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Abraham Lincoln’s Other Minority

Historian Jonathan Sarna discusses the Great Emancipator’s ties to a chiropodist, military men, and other Jews

We’ll Be Here All Night

Stories for Passover about slavery, freedom, family… and lice

Tell Us Your Best Passover Story

Record a favorite holiday anecdote and you could be featured on Tablet

Heroics Aside, the Story of Purim Is the Bible’s Greatest Farce

The Book of Esther doesn’t mention God. Robert Alter’s new translation shows that’s just one way the biblical text is unique.

Israel’s Hypnotic ‘Aleph-Bet’ Singer

Victoria Hanna chants the Hebrew alphabet to a catchy hip-hop beat

Convince This Man You’re a Jew, and He’ll Move You to Israel

Matthew Fishbane accompanied a group of would-be Jews as they made aliyah from rural India, led by an unlikely activist

Dance Lessons To Prep for Bar Mitzvah Season

Listening in as two sixth grade boys face a Detroit preteen rite of passage

An Abridged Biography of Your Great-Grandfather (Probably)

Everything about the immigrant peddler that you never thought to ask

Audio Postcard from Paris

Daniel Estrin on reporting from the French capital after the terror attacks

Roger Cohen Heads to South Africa To Examine His Family’s Itinerancy and Mental Illness

In a new memoir, the controversial ‘New York Times’ columnist connects dots between dislocation and his mother’s depression

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