Sara Ivry

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No. 65: Au Revoir Les Enfants

Bad endings in Occupied France

Citrus Fruit Soup

Salty Anise Butter Cookies

New Novel Sheds Light on Unsung History

Jews as hardy settlers of the prairie

Disaster Preparedness

A new anthology, Contending with Catastrophe, asks preeminent Orthodox rabbis to make sense of Sept. 11

Family Feuds

The stories in Stuart Nadler’s new collection, The Book of Life, explore the inter-generational tensions of moody Jewish families burdened by memories, rifts, hopes, and deaths

In Praise of Un-Jewishness

Finally, a horrible reality star who is no shanda

Western Promises

With her debut novel, The Cosmopolitans, Nadia Kalman expands the boundaries of Soviet-Jewish immigrant fiction

Heavy Lifting

In her third novel, Great House, Nicole Krauss tells interlocking stories united by a desk—and the weight of the 20th century

Shirtless Einstein Prompts Lawsuit

Hebrew U goes after GM

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