Rachel Silberstein

Rachel Silberstein is a writer living in New York.

Swiss Test Suggests Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned

High levels of radioactive polonium reopens debate over PLO leader’s death

Mothers of Two Friends Killed During Sandy Forge Unique Bond

‘I feel like our souls are connected because our children died together’

Not All Evangelical Christians Love Israel

So should Jews be more receptive to evangelical support of Israel?

Opera Conductor Stands up to Anti-Semitism

Hungary’s Ivan Fischer premieres new opera based on historic blood libel

Someone Made an Anne Frank Video Game

Munich designer says game is an educational tool about Frank’s life in hiding

Billboard War Pits Creationists Against Atheists

Another holiday season, another billboard showdown

Jewish Heirs Lay Claim to German Treasure

Say $200 million Guelph Treasure was sold under duress in 1935

Jewish Rapper Urges Viewers to ‘Boycott Israel’

(As long as they also boycott Mexico, Egypt, Brazil, India, Syria, and the U.S.)

NYC Battles Ultra-Orthodox on Modesty Signs

Meanwhile an Etsy vendor in Israel puts similar messages to fashionable use

Bibi Vows to Strengthen West Bank Settlement

In response to shooting deaths of two IDF soldiers this weekend

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