Sara Ivry

Sara Ivry is the host of Vox Tablet, Tablet Magazine's weekly podcast. Follow her on Twitter @saraivry.


Chaim Potok’s 1967 novel The Chosen, about Jewish teenagers in Brooklyn, is no less inscrutable for adults than it has been for generations of young readers

New York Sweet Rye Bread

Peshwari Challah

Chocolate Cake

Memories of Frances

R.I.P. Russell Hoban

No. 65: Au Revoir Les Enfants

Bad endings in Occupied France

Citrus Fruit Soup

Salty Anise Butter Cookies

New Novel Sheds Light on Unsung History

Jews as hardy settlers of the prairie

Disaster Preparedness

A new anthology, Contending with Catastrophe, asks preeminent Orthodox rabbis to make sense of Sept. 11

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