Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick is deputy editor of Tablet Magazine.

Bibi Apologies for Arab Voter Comment

Says he never meant to offend Arab Israelis

Deadly Brooklyn Fire Leaves Syrian Jewish Community Reeling

Father buries seven children as wife, eldest daughter remain hospitalized

Gal Gadot the New Face of Gucci Fragrances

Finally, something all of Israel can agree on

Anne Frank’s Last Living Relative Dies at 89

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber gets sued over bodyguards’ anti-Semitic taunts

Jewish Student Life at British Universities

Voices From Europe: ‘Is it all BDS, and no BYOB?’

Spielberg and Goldwyn—on Snapchat

Filmmaking scions star in scripted series on the social media network

After Election, Netanyahu Dials Back Rhetoric

Newly re-elected prime minister says he still wants a two-state solution

Jon Stewart’s Take on Netanyahu’s Election Win

The Daily Show host says Bibi’s last-minute scare tactics are ‘our thing’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Feminist Passover Message

Supreme Court justice highlights women’s ‘crucial role’ in Exodus narrative

Swastikas on Vanderbilt Jewish Fraternity House

Alpha Epsilon Pi residence vandalized during weekend party

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