Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Moishe Cohen’s Sweet Lower East Side Legacy

Economy Candy founder, who opened the shop in 1937, died last week at 97

No Gunpowder Found on Slain Argentinian Prosecutor’s Hands

Lead investigator says test results still don’t rule out possibility of suicide

Three Muslim Students Killed in North Carolina

Chapel Hill police arrest neighbor, investigating whether it was a hate crime

Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’ This Year

Says the late-night show ‘doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host’

Valentine’s Day Advice From Jewish Seniors

Los Angeles Jewish Home residents help a lovelorn millennial

NFL Films Creator Ed Sabol Dies at 98

Notably refused to participate in the 1936 Berlin Olympics because of Hitler

Urban Outfitters Under Fire for ‘Holocaust Garb’

Store’s grey and white-striped tapestry with pink triangle does look familiar

The Episcopalian Architect Who Designs Mezuzot

How Peter Pennoyer started crafting Jewish doorpost markers for his clients

Jewish Campus Groups Address Sexual Assault

New initiatives to help victims and respond to troubling college trend

Natalie Portman Flees Wedding in New Dior Ad

The wedding planner must have forgotten to order the chuppah

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