Stephanie Butnick

Stephanie Butnick, a senior editor, runs The Scroll, Tablet's news blog.

Deadline on Iran Talks Delayed Another Day

Déjà vu all over again?

The Stories We Tell About Passover

A Bronx bubbe meets Elijah and a rabbi explains the irony of ‘Dayenu’

Palestinian Authority Joins International Criminal Court

Seeks ‘justice not vengeance’ in pursuing war crimes charges against Israel

I Can Haz Exodus?

An impressively complex retelling of the biblical story—with cats

Deadline Extended on Iran Nuclear Talks

Negotiators will stay in Switzerland another day to draft an outline

University of Michigan Jewish Fraternity Closing

Sigma Alpha Mu shut down after raucous party left ski resort trashed

Our Favorite Recipes for Passover

Classic and modern dishes to take your seder to the next level

How Engineers Celebrate Passover

Israel’s Technion students tell the story of Exodus with elaborate model

Israel Unfreezes Palestinian Tax Revenue

Withheld funds following PA move to join International Criminal Court

For Passover, a Manischewitz Wine Cheese Ball

A dish to make this seder different from all other seders

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