Stephen Vider

Suburban Cowboy

What happens when a Wyatt Earp wannabe goes astray in the Valley

Free Radical

Baruch Spinoza inspired Rebecca Goldstein. So why is she out to betray him?


Try as it might, ABC’s Sons & Daughters is no Arrested Development

Mixed Metaphors

Transamerica’s heroine finds herself negotiating a number of identities

Open Panel

Will Corwin’s assimilating art

Foreign Affairs

Aaron Hamburger’s Americans abroad are not so innocent

Character Flaw

Fagin’s dearest companions have been villains and thieves. This time Roman Polanski makes him a victim.

Going It Alone

One-person shows dominate the Fringe festival

Let’s Get Lost

Rebecca Solnit wanders and ponders landscapes haunted by Walter Benjamin and Leopold Bloom

Alienation Effect

Shadowtime seems to strive for difficulty for its own sake

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