Shalom Auslander

Shalom Auslander is the author of Foreskin’s Lament and the novel Hope: A Tragedy. He is also a frequent contributor to This American Life.


Eavesdropping on a book-club meeting and lamenting the unloved life of a writer

Hey, Jew, Don’t Make It Bad

Does telling children they’re hated make them mishear lyrics and, eventually, horde Viagra?

Go for the Kill

The Foreskin’s Lament author is at work on a new project: a comic novel about genocide

Civilization and Its Discontented

Exactly who heeded the call of Abraham? Book touring makes a writer wonder.

Crime and Punishment

Photo shoots, red wine, compliments

Crying Game

Shedding tears is no way to write a novel

What I Am Going to Write This Summer

Time has arrived to rock the world of fiction

Managed Care

Rattled by a sudden lack of indifference

Reefer Madness

When the going gets good, the unfortunate lights a spliff

Killing Spree

Working for Satan in the City of Angels

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