Yair Rosenberg

Yair Rosenberg is a writer at Tablet and the editor of the English-language blog of the Israeli National Archives. Follow him on Twitter @Yair_Rosenberg.

Jerusalem Mayor Stops Attacker, Becomes Meme

Nir Barkat is the Cory Booker of Israel

Swedish Public Radio Asks: Are Jews Responsible for Anti-Semitism?

Interview exposes profound problem in Swedish society

Denmark’s Jewish Radio Station Shuts Down

On the advice of the country’s security officials, Radio Shalom goes off the air

Israel Boycott Activists Call for Jews to Be Expelled from South African University

It’s just the tip of the iceberg of the country’s bigoted BDS movement

Yes, Obama Thinks the Paris Kosher Market Attack Was Anti-Semitic

But his aides are not very good at admitting his rhetorical missteps

Who’s Behind Italy’s Rising Anti-Semitism?

Report shows resurgent anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe has many sources

How to Follow the Israeli Elections Online—and in English

From polls, to reporting, to political parody videos

The Guardian Debunks Paris Synagogue Siege Skeptics

What really happened at the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in July

Watch the Knesset Speech That Shows How Israel’s Left Can Win

Knesset member Stav Shaffir goes viral with leftist credo for today’s Israel

‘This Is Not How We Wanted to Welcome You to Israel’

Why Israeli President Rivlin’s moving eulogy for the Paris victims matters

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