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Dispatches from Russia’s Jewish Autonomous Region

Courtesy of Masha Gessen

Aviation Blues

Airline pulls magazine after wrongheaded Holocaust fashion shoot

This Week In Foreigners’ Takes on Settlement Expansion

China against; N.Y. pol Dov Hikind in favor

Bad-Sex Fiction Finalists Announced

Philip Roth and Amos Oz make list of year’s worst literary sex scenes

Today in the Tyranny of the Ultra-Orthodox

Intel to hire shabbos goyim; a woman arrested at the Western Wall

Challah Gets Locavore Treatment, Too

In Brooklyn, where else?

Orthodox Rioters Take On Intel

Protestors ransack factory for operating on Shabbat

Being Jewish Made Kunstler a Radical

Legendary lawyer’s daughters speculate as their documentary opens

‘Harper’s’ Writer Finds U.S. Crypto-Jews

Finds descendents of Inquistion-era forced converts in New Mexico

Journos Fight Over Health Reform, Lieberman, Judaism

Jeffrey Goldberg, Dan Baum launch blog feud

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