Stephen Vider

Man of the Cloth

American Apparel’s new spin on the “shmata business”

Second Stage

The Diaspora Drama Group tries to revive Yiddish theater

Riding Shotgun

Why does Deadwood’s sheriff wear a star with six points?

Summer Reading

Hear recommendations from Tony Kushner, Myla Goldberg, Gary Shteyngart, and others

Off-Broadway Transference

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and the woman who brought them together

The Kafka Curve

Think Gregor Samsa had it rough? He never had to wait in line at Carnegie Hall.

Winter Camp

Five days, 2,000 participants, and countless pints of Guinness in the English countryside: An American reports from Limmud.

Conference Calls

Singing fetuses? Dancing Hasids? Rapping doctors? A sneak peek at the 36th annual Association for Jewish Studies meeting.

The Home Front

Reality television tries to bridge a great divide

Smile and Wince

Rolling out an endless parade of stereotypes

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