Robin Cembalest

Robin Cembalest is executive editor of ARTnews. She blogs at Her Twitter feed is @rcembalest.

Monumental Dilemma

A design competition is seeking an uplifting Holocaust memorial. Is such a thing possible?

The Torah in the Altarpiece

A new exhibition explores the overlapping worlds of Christian and Jewish art in medieval Spain

A New Dawn

After long decline, Ladino in Turkey enjoys a modest revival

Here and There

Notes toward a theory of post-Diasporist art

Portrait of an Artist

How Chagall—”the little Jew from Vitebsk”—became an art star

The Searchers

Seven South Americans uncover their converso roots

Busting Stereotypes and All That

In search of the ultimate in Jewish art

Draft Picks

Frida Kahlo, Eva Hesse, and the parlor game of defining Jewish art

No Accounting for Taste

Testing the limits of irreverence at the Seder table and a German synagogue

Sincerity Now!

Maus, Tom and Jerry, and the dawning of a new age

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