Shalom Auslander

Shalom Auslander is the author of Foreskin’s Lament and the novel Hope: A Tragedy. He is also a frequent contributor to This American Life.

Excuses, Excuses

I turned in my book’s manuscript almost a month ago, but my editor doesn’t seem to have read it yet. It makes a writer wonder what he’s doing instead.

Croak and Dagger

A writer finds echoes of the Holocaust wherever he turns

I Had a Dream

The dark side of divine inspiration: one writer’s cautionary tale

Getting Along

Why isn’t a Jew allowed to hate a fellow Jew?

First Draft

Envisioning a rabbi’s struggle to write an original Yom Kippur sermon

Up in Smoke

Imagining the day they come to take your Judaism away

Hearing Voices

When a writer sits down to work, a cacophony of personalities sits down with him

A Dog’s Life

Chased by a chocolate lab, guilt, and memories of mother

In the Toilet

There are distinct similarities between what comes out on the page and what comes out in the w.c.

In the Attic

A writer wonders which neighbor will hide him when the next genocide happens

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