs on black people or refusing service at lunch counters
          because of the color of a person’s skin, or they were chasing black
          people and their white supporters down lonely roads in the middle of
          the night in order to kill them and bury their bodies.

          I didn’t go down South, I
          had to work, but I demonstrated, wrote letters and went to meetings
          up North. My sister who was in school participated even more, and
          went to jail for her activities. (The police arrested demonstrators
          up North, too). We were sufficiently involved that we had a burning
          cross put on our front lawn. Northern style. It was a wooden cross
          with a flashing red light.
          And I certainly wouldn’t
          call someone racist for the very American activity of criticizing her

          Adam Cohen says:

          Hey mr prophet

          here is something you should read:

          it makes sense. and has fact.

          and doesn’t sound like it is coming from a bigot

          Adam Cohen says:

          Hold on.

          You’re descended from the prophets and you prophesy that President Obama is doomed?

          Why thank you for so generously sharing your prophesy with every one.

          Ha ha, lefty nonsense, enter the 21st century.

          buddy, you sound like you want things to go back to the dark ages. only worse.

          KansasGirl says:

          It’s the muslims that live in the dark ages.

          KansasGirl says:

          You are the racist.

      ekaneti says:

      And Obama extended the Bush tax cuts he so claims to hate. Talk about political expediency.

        Pam Green says:

        Exactly. Obama did nothing for ordinary people who were destroyed by the frauds in the banking industry. None of his policies has supported the middle class.

      KansasGirl says:

      Your thinking is nonsensical.

“Feeling different, feeling alienated, feeling persecuted… that’s probably what’s responsible for the Jews having developed such a great sense of humor. The people who had the greatest reason to weep, learned more than anyone else how to laugh.”

— Mel Brooks, who, judging by this comments section, never met a Jewish Republican.

Victoria says:

Curse not or you shall be cursed, Rachel Shukert. May Hashem bless your soul ( that is if you have one!)

I just posted a rather long and, I think, humorous comment that popped off completely when I signed on with facebook. Who figured out that process? The Democratic party collecting opposing opinions? Well… maybe I can reduce it’s size, as an example to your poor lump, Rebecca. Democrats promise ’em anything. Talk is cheap. Why vote for someone who lies more than Republicans do, when Republicans (except Mr. Ryan) always look cuter than Democrats these days, if not more Jewish. Then again, does Obama look Jewish? Not to me. He doesn’t even look like an Obama. Where’s his beard and turban? So here’s a Polish curse for your hero Clinton which also applies to Obama (my Granny always said that curses were Polish since I think that she wanted me to respect Yiddish literature, if not speak in Yiddish, G-d forbid): ready… here it comes… May his penis grow all the way up over his head and down to his backside where he hides his fortune from his wife and Democratic taxation. I’m a Jewish Republican, but I’m also a lot more. And what are you, exactly, to your poor lumps (2/3 of our proud nation is fat). Do what you can for something, or leave to the Democrats.

I left out a word in my haste to enter a similar comment for the second time. The word was in the last sentence, and it was “it.” It. It came from the black lagoon. It should happen to you. Or by opposing end it. It’s only a paper moon. :-}

Darius15 says:

This is an antisemitic article. Why is this magazine publishing antisemitic articles?

I don’t really understand the point; it would be just as easy to make “yiddish” (well, yiddish-style, which is to yiddish as kosher-style is to kosher) curses for democratic jews, who also ought to know better: “may your adult children, after going into debt to finance their education, be unable to find employment. may you have guaranteed medical insurance but shortages of doctors willing to treat you; May the Independent Payment Advisory Board deem the gleason score of 7 for your grandfather’s prostate cancer too low to warrant treatment given his age. May you live long enough to see the consequences of our failure to reform social security.” and on and on.

Wow; such vitriolic hatred for people who have different views than your own. Just because I don’t subscribe to the beliefs of the Democratic party doesn’t mean that I hate all Democrats. Clearly that’s not the case with this couple towards Republicans.

Umish Katani says:

I think Pam Green is a misguided individual who has an agenda and wants to seem erudite and educated. Unfortunately she , he it , whomever hides behind that name is neither erudite nor educated. Hatred is hatred under any description and her its his comments lead us to believe she is in need of a re-education in facts…. I am not fan of Obama, but surely the Republikkkans will cause greater havoc in the mid east than already exists…. You may not like “even handed” i dont always, its not in my favor, but Bibi has to take some of the blame for the situation… He is not a likable fellow. So ask yourself.. Do you think the Christian Right wing Republikkkan National Church Party will be a better friend to Israel or Just see them as another group opne to conversion.. Pam you need to rethink your position and do a better job of documenting the accusations with facts.

    Pam Green says:

    I haven’t seen you document any of your opinions, nor have I seen any evidence of your great level of erudition. And who beside yourself do you speak for when you say “lead us to believe…” I have, in fact, documented many of my opinions; see below. Your comments, on the other hand, are clearly skewed. When you write “Christian Right wing Republikkkan National Church Party”, you are far from being even-handed, objective, or rational. You expose yourself as a hater. So don’t preach to me about rethinking my position.

      Adam Cohen says:

      Pam Green. Until you understand that there is a difference between being a rabid Israel supporter and being a Jew, you are going to continue to sound like the sad, angry person you are.

        Pam Green says:

        To you possibly, but not to anyone whose opinion I might care about or respect. I wish Tablet would kick you off the site. You’re a poisoning presence.

          Adam Cohen says:

          No Pam. You are angry, upset, unstable individual. It is you spreading lies and mistrust that should be booted.

          But I invite you to read the perspective of a Jew who actually know what he is talking about.

          try not to scream at your computer screen too much

          Pam Green says:

          You’ve posted the same link on this site about seven times already today. You don’t read very widely, do you? And as I said earlier, when you slimed Commentary magazine as a hearsay-spreading blog, the NY Times article you love so much is an op-ed, on the Opinions page. It’s written by a wealthy financial consultant whose only connection to journalism or research is that he donated money to get his name associated with the Brooking Institution. So much for actually knowing what he is talking about.

          It’s you who spreads lies and mistrust, but you’re so obvious about it and so repulsive that you’re not very effective, just an annoying and boring distraction.

        ekaneti says:

        “”Until you understand that there is a difference between being a rabid Israel supporter and being a Jew,”” From a Jewish standpoint there isnt

        KansasGirl says:

        Why don’t you support Israel?

    ekaneti says:

    “”but surely the Republikkkans will cause greater havoc in the mid east than already exists…”” Havoc is caused by Muslim Ms Moral Equivalency

      Pam Green says:

      Obama’s support for Islamist extremism is also alienating our European allies, who recognize it as a dire social problem in their own countries. The radicalization of European youth is part of a well-organized, well-funded Islamist separatist movement determined to overthrow Western governments. That is not a conspiracy theory. And American Democrats are placing our country at risk by ignoring this danger.

herbcaen says:

you can make curses about your fellow Jews in Yiddish, just like you did marching into the crematoria. We will not make curses about you, but speak in a living language (Hebrew)

May you live to see your children mired in debt. May you have to wait 6 months for your first cancer biopsy appointment. May you live to write the history of Israel in past perfect tense. May you regret your carbon footprint. May you grow up to see the amorality in an all-inclusive universe; may you find a secret compartment in the home of those you deride when the Thought Police comes after you.

Pam Green says:

Now that Obama has formally decided not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, will the Jewish Democrats on this site change their minds about him?

    Adam Cohen says:


    Pam, you need to post your experience in middle east politics somewhere on this page. Please. I am sure you majored in Middle Eastern Studies and Politics, given your intellectual heft.

ekaneti says:

I was wondering are you also going to create a web page making fun of the majority of Israelis who prefer Romney to Obama?

ekaneti says:

“”including four people in Iran, all of whom I would very much like to treat to a cup of coffee.””
Good then they can be caffeinated when they cut your head off. Should go faster and smoother that way

ekaneti says:

The DNC just overrode the delegates vote. They had to vote three times before proclaiming Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Clearly the delegates opposed the voice vote but the chairman overruled them after three votes.

    Pam Green says:

    The delegates opposed the change? One more reason to sever all ties to the Democratic Party.

What about some Catholic curses on authoritarian,fetaphobic,Statist leftwing Jews who decry “intolerance” and then practice it on everybody who doesn’t fit into their limited group of “victims”?Rahm Emmanuel,Michael Bloomberg and the twin tyrants of Hebrew Stalinism on the Supreme Court deserve a good cursing out……It never ceases to fascinate me how hypocritical and dangerous leftwing Jews are.Big Government and Judaism-that really worked out well in Germany….

The trouble with dems is that they often think with and are ruled by their crotches. What trouble these Jewish dems would be in if The True and Living God turned their curses upon themselves. Justice would call for it. Justice will come, sooner or later.
Numbers 22:12

And God said unto Balaam, Thou shalt not go with them; thou shalt not curse the people: for they [are] blessed.

panskeptic says:

Jewish Republicans have a problem. Republicans don’t think they’re white.

Republicans will take Jewish money and Jewish brains and Jewish votes, and support Israel (or at least Likud), but they HATE Jews.

    Pam Green says:

    Well, I didn’t see much love for Jews among the delegates to the Democratic convention last night! Did you?

    I’ve never seen a majority of Republicans boo Jerusalem at their convention like the Democrats did last night. :( The sad truth is that no one ideology has a monopoly on Jew hatred, but from banning Circumcision, to an Antisemitism masked as Anti-Zionism, that’s becoming increasingly less disguised, Jew hatred on the Left is on the rise.

    Which is still better than taking Jewish money, brains and votes, HATING Jews (except for self-hating Jews obviously) and HATING Israel, no?

    FYI, I’m a Sephardi Jew and when I look at my skin it’s definitely not white. Should I remind you that we all happen to come from a far away place called Israel and that back then the Jewish people didn’t have many blonds with blue eyes…

Pam Green says:

Is this a game-changer? The delegates of the Democratic Party can’t even support the Jews – in front of the entire world – to reverse Obama’s anti-Israel language in the party platform? It was enough of a disaster that Obama gutted the 2008 platform, removing the reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, in violation of a law passed by Congress in 1995. But instead of changing the platform back, quietly, behind closed doors (where the change had been made), reinforced by a personal apology and explanation from Obama in the form of a press release, the Democrats decide to put it to a vote, publicly. Are we to believe that this was done without any consideration of the possible repercussions? Will the Democratic Jews on this thread please consider what this means? The one allegedly secure bastion of Jewish support in America has just booed Israel – three times – displaying support for Israel’s enemies and anti-Semites everywhere. Thanks DNC! Thanks Obama! This is how the Democratic Party rewards the loyalty of American Jews!


You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and if you are not then say your curses to a mirror so they will come back to bite you. My father fought in WWII to keep you with the right to publish such inflamatory drivel against fellow Jews who have a different opinion. Our ancestors died in Europe because they had different views and beliefs than Hitler…they are probably turning over in their graves.

Well….there goes 10 minutes I’ll never get back. You have hit all the typical sound bytes and cliches. Move along folks….nothing to see here.

Jewish Democrats are like the German Jews prior to WWII. Lemmings to the slaughter. These effete snobs have the audacity to think they know more than everybody else, and have the chutzpah to strut their ignorance and intolerance. I feel sorry for their children and their grandchildren. They suffer from intellectual poverty and a paucity of ideas. They think all Jews should march lockstep to the liberal beat. Well, some of us do not want the United States to become the new Greece and Spain. Did you notice the boos when the Pro-Israel and Jerusalem planks were re-inserted? Just ask the party chairman from Palm Beach county Florida. Wake up and smell the reality.

todayandtomorrow777 says:

Are you talking about Barak HUSSEIN Obama who compared the suffering of the Palestinians to the holocaust??

The style of curses that start out with something good, but then bad happens to it, did not start with Yiddish; it comes to us in Hebrew in the Torah. Last Shabbat we read in the synagogue that if we turn away from God:

Deuteronomy Chapter 28
30 Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her; thou shalt build a house, and thou shalt not dwell therein; thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not use the fruit thereof.
39 Thou shalt plant vineyards and dress them, but thou shalt neither drink of the wine, nor gather the grapes; for the worm shall eat them.
40 Thou shalt have olive-trees throughout all thy borders, but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the oil; for thine olives shall drop off.
41 Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but they shall not be thine; for they shall go into captivity.

There were 60 apartments in our building on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn when I was growing up — 59 Democrats and the landlord. And in those days it was possible for someone to be humane and a Republican. Now in the age of Tea Party neo-anti-Semitism? A Jewish Republican is our equivalent of Clarence Thomas!

May you be stuck in electric wheelchair without electricity and fouling the air with your urine and dung!

May you be stuck in electric wheelchair without electricity and fouling the air with your urine and dung!

My Russian Jewish family lived through government sponsored anti-Semitism and because of that embraces republican anti-government stance. And you going to curse us? Shame on you.

LarryInIowa says:

May you live to a ripe old age in a society in which a government panel has decided you are too old for a hip replacement and you have no other options.

May you live in a country in which the sensibilities of Moslems are paramount, oh wait, you already do.

rhetoric_nightmare says:

Rachel Shukert, please learn about the concept of “ahavat yisrael.”

how sad – you foolish person – Jews are always prepared to fight the last enemy . . . and pledge loyalty to the new enemy – they were convinced that the enemy in early 20th century was fantatical Christianity, but it was secular Nazism — they were convinced that the enemy in the late 20th and early 21st centuries was and is Nazism, but it is the secular left . . . Remember the booing at the Democratic convention. You will hear more of it. The secular left will condemn and abandon the racist, colonial, vulture capitalistic Zionists, Israelis, Jews. I wish it were not so . . . but it will be so.

Elaine Kellner says:

OMG! I’ve been laughing at the curses because they are so funny and such a marvelous example of how yiddish has always been used. Evidently, my 74- year- old sense of humor is not politically correct even though I love and am very proud of being Jewish. Actually, some of my best friends are Republican Jews.

Marla Rosner says:

I’d hardly call the site indicative of intolerance. It’s just a funny jab. No different than such in any political dialogue. It think it’s a riot and I DO thank the couple who launched it. What a hoot!

Stephen says:

I read this article, forcing myself to finish it, and have the following comment: As a nurse aide and paramedic, I have worked in numerous hospital settings, and have never seen one individual turned-away for needed medical care. Why the entire republic has to be mortgaged to our children’s-chilren’s-children’s children, and/or the Red Chinese to pay of Obamacare, I simply do not understand. Only could be the work of someone, like 99% of Obama supporters and Mr. Obama himself, who has not the least understanding of (i) how medicine and medical insurance works, and (ii) what dire straits the existing set-up for Medicare and Medicaid are in, and what’s going to be happening demographically in 20-30 years, and beyond. You think Mitt Romney is proposing something ‘draconian?’ Wait til a future Congress realizes that WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY, and no one is going to lend us any more. Then, you’ll learn what draconian means. Fortunately, I’ll be dead by then. From what I see, all of the 70-year-old Jewish Liberal Dems can try to explain it to the Congress elected by what looks to be the majority Muslim population after 2050 in this retched country! Meantime, keep shaking your head and clucking your tongue at your ‘heartless’ Republican relatives. You’ll learn what ‘heartless’ is when the 50th President — no doubt a Democrat from Dearborn, or somehing — is sworn-in with his hand on the Quran …

keep drinking the obama koolaide and voting for corrupt lying democrats until there is no more Israel. Me, Im going to stop voting for lying American lefties and move back to Israel where I belong. Shame on you for slandering your fellow Jews for refusing to vote for liars and thieves.

The headline shatters my whole view of Rachel Shukert. :-)

Aharon says:

From a FB post:
LASHON HARA. This fundamental concept that underlies how to speak to others and about other in a Jewish way seems to have been forgotten in this election season. Lashon Hara, or evil tongue, speaks to the old saying that if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut. The website is one of the worst examples of Lashon Hara that we have seen recently. It made the home page of Tablet Magazine, where the article covering it, written by one of the site’s owners, celebrated the anonymous bashing of fellow Jews for their beliefs. Many of our families came to this country to escape being treated poorly for our beliefs. That our fellow Jews would see this as appropriate behavior in America says to me that we have forgotten our history and forgotten why we came here. While there is apparently a long history of cursing in Yiddish, it was my understanding that when one Jew cursed another, it was for that one Jew’s bad behavior. The idea of cursing an entire group of Jews for their legitimate beliefs, including Jews unknown to the person leveling the curse, and celebrating the idea, seems to me to be so antithetical to Judaism that I find it hard to believe that anyone would undertake it publicly. Yet, during this election season, we Jews seemed to have followed the rest of the electorate into the gutter. It is unfortunate that we cannot agree to disagree, recognizing that respecting each other’s differences is one of the things our great country is based upon. One of the fundamental concepts of our democracy is that out of disagreement comes appropriate compromise. We need to respect that aspect of our society by respecting those who might disagree with us and not by cursing them. One of the fundamental tenets of Judaism is respect for everyone, and that must start with respect for our fellow Jews. As we begin this first Shabbat after the elections, I hope that each and every one of us will spend a few moments thinking about what we say to one another and how we say it. Shabbat shalom.

KaKa Khan says:

You’re worried about Republicans? You think today’s Democrats will help us? Really? For good or bad we helped bring the Soviets to power and they and they killed us for our trouble. We brought culture, creativity, and insight to Germany and they killed us yet again. We helped bring progressive, humanizing ideas to the U.S. and now? And now?

News: Kim Kardashian slammed over pro-Israel tweet, deletes it..

Kim said she’s praying for Israel and gets slammed.
I don’t care who Kim Kardashian is, the fact remains it’s gotten to the
point where it’s no longer politically correct to even pray for Israel.
This can’t be happening. I just can’t believe it’s come this far. God help
us all. It’s happening again. All over again.. How did we find ourselves
here once more? Absolutely unbelievable…

Mark Watson says:

I’ve got a blessing that I have heard from many Conservative Jews: May you receive the full rewards of the glorious leftist government you so naively desire. May it be just as leftist and glorious as all the previous ones around the world in the last century, you know, the ones you enlightened folks have so honestly studied and learned the lessons of history from.

fribble says:

Yiddish Curses for Jewish Republicans. What”ll they think of next, Yiddish Curses for the Republicans who fought and died in WWII and helped save the Jews in Germany, Israel and support them all over the world? This website is a pile of anti-intellectual bleating.

DSarna says:

There is no language called “semitic.” Semitic languages are a family. Scholars call the putative original semitic language “Pro-Semitic.”

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Si la comida no le satisface, esto es exactamente lo que va a pasar.

I have met many mean Jews in my long life, but this is the first time I’ve met one that is both mean and stupid.Bu the way, I’m an old Jewish cocker who finally grew up.

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