Seth Lipsky

Seth Lipsky, formerly editor of the English-language edition of the Forward, is founding editor of The New York Sun.

Kristol Clear

How the neoconservative columnist’s x-ray vision will be missed

The Long Goodbye

Norman Podhoretz unravels the mystery of Jewish attachment to liberalism

Obama’s Next Test

What will he do about the released Lockerbie bomber?

What Happened in Hebron?

Considering the settlements on the 80th anniversary of a massacre

Aquino’s Lesson

What we can learn from the Philippines housewife who defeated a dictator

The Mufti Demarche

Why Avigdor Lieberman wants to circulate a photo of Hitler and the mufti

What Did We Learn?

It wasn’t Obama who was on the spot when the Jewish leaders came to call

Surprise Witness

Why I want Lani Guinier to testify at Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing

Bush’s Lesson for Obama

One president’s Knesset address, and how the other’s Cairo speech compares

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